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  1. Yikes - I hope you can sort the anemia out. I've had it before (years ago now) and in hindsight what was most scary about it was how quickly it became the new normal and I didn't think anything of sleeping all the time. Don't really know what to suggest about running with kids. I guess if they're enjoying it, it's fine and if they're building up endurance alongside you they should adapt to longer distanes as you do. I'm sure the internet has the answer on this. One issue might be if they end up holding you back, but having said that I think the added motivation of having some company would probably outweigh this. I now have a mental image of the Pied Piper wearing running shoes and leading the youth of the neighbourhood off for a run....
  2. Apologies for not visiting everyone's challenge thread individually - I'm following them all, but I tend not to post unless I've got something to say that hasn't been said by someone else. I'm not good at posting generic "woo yay!" stuff, even though I'm thinking it. In other news, since we have a cat theme, have you seen the ? Avatar notwithstanding, I'm not realy a cat fan, but this made me laugh...
  3. Glad it was a positive experience, and sorry to hear about the injury. You have my sympathies - hope it sorts itself out sooner than soon.
  4. You gave a free Twix back? Wow.... hats off, sir, hats off......
  5. I've got a new Andriod thing recently, but I've always used a cheap mp3 player for running... not sure I want to risk a smartphone on a run. It might just fit into my arm holster thing, but I think I'll probably stick with the mp3 player. I could wear my watch, but I can also use my music to help me keep time.... I've got a playlist that's pretty much spot on 30 minutes, and I'm sure I can work out what shorter times would be from that. I'm currently wondering about doing ten minutes running on my rebounder indoors, running straight out of the door for a one mile lap, then back inside for another ten minutes on the rebounder. But nothing until next week at the earliest... I had a roll of my charisma today and shifted somone from 'unfriendly' to 'indifferent' - though about something that had happened, rather than about me. I was a bit more assertive when doing this than I usually would be when trying to persuade someone to accept my interpretation of events/motivations over their initial reaction. On the downside, in some ways all this was very predictable and perhaps I could have done more to prevent it, or at least minimise it. Oh well. I've got a stiff neck at the moment.... not sure if I've been sleeping at an odd angle, or whether it's orthotics/posture related. Fortunately it's not preventing me from exercising, though I may put the bodyweight workout back by a day or so and do something else instead.
  6. Hello and welcome to Amandolin and jofalltrades! What do you want to accomplish this challenge/your ultimate goal : Wow. Big question. This challenge or next I want to reach the endgame as regards weight loss, where things shift from being about losing the weight to keeping it off, and settling into sustainable, balanced habits as regards food and exercise. What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? : No iPod.... iProducts may very well be wonderful, I don't know, but they're just too iSmug for me. But my favourite song... ' ' by Elbow. Utterly, utterly epic. For running/exercise purposes, ' ' by Martin Solveig and Dragonette, which also has one of the most awesome videos I've ever seen. There's a longer version somewhere on the youtubes. What is your favorite exercise / workout? : Running. In my local park. Up the slope, past Wayne Manor, down the hill, round the lake. And back. On a crisp, cold, clear day. What makes you awesome, besides the fact that you are a NF rebel? : I've lost over 50lbs since May last year. That's not bad, though I say so myself. Intro : I'm in my late 30s, live in England, have a good job that's challenging, interesting, and rewarding, but pretty much office-based and sedantry. I've managed to find a way to change my eating habits and change up my exercise habits in such a way that I've managed to work with my inclinations rather than against them. I've got a major (positive) life change on the horizon that means I'm going to have less time, so I need to get my habits and routines sorted and sustainable, and make some decisions about future dietary habits.
  7. Thanks for the scout welcomes and general postivity, everyone @chanda - that's a good thought about run/walk. I've got a mile long circuit around where I live and before I got injured I used to walk for five minutes, run it three times in about half an hour or so, and then walk five minutes home again. I was thinking of walking five minutes, running one circuit and then walking home, but I could try walking that five minute stretch before running again. @german - I nearly completed C25K before I got injured. I have thought about dropping back a few weeks and starting it again and building it up, but I've got a bit too used to running to my own music rather than the podcast music, which was... well.... lowest common denominator and no expense incurred for the rights to use it. But going back to C25K is an option too. I need to think about how I'm going to ease myself back into exercise that involves running on a hard surface. Today was my first full day in my new orthotics, and my feet hurt a little at the end. They're changing my whole posture - I feel like my whole weight is being pushed slightly further forward, especially my hips. I feel like I'm standing taller. It feels a bit like wearing high heels (I'd imagine), but more stable. I'm going to wear them for at least this week before even thinking about exercising in them... I may need to take that quite slowly.
