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  1. I'm probably level 0 Not sure I could even do level 1. Then again we all got to start somewhere It's awesome to see how much progress is possible by looking at all the different levels.
  2. I think threads like these can be very important. Of course not all men are like that. But those who aren't don't seem to realise at all things that happen every single day. Just yesterday with my aunt we talked about the various times we were assaulted, from the ages of 11-12 to now (I'm in my late 20s, she's in her 40s). It was a very simple discussion about how scary things can be and how we wished we knew how to avoid these situations. But we also had the same ending for every story, in that we went home and didn't tell anyone. We didn't trust our parents not to blame us. We didn't trust our friends not to make light of it. That sucks. But that's also while several male friends of mine didn't realise there was such a thing as dick picks sent by random strangers on random forums, or people gropping you as they walk by and insulting you if you protest, saying you're ugly anyways and you must thing you're so pretty to assume they were groping you. And I don't mean a random touch on your back or butt which can be accidental. I mean a guy walking towards you on the same sidewalk, reaching as he walks by and squeezing your breast in his hand on his way, then walking away. That has happened to me more than once. Or guys who sit next to you on the subway, cross their arms and grab your breast with the one closest to you, using their arm to hide the fact they're doing it. These people become very aggressive if you call them out on it. The only time I reported assault on me was when I was a little kid, 3-4 years old and I still trusted my parents to defend me. After that you learn that they'll just brush it off, blame the way you dress in some cases (at least I didn't get that kind of comments because I only wore super baggy male clothes until my mid-twenties, but my aunt got a lot of that because she likes skirts) or tell you to ignore it. I've had people 3 times my weight follow me around in the dark. I've had lots of terrifying things happen. Sometimes I hear a guy complain about a creepy guy hitting on him at the gym and I'm like, "I'm sorry it happened to you once. But you have to realise it happens to the average woman thousands of times". It's scary being hit on by someone stronger than you, and if they don't understand the subtle signs, they're usually the kind who keep going when you yell at them to stop, and who don't really care about being violent, and who blame you in the end. Respectful guys aren't a problem. You can say no to them because you know they'll respect that. And there are lots of them. My friends are. But we pass so many people in any given day. Just one of them being that asshole gets you groped or insulted. Yes, guys can get yelled at too. But it seems to me their public space is respected more, their word is respected more. How often does someone kiss you after you rejected them? Touches you without asking? Sits next to you and with their mouth almost touching your face tells you you're pretty? Tarol Hunt, who is a good friend of mine, made a comic about it that a lot of people made fun of, where he compares being a woman to having burgers for hands. As I said, people have found it ridiculous, but I like it because I think it's a way to make a lot of men understand what it's like. Not every man is like that. But enough people are that simple things can be daunting or terrifying if you're female. I think short men might have similar feelings due to size only, but I suspect while they might be the target of money-based assault, they are less likely to be the target of sexual assault, especially in casual contexts such as a date or meeting up with a friend.
  3. Do you also get dizzy if you stand up fast? The dizziness you get might be an outside issue (low blood pressure for instance), in which case solving that will help tons.
  4. I have nipple piercings. I actually have regretted them, but it's because I had them for wrong reasons. I had a negative body image and my boyfriend liked piercings so I thought if I got them I would feel prettier... and only felt much worse, like I had to change myself to be worth anything. I'm not completely over it and shift back and forth between wanting to take them off and never wear them again, and thinking "I suffered enough, I don't want it to be for nothing". However since they haven't healed completely yet, I prefer not to remove them until they do. They are taking a really long time to heal. I've had them for two and a half year now. I would say that's the biggest thing. Out of all my piercings, they're the only ones that aren't healed yet, and they're far from the most recent ones. My breasts also get really sore before and during my period, which didn't happen until I got them. With all this being said, I would encourage anyone who wants them to get them. If you're doing it for the right reasons, you'll get a lot out of it. I also think that they typically take less time to heal than mine do. They were probably the most painful of all my piercings, though, not for the piercing itself, but the day or two afterwards, especially since I normally sleep on my front and couldn't anymore. I would recommend doing it when you don't have to work the next day and if possible have someone at home to take care of you. But I've always had very sensitive nipples and breasts, and if yours are less so, it might be very bearable for you.
  5. My breasts are very saggy, and (which is the main thing) one is between 2 and 3 cups smaller than the other one. I don't think other people notice it, but I don't like it. I've considered getting surgery to get them to the same size, and maybe make them less saggy in the process. So far I've never really done anything towards it (never started saving or anything) so I guess it's not essential, and it might never happen... but I have though about it, yeah.
