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  1. I'd suggest seeing a physiotherapist about your knee problems if that's feasible for you, and if you can find one who specialises in sports injuries, even better.
  2. This sounds like a question for a qualified medical professional rather than for an internet forum. I think if you're getting knee pain that takes three days to stop, it's not something to try to run off. You mentioned a physical examination - was that with a doctor or a physio, and was it for this issue in particular? I've found that local/family doctors typically don't know a great deal about these kinds of injuries, and if this was a general medical, chances are they're not looking for knee issues. I'd suggest seeing a physiotherapist if that's possible. The fact that this hasn't got better after a period of rest is new information that could help a diagnosis, so if you've not sought help since your break, that's another reason to do so. Not having the right running shoes can cause problems, but pain for three days afterwards sounds like a bit more than a shoe issue, though that may turn out to be part of the problem