  8. My Name: Rostov Week 1 Challenge completed on: 27th Feb Week 1 Report: My goal of running a timed 5k in under 30 mins might cause the most problems, because it depends on factors outside of my control. I missed this goal completely last time through injury, and I start this challenge still recovering. Having said that, it's my life goal of being more outgoing/being more open/turning acquaintances into friends that I've struggled with because I need to keep remembering to do it, and sometimes I'll miss opportunities or be looking for them too hard. This time my challenge is more generaly - to "roll my charisma" and try to use my social skills outside my comfort zone. But I'm off to a decent start with this. I think what I'm going to do is just to keep reminding myself about my aim and perhaps resolve to think about it every meal time and make it part of the eating routine. Week 2 Challenge completed on: Failed Week 2 Report: In the last month or so I've added a chicken and vegetable stir fry curry (with sauce from a jar) to my cooking repertoire, with some success. I enjoy cooking it, cook up two portions, and then save one for the following day. Even microwaved, it tastes good. I've been planning to stir fry some frozen vegetables I bought a while back, and my other plan was to hard boil some eggs to keep as snacks. It's embarrassing to admit that boiling eggs would be new for me, but that's mainly because I don't like them that much. But having them around as an occasional snack would have advantages over other snacks. But thanks to a combination of having planned meals out with friends, generally being busy, and some stuff going wrong that I won't go into here, I didn't make time this week. I'll try again before the end of challenge and will hopefully have something to report back about. Week 3 Challenge completed on: 17th March Week 3 Report: I've been part of an accountability group on NF for the last few challenges. We've had members come and go, but with a fairly solid core. I believe I'm currently the only scout in that group, but I'm probably still closer to 'adventurer' than proper scout, especially with my foot injury. Joining the scouts has enabled me to meet some new people, but I guess most of my support (and supporting) has being going to my old group. However, I did need to reach out for some advice on changing my bodyweight workout, whic I've done here. Does all this complete the challenge? Dunno. Possibly. Week 4 Challenge completed on: Failed Week 4 Report: I'm not really convinced about this measuring water intake stuff and/or I really can't be bothered tracking it. Sorry. Week 5 Challenge completed on: 29th March - sort of Week 5 Report: I've bought a pull up bar to help with bodyweight strength training - I think I'd taken my under the kitchen table exercises as far as I could, and my table is starting to groan. I need to get some gloves or some kind of padding or grip for the bar, as one of the limiting factors at the moment is my hands. I have soft office worker hands. Best effort so far is being able to lift myself off the ground, lower myself a little bit, and lift myself a little bit without touching the floor. I've only really been playing around with it so far, as it still feels odd and almost inconcievable that I'd be able to support my weight with my arms - I guess I've still not entirely adjusted to the newer slimmer, lighter me. Week 6 Challenge completed on: 9th April Week 6 Report: Well, how to summarise all that? And what am I most proud of? It could be doing a full pull-up, but actually it's the way I dealt with some bad relationship-related news (see my thread). Yes, I took a bit of time to be gentle with myself and let myself have some comfort food, but I didn't go nuts, didn't use it as an excuse, and pulled things back into line fairly quickly. And more importantly, I can see a path ahead to a different life - not the one I'd have chosen, but better than what I have now. Working on this is going into my next challenge. As will getting running again. Injury robbed me of my final C25K run in the challenge before this one, and stopped me in my tracks after a couple of runs (up to 2 miles) this time round too. But hopefully I should just about be fit again to start afresh at the start of the next challenge.
  9. Pokemon is a complete and utter mystery to me, but the goals sound good! Although I wonder whether you want to give yourself a bit of wriggle room about going to bed early. Perhaps aim for at least four out of five per week, or eight out of ten per fortnight. No reason why you can't push for a clean sweep, but stuff happens and it might be worth lowering the bar just a little and being a little more forgiving of yourself. Best of luck with the challenge. I'm always glad to see people doing couch to 5k. It's a great programme, and I'd thoroughly recommend it if running is something you enjoy.
