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  1. That shouldn't be the case if you've been eating 1300 for a month (and I mean actually eating 1300- not just setting your allowance to that.) Maybe try working out more? I know that seems daunting, but I myself work out everyday. Also remember if you burn 200 calories working out, you need to eat those 200 calories. Maybe it's what your eating. Could you give us a lay out of what you eat each day? It might be lack of nutrients and so on. But I would suggest maybe going to a doctor, and don't be afraid to tell them everything. You shouldn't be gaining at 1300.
  2. Seriously!? When I have movie nights with my friend, I generally have some control over what we snack on. I don't want to suggest having something too obviously diet-friendly to her, because I want my diet to be a surprise and buying something with 'low fat!' in capital letters on the label is a bit obvious. Sometimes I give in and get the family sized bag of jalapeno doritoz, calling it a cheat day. But even then, I go overboard when there's unlimited servings (or pretty much). And, well, I accidentally don't leave any for my friend (she can't eat and watch movies at the same time as well as I, so when she finally does decide to pig out, there's nothing left ) We both generally love things like hummus and bean dip and stuff. It's just what we dip in them that causes trouble. Also things I could do during the day to make up for a probably-going-to-end-up-as-a-binge movie night would be great. So what are your thoughts? =P
  3. Nah, don't have a laptop =P And I dread all work outs, if I were to be honest =[
  4. Summer is almost over, and, unfortunately, school is almost here. During this summer I began working out in the morning, like, the moment I woke up, because I read somewhere that it would boost my metabolism for the rest of the day. And, well, it worked, I suppose. I lost some weight since then and am happy with my new routine. Well, I absolutely hate working out (I do a 30 min Jillian Micheals video) but it's good to get it out of the way first thing, instead of dreading it all day. But now that school is returning, it messes up my schedule >.< I already have to get up earlier than I used to, since the bus driver's a meanie and is refusing to take the high school students (wtf?). I just don't know how I could fit a 30 min workout video in between getting ready, making my breakfast, whipping up a healthy nut/fish/citrus free lunch (the allergies are insane in my town, and some prissy teacher 'hates the smell of fish'), and walking to school. I know what you're all going to say; "just do your workout after school!" No. That's what I used to do, and all through out the day I was bummed out thinking 'ugh, I have to do my workout when I get home.' That, on top of french and math class- uh, no thanks. I suppose I could just get up earlier, but I don't know how my parents would feel about that. I'm not the quietest when I workout, after all. And my dad sleeps on the couch, in the living room (where the tv is), and so if he isn't up when I'm up, I won't be able to do it (I don't wanna wake him up. He works across the country, so when he's home it's his only chance to sleep in.) Although that's only a problem when he's actually at home. So what are your guys' thoughts? I'd go for a jog around my neighborhood for 30 min, but then I wouldn't be able to get any strength training in. Some tips on finding more time in the morning would be nice- or maybe a different work out, equivalent to Jillian Micheal's Shed and Shred (mix of cardio and strength and all that), that I can perhaps do in my room each morning? Thanks in advance!
  5. Starting soon, I should say. Till then I'll have to count calories/carbs. I'm starting as soon as payday rolls around and I can buy some almond/coconut/cheapest-paleo-friendly flour. And, you know, once I curb my addiction to oatmeal every morning. For now? Imma go make me some pancakes. Don't worry, they're healthy XD
  6. I've always had regular cycles, always 2 weeks into the month. I don't think I'm stressed- well, I'm stressed over not having my period, lol. I'll wait and see what happens this month before deciding anything.
  7. ...And it looks like I'm not Azeroth anymore. *hugs Spirit Beast close* Now, I actually lost quite a bit of weight before stumbling across this effing amazing website. I changed my lifestyle around 6 months ago, and am much healthier now. Though, with the help of you guys, I plan on shaking off the last bit of weight (god awful love handles skhffgsgh), and toning up my body as best I can! I mean, face it. Everyone here knows in the back of their mind that the real reason you're getting in shape it to survive the zombie apocalypse Or is it just me...? D= But yeah, that, and actually wanting to look vaguely like the characters I play in video games (like my Night Elf in World of Warcraft, for instance), is what motivated me the most. I never really had the 'sudden-realization', I just kind of finally got into it after a few tries. Glad I did too, because it also helped with my baking and cooking. I always figured eating healthy equaled veggies here veggies there veggies everywhere. Wasn't entirely wrong, but I learned that there are quite a few veggies I'm in love with (jalapeno peppers, onion, celery, baby carrots, cucumber...). And I actually like Oatmeal mixed with bran cereal and every fruit in the house, better than 2 pieces of white toast caked with butter, 4 strips of greasy as all hell bacon, greasy hash browns, and a greasy fried egg. Though I still like fried eggs, minus the grease. And I now eat hummus more than I used to eat chocolate! Well, I never had chocolate in sandwiches, but whatevs. But in all seriousness, when I first came across the message boards on this website, my heart warmed when I saw all of you. How you treat each other, your encouragement, your pride for your own and others' weight accomplishments... it really is wonderful. I'm so glad I found this website, and am honored to be even considered a Rebel =]
  8. Just going to put this out there; I am a virgin. =P And I don't want to go to the doctor until I really need to >.< I feel fine, besides the kink in my neck from sleeping weirdly, and lack of bloody undys.
  9. I am a virgin =] And I never ever starve myself. Ever. I love food. I just like to go for low calorie alternatives. And my period has always pretty much been on the dot (2 weeks after the beginning of the month.)
  10. I'm definitely not low in fat levels- still trying to lose, infact. Now I heard about women's bodies adjusting to their new lifestyles, and their periods pausing for awhile. But, well, it's not like I didn't used to eat healthy foods. Sure I would munch on candy and chips and pop whenever I could, but my mother didn't make that very often. My main issue was overreating. My family tends to make healthy, or just 'normal' meals, but never unhealthy. Just a lot. So, I dunno. =P But then again, sometimes, on the weekend, I would eat a whole white chocolate bar. No, not the tiny Cookies 'n' Cream bars that are half an inch thick. No no no. I mean those fancy french ones, as long as my elbow to tip of middle finger, and as wide as my palm to tip of middle finger. Yeah, and I hardly exercised. Like, at all. So perhaps you're right. and I think going to the Doctor will be a last resort kind of deal. My fingers are still crossed that my period comes next week >.< Thanks so much for calming my fears though!
  11. Right. So. For the past half-a-year, I've been working out everyday (just 30 minutes each morning) and eating much healthier than I used to. You know, like a lot of us here. But.... *here it comes* ...I haven't had my period in 2 months. Now I've googled it and stuff, and there was a lot of talk suggesting I was working out too much. But it's only 30 minutes everyday- the requirement for leading a healthy lifestyle, whether you're trying to lose weight or not, correct? (not the working out, but the 30 minutes of activity). And there was more saying I wasn't eating enough. But why would my period stop 2 months ago, and not around the time I started my change? (I started long before 2 months ago, just an FYI.) Seriously girls, I'm effing scared. About the time I used to get my period is a week from now, and I'm anxious as all hell. Could it be lack of calcium? Protein? Red meat? I used to avoid milk, but now I'm trying to have at least 1 glass a day in hopes of setting up the 'welcome back' party for my period next week. Gaaaah, what could it be? Help!
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