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  1. April 15 Calories: 2271 (Wife made no-bake cookies for work... and 2 extra for me.) Exercise: More rowing! Back got stiff an hour in, so I cut my time short to stay healthy. No gym today, but a 5k tomorrow and a half marathon Sunday should feel good! 13,220m (Week Total: 34,317m. Challenge Total: 142,147m.) Grade: C
  2. We bought our's from Bed Bath and Beyond to get a slightly nicer one with their abundant 20% off coupons.
  3. April 14 Calories: 1859 Exercise: Rowing! Finally got back on the erg after a few days off after a VERY tough week on the erg last week. Set a personal best for a half marathon! 21,097m in 87:24.4! (Week Total: 21,097m. Challenge Total: 128,927m.) Notes: Knee is back to good. Tested it out a little in the morning and again before I got on the erg. Part of what I love about the erg is how low impact it is... so this was a good day to do that. Grade: A+ (Set a new personal best!)
  4. Consider getting an electronic scale. A decent quality one is FAR more accurate than a spring loaded one and they will last virtually forever. And if you're feeling particularly cheeky and have some cash burning a hole in your pocket:WiThings Scale OR: Body Trace Scale Talk about accountability....
  5. April 13 Calories: 1859 Exercise: Weights again. Was supposed to work on legs, but 8 reps into the second set of squats, I tweaked my knee and we ended up doing upper body. It was a GREAT upper body workout, though. Definitely get a harder workout without my wife there. Tried a new exercise, "negatives", and that was TOUGH. I do really like working on the bench. I feel like I work much harder. Notes: Knee is feeling better today, couldn't even do a body weight squat after it happened, but after rest/ice/etc everything is fine. Food was good despite getting snackish around 10pm. Grade: B
  6. Week 1 Summary - Made my rowing goals: 4 half marathons, and over 100km - Missed the target on my weight workouts, only got to one. - Did well on the calories, only going slightly over on the days when I had VERY long workouts. Grade: A+ for the rowing and calories and the one weight workout being as hard as two. The rowing is going great. I'm in prep for my first full-marathon in a couple weeks. Mild training this week for a [running] 5k, so less rowing. I'm still hopeful I can hit 1million meters before the end of the season! (April 31st is the last day of the 2010 season and I'm at 87
  7. April 11 Calories: 1892 Exercise: 6 mile run/walk. More walking than I wanted, partly because my wife's knee was bothering her. Gotta get ready for the 5k I'm running this weekend, and I hate running. So I don't ever do it... Notes: The running wasn't as strenuous as I was hoping, but that's about it. Grade: B Week 1 Summary - Made my rowing goals: 4 half marathons, and over 100km - Missed the target on my weight workouts, only got to one. - Did well on the calories, only going slightly over on the days when I had VERY long workouts. Grade: A+ Week 2 Goals - 2 HM+ distances and at least
  8. April 9 Calories: 2151 Exercise: Weights. Worked with the trainer very hard on upper body. It was great. Notes: Good day. The only extra thing was I ate out for dinner, and it was more food than I really wanted/needed. Grade: B- April 10 Calories: 1646 Exercise: 21,097m on the erg again. 4 for the week! (Week Total: 107,830m. Challenge Total: 107,830m, 4 HM+ this week!) Notes: Won't make the extra weight workout so that part of the weekly goal will fall short, but all the other work has made me feel pretty good. Grade: A
  9. April 8 Calories: 2146 Exercise: 21,097m on the erg again. That meets my first goal. However, I will also be doing another one tomorrow to hit that magic #4 for the week. It was faster than the 30km by a long shot, and felt good. (Week Total: 86,733m. Challenge Total: 86,733m, 3 HM+ this week) Notes: Introduced a buddy to the erg as well as my rowing yesterday. It was nice to help a friend out like that. Hopefully he decides he likes it, because I love it and it would be fun to have a friend to race/compete against. Also, I noticed that because of our trainer canceling on us Tuesday, I
  10. Thanks for the response. I am currently doing less interval training than I was because I am training for a the Global Marathon Challenge in a couple weeks. (42,195m on the erg) I will definitely get back to more interval sessions after that. I do a couple weight training sessions each week, but I can try to do more.
  11. Yeah, I understand the basics of it... the question (though slightly, rhetorical) is what else do I need to do to target fatloss over muscle loss. I'm currently about 14-15% body fat, and though that number has dropped significantly since I started, it seems to have plateaued and I'm looking for some advice to get that number, not necessarily my weight number moving in the right direction.
  12. OK. So I am now getting down to what I hope will be my maintenance weight. But at the same time, I have a lot more belly-fat than I want, and while it does seem to be SLOWLY going away, is there anything I can do diet-wise that may help speed-up the process. I already work out a ton and eat smart (a low-fat, low-cal diet). I've dropped a ton of weight and just want to trade my keg for a 6-pack.
  13. April 7 Calories: 2252 Exercise: 30,000m on the erg. It was a slow, endurance exercise, but it was still a lot of work. Took me 2:21:20.5 to complete. Burned ~1800 calories. (Week Total: 65,636m. Challenge Total: 65,636m, 2 HM+ this week) Notes: The erg was great practice for extending my rows to a full-marathon. Ate a lot more at lunch than I normally would in expectation of the calories I would be burning at the gym. Which worked out well, I never hit the wall, and never felt like I was running low on fuel. Was definitely hungry when I got off the erg, though! Also, almost got kicked o
  14. April 5 Calories: 1492 Exercise: 1 hour on the erg. 14,539m (Week Total: 14,539m. Challenge Total: 14,539m) Notes: The hour on the erg felt better than it has in a while, which is great news since I'm ramping up the meters for the next month. Ended up needing to snack a little late because of the amount of calories burned, which isn't ideal, but I'd rather have a smart snack than go to bed hungry, since that's not actually helping the weight loss. Grade: A April 6 Calories: 1293 Exercise: First half-marathon (21,097m), or longer, of the week. Just over 92min. Not a hard workout in terms of
  15. OK. We'll give this a try again. This time I won't be traveling, and I should have a lot easier time getting to the gym. However, I have far less to lose at this point! I'm currently sitting at 183lbs and 16% body fat. My goal for this month is to drop another 6-8 pounds and at least 2% body fat. My ultimate goal is to be between 170-180lbs. @ 10% body fat. (I'd really like to get rid of my belly-pudge and have some flat abs. Currently, I am competing in the World Rowing Challenge on Concept2's website. And I am also training for a marathon row (42,195m) at the end of April. I was sick
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