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  1. That's a very tough hand you've been dealt there on the health front. At the risk of appearing patronising, have you sought a medical opinion about increasing your level of exercise, and what form that exercise should take? You're quite right to have ambitions and not to want to be held back by your health, but I can't read that post and not ask. Hope that's okay. What sort of work are you looking for, and what's the plan with the job search?
  2. Best of luck, and if you're at work.....STOP READING THIS. Unless it's your lunch break, in which case, carry on. Ahem.
  3. Off to a good start this weekend before the challenge even starts.... In my bodyweight workout on Saturday, I managed to start my push-ups in the air (plank type position) rather than on the floor. This made it all much easier, and I got through the number I'd set myself without stopping, being able to rest in the air rather than on the floor. I didn't plan to do things differently - just went to start the push-ups, and found myself starting in the air. Physically I've probably been able to do this for some time, but with weight loss, muscle gain, and confidence gain, I finally managed it. Okay, so the form wasn't great on the last few of each circuit, but it will be better next time. And.... I'm noticing muscle gain and weight loss, and I'm really pleased with how it's all going. I can see why some serious body-building types develop narcissism....
  4. Good goals - best of luck with them. I think it's a good idea to allow cheat days/a bit of slack so that one 'failure' doesn't blow the whole thing out of the water. Far too easy to get discouraged and lose momentum. I'm a big fan of soup - very filling, very few calories, very easy to prepare. My cupboard is full of tinned soup.
  5. Wow...... I'd like to think that the last one was from an ex-prison officer, but even so..... My favourites..... when asked for an example of initiative an applicant said that he wore swimming goggles while cutting onions. Another spectacular blunder was from one applicant who sent a full body photo of herself taken at her university formal ball. To be fair, she was really very attractive, but the outfit was rather... revealing. Applicants were told not to send photos (largely because of the potential for discrimination), and it was very hard not to conclude that she thought she could gain some advantage through flaunting the assets that she could bring to the company. Unfortunately, every single person involved in the selection process for interviews (except me, a lowly temporary photocopy-jockey at the time) was female (and hetero), and were not amused. I've never seen an application go on the reject pile quite so quickly. This was London at the turn of the 21st century, not Mad Men. Worst interview experience..... interviewing someone who smelt strongly of alcohol and didn't seem to realise.... worst one ever, though, was with someone who was pretty much paralysed with shyness and nerves. I think we all wanted the earth to open up and swallow us....
  6. Wow.... that's a fantastic level of detail and thought gone into those goals and plans..... For what it's worth, the best tip for interviews I was ever given was to count to three before answering any question. Not out loud, obviously, but to give yourself a bit of time to think. Another good tip is to always make contact with a good question if a name is given for informal enquiries - there's a decent chance that the contact will remember you when short listing for interviewing.
  7. Thanks! It already has helped.... Starting the beginner bodyweight circuit and moving to interval training coincided with a bit of a step change in weight loss progress, and I got some really good feedback on building up from the basic version. As I'd received some help I thought I should lurk a bit and see if I could pay it forward. I wasn't going to get involved in the challenges, but I thought 'why not'. Stats and points don't mean that much to me really, but it's no bad thing to have a little pretend-accountability. And everyone here seems really nice, so why not? I didn't include it in my goals, but I'll going to investigate a weekly hour long circuit training session at a local sports centre. I've done all my exercises in private so far (except walking and sports), so this is a bit of a step out of my comfort zone. I'll go regularly if it's good and a supportive environment, and I won't if it's not fun/not an improvement on what I can do in my front room.
  8. Good goals - measurable and targeted. Best of luck with them! You're probably well ahead of me on this one, but I think it's really important to warm down after the Bodyweight Workout, especially the first few times. I've had some really good results with it, both in terms of muscle tone and in doing more reps/harder variants over time. What are you writing?
