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  1. That's the spin on it I'm hoping for!! Week 1 update: Goal 1: Um, flabby bit still the same size. Goal 2: Yes - did it. Five sprint intervals (I wanted to do more buy my legs didn't agree...) Goal 3: This is a bit of a binary goal, either I can do one or not. And as yet I can't. But I did do all the exercises on my build up plan. Goal 4: £70 raised. I love ebay
  2. You can do it Chanda! I think it's easy to feel like there aren't enough hours in the day at this time of year - quite simply because there aren't. I honestly think that the shorter daylight time we have really affects us. I notice every November that stuff just isn't getting done - just when everything ramps up for Christmas - it's a difficult time of year. By the way, great idea on getting everyone in on tidying up - I'm going to try that one - where's that timer.....
  3. Saturday 17th November: Chins (assisted): 2, 1, 1, 1 (Not consistent as the level of assistance is varying wildly.) Deads: 50kg: 6, 5, 6 Press ups: 14, 9, 6 Preacher curls: 12kg: 2, 2, 2
  4. Wednesday 14th November Body weight rows. Bar height 45cm: 6,6,4 Press ups: 13, 8, 4 Dips: 3,2,1 Sprints: 5 sprint intervals before my legs turned to jelly
  5. A clean house is a healthy house too! Good luck with the weight training / paleo thing. It's true it's harder when it gets cold - love your points system.
  6. Chanda you're goals are brilliant - I'm totally with you on the 'staying on track' thing.
  7. mmm, those meals look yummy. Tuna and guacamole with roasted peppers sounds brilliant - definitely going to have that one for lunch this week! Welcome to the primal / paleo camp.
  8. Wow - good luck, what a great positive attitude! I'll definitely be cheering you on!
  9. This hand-stand thing is catching... I wanna have a go. No, wait, I just had dinner..... Right, tomorrow I am so going to go upside down!!
  10. Hey Dwarfthrower - those goals looks awesome. Like Bambikhan I had to look up Kunlun too, looks fascinating! Good luck with the challenge
  11. 100 pushups - that sounds the business doesn't it. I also work from home and I agree with you that sticking to a routine and making sure you move from the huddle over your laptop occasionally are good things! Good luck
  12. Thanks guys - I have to say I'm getting a little obsessed with this pull up thing - I did find on you-tube that's given me more motivation!
  13. So, it's six weeks 'til Christmas. Six weeks of nativity plays, shopping, no time, mince pies, guests, parties, mince pies, carol services, wrapping presents, ...did I mention mince pies? But - it's the last challenge of the year. So time to take a long hard look and use this last challenge to really get to the things that I've not yet managed to conquer. 1. The vanity goal. Get rid of my spare tyre round my middle. It's not weight, it's flab I want to lose. Drop 2 inches off my spare tyre bit (below my waist but a bit above my hips). If I do this: 2:CON 3:CHA 2. The get off my butt goal. Do that damn sprinting. Once a week. On a Wednesday. It's there in my workout plan, but it's the one I don't do very often. If at all. Six weeks, six sprinting sessions: 4: STA 3. The goal that won't go away I was going to give up on this. For the past two challenges it's been there and I still can't do it. But to walk away from a goal because you haven't reached it yet is really lame. So for the third challenge running here it is. A PULL UP. Although things are different. This time round I have a pull up bar and a workout plan to try to get there.: 4: STR 4. "Christmas is coming The goose is getting fat Time to put a penny in the old man's hat If you haven't got a penny then a ha'penny will do If you haven't got a ha'penny then God bless you." Yes, Christmas is coming, the goose or turkey or nutloaf thingy is getting fat AND I NEED MORE MONEY. No, it's not Druidy. I wish I could be like my old German friend who refuses to give in to the ridiculous present buying thing and just has a spiritual Christmas with no presents, but I don't have her strength of character. So in order for me not to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, and not to sit trying to meditate while really I'm worrying about how much money I've not got, I'm going to sell some stuff and raise some cold, hard cash. Six weeks, six hundred quid. 2: WIS
  14. Monday 12th November: Bench Press: 25kg, 8, 7, 7 (Still a bit too light) Pull ups: 2, 1, 1: Assisted pull ups on way up, controlled lowering on the way down. Squats: 2 x 10kg dumb bells: 8,8,8. Way too easy. Need larger weights until him indoors finishes my new squat rack
  15. Chanda: Yes I'm going to do the next challenge - originally I thought no. And then (don't tell) I thought I might jump ship to the monks as I've started JKD and absolutely love it. But I love our little guild, everyone is so supportive and friendly. So I'm staying and I'm up for another challenge!! Are you in too? LuckyMe: You are so right, I'm going to go for measurable goals this time!! Thanks for all your support guys - here's to the next challenge
