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  1. Made black beans in my roommates slow cooker on Sunday. It was super easy and now I have them ready made in the fridge. Super convenient! :)

    1. minx34


      Woot! Slow cookers for the win!

    2. CrisciMalosh


      ... reminds me to do the same starting tonight... =)

    3. Malfurion


      Yes very easy to eat and prepare :)

  2. Still sore from gym on Monday. Hopefully I'll do okay on my workout tomorrow when I go back!

    1. sslbusiness


      Being sore is 100% normal, you'll survive just don´t give up!

    2. Cuckoo


      Bein sore is the best part - you know you made your body do something it's not used to doing!

  3. I haven't missed any of my workouts so far this challenge and I'm assuming that has something to do with wanting to eat ALL THE THINGS!!!

  4. Junk food begets more junk food (T.T) I should have gone hungry instead...

  5. Week two is gonig pretty strong for me! :D

    1. Nazy_Ak


      Awesome! Keep it up! :)

  6. 66g protein before 11am? Heck yes!

    1. gnometosser


      Wow... leave some for the rest of the day. ^^

    2. AdamB83


      Nice! I only hit 22g. Haha

    3. pantinaprovina


      I cheated and drank 24 of it from my protein shake, lol.

  7. Aw crud. Forgot my nice cold flavored water at home :P

  8. Starting week two really well! Got to the gym this morning and did my stretching after! :)

  9. Excited for the new challenge! Woo!!!

  10. So grateful for the 4 day weekend I had, but it's going to take a few days to get back on my sleep schedule! :(

  11. 5th 5am workout this morning in 2.5 weeks. Yay! I'm on a roll! :)

  12. up for my 3rd 5am workout. soooo sleepy, and i don't think my roommate got up this time :(

    1. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      Time to hold your roommate accountable with a glass of ice water in the face!

  13. Woah, anyone seen nerdfitness.com today? It looks all crazy awesome!

    1. Synyster


      I just saw it last night, it has changed quite a bit!

    2. pantinaprovina


      i do wish the font and pictures were a little smaller though. i feel like it's all UP IN MY FACE!!! lol.

  14. second 5am workout. had a harder time getting up this morning, but i got it done!

    1. Duality


      did mine this morning what an epic feeling! :D

  15. Free pizza at work today. Couldn't resist grabbing a slice, but then watching the grease soak through the plate which I ate my healthy sandwich... I started to really regret grabbing it and didn't want to be seen throwing the entire thing away so I ended up pulling off the entire top and only eating the saucy bread. Yay for preferring healthy food!!!

    1. pantinaprovina


      *while* I ate my sandwich, lol.

    2. DblElK


      Good call & avoiding the greasy mess!

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