  9. Actually it's not the small talk I find particularly difficult. Well, that's not quite true, but it's not really what I'm concentrating on here. I can be friendly and superficially charming (though that makes me sound like a psychopath, which I'm not - honest), and I've got much better at talking to strangers. A combination of empathy, self-effacement, informality, smiling, asking questions, and a hint of dry ironic humour gets me by. It's finding ways to get to know acquaintances better that I struggle with. I think the problem is partly the snooze button and partly the internet. Quick check of email, of forums, of social media, of the newspaper website, and suddenly I find I need to have left ten minutes ago. So it's partly getting up earlier, partly doing less internet, and partly not losing track of time. @katykat - thanks! I've not left myself much room for manoeuvre as regards assessment, but the attribute stuff is just mechanics, really.
  10. Me: Male, mid-late 30s, 5' 10", currently 103 kg / 227lbs. Down by 10kg/22 lbs since around May. Office job, fairly sedentary lifestyle. Aims: Primary: Lose the excess weight for health and general fitness. Not interested in getting particularly 'ripped' or whatever - just not being fat will do me fine. End up with a sustainable, stable state with the appropriate exercise/eating routines and habits to keep the weight off. As for how I ended up overweight in the first place, well, a little bit like (NSFW - one swear word)Secondary: Build a bit more upper body strength - I don't do much lifting in day-to-day activities, but lack of upper body strength has been an embarrassment to me in the past. Tertiary: Even at my fattest, I still played a team sport. Getting fitter will make me better at it. Back story/training montage: Phase 1: Turning over a new leaf. Lost an unknown (but noticeable) amount of weight by eating breakfast, cutting down on boredom eating, and exercising more (walking, jogging on a rebounder). Phase 2: Getting serious and scientific. Lost 21lbs since May through calorie counting, cutting out foods which are poor value in terms of deliciousness and/or fillingness versus calorie content and more frequent rebounder jogging. Phase 3: Feeling good, seeing results (two belt notches), stepping it up. Incorporated interval training principles into rebounder jogging and started the beginners bodyweight workout every other day and built that up. Phase 3.5: First Nerd Fitness challenge. Goal 1: A shadow of my former self Lose 6lbs (average 1lb per week) over the duration of the challenge. I'll do this by a combination of calorie counting and exercise and run a safe net deficit through sustainable habits. Let's say +1 constitution per 1lb after the first for a maximum of +5 available. Goal 2: Citius, Altius, Fortius I will work out on at least 11 days out of 14. These workouts will either be (a) a gradually increased bodyweight workout or ( 30 mins rebounder interval training or playing sport (training or a match) or 50-60 mins rebounder jogging at a decent pace. +0.5 Strength and +0.5 Stamina per successful 14 days, total of +1.5 str and +1.5 sta available. (+3 overall) Goal 3: The Tick of the Clock Although I live close to work, I regularly turn up to 20 mins "late". This doesn't really matter as I work autonomously and I make up the time through staying later and/or shorter lunch breaks. I don't think anyone minds and probably virtually no-one notices. But I've always felt a bit guilty about it, because it's sloppy, unnecessary, and ill-disciplined. So.... each week I will be no more than a total of 25 minutes late over the course of the week (average 5 mins per day) +0.5 wisdom per successful week for a maximum of +3 wisdom available Goal 4: "It's good to talk" I'm scared of social awkwardness, committing a faux pas, getting things wrong, and rejection. I guess everyone is, but I've got a particular challenge with this for reasons that I won't go into here. As a result, I'm quite cautious in my interactions with people I don't know well, and this limits my ability to get to know people, or at least makes it take much longer because I'll rarely be the one to go out on a limb. I'm particularly bad at turning acquaintances into friends, because I'll shy away from asking questions about people and their lives and interests through fear of being thought of as nosy or prying. So each week I'm going to try to take a risk to get to know someone better. More often would be great, but let's say once per week. It's the effort that counts, not the result. +0.5 charisma per successful week, for a normal maximum of +3. A further +1 bonus reserved for anything spectacular in terms of effort or success Sound sensible? Have I got this challenge business right?
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