  10. Yikes - sorry to hear that. That sounds horrible. I hope you and yours have made a full recovery. If circumstances allow, you're very welcome to join us again for the new challenge starting today. The new accountability group thread is at: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/24578-head-on/
  11. My latest challenge thread is up too.... I feel a bit of a fraud calling myself a scout when I can't run at the moment, but I've done 90 mins walking today and yesterday in addition to my bodyweight workout/rebounder jogging, so that's got to count for something. And I now have my new orthotics, which feel great. Toes crossed they're enough to sort out whatever the problem is..... Chandra - hi! And welcome! I might pick your brains about Druid-flavoured stuff at some point, if I may. I'm sure there are things I could learn from that kind of approach to life. I've wondered about meditation and yoga for a while, but I've never really found a shallow end to try... I don't think the religious aspects are for me (though no doubt there's wisdom there), but I don't want to do the typical western pick-and-choose thing...
  12. This is my fourth challenge, and my first as a scout. My first, second, and third challenges were under the adventurer banner, but I think my future (and my endgame) is scout-flavoured. My original goal was weight loss and fitness gain. I've lost over 50lbs since I started counting properly back in May last year, of which over half has been since the start of my first challenge. I've probably got perhaps another half a stone to a stone to lose - I'm not entirely sure, but I'll know it when I get there or thereabouts. I've done this through calorie counting via my fitness pal, jogging on a rebounder indoors, bodweight workouts (first Steve's beginner workout, then my own modified version), and - in my second challenge - running outdoors. Frustratingly, in my second challenge I was one run away from completing couch to 5k when I got injured. One run. I've got flat feet and started getting foot pains on the top of my left foot. Long story short I rested it, it went away, I tried exercising again, it came back. Long story short, I picked up my new hugely expensive custom orthotics yesterday and hopefully I'll be able to run again in a few weeks. But in my short time running I fell in love with it. From the first experimental mile run around the block in generic trainers (sneakers) to see if I enjoyed it, to running for half an hour around my beautiful local park in proper running shoes, it's been brilliant. Whether it's seeing my own shadow and realising that it's the shadow of a runner, not the shadow of a fat man; putting on a sprint of mock terror away from trick-or-treaters; or finally, finally achieving my ambition of running round the local lake, it's been magical and I miss it. Fortunately I've still be able to jog on my rebounder during my injury - there's no impact or forward momentum, so oddly it doesn't hurt - so I've not been completely sidelined. On my running days I've looked forward to it - on my bodyweight training days I feel at best ambivilence and at worst dread. But I like the results- especially as regards upper body strength - so I need to find a way to adapt my bodyweight routine to prevent me from hating it and to at least keep what I've gained so far. Maybe I'll never manage a full pull-up, but I'd take that if it means I can one day run a full 10k. I'm not far off losing the weight I need to lose, and so I need to think about what the next stage will look like, and how I'll keep the weight off. So.... my goals. Goal 1: A shadow of my former self Lose 6lbs (average 1lb per week) over the duration of the challenge. I'll do this by a combination of calorie counting and exercise and run a safe net deficit through, sustainable habits. I've had this as my first goal of my first three challenges, and I'm continuing it here. +0.5 con and +0.5 dex are available per 1lb of weight loss after the first, for a total of +2.5 for each. My starting weight is 88.7kg, 196lbs, 14st 0lbs. Goal 2: Citius, Altius, Fortius I will work out on at least 11 days out of 14. These workouts will either be: A gradually increasing bodyweight workout Circuit training (50 min group session) Rebounder interval training / 50-60 mins rebounder jogging at a decent pace Playing sport (training or a match) , Running outside - working back to 5k, and possibly beyond. +0.5 Strength and +0.5 Stamina per successful 14 days, total of +1.5 str and +1.5 sta available. (+3 overall) I managed this in Challenge 1 and 3 but missed out the final fortnight of challenge 2 through injury and travelling. Although I usually succeed at this and it's now largely habit, I want to keep it going to focus my mind and not let things slip. Goal 3: The awesomeness of the middle distance runner These were the targets that I missed in my last challenge. Injury permitting, these are my running goals: (a) entering a timed 5k run (+1 cha for entering one at all); and (b ) getting a time of under 30 mins (+3 sta). If I miss this, I get +0.5 sta if I complete without walking or stopping, and another +0.5 sta if I'm under 33 mins. As well as the injury, I also need to make up for over two months of lost time. Hopefully I've not regressed too much, but I don't expect to be able to run 5k immediately - got to build back up. Goal 4: Life goal - Roll your Charisma In my previous challenges I've set myself life goals related to getting to know people better, or opening up more, or turning acquantainces into friends. This time I'm going to broaden things out and give myself points for times when I've taken a risk and "rolled my charisma" - to use a D&D term. Actually my charisma score isn't bad, especially diplomacy, but I tend not to take risks and introversion is my default setting. So in this challenge I'm going to put myself out there and be more open and more talkative and more sociable. +0.5 points per week where I can say that I've managed to do this. Total +3 available, which I'll split evenly between wisdom and charisma.