  6. I hate when people draw attention to the way I look. I don't care if they think I look better or worse than last time they saw me, I just wish it was irrelevant. Or if they're going to comment, I would prefer they said something like "you look happy!" Drawing too much attention to it is reinforcing the idea that appearance is what matters. I care about my health, energy and happiness. Caring about my appearance has always made me depressed no matter what I looked like. I wish people didn't bring it up.
  7. I personally don't manage to get that much protein, but I believe those who do get it from lean meat and eggs, some from milk (but I think drinking your calories is a bad idea when you're at a deficit). You probably don't need to work every single day, but personally I get best results when I don't rest more than one day in a row, so resting both Saturday and Sunday might be a bad idea. On the other hand, if you work every other day, you might not be giving your muscles enough time to rebuild. I know once I switched to every other day, I starting making more progress than when I worked out every day. You might give that a try. All this being said, if it's only been two weeks, it's not a huge amount of time. I think it can take a month or so to really see if a program is working for you at all or not. Progress doesn't tend to be that fast at the very beginning (at least not with me).
  8. My breasts sag, but honestly, I have lost hope for them. They have done so for over 15 years now. They started sagging when I was still a tween. I've used products, done exercises, nothing has ever helped... At this point I think I need to accept they'll always be that was or save up for surgery. But if anyone has had success... then I guess I'll try whatever it is they did.
  9. I use an epilator, and sometimes tweezers. I typically trip my thighs and the top of my pelvis/bottom of my belly, but whether I do more or not will depend. I've gone as far as completely gone, but honestly I don't really like how it looks or feels. I like it natural but if I'm going to swim I get self conscious and tend to trim it shorter so the hairs don't poke through the swimsuit. I guess on average, I trim whatever would end up outside of a pair of panties, and leave the rest alone. I do prefer board shorts though so I don't always feel like trimming even on my thighs. To be honest I think it's sexy, but guys seem to disagree so I go back and forth.
  10. Didn't see any percent... I saw myself about two third down the line but was actually one third. It surprised me because every time I see a picture of myself, I get depressed over how much bigger I look on the picture than I perceive myself as when not seeing myself. It's to the point that I'm starting to dislike having my picture taken when I used to love it.
  11. Well it's pretty simple... If you're skinny-fat, you weigh little, but have a high body fat percentage, because since you have no muscle, a higher percent of your body is fat. But you might not actually have too much fat. The amount of fat you have might be perfect for you - if you had the right amount of muscle as well. 15kg fat is a higher percent of your total body weight when you weigh 50kgs than when you weigh 100kgs. Or did I misunderstand what you don't get?
  12. I'm okay right now, thanks. I've had a few bad days when I had no energy whatsoever. I would sleep for like 12 hours straight, get up, and then just fall asleep on my chair after a couple hours, sleeping 3 more hours... It was weird. At first I wonder if it was my diet - I know diet changes can affect you a lot. But it seemed weird that adding protein would take away energy. Now I think it's probably because it's way hotter in Reno than I'm used to, so I'm not getting a very good rest, which makes me sleepy during the day. Because I can't sleep with noise around, I can't turn on the AC at night, either. But hopefully I'll manage to get used to the noise, it seems like it would be easier than getting used to the heat. To answer the earlier question about my workouts, I was using an app that made me do 4 exercises, 4 times, in rotation, for one minute each with 10 second rest between each exercise. I really liked the program but it had one big flaw: if I wanted to go back to see the description of the exercise, it would reset instead of pausing. So it would expect me to start over from the start. At first I just endured it but it became very annoying. I looked for other apps but haven't found one I'm completely happy with. I'm thinking I'll join a sports club at some point, because being part of a group that practices a regular activity sounds like it would work best for me. In the meantime I'll keep looking for an app I'm happy with. I'm doing great with protein. I've been careful to have enough, and although I have one "non-real" food meal at least once a day (protein bar or shake) it's not that difficult to maintain. My translations I got behind a bit but then caught up, so I'm happy with it. Walking with the vibram shoes, I've done a bit less than I should. It's so hot that some days I don't want to walk at all, and because they're so tight fitting, like feet gloves, they end up all sweaty after I've worn them, and I need to wash them before wearing them again... But my feet are definitely used to the shoes, which is good. Here you go for my update. Sorry I didn't keep in touch sooner!
