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  1. Wow! I wish I could sleep 14 hrs a day.
  2. Hello. My goals this time around are back to easier things. Last time I try to do this whole 30 thing with a family member. My family member messed up on day one and instead of sucking it up and just starting over the next day, she let it ruin the whole thing for her. It made it difficult for me to continue as well especially after my reflux starting wreaking havoc. Now that my reflux is back under control I want to jump in again, but I don't want a repeat. So I'm going to take it slow. My Goals: 1. I have a sweet tooth. I need to put it in its place. I am going to limit myself to 1 sweet thing a week that is non-fruit. Fruit is allowed. So for example, I can have ice cream one day a week. I can have fruit every day of the week. As long as I don't buy sweets, this shouldn't be a problem. The issue really comes to play after cutting grass. I am shooting for making that my 1 a week. 2. Activity. I am a lazy son of a gun. I didn't used to be this way. I have a stationary bike. My goal is to get on it and do 20 minutes 3 times a week. This is somehow difficult for me. I used to ride every morning, but I have to leave earlier for work now. There is a point where getting up earlier doesn't make sense. So I need to do this in the evening. I need to make it my first thing when I get home from work. Usually I get home, change and start on dinner. Then I sit on the couch and eat dinner, and then I keep sitting on the couch while I watch tv until bed time. Life Goal: I work in IT. I have for years. I take for granted some things that blow other peoples' minds. I don't have an issue when I am working with an end user, I expect they don't know anything. However, I expect that my coworkers do. Sometimes when discussing things with coworkers I lose my temper because, well, they don't know something they should. Last week I was trying to convey to a coworker that she should not copy all our admin passwords to her computer because its a major security risk and she didn't get it. I ended up screaming at her, and then felt bad about that afterwards.
  3. Oh man. I feel like I haven't posted here in a long time. So here's the sitch. Eating all this whole 30 food for breakfast, while tasty has started to bring back my acid reflux, and with a vengeance. So I'm tossing whole30 out the window. I'm going back to a protein shake for breakfast. It's about all my stomach will let me do. Pretty much all other bets are off. I have a lot of trouble dealing with feeling like shit every morning, not eating breakfast has the same effect as eating it with regard to stomach issues. So that pretty much puts this challenge in the toilet. I'll be back for the next challenge though. I'm going to try and do just paleo, and reduce the amount of fruit I consume. I think having the breakfast smoothie helps with that because I can get a lot of fruit in the smoothie cup, and then cut back on ... whole fruit throughout the day.
  4. Week 3: Monday 10Breakfast: NoneLunch: Chicken & Green Beans +5Dinner: Grilled chicken thighs with mushroom sauce on top of spaghetti squash. +5I like spaghetti squash at restaurants, but I don't seem to be able to make it like that at home. Ugh. This went into the trash. Tuesday 10Breakfast: NoneLunch: Chicken & Green Beans +5Dinner: Mahi-mahi, mixed veg +5Wednesday 10Breakfast: NoneLunch: Chicken & Green Beans +5Dinner: Chicken, Broccoli, Onions, Mushrooms +5ThursdayBreakfast: NoneLunchDinnerFridayBreakfastLunchDinnerSaturdayBreakfastLunchDinner
  5. Not horribly. I spent all day Saturday ripping down the rest of the shed. Food wise, I think I do pretty good on the weekends. It's those pesky weekdays I have trouble with.
  6. Today sucked even before I woke up. I seem to have developed a knack to wake up 10-15 minutes before my alarm. I try to go back to sleep, and then when my alarm goes off, suddenly I'm so tired. I woke up today with a screw the world attitude. I took one look at the eggs in the refrigerator yelled some obscenity at the eggs, and left the house. Ended up having donuts for breakfast. But, I calmed down, ready to get back on track for lunch. Then my boss walked in and said, "Lets go". We ended up at Red Robin for lunch. It was good. About to leave for the day, I have a 40 mile commute ahead of me. The baseball game just let out and the hockey game is starting in about an hour. Looking at way too much traffic ahead of me. If I manage to make it home before the sun sets (that's a big if), I think I might take a walk down the the park. Might help to clear my head a bit. I think I have some salmon in the freezer, and I have seen some asparagus starting to pop up in the garden. Might be able to turn this day around yet. Or not. We'll see.
