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  1. Spider

    Still not king!

    Hey, y'all! I'm still not up to participating in this challenge round, but I'm following a few topics, and doing my own thing. My sister and I are still being accountabilibuddies with each other, and I am leading my local SCA kingdom (online) in challenges of our own. So far, we have done the 100 push-up challenge, and have just kicked off the 200 squat challenge. It's been a lot of fun, and has peaked my interest in getting more involved in leading stuff like that. So, good luck, EVERYONE! And I'll see you at the finish line!
  2. Spider

    Taking a break.

    Thanks, Maegs! I'm still working through the academy lessons on my own, and not participating in the message boards much, but I do like it!
  3. Spider

    Taking a break.

    Hi, folks! I am taking a break on this challenge round: I'm practicing accountability buddying with my sister right now, and it's giving us a daily connection that I really enjoy (she lives overseas). I very been doing this (NF) for about a year, and while pleased, I think I need to take a breather and see what I can do on my own. I am doing NerdFitness Academy and still working my way through the program. I am not going away, though (still have the tab open in my browser), and I hope to see you all through all your successes! Thanks, Spider
  4. Okay, big check in! I hate getting up in the dark, and hate not gettin home in time for yoga due to pesky things like work (hah!). Monday yoga and bbwwo Tuesday nothing, because dermatologist appt Wednesday faculty meeting prevented yoga, but yes to bbwwo All three days I kept to the diet, but no flylady. I did do flylady on Saturday and Sunday, plus I had my bellydance class on Saturday morning. Total so far: (including today) 1. 10 BBWWO/30DS/BD 2. 10 Yoga 3. 3.0 Walk 4. 11 Diet 5. 8 Flylady
  5. Baking soda based recipes can be frozen, so, I tend to make a full recipe of cake and place the 2 cups each of batter in the small pans and freeze the remainder for mini loaf cakes to give away at the holidays. Rough week coming back to work, with the light being so dark (they have us starting at 7 am, so I'm getting up at 5 and at work before 6:45--- I'm teaching before the sun even comes up. It's ridiculous!), and I've only manganese yoga Monday and today. I did, however, get some push-ups, boat pose crunches, and leg work in yesterday. I plan to do the same tonight!
  6. Nothin new on Sunday. I did minimal flylady, because I was making a cake for my mom's birthday (I make half recipes and use 2 6" pans-- great portion control!) and getting ready to go back to work after a week off.
  7. You got it in one! My version is a spice cake with drunken pears, crystallized ginger, and pecans, plus half a cup of whiskey in the cake. Then, after it's done, you put half a cup of butter, half a cup of sugar, and half a cup of whiskey in a saucepan and cook it down toad syrup. Then you soak the cake in it before you turn it out onto a plate. It keeps forever and only tastes better over time. I've been on fall break, so I've not been visiting the site like I should. I did yoga Wednesday, but not Thursday, and I did yoga today. I kept my diet Thursday and today, and did my flylady today. Tomorrow, I have dance class to teach, then I'm headed to an sca event, where I'm planning on staying overnight. I have little control over feast (though I know the menu, and while it won't be primal/paleo, it will be pretty healthy this time, for a change), and there will be mead tasting later. So, I'm going to update with my totals for tomorrow, too: diet no, exercise yes, flylady no. Total so far: (this one including Saturday) 1. 7 BBWWO/30DS/BD 2. 9 Yoga 3. 3.0 Walk 4. 8 Diet 5. 6 Flylady
  8. Tuesday has seen me do some flylady in the kitchen, which promptly got undone since I had to bake a tipsy cake this afternoon! But, I went to Pilates with my mom, which is going to be my bbwwo today. I also kept to the diet, with a stretch to include a little bit of potato today. Total so far: 1. 6 BBWWO/30DS/BD 2. 7 Yoga 3. 3.0 Walk 4. 6 Diet 5. 5 Flylady
  9. Friday was as-is. Saturday, I taught bellydance, and went to the opera. Kept the diet, though. Sunday, I did some of my flylady, and aired out the house, since the temp finally dropped. Today is the first day of my Fall Break. On the list today is the grocery, dermatologist, and yoga. My mom has invited me to go to her barre class with here, but I depends on if I get out of the doc's office in a timely fashion or not. Total so far: (from start to today, may edit later for yoga/barre) 1. 5 BBWWO/30DS/BD 2. 7 Yoga 3. 3.0 Walk 4. 5 Diet 5. 4 Flylady
  10. Thursday was a no diet, no flylady, no yoga, yes exercise day. Also, I got most of my grades done. Friday has been a yes diet day so far. Final update will be edited in later!
  11. Faculty meeting, and didn't make it home in time for yoga. But I did to NFA bodyweight workout B and ten minutes of hula-hooping. Total so far: (from start to today) 1. 3 BBWWO/30DS/BD 2. 7 Yoga 3. 3.0 Walk 4. 4 Diet 5. 3 Flylady
  12. If you can't do anything else, do the walk in place during a show. Extend the time, maybe pick up 1 lb weights, but just move!
  13. Yoga Monday, but then dinner with a friend who had a sudden death in the family last week. Yoga today, and I joined the NerdFitness academy, and completed bodyweight workout A, plus 15 minutes walking. Also, though, there was very bad eating over the last three days. Very bad. Reclaiming ME! tomorrow. Total so far: (from start to today) 1. 2 BBWWO/30DS/BD 2. 7 Yoga 3. 2.5 Walk 4. 4 Diet 5. 3 Flylady I am looking forward to my fall break as a chance to get my head on straight. I did so well at NF when I first started (a little over a year ago).
  14. I have to watch this weeks episode tomorrow off of my hulu-- I spent my Monday with my friend and missed all the usual things I watch. Heh. Such a homebody during the school year!
  15. I have a digital antenna, and I get them on the second pbs that you can find as a result. I think some folks find it listed as Create TV channel. The problem is, is that so much stuff with PBS varies from local carrier to local carrier. Your local pbs should have a website that says whether they have a second station on the over the air/digital antenna broadcast.
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