  13. Right now, I only translate from English into French. I'm planning on learning more languages down the line though. I took Spanish and Italian in high school, and Japanese in college, but I'm fluent in neither so I'll need to work on them before I reach a level that allows me to translate to/from them. It does seem like our challenges are opposite each other! If you want to limit protein maybe you could introduce some vegetarian meals here and there, if you can go without meat every so often. Otherwise you'll probably have to limit your portions I guess? But I'm sure you already know all your options, too. I'm okay with protein shakes, I do avoid those that have testosterone or steroids, etc. I put egg whites in mine to add even more protein. I'll also have a protein bar if I'm on the go or too lazy to cook a real meal. I'm not sure if you meant read the translations (in French) or the original comics? Goblins is having a kickstarter for its card game right now (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/336486938/goblins-alternate-realities if anyone is interested) and the French translation won't be up until after the Kickstarter is dealt with. The original comic is available at http://goblinscomic.com The other comic I'm still translating is, like Goblins, DnD based. It's called The Gods of Arr-Kelaan and is about people ending up on another planet and getting God-like powers. The main character just want to be left alone, but it's not really working out that way. The translated comic is available at http://arrkelaan.avistew.com and the original website seems to be having issues right now but some of the comic is still hosted at http://www.drunkduck.com/The_Gods_of_ArrKelaan/4788494/. It starts way after how far I am right now though, as in, hundreds of pages later. It's a new storyline though so it should be possible to jump in. The comic I've just completed is called Marry Me. It's a romantic comedy about a pop star who is tired of everything and decided to go for it when she sees a fan holding a Marry Me sign. But of course things aren't that easy. The translation is available at http://marryme.avistew.com and the original at http://marryme.keenspot.com/d/20120730.html Thanks! Yeah, life happens, it's good to keep going
  14. Slytherin for the win! There were some great Slytherins, let's add to the list! Ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness. We'll need them all for our challenges. So let's go all out! My goals this challenge involve working out 3 times a week, getting at least 90g of protein a day, translating (as my life goal) and wearing my Vibram shoes while taking my walks. Getting enough protein has been a challenge for me, but the hardest one will be the workout. Gonna need to use all that ambition and focus on how strong I'll be after working out regularly!
  15. I see the group is full, so not joining it. But I like the idea of a veggie group, I'll have to join next challenge! I'm vegetarian (ovo-lacto but trying to limit milk) and one of my goals this challenge is to get enough protein for my diet to bulk up. I'm going to keep a close eye on any recipes you have that provide a lot of protein (my goal is 90g+ a day). Good luck to all of the veggies out there, I'm rooting for you!
  16. Hey guys! Registered a bit late (and kind of not within the official bounds) but I really wanted to be part of this group again! This challenge, I'm focusing on bulking. I'm trying to get more protein, and work out regularly. I kept translation as a challenge, and turned my walking challenge of 3+ miles a day into wearing my Vibrams for my walks at least 3 times a week. I'll need to be used to being barefoot for when shoes aren't so easy to come by! So far all of my personal goals are going well. I hope I'm still welcome to join you guys
  17. Things are going well, thanks for checking in! The first day (so, Monday), I only barely met my protein goal (reaching exactly 90). Since then I've gone a bit over 90 every day. I bought egg whites that I have on their own (scrambled) or that I add half and half with almond milk in a protein shake (when I finish the almond milk, I'll look into other types that have more protein). Other than that I eat a bunch of veggies so it's not like I'm living just on shakes or anything like that. For my translations, I finished Marry Me, and I started working on a new translation instead. I've been keeping up with them completely, meeting my goal for this as well. Workout-wise, I've only had one so far, on Tuesday. I'm planning one today. Tuesday's workout was harsh, I got an app for it because I'm terrible at planning. All of yesterday I was sore, and a bit still today. But I was sore, not actually in pain, so I'll keep going. With my increased intake of protein, I should be getting stronger and I'm looking forward to that, especially in my legs and butt, which tend to be the areas I hate training the most, and therefore the ones that need it the most. Walking in my Vibrams has been great. I walked in them on Sunday (which I guess doesn't count for the challenge) then on Tuesday again. I kept them on for something like a mile, which is pretty good. I'm still getting the hang of putting them on (they're really like gloves for your feet) but once they're on they're very comfortable. I think because I'm used to being barefoot whenever I'm home, it was a bit less of a transition for me, as my feet haven't hurt at all. Today I'll wear them again for my daily walk (in the evening. It gets really hot during the day). So here we are Sorry I didn't update much. I thought I might do a weekly update but since you were wondering, which I'm glad about, here is my status. So far so good, and certainly hoping to keep it up!