  7. Apparently it helps to actually subscribe to the posts you make.... Not necessarily. That said, I tried eating steak and veggies for breakfast 2 days this week. While my taste buds thought is was amazing, but stomach had other ideas. Maybe I'll try fish next. lol...yeah whole30 is kind of restrictive, but more and more I keep calling it my egg diet. Blah. None of that is whole30 unfortunately. There is a dairy about 30 minutes from my house. They make yogurt and greek yogurt there. Really you can't even talk about greek yogurt until you have had it right after its made. In the past I have had a protein smoothie for breakfast. Its high in protein obviously, but because of the fruit, its also high in carbs. Unfortunately its not whole 30 either. Ugh. When I went to eat breakfast today, I about lost it. Ended up picking up donuts for the office. Yeah...I have to find something else, or I'm going to lose this diet big time.
  8. How to find a doctor: Do you have medical insurance? If yes, go to the website of your insurance provider and check out the doctors there. Email one. If no, meh. Just go to the urgent care. I freaked out over this too a few years back. I ended up having acid reflux, but your mind likes to make you think its much worse than it is. I ended up finding a nice doctors' office in the middle of nowhere, away from everything so its almost relaxing to go there. What I really like about my doctor is that I don't have to call him. He responds to email. I can usually email him and have an appointment setup for next day. Sorry to hear about the short in your crockpot. That's nuts, but it happens. Ironically, you can find them at goodwill if a new one is too pricey. I don't know why anyone would ever giveaway a crockpot. subbed.
  9. Re-seasoned last night and cooked the steak for breakfast this morning. It was so good...I was sad I had to brush my teeth...
  10. Well cooking them on the stove apparently was not the right way to cook them. I was hoping they would soften, but they never did. In the end, I just threw them away and ate the rest of the stir fry. Which was good, but I think next time I need to cut the meat smaller and add some carrots or something. It was kind of mushy.
  11. I found a beef/broccoli recipe I am going to try for dinner tonight. It calls for Brussels sprouts, which I have never had before. Wish me luck: http://paleoleap.com/beef-and-broccoli-stir-fry/
  12. I'll try it. I am looking forward to melon season. Some mixed melon would be good. Mmmm....watermelon....drooool.
  13. Yup, plus finding things that aren't eggs to eat for breakfast. I like eggs, but I just can't eat them every day.
  14. So I've hit an egg rut. I'm doing a whole 30, but I'm finding that I can't have eggs for breakfast everyday. I tried googling, but everything is how to make sweets with replacement approved ingredients. This is not what I'm looking for. There has to be more to breakfast than eggs and sweets. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Going back up and re-reading what I wrote for my points scoring, I realize that I haven't figured points for any of the good fats. For a moment I thought about re-calculating all the points from week 1, but instead I'm just going to skip that and try and score properly this week.
