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  1. If nothing else, you have better protective capacity now than as a teen, meaning you can stop a bad experience as it starts rather than being forced to endure it.
  2. I spent way too long looking for a gif response: Welcome! Glad to have you. Today is a good day. After posting about my workout, I went and sat in the sauna for 19 minutes, using the time for meditation (not all of it, but enough). I got home and ate, then took a nap, then cooked before coming to work. I cooked some pork chops seasoned with salt, pepper, and rubbed sage in a pan with melted coconut oil. The side dish was about 8 chopped slices of bacon cooked in a skillet, then set aside. After draining most of the grease I added a chopped onion and shaved brussels sprouts, along with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. I cooked it about 6-8 minutes then added the bacon back in. I do feel good after focusing so much on that for which I am grateful, including but not limited to: my family, my job, the house, and all of you
  3. I love when Faces play it smart. Gotta love the Rocky school of winning: let them hit you enough to get mad and obliterate them. I love me some STIG! I hope you heal up soon.
  4. Saw you post in Wolfie's thread you are in the hill country. I'm in San Antonio. Here to follow a fellow Texan.
  5. Thank you. You are very kind and I appreciate those life-giving words. Gym report!
  6. I'm so happy for y'all getting to live in that natural wonderland.
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