  16. Saturday 10th November: Deads: 50kg 5, 4, 5 Press up: 11, 10, 10 Chins: 2, 2 (nb: REALLY bad at this today.)
  17. Wednesday 7th November: Press ups: 10,4 (arms still really sore from bench press and pull ups on Monday) Dips: Can barely do one...but it's a start. Very short sprint session - but good fun!! Still going well with no fruit, nuts or chocolate. Seems that I don't miss it and I don't feel like snacking all the time.
  18. Goal 1: Drop from 52kg to 46kg. CON:3. I dropped to 48kg and have awarded myself a B: +2.25 CON Goal 2: Do 10 push ups. STR: 2 STA 2. Yup, managed this one, so that's A: +2 STR and +2 STA Goal 3: Do 1 pull up. STR: 3 We...ell not as bad as I'd thought. I went through the inclined pull up and can do those and have progressed to assisted pull ups. I can do chin ups - so it's not so far away. So, given myself a D, so that's +0.5 STR Goal 4: Meditate to a fully calm mind every day. This was the worst goal. F here. So no wisdom points aah. Before challenge: Level 1 Druid: STR: 4.25, DEX: 4, STA: 4, CON: 3, WIS:5, CHA: 5. ..and now: Level 2 Druid: STR: 6.75, DEX: 4, STA: 6, CON: 5.25, WIS: 5, CHA: 5.
  19. 'Fraid not - for some reason that I can't fathom, I'm stuck on 11. It might be because I've upped my weight training over the past couple of weeks and my arms are too sore! D'you know the meditation was pretty rubbish. I was doing OK but then lost it halfway through. But never mind - overall I'm happy with the workouts and eating plans and the mini-challenges were great fun weren't they.
  20. Monday 5th November. Bench Press: 20kg 7,7,7: (Too light) Pull ups: 3,3,1 (Assisted on way up, non assisted on way down) Squats: 7,7,7: (Used two 10kg dumbells as don't have squat rack yet. Didn't really work, too heavy on arms and not heavy enough on legs.) Food: No nuts or fruit as well as 100% Paleo, trying to get rid of some stubborn bodyfat.
  21. Friday: Rest day, just a small amount of yoga first thing. Saturday weights: Deadlift: 50kg, 4, 4, 3 . (Chuffed - at bodyweight) Push ups: 10, 6, 6 Chins: 2, 2, 2 (Bar arrived this morning. Can only do them with a bit of a 'jump' to start me off)
  22. Glad you had a good time - you'll be fine when you get back into it. Hope the weather isn't too bad for you over there
  23. I wasn't sure whether we were competing or not but I think it's nice to have a bit of a boost at the end! So I'm going all out on meditation.
  24. Very late update for October 28th Goal 1: Um, still at the same weight. Don't know why. Goal 2: Done - 11 push ups, still going to continue with this one though - maybe get to 15? Goal 3: Pull ups. This was a really daft goal.. I don't have anywhere to actually DO a pull up. So I did some 'hanging from the door of the gym'. (I might lose some wisdom points for choosing a goal that I can't actually work towards....) Goal 4: Hmm, not bad, but inconsistent. I'm either falling asleep when I'm meditating or finding it hard to concentrate, so for the last week, this is the goal I really want to work on.
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