  16. This week I got 110 total points. I missed out on some free points I could have gotten from doing any activity during the week. My first week of whole30, wasn't a mega success. There were a few hangups, but I'm not going to let that stop me. Let's see how week 2 ends up. I definitely want to see those points go up. Sunday 70Brunch 104 eggs over medium, green beans, whole avocado, apple, handful of sunflower seeds +5 for the veg, +5 for the avocadoDinner: I had 1 bite of a really not good pork chop. I spit it out. I was busy doing other things, and didn't realize it. Ended up not really eating anything for dinner. Don't know if thats good or badActivity 60Mowed the front yard. It was a beast. The grass was about a foot tall, with all the rain we have had lately. On top of that I think I have some moles, and when they ran the gas line to the house last fall, they drove some kind of machinery over the lawn. There are 4 horribly placed ruts on one side of the yard. I pretty much had to pick up the damn mower every 3 feet to get through them. Usually it takes an hour, today it took 2. 60 pointsMonday 15Breakfast: I picked up some "breakfast steak" I think its just some really thin steak. It cooked like crap in the aluminium pan I used. I have one more left. I'll try cooking it in cast iron. Let's be real, cast iron is the best. Had this with some broccoli (+5) and some unsweetened applesauce so I could have my probiotic. Hopefully that will be enough to keep my stomach in check.Lunch: I had some taco salad (meat, taco mix, onion, red pepper) and an avocado. +5. I had this a couple of times last week, so I knew it would be good. That said, about 3 hrs after lunch I got some major league acid reflux. Felt like crap. Thought about going home early even. But I only have 45 minutes left to go, and traffic is going to suck cause its opening day in STL.Dinner: Green beans and chicken boobs. A dinner of champions. Also had some mango slices. +5Tuesday 40Breakfast: 2 Hard boiled eggs -5 for no veg. Ugh. Lunch: Grilled buff chicken boob, green beans. +5Dinner: I had some beef & broccoli. No rice or anything. It was a recipe I found on Paleo Leap. +5Activity:I rocked 12 minutes on the bike while reading a book. I didn't even notice that the time was almost up. Usually I am checking every minute or two. +5Mowed the back yard. Took about an hour +30Wednesday 10Breakfast: Steak and asparagus, cooked in cast iron in clarified butter. Yum yum. +5Lunch: Taco Salad +5Dinner: Buffalo Chicken. Fail, no veggie -5ThursdayBreakfastI've had it with eggs. Whole thirty may as well be called the egg diet. Ugh. Both days this week that I had steak for breakfast, while it totally agreed with my tastebuds, my stomach had other things to say. So beef is out of the question for the AM. I woke up today in F*$% the world type of mood. Ended up eating a donut at work. -5LunchWas planning on finishing the taco salad off for lunch. That would have been a good +5, but alas, it was not meant to be. As lunchtime rolled around, my boss comes in and says, lets go. We ended up going to Red Robin for lunch...yum. Had the one that has bbq sauce, fries, and a bottomless lemondade. It was good. -5DinnerThe plan is to get back on track for today...if that's even possible at this point. I have some salmon in the freezer, and that should go well with the asparagus thats sprouting in my garden. That and a long walk would really round out this day. ActivityFriday Saturday
  17. Not really. Mostly I am keeping track of points over a week, and then I can compare weeks over the course of the challenge. Really, I just see how many points I get in a particular week, and then see if I can beat that number of points the next week. I did this in the previous challenge too. Throughout the points stayed relatively even, however in the last week due to some volunteering and then some yard work, they got blown way up. I don't know if I'll beat that number this week, but I'll find out.
  18. I think he needs some more ram and a faster cpu. This boot up time is taking a long time.
  19. Thanks. I am in theory organized, but I have trouble with making everything a head of time, and then actually wanting to eat it when the time comes. I need to come up with some like backup meals or something.
  20. I have a finicky stomach. It doesn't like a lot of things, especially at breakfast. For example, I have difficulty eating meat in particular beef in the morning. It always upsets my stomach. Anything greasy or sweet is a problem too. So I can't eat any of the normal stuff for breakfast. Sausage/bacon/pancakes/waffles -- all of them cause me issues in the morning. Probiotics help, but I haven't figured out what I can eat my probiotics with yet in Whole30. I used to just dump them in a morning breakfast smoothie, but I didn't finish that half the time. I am looking for some kind of pudding/applesauce that is paleo/whole30, but I can't really find anything. Before you ask, the gelcap upsets my stomach on the probiotic, so I always break it open and dump the contents into something else.
  21. Wow. 6 freggies seems like a lot per day.
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