  13. Not particularly - very happy for you to lead if you have time.... Hopefully we'll see some of the others return for the next challenge.
  14. Yep, I'm up for that. It was always cross guild, I think - just that the three of us were adventurers....
  15. I've just posted my end of challenge update. Pretty pleased, considering the obstacles I've had.... the injury has been a problem for my fitness goals and for my socialising goals too. I'm going to move from Adventurer to Scout - in terms of temprement I'm a runner, albeit an injured one and not a very good one when I wasn't injured. When I could run, I'd look forward to it all day. When it was a bodyweight day, I really wouldn't, and it still takes force of will to make myself do it. Once I'm back running again, I'm going to have a think about what bodyweight stuff I actually need to do.... I'd like to keep the strength gains I have, and if I never manage a pull-up, well, I don't think I mind too much.
  16. And now.... the final scores.... Goal 1: A shadow of my former self Target: Lose 6lbs (average 1lb per week) over the duration of the challenge. I'll do this by a combination of calorie counting and exercise and run a safe net deficit through, sustainable habits. I've had this as my first goal of my first two challenges, and I'm continuing it here. +0.5 con and +0.5 dex are available per 1lb of weight loss after the first, for a total of +2.5 for each. My starting weight is 92.8kg, 204lbs, 14st 8lbs. I may well get below 200lbs this challenge, which would be a minor milestone. Result: Weight at final weigh in: 89.3kg, 197 lbs, 14st 1lb. 7lb lost, so maximum points of +2.5 to con and dex. I'm feeling really good about the weight loss - I'm in the best shape I've been in for over a decade, and very possibly longer. Goal 2: Citius, Altius, Fortius Target: I will work out on at least 11 days out of 14. These workouts will either be: A gradually increasing bodyweight workout; Circuit training; Rebounder interval training / 50-60 mins rebounder jogging at a decent pace; Playing sport (training or a match); Running outside; +0.5 Strength and +0.5 Stamina per successful 14 days, total of +1.5 str and +1.5 sta available. (+3 overall) I managed this in Challenge 1 but missed out the final fortnight of challenge two through injury and travelling. Result: Managed this for all three fortnights, though it was a close thing for the middle one which coindiced with house guests visiting and my foot injury getting worse. So, +1.5 str and +1.5 sta. This isn't really that much of a challenge for me any more - it's much more like routine, though I do have to make myself do my bodyweight workouts, because I really don't enjoy it. Goal 3: The awesomeness of the middle distance runner In my last challenge I was one run short of completing couch-to-5k, but picked up a foot injury that I can't shift. Assuming that that does clear and that I can make up for lost time, I'm going to set myself running targets of: (a) entering a timed 5k run (+1 cha for entering one at all); and ( getting a time of under 30 mins (+3 sta). If I miss this, I get +0.5 sta if I complete without walking or stopping, and another +0.5 sta if I'm under 33 mins. Result: Any chance of this was ruined by my foot injury, which didn't clear up as expected. But hopefully I'll be able to start running again in the first week or two of the next challenge. I should have my new orthotics this week, and hopefully after getting used to them, they'll clear up whatever's causing the problem. Goal 4: Life goal - Opening Up This is a variation on my challenge 1 goal of turning acquaintances into friends. I've realised that part of the problem is that I'm reluctant to talk about myself or my life or my interests, and that I tend to be quite guarded. I think part of this is because I like to keep my different worlds separate, but part of it is because I've drawn the wrong conclusion from my experience of knowing people who talk excessively about themselves, their interests etc. I don't find narcissim or self-centredness to be attractive qualities, so I sometimes go too far the other way. I also shy away from asking that one extra question - the one that I worry might be taken as intrusive or nosy, but which almost certainly wouldn't be if I was similarly open. +0.5 points per week where I can say that I've managed to do this. Total +3 available, which I'll split evenly between wisdom and charisma. Result: Overall some instances of progress and some notable successes, but nothing I'd say that has got as far as habit yet. I think I managed two weeks where I managed it, and one half-week. But I'm going to ignore that half-week and just give myself +0.5 cha and wis.
