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  1. Update for Sunday 30th Sept: Workout: 6 push ups, 10 burpees, yoga session (warm up, 3 sun salutations, standing poses and seated poses). Swimming with the kids. Food: Breakfast: Smoothie: chocolate protein powder with 1 fig, 1 beetroot, sunflower seeds and coconut. (NB it was really gross but I drank it anyway) Lunch: Three egg mushroom and chorizo omelette. Snack: Pepperoni type sausage, nuts, apple. Dinner: Braised lamb shanks with roasted pumpkin and french beans, carrots and leeks. Update for Monday 1st October. Workout: Rest day, but did walk a couple of miles around town. Food: Three egg mushroom and chorizo omelette for breakfast. Chicken salad with mayonnaise for lunch. A couple of squares of dark chocolate and a handful of brazil nuts for a snack. Mexican beef chilli with roasted courgette with feta cheese, followed by a banana for dinner.
  2. Update for Saturday 29th Sept: Workout: Um, impromptu rest day - arms and legs still sore from Thursday. Food: Breakfast: Three egg mushroom omelette and a fig. Lunch: Beetroot, avocado, walnut and gammon joint leftovers - five brazil nuts. Dinner: Chicken and pancetta salad (we ate out, I'm so proud of my willpower) Evening snack: A couple of figs, salami, a few walnuts (just a few)
  3. So glad you posted this - I've been browsing the forums all week, can't believe I saw it only today. Well I might be late in, but I'm going to burpee like my life depended on it!!
  4. End of week 1 update: Goal 1: Weight loss through eating right and increasing exercise. Target 46kg, actual 50kg - so I'm pleased, I managed to lose 2kg this week so I'm slightly ahead on this one. Goal 2: 10 full press-ups. Still on 6 - but oh so nearly 7. Goal 3: 1 full pull up. I have issues with this goal - firstly I think it's beyond me and secondly I never get to practice because I don't have a pull-up bar - doh. Goal 4: Hmm, - I do think I've managed to settle my mind but it's taken a long time - 20 mins of sitting before I get there and then only for a very brief moment.
  5. Should have updated this yesterday: Friday's actual workout: 20 min yoga session. Warm up, seated exercises, 3 sun salutation. Friday's food: (A mess, missed breakfast, didn't get to eat until just past noon and had a very bad day - now I know my bad food triggers!) A banana Three egg mushroom and cheese omelette. Two handfuls of nuts. A fig An apple A 100g bar of dark chocolate a handful of nuts (might have been two) Roasted sweet potato, cabbage, roasted gammon joint. Some more nuts. Went to bed with tummy ache and look 4 months pregnant - damn nuts. Tomorrow's plan - Gym strength workout - pull ups, pressups, squats and deadlifts.
  6. I dunno, vacuuming can be quite hard work..... I'm scared of those heart rate things - back when I was more into cardio than I am now I used to go on those stepper machines at the gym. It was one of those things that tracks your heart rate; all was going well until I put my age in (I was an ancient 37 back then) and suddenly everything all went red and it kept telling me to slow down. I felt as if a big arrow came out of the sky and a voice through the tannoy said "Warning, there is a slightly past it woman who is very unfit about to explode on the stepper".
  7. I didn't even realise there was a "Yoga, Meditation, Tai-chi" area! I also notice, now I have ventured out of this section of the forum, that there is a book club forum as well!! I'm totally in for a Druids book recommendation list - what a fantastic idea!
  8. Time to get specific. Today's Workout: 1 hour JKD session. Included warm up, basic punches and kicks, stick work, grappling and drills. Today's Food: Breakfast: 3 egg cabbage and mushroom omelette and 2 figs. Snack: 1 Banana before JKD session Lunch: Protein powder and cabbage smoothie with sunflower seeds and coconut. Snack: Couple of squares of dark chocolate with a handful of nuts. Dinner: Three sausages, 1 cooked carrot with savoy cabbage. Comments: Cabbage three times a day???? Tomorrow's Workout plan: 6.30am yoga session.
