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  1. I honestly think something as delicate as the human psyche is completely circumstantial. There is no way to generalize or categorize how certain people feel about themselves. It's a case by case basis. Making it more specific, such as "people exiting poor relationships" or "people who have tried to create a relationship and failed" are much better situations to apply the terms. Self-esteem is also relative. Somebody who is experiencing high self-esteem today could be having the exact same thoughts as you or in about the same mood. But if you have a higher threshold for happiness or confidence,
  2. A stronger cardiovascular system lets you live longer. A stronger musculoskeletal system will help prevent things like osteoporosis or "feeling old" where you are bed-ridden or have to walk around with that tennis ball stool thingy. However a lot of muscle mass can also tax the cardiovascular system if it isn't strengthened as much. Not to mention I've read some studies (which are obviously inconclusive, as almost all cancer studies are) that the increased cell activity and replication process causes your DNA to pretty much go senile quicker (this is bad wording, but I can't think of a better
  3. Playing guitar and doing math homework. Not even economics homework. Just simple algebra. I love stuff like graphing (y-intercept, mx+b, etc.) because it's kind of like a little math puzzle that you use quick simple logic to figure out (those types of questions I can do in my head in like 5 seconds). But everything else just bums me out and makes me procrastinate... like right now...
  4. I haven't played in years, but I rather enjoyed Runescape. Although I didn't enjoy it for cool adventures or powers or graphics. Runescape has a very elaborite, somewhat realistic, and fast paced economy. In terms of MMO's, I always loved haggling and selling goods with people, investing in an item to re-sell in a week, or commit cow-genocide/strip-mining to sell raw materials for money. If you're a weird business major like me, try runescape. Otherwise Tribes: Ascend and Team Fortress 2 are my recommendations.
  5. Deadlift is my favorite as well, and every time I increase the weight my shoulders want to hunch forward. Doing bent-over rows (and a lot of people recommend pendlay rows but I can't find a solid article about them for the life of me) on days you don't deadlift to help strengthen your shoulders. Make sure you're eating a ton. Hope things are going good, fairy!
  6. Weighed in monday night at 155 pounds! My first two weeks I gained NO weight. I also didn't eat much yesterday because I woke up late (no breakfast) and had to run errands in between class (no lunch). And at dinner I didn't put enough pasta to boil and cba to re-cook when I was done eating. Then today I didn't eat lunch because I found my bread to be moldy and I didn't have anything that was easy to cook. I'm going to make up for it tonight after the gym tonight with a truly ridiculous bowl of ice cream and a mass gainer shake (yay for going to sleep bloated!)
  7. Razor

    Juicing Fast

    I personally don't think it's a good idea to only subsist off of liquids, especially if you are a very active person. You'll probably get your vitamins, some fiber, and a whole lot of carbs. But it just doesn't seem right to me. If you ate actual fruit (and hopefully veg) along with it, I could see this potentially being nice. But liquid only? P.S. I'm not even counting the fact that low sodium and protein intake do not sound like a good idea for an active athlete... at all.
  8. Razor

    Cliff Bars

    I got here late to answer OP's question, but I'll answer yours. Look at the nutrition facts. Whatever they are, see if they are in line with your goals. Protein bars usually have lots of protein and carbs. The only real difference is taste and price (and whatever type of protein is used [whey, soy, etc.] which is easily found in the ingredients section). Go with what fits your macros, your taste buds, and your wallet. If quest bars fit that, awesome!
  9. Shiggles, never go to /fit/. Your screen will be out the window. As for the topic, I think constructive criticism is allowed. As long as you aren't actually insulting someone, objectively observing isn't wrong at all in my opinion. If you objectively discern someone is being lazy, purposefully vague, etc. I think you should be able to voice that observation. Keep it simple and respectful and I don't see how anyone could really have a problem with it.
  10. In a 16 person league, I happen to be in the toughest division. I'm 2-3, the worst person in my division, and if Amendola hadn't got hurt last week I would have outscored every other player outside my division (including one of the players in my division). I also happen to lead the league in points against, 651 in 6 games. (My average opponent scores 108 points). Things are looking up this week though. Welker and Rice alone outscored my opponent with 52 points!
  11. How do you become a Jedi? Become a highly trained, extremely deadly religious zealot who blindly follows the orders of a group of extremely powerful individuals who were not freely elected to their positions. Be very ethnocentric and convince yourself if the universe doesn't follow your institutions values and laws, they are inferior. Oh, and don't forget brainwashing young children
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