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  1. Decided to show up this morning. It was kind of gross out, but I met a fellow rebel and got a free pass to go kayaking, so it was totally worth it. I did realize that I need to work on my upper body strength as I'm sore now and I started doing knee push-ups after the first set of 10.
  2. I should probably jump in on this: I'm doing the BAA 10k on June 21st (8 AM start), and the BAA Half on October 11th (8:30 start) I may or may not be doing a 9/11 Tribute 5K in New Jersey on July 4th.
  3. Yeah water and sleep are huge. With showing up comes going to bed early. I have no A/C in my apartment (and summer is coming) so water is very important. The general consensus on Duolingo is that it's a good starting point, but other sources like Memrise should be used for supplemental learning. I haven't tried it yet because I'm already struggling to stick to just Duolingo, and I don't think adding another thing is going to be a good idea. The app is good, but I prefer the website because some of the exercises on the app seem easier than the website (picking out words vs. typing them out). But I haven't used the app in like a year so maybe it's changed.
  4. The name of the game is the same: complete the 2015 BAA Distance Medley. The 10K is June 21st and I am all kinds of not ready. I did poorly last challenge so hopefully this one goes better. The tasks: Show up: I'm going to go to November Project on Wednesdays and Fridays (and Mondays depending on the location/parking). Illness and working late the previous night (leaving after 8) are the only allowable excuses. Injury is no longer an excuse because it's nice enough to just show up/injury deck without fear of freezing to death. I'm debating posting this on Facebook/in the NP group for maximum public shame if I don't follow through.Train: Run on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Injury and serious illness excuses apply. We have a treadmill in my office and now in my building (in our sad excuse for a "fitness center"), so I can't really use weather as an out. I want to will myself to do it before work, but I don't know if I can commit to that (maybe join up with The Breakfast Club?). Both distance and track workouts count as training.Eat (right): I have really bad habit of being too lazy to even heat up leftovers on some nights (I don't keep as much crap in the apartment anymore, so I'm eating healthier snacks at least). Basically I want to eat a real dinner every night, and have it be healthy for at least 4 of those nights. It doesn't have to be paleo, but should be reasonably healthy (pasta 6 nights a week is not healthy). Life goal: Deutsch lernen (learn German) I used Google translate for that one, which isn't great (and I'm not 100% sure it's correct). I'll be in Europe in September and Germany/Berlin is one of our stops. I've been working on this on and off for over 2 years and I want to finish the German tree on Duolingo by September 1st by practicing every day. I also promise to go out more/be social once the Stanley Cup Finals are over (go Ducks Bolts!)
  5. Didn't end up running on Sunday, but I had a weird one-sided conversation on the bus on the way back from graduation. I went to Tufts and got on the bus at the Tufts stop. I sit down behind this guy and he turns around and says "Have you ever imagined Tufts as an orchard? That's the only way it would bear fruit." He proceeds to go on about how people hate how colleges don't pay taxes, the people who went to them should get the hell out of the area as soon as they're done, and that anyone who needs more than 12 years of schooling has to be dumb. I'm just sitting there like "...ok..." since it just didn't seem worth it to argue with him. Surely he knew he was talking to a college grad who lives in the area (and is doing quite well for herself). It just seemed too weird of a story not to share. Didn't go to NP on Monday because it wasn't convenient to get to. My alarm went off for NP this morning, but for whatever reason I was convinced it was Thursday, so I shut it off and went back to bed. Friday for sure! #notaverbal
  6. So I didn't end up going on Friday because my legs were still ridiculously sore. I did play some pick-up soccer this afternoon, which was a nice change of pace. Tomorrow is graduation at the alma mater. I might try and run in the afternoon, but I guess it depends on when I get back.
  7. I WENT TO STADIUM GUYS. And my friend came with me. He was crushing it at first, but his pace caught up to him (He definitely did well over 19 sections, the newbie minimum). He says he'll come back, and he also might go with me on Friday. Today's workout was an out-and-back, where we turned around after 22:30 and had to try and make it back to section 37 in the remaining 22:30. I only reached the top of 35, but I'm ok with that since I took a quick break to try not to throw up (I didn't!). Grand total of 34 sections in 43:45, which is pretty close to my PR pace.