  9. Wow - so that's how you do it, right next week I'm going to plan out every day. Some really great smoothie ideas in there - I get a bit fed up with my chocolate protein powder, spinach, sunflower seed and coconut smoothie. (It is really nice, just would like a change sometimes). Thanks for the inspiration.
  10. It really is amazing how eating one poor meal can make you feel so bad. To be honest I probably worry less about the couple of pounds either way that eating one or two 'bad' meals, than I do about the fuzzy head and poor sleep I get - that's what keeps me on the straight and narrow - well, most of the time anyway Good luck with your meditation - it's hard but sounds like you're really committed.
  11. Fantastic - I now have a load more books to add to my list - I always go for the same type of thing so it's good to have some recommended to me! A really good book that I have just finished reading (as opposed to listened to ) is The Keeper by Natasha Mostert - it's kind of druidy, mystical and has quite a lot of martial arts in it too - I really loved it. Challenge update: Am keeping with the diet but really do have to stop eating so many nuts! Exercise is going Ok, went to my JKD session today despite having a cold and feel much better for it.
  12. Hi KB21 - I'm afraid that I also use dark chocolate to help me get through the day. I tell myself that it's OK as it's 90% dark chocolate and the sugar content is negligible..... Love the getting back to nature / grounding goals - I use meditation and it really helps getting everything into perspective - good luck.
  13. A treadmill desk? I've never heard of that - what a great idea. I would imagine that elevating your heart rate slightly whilst working would lead to greater productivity - maybe? Good luck with those push ups - I really do have a long way to go to catch up with you guys - where can I get the 100 pushup app?
  14. A treadmill desk? I've never heard of that - what a great idea. I would imagine that elevating your heart rate slightly whilst working would lead to greater productivity - maybe? Good luck with those push ups - I really do have a long way to go to catch up with you guys - where can I get the 100 pushup app?
  15. Hello LuckyMe - love your pants story - I can understand that motivation!! I too struggle with the dairy aspect of Paleo. Originally I still ate cheese and yoghurt but in the summer months I discovered that my hayfever really diminished when I gave up dairy AND oh joy of joy I lost a couple more pounds too. (Since my falling off Paleo bandwagon for the past month I have to loose them all over again, ho hum....) Good luck with it - you might have heard of this before but when I need recipe inspiration for my eating I always visit the Nom Nom Paleo blog - it's awesome!!
  16. Spider - you are so focussed and specific on your challenges, I love it! I had to say thanks for the pizza recipe idea it looks great and also lunchbox friendly for my kids. (My six year old is having a lunchtime problem - she's not eating her lunch because the kid that sits next to her keeps making fun of it ) Good luck with everything!
  17. Erick: my approach to doing a pull up is - find a bar or tree and when no-ones looking pull myself up as hard as possible!! Although I do jump up and then lower myself slowly back down again. Livingroovy: Hi again - I think that we've grown a bit since I posted my challenge, but still small but perfectly formed! Stareyedgirl: Frankly I think anyone that wakes up next to cat vomit is entitled to eat what they damn well like My reading list is a bit long too but I've recently discovered that downloading audible books and listening to them while I'm doing something mindless is a great way to get more 'reading' in. Especially with books like the 'power of now' as it's narrated by the author so it kind of re-enforces the message.
