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  1. I recently watched a documentary that spoke about fasting that I found interesting called East, Fast, & Live Longer. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CDcQtwIwBQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymotion.com%2Fvideo%2Fxvdbtt_eat-fast-live-longer-hd_shortfilms&ei=ZGVyU52wEpaoyASm6YKIDQ&usg=AFQjCNHPV5RJ98QN14DiWPixY8AF-iRsPA&sig2=trs5WWjLFZ7fARJcLE-VlA&bvm=bv.66330100,d.aWw In the end, the guy 'fasts' two days a week by eating one meal of 600 kCals or less (by eating breakfast and fasting the rest of the day), lost weight, and found it a more manageable solution for him personally. I keep wanting to try this, but I give in to eating every time... >.>
  2. You're not alone. I am apparently 2.5% bigger than I think I am... lol.
  3. Update: Week 6: gym x0; bw exercise x0 (did 10 burpees thu & 10 burpees fri, but I don't feel like they really count); 1 min yoga/stretching; 1 mile walked.
  4. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Also, for women weight training gives us more than the benefit of muscle/increased metabolism. It helps strengthen your bones which in turn helps prevent osteoporosis later in life. Personally, I like weight lifting because it's kind of the 'easy' way out for me. I can spend 2-3x at the gym a week for 40 minutes at a time and get better results than doing cardio 6x a week for an hour at a time because the muscle I gain at the gym means more calories burned overall.
  5. Eating more real food was the only thing that stopped me from binging on junk food. That meant planning meals better, cooking more, and making sure I was eating enough good food at meals so that I wasn't hungry later. Don't feel bad that your hungrier now that you've been exercising. Your body is building muscle and needs fuel to keep up with your increased activity level. The best thing you can do for it is feed it protein. Fruit on the bottom greek yogurt is a good thing to have around if you don't have a lot of control over what kind of food is in the house. Chobani and Liberte are my favorites right now and I binge buy them when they go on sale for a dollar at Kroger. Good luck!
  6. Week Five: gym x1; bw exercise x0; 12 min yoga/stretching; 10 miles hiked through forest to see waterfalls on labor day weekend Unfortunately, I already missed going to the gym monday because I was on the road coming home and body weight exercising this morning because my calves are still on fire from the insane hiking I did on Saturday. Totally worth the torture though. The trails were awesome!
  7. Quick update Week 3: gym x2; bw exercise x1; 37 min yoga/stretching; 2 miles walked. Week 4: gym x1; bw exercise x1; 20 min yoga/stretching; 4 miles walked.
  8. Yay! Welcome to the Forums! Glad to have you here
  9. Made black beans in my roommates slow cooker on Sunday. It was super easy and now I have them ready made in the fridge. Super convenient! :)

    1. minx34


      Woot! Slow cookers for the win!

    2. CrisciMalosh


      ... reminds me to do the same starting tonight... =)

    3. Malfurion


      Yes very easy to eat and prepare :)

  10. Did my full gym workout on Thursday and 10 min of yoga afterward. Friday: completed 2 sets of body weight workout and 20 min of yoga. Saturday walked around two different malls. Didn't track it or anything, but it had to be at least 2 miles minimum. Probably more. Week Three Results: Gym x2; Body weight Workout x1; 37 min of Yoga/Stretching; at least 2 miles walked. Went to the gym this morning, but not feeling very well, so I it looks like I won't be doing any yoga/stretching today.
  11. So ended up doing about 2 minutes total of stretching on Tuesday. None on Wednesday. Felt much better this morning and was able to do my entire planned workout plus 10 minutes of yoga afterward. yay!
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