  17. Congratulations - in particular on the weight loss and the mile PB, and on already thinking ahead to the next challenge!
  18. Final week update.... final challenge summary to come after the official end.... Goal 1: A shadow of my former self Start of the challenge: 92.8kg, 204lbs, 14st 8lbs Today: 89.3kg, 197 lbs, 14st 1lb I'm absolutely over the moon about this. Target was 1lb a week, and I've managed 1lb more than that. As well as the scales, I'm getting a lot of other positive indicators - I mentioned that I tightened my belt by a notch not so long ago, and that notch is starting to feel loose too, though not quite enough to go to the next one yet. I bought this belt during my weight loss when I out-shrunk the old one - which I've kept - and in the absence of pictures (which I really should have taken) it's a great reminder of just how much I've lost. I'm feeling lighter and the much reduced gut while exercising, and doing everyday stuff like getting in and out of the back of a car without rear passenger doors. There's probably another half a stone to a stone that could probably come off, but let's see. Goal 2: Citius, Altius, Fortius Target: I will work out on at least 11 days out of 14. A rebounder run this afternoon will take me to 13 out of 14. I've increasingly started adding half an hour of rebounder running to the end of my bodyweight workouts when I'm feeling up to it, and I've found a way to make my interval rebounder running much tougher. Goal 3: The awesomeness of the middle distance runner Hopefully I'll get my orthotics next week. But my foot is still painful, though I think slowly getting better. I'm going to have to be very careful to ease myself back into running, sports, and circuit training. Goal 4: Life goal - Opening Up Did okay this week - probably half points.
  19. Well, I can't give you much feedback on diet/exercise, but what I would say is that you were right the first time about the scales. You shouldn't worry about them, and an apparent 2lb "gain" is really nothing to worry about. It might be muscle mass, it might be water retention, it might be random variance over time. The key questions I think you should be asking yourself is are you feeling better? Do your clothes feel looser? Are those planks hurting less? Are you less tired after rowing, and/or can you push yourself harder than you could before? Personally, I tried only to weigh myself once a week, but failed for similar reasons - liked what I was seeing and was curious. And I think that's fine - in some ways weighing more regularly makes it easier to track progress on average, but if you're going to do that you need to take a medium/long term view and remove the power of the scales to hurt or upset you or knock you off course. One higher scale reading shouldn't trouble you.... a week of higher readings, or readings that won't move shouldn't trouble you. Don't rely on the scales for your positive feedback - take that from more reliable sources.
  20. Excellent news, especially on the running. What a fantastic moment!
  21. Weekly update... Goal 1: A shadow of my former self Start of the challenge: 92.8kg, 204lbs, 14st 8lbs Today: 90.2kg, 199lbs, 14st 3lbs A real relief to see the scale moving again after three weeks of plateau. I'm below the 200lbs mark for the first time in a long time, and I'm not far off the below 90kg milestone. I've been a bit stricter about cutting back on snacking and on lunchtime sandwiches, but I think this might be a case of the scale reading on my weigh-in day finally reflecting what's been going on all along. If I can lose one more 1lb in the last week I'll get maximum points for this challenge, and that's what I'm aiming at. Goal 2: Citius, Altius, Fortius Target: I will work out on at least 11 days out of 14. 7 from 7 this week... pushing a bit harder, so no rest day for me. Goal 3: The awesomeness of the middle distance runner Not going to happen. I should get my new orthotics the week after next. Goal 4: Life goal - Opening Up Not much to report on this.... not many opportunities.
