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  1. Spider - those goals are awesome!! 100 pushups? - now THAT'S a goal, I have a pushup goal too, only mine's 8.....
  2. Wow - you're challenges are brilliant - congratulations for completing your first goal already! The novel sounds so exciting - and inspiring, I'm toying with going back to painting big-time and I love the fact that you've already quit your job to do what you really want - good luck!
  3. I eat a Paleo diet, and my favourite hardcopy recipe books are: 'River Cottage Veg Everyday' and 'River Cottage Meat' by Hugh Fearnley-Whittenstall. They are not Paleo but the veg book really focusses on well, veg - and because the guy who writes them grows his own the recipes tend to use ingredients that are in season all at the same time, which is something that's really great if you grow your own. The meat book is great because he covers cheaper cuts of meat and offal - so covers a wide spectrum of food. Honestly I have loads of recipe books and these ones are by far the best I own, everything I make from them is delicious!
  4. Good luck with the meditation - I find that if I'm busy it really makes me feel better and more calm. Although also, when you're busy it's harder to fit it in and focus the mind! Hope your ribs get better, sounds painful:concern:
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys, I'm going to Reus, which is just SW of Barcelona (which makes things a bit more scary as they actually speak Catalan there not spanish!) - Wolf, I think you may be right - starting in the city where people are used to foreigners getting the language wrong is definitely a good place to start!
  6. Hello fellow challengees, I'm new here, like many others have been reading stuff on NF for a while, but the challenge is a great opportunity to get stuck in properly. So some background - I've been eating Paleo since March and feel great on it. Have lost some weight and now I'd like to concentrate on fitness. I have been doing yoga and meditation each morning for the past three weeks (I've been kind of dipping in and out of yoga / meditation for the past 10 years and am working to make it part of my daily routine for good). But I am weak and extremely unbendy (is that a word??). I keep starting fitness regimes and then stopping after a week - there's always a (pathetic) reason why I can't do it, stupid I know. 1. Do a pull up. Yes, just the one! 2. Do eight proper press-ups. I'm at about 4 at the mo. 3. Sit crossed-legged on the floor.I did say I was extremely unbendy - I'm getting there, it's my daily pose to work on. 4. Speak Spanish in Spain. Right in the middle of the challenge I'm going on holiday to Spain (I'm British by the way) and have been learning Spanish in anticipation. Only 'learning' spanish and 'actually speaking' it to like, real people, are completely different things. As someone who likes to look at the floor and mumble and generally be as inconspicuous as possible, it's probably going to be the most difficult challenge on the list. So, that's it. This post ended up a bit long considering I didn't know what to write! I think it's the posting equivalent of babbling nervously - here, I'll add a nervous laugh:
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