  18. Thanks I definitely hope so. And really, as much as I'm disappointed I didn't get a "perfect" score, I still made progress during the challenge. I'm fitter, healthier, and more focused. You can't do everything perfectly from the first try. Any progress is good to take
  19. I've had a IUD for over 5 years now (mine is a copper IUD) and worn cups since before then... Never had a problem. Be careful at first in case you somehow pull on the wires when taking out your cup, but otherwise, no interference that I can tell.
  20. My first challenge started great and ended not so well. A bunch of stuff happened (I moved, my mother in law died, I was diagnosed with depression, etc). Now, I've just moved (again) to Reno, and this is a new start. So, perfect for a new challenge! Here are my goals: - Fitness goal 1: work out 3 days a week. This goal is the one I failed most last challenge. I think that's because I made it too specifically about pushups, and I get bored so easily. So this time, it doesn't matter what the workout is. There just needs to be one. Three days a week. Reward: +5 STR - Fitness goal 2: wear Vibram shoes 3 days a week. I just got my Vibram 5 fingers. I want to work up to wearing them all the time, but I'm trying not to go to fast. So for now, I just want to wear them 3 days a week. Not for a specific amount of time: at the beginning of this challenge, this will probably be only a few minutes that day. At the end, hopefully it will be the whole day. Reward: +2 STA, +2 CON - Diet goal: eat at least 90g protein a day This is going to be a very challenging goal. I usually have trouble reaching 50, and on a normal day I barely get to 30. But I need more protein. So I'm not going to worry about calories during this challenge. I will make sure the food I eat is healthy, and I will only care about the protein. If I manage this goal, I will probably raise the protein content next challenge, but for now this will be hard enough. Reward: +2 CON, +1 WIS - Life goal: translate 3 days a week. I'm keeping this goal from last challenge because it helped me a lot. I will translate and update my 2 webcomics 3 days a week. On top of that, since one of the two is almost over, when it is over I will instead translate a page of Goblins, which I'm officially translating but isn't updating yet. This should provide me with both a buffer and good habits for when I actually need to keep on schedule with that comic too. Reward: +3 WIS I think at the end of these 6 weeks I should be much fitter, and I'll work hard to make sure it happens
  21. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it as well.
  22. I used to have a mooncup. Then I got a Diva cup. For a while I had both. The Diva could contain more, which is good for me because my flow is heavy (but ultimately doesn't matter. As long at it last from one bathroom trip to the next, you just keep emptying it). The Mooncup was wider at its widest point though because it has a sort of rim and as a result it was trickier for me to take out and less comfortable. But I was very happy with it while I had it. I just like the Diva even better. I find cups in general extremely practical, definitely something I recommend for people it works for. Which isn't everyone, but I think it's worth giving it a try
  23. Here are my final results: Translations challenge: 36/36 = A => +3 WIS Food challenge: 39/42 = B => +2.25 CON Walking challenge: 29/42 = C => +2 STA Pushup challenge: 9/18 = C => +2 STR, +0.5 STA I'll update my stats right away.
  24. I'm so glad that she was safe! This has been a crazy week for a few of us it seems!
  25. Hey guys, just a little update update. Last Friday I took a plane to the US (from France). While I did a bunch of walking to get to the airport, then to the plane, I then spent 12 hours in a plane and since then, apart from walking the dog and such, haven't done much walking. Some stuff did happen. See, when I'm in the US, I live with my boyfriend who I consider my husband in everything but name (I even call him that often. Just no official wedding has occurred). We've lived with his mother, him for years, me for the past 3 years (only when in the US though). Well in the night of Sunday to Monday, she died. Her health was bad (that's why he moved back in with her to take care of her in the first place) but it had been bad for years, so it was still a shock. And since then there has been so much to deal with. I've spent a lot of time trying to support him as much as possible (he's an only child, she was a single parent, her own parents disowned her, so he has no family left except for me) and I've done a lot of sorting through paperwork. She kept everything but sorted nothing, it's in boxed and drawers and it's been a pain. Anyways! If anyone has been wondering why my number hasn't been moving, that's why. I haven't walked as much, and what I did walk I didn't input. I'm going to give myself a bit more time before walking as much as I used to, but I'm definitely getting to Mordor at some point.
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