  22. You're absolutely right, of course. Weight is just a number. When I catch a glimpse of my own reflection, I don't see someone who's fat any more. If I were to try to describe the person I just caught sight of, I probably wouldn't use the word "fat" or "overweight" or any of the kinder euphemisms. And I have to keep reminding myself how brilliant that is. I've got a headshot picture from about two years ago, and the difference in my face and neck is really very striking. On closer examination, though, it's obvious that there's still weight to lose and BMI reading would still categorise me as "overweight" and nearer obese than healthy - although not by much, and I do better on the revised formula that was in the news recently that apparently is more suitable for taller people. BMI isn't everything, I know, and may well not reflect my muscle mass. I am feeling lighter and my clothes looser (even with the new belt notch), and I'm pretty sure I've gained more muscle. I'm cautiously optimistic about a better weigh-in at the weekend - I've had plateaus before which have been followed by fairly rapid loss thereafter, so fingers crossed. I'm having my feet scanned for some new (and expensive) orthotics, so there's progress on that front too. I reckon another stone or so of fat to lose and I'll be where I want to be. Where next is an interesting one.... at the moment I'm thinking that when the weight has gone I'll probably mainly do running, sport, a circuit training session and some bodyweight stuff for upper body strength. I'd like to keep what I've gained, though I'm not particularly fussed about being strong enough for pull-ups etc. While it would be awesome, I really don't enjoy bodyweight exercises and I think if I were to have a new fitness goal it would probably be going from 5k to 10k. But before that can happen, I need to be able to run at all....
  23. Congratulations on the 20 minutes running! That's a real milestone, and I think my experience was that that was the breakthrough point.... obviously there are longer runs to come, but getting to 20 minutes is key. I certainly found it much easier to go from 20 to 25 than from 5 to 10. Great stuff!
  24. Seems like most/all of us are struggling with one thing or another or with a number of things. But we're still here, still posting, still updating, and still at it. And I think that's the important thing. It's easy to post stuff when everything is going great and progress is obvious and things are working and people post their congratulations. Much harder to post when we're injured, sick, upset, or things go wrong. Easy to slink off quietly and not return until the next challenge or perhaps forget the whole thing. So it's greast to see people still active, still trying, still striving. The rest of our resolution is in how we respond to setbacks and adversity, and how we bounce back from them. Sometimes life will require us to prioritise other things, or even set exercise aside for a bit. And that's all fine, as long as we come back to it. We need to be gentle with ourselves when that's warranted, tough on ourselves when we make mountians from molehills, and the wisdom to know the difference.
  25. Another weekly update.... Goal 1: A shadow of my former self Start of the challenge: 92.8kg, 204lbs, 14st 8lbs Today: 92.0kg, 202.8lbs, 14st 6.8lbs Four weeks in and I seem to have lost last week's advances and gone back to 92. But I mentioned that I'd tightened my belt by a notch a while back... when that happens I generally find I go back and forth a litle between the new notch and the old one for few days, but now the new one feels settled and comfortable. I also feel a little lighter.... so it's possible that there's more going on than what the scale is showing... I think I may have gained muscle. I have made my bodyweight workout gradually tougher, and I'm increasingly adding cardio onto the end if I feel up to it. But I'm going to have a look at my diet because there's still about a stone or so to go, and as the weight goes, so it becomes harder to lose the rest. I probably need to look at cutting back at snacking, and be stricter with my sandwich choies at lunchtime. I could blame my foot injury, but exercise is only 20% of weight loss, and while the injury can't be helping, my weight loss hasn't slowed by 20%, it's plateaued entirely. Goal 2: Citius, Altius, Fortius Target: I will work out on at least 11 days out of 14. I was 4 from 7 last week. This week I'll be 7 from 7 once I've done my rebounder HIIT running today. I've done pretty well to manage this - it's been a very busy week. Goal 3: The awesomeness of the middle distance runner Meh. Need to chase up the chiropodist about getting the foot scan done.... Goal 4: Life goal - Opening Up Maximum points this week... went to a dinner with work colleagues which went really well. The kind of event I'd usually find an excuse not to go to....
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