  18. Hello again everyone (is it just me here, I'm sure I heard an echo....) Lesson learned from the last challenge - Don't do a challenge through your Summer holiday. Good. So now a challenge to get back on track. First goal is tackling diet / weight. 1. Get the Paleo eating back on track. This is to be 100% Paleo to get an 'A'. (Only exception is the up-coming weekend at the inlaws but even there I am not going to eat any sugar, I won't be able to avoid the wheat without really getting up their noses and they're good people and life's too short.) My metric here is to lose six kilos - average of one a week although I know from experience that my weight loss isn't linear. I'm currently at 52kg so I'm aiming for 46kg. My second and third goals are to do with exercise. My workout routine has fallen off a cliff - it was dangling by a thread when I came back from my holiday only to be completely severed when I got the flu. But, no excuses right? So new week, new challenge, very simple regime: Yoga every morning with a long yoga session three times per week. Weight training once per week in gym with weights. Sprint / bodyweight training once per week. JKD practice once per week. But within this I still want to achieve the following: 2. 10 full press-ups. 3. One full pull up. Again. Just one. My fourth goal is really to do with mindfulness: I'm currently reading 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle; it's basically about being present and living in the now. How things like being fed up because of the weather is just a manifestation of being unhappy with your lot and wanting something else. Therefore I'm going to spend a lot of time being present and not wishing I were somewhere warmer / drier / less muddy. 4. I'm not sure how I'm going to measure 'mindfulness'. I suppose it's to do with concentration so I'll monitor my meditation - So - can I achieve access concentration in my daily meditation practice by the end of the six weeks? I'll give it a go. So that's it - all the best to the other druids......wherever you are
  19. OK - this was not quite as good as I'd hoped, but here we are: 1. Sit cross-legged on the floor: Nailed this one. Added 2 DEX 2. Eight proper push-ups: Only got to six, aaah. As I could do four at the outset then I'm only at a C (50%) Add 1 stamina and 1.5 strength. 3. Do one full proper pull-up. Not quite. D in this one. So that's +0.75 for strength. 4. Speak Spanish in Spain : Yep, A for this. Add 2 WIS and 3 CHA So I ended up with: STR: 4.25, DEX: 4, CON: 3, STA: 4, WIS: 5, CHA: 5.
  20. Hi - I've been Paleo / Primal since March and I also get bored easily! But when I need inspiration I always check out the 'Nom Nom Paleo' food blog - it's brilliant.
  21. Spain was magical - it really is a great place to unwind and assess your life and priorities. We have come back with a greater understanding of what's important in life (big clue: not money!). But I have to admit that the new laid back me does have it's downsides - I've been slacking at the exercise and been allowing myself too many non-Paleo 'treats'! Oh and my new laid back me forgot to sew on name-tags on school uniform and get food in for lunchboxes so I was making breadsticks and sewing on name labels at 7.30am this morning.... suddenly not so laid back then
  22. Wow - this is really great stuff - I love the way you are tracking your goals regularly, week by week. Congrats on the push- ups - i feel inspired to do more now!
  23. Ok - back from Spain - I've been back a week, but it's taken a while to get back into the swing of things! Today - 5 pressups then 4 then 4. 40kg deadlift - 5 then 5. Well - did I manage to speak spanish in Spain - YES. In fact it was a case of having to as we stayed in a lovely remote villa in the mountains where not many people spoke English (and why should they?). So, I feel that I have nailed this one goal - if the others are a little shaky.....
  24. Thanks - I'm really not sure I'll get to do a WHOLE pull up in six weeks. Never mind.... This post is really the opposite of my first, (I have family staying) - just wanted to log todays workouts: Pushups: 6, then 4 then 3. Deadlifts: 40kg: 3 then 4. NO yoga or meditation today - was totally too stressed about family arriving!!
  25. Thanks for all the advice - just a week to go before my holiday!! So this week I've managed five pushups, then 4 then 3 with a short break in between. Yesterday I got to the park nice and early. I did some yoga to warm up, then some incline pushups - I managed 6,then 4, then 4. Finished by doing 5 sprint runs with recovery time in between. (The park was fantastic, it was all crisp and dewy and I was the only one there). Today I am feeling very stiff and sore (!) took it easy during my early morning yoga! In fact due to my sore legs, I think my 'sitting crossed legged on the floor' goal has gone backwards!
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