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  1. RES wants time

    Pizza is awesome. I'm glad you found the freedom to get it when you want it.
  2. Workshop Gonna Ranger: The Repair The Hype Mini-Challenge

  3. elizevdmerwe - Uphill with style

    Welcome back to the 21st century. I hope everything works out for your mom.
  4. Spezzy is her own adult.

    I'm sorry you had such a rough week. I hope you're completely healed up and done with tech gremlins for a long time.
  5. [Sloth] Siskel & and Sloth-bert At The Movies

    If you didn't have so much family up there I'd suggest coming to Texas like I do with everyone else. There are some blue dots down here where you'd be perfectly comfortable and could get a job with a decent salary (compared to our cost of living) but I think the years of service would count against you down here like they would up there. What is the likely hood of getting a district wide job that will get you out of the classroom without loosing your years of service or losing any pay?
  6. Stribs Tries to Thrive, Not Just Survive

    There are some here who may interpret that a bit...liberally.
  7. The Answer Lies Within: Tanktimus Continues his Intuitive Eating Journey

    I find that I get the biggest pump on the day I do OHP and Lat Pulldowns. I was confident I could handle things with just the nsaids, like I had mentioned before even after getting all four wisdom teeth out that was enough. Black Panther was a lot of fun. I think it was not just a good superhero movie (it totally was) it was a good movie. Well written, great action, and some of the best Character development in all of the MCU. The villain was intelligently done as well. Also (this is not a spoiler, it was released in promotional material) seeing Bilbo and Gollum Face off again was awesome.
  8. The Silver Archer: Boundary Defense

    Yep. Koaladle has it right.
  9. Brogo: Cardio, Paleo, Flamenco, Picasso, Duolingo, Aye, Dios mio!

    Sounds like an acute case of RangerBrain.
  10. [Sylvaa] Caffeinated Squirrel

    To echo what Sylvaa was saying, you can't punch the internet.
  11. RedStone Rumbles

    Congrats on the intuitive eating. I always think of this when I hear of fusilli:
  12. Cataleya Touches the Dresden Slate

    Sorry you had such a rough week.
  13. Workshop Gonna Ranger: The Repair The Hype Mini-Challenge

  14. The Answer Lies Within: Tanktimus Continues his Intuitive Eating Journey

    Thanks. The steak was really good, and paired well with the carrot salad. Today seems to be good so far. I'm still recovering, and energy is low due to having to eat soft cold food. I did pick up some whole milk and protein powder to help out with that. Gonna go see Black Panther tonight with Sra Tanque and one of her friends.