  8. I didn't end up going Monday and (once again) I plan on going Friday. I've agreed to drive a new recruit tomorrow, so I guess I'm definitely going.
  9. Getting up in the morning is hard so (once again) I didn't go on Friday. I'm shooting for the full week this week since #deck is near Longwood (which has parking near the T that hopefully won't be full at 6:30 AM). I've decided to #verbal every day on the tracker, which I've done for Monday already, with the hope that it will keep me motivated to show up. I'm also going to BBR tomorrow morning. #accountability There's now a deadline for me to finish my Duolingo challenge since my boss approved my Eurotrip: September 1, 2015. I fully plan to impress/confuse my mom with my surprise German skills when we get to Berlin.
  10. The personal stuff has resolved itself, which is awesome. I wasn't feeling great yesterday morning so I skipped/kind of broke a verbal to a friend (do you need to use the word #verbal for it to count officially? If so, then no verbals were broken). I fully intend to show up tomorrow. Decks are also hard for me since I need to be able to park nearby. I know you're not supposed to drive, but I wouldn't be able to get to work on time otherwise, and we're weirdly strict about that. But rest days are important. I had heard about Mayfair, but I forgot about it until I left for my run through Harvard around noon. It was slow going but it smelled delicious. Ended up going back afterward and met up with the aforementioned friend I may or may not have verballed to. I wasn't planning on being out in the sun for 5 hours, and I don't actually know if I own sunscreen (should probably fix that...). Your girlfriend is a smart lady. It's entirely possible we crossed paths since I caught up with part of the Walk for Hunger on my way back home. The RunBase is pretty cool. I'll have to check it out again since I went during marathon weekend and it was crazy packed.
  11. Sunday run wasn't spectacular, I would've gone today but I had to do some serious laundry. I did end up wandering around Mayfair (they shut down Harvard Square for a music/food festival) for like 5 hours. I got a wicked sunburn, which I must say was worth it because it was absolutely gorgeous out. Things are looking up and I'm shooting for 2 days of NP this week. Major FIMO from today's deck, it looked awesome.
  12. Sometimes I'm glad that I don't show up enough to warrant an appearance on the Wall of Shame. Classic #notaverbal. Did you end up going? I never actually #verballed for Friday, so I don't feel too bad about not going. Been dealing with some personal stuff (that will hopefully be resolved soon), so maybe I'll get 2 days of NP in this week, which hasn't happened since November (kind of, I left after the warm-up one Monday because work). #notaverbal. My plan is to get a run in tomorrow since it looks like it's FINALLY nice out (for real this time).
  13. Got home a little before midnight so I broke my verbal. Hella worth it though. The Wombats were awesome.
  14. In attempt to answer all of that in order (trying to break up the quote is way too much effort): I kind of wish I was at mile 18 since I heard it's a party. Hopefully volunteering this year will get me in next year. If not, to the cheering station!Yup 5:30 group. However, I forgot about the concert I'm about to go to (The Wombats) when I posted that, so I may or may not break my verbal depending on when I get home.BBR is the best. We're a little slower than TBC, but I like it that way (for now...?). I definitely agree with AgentSka, as almost everyone I actually know is from BBR with maybe 5 exceptions. That sounds like it belongs on a cheesy motivational poster, but I like it. Thanks! I guess I can't hide at hills. Maybe I'll see you there?
  15. Post canoeing update: my body hurts. Overall we didn't do too well, but my leg passed 2 teams during the starting portage and another 3 in the water, so I'm pretty satisfied. Didn't end up going to BBR as I didn't sleep well. The "5 more minutes" turned into "oh s*** it's 9:30." Picked up my car today, so hopefully that means I'll be adding hills on Friday mornings with November Project. Just have to determine if I can get to work on time.
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