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  1. Seeing how they changed Sybill was what completely turned me off.
  2. Oh man, trying to work while the baby does anything but sleep is terrible. Active screaming is just a no go.
  3. This is an accurate assessment. Welcome. I expect you will like Picard. The second season of Disco is better than the first. Capt Pike is awesome.
  4. For what they cost they should be a lot bigger.
  5. You speak as though there were any other way to do it.
  6. It's stupid he's having to go through all this nonsense.
  7. I haven't heard much about the series, just that it's not really discworld at all, as you indicated. I do not plan on tracking it down to find it.
  8. Live long and prosper. Not only did I have Greek twice in one week, we went to the same place from which our delivery came earlier in the week. Furthermore, I got the exact same order both times. I really like Greek food. Today is a good day. Little Bit was fun to hang out with this morning, then when her Grandma came and got her I did the first round of the KB workout. I didn't cook today because we have plenty of leftovers, and on top of that my boss was at something that had leftover food and supplied me with dinner for tonight. For lunch, however, I had a ham and cheese melt, then I had a PB and chocolate syrup melt. I had to eat that with a fork, but it was SOOOO worth it. Yoga tomorrow will mean I will have three perfect weeks in a row. Let's hear it for setting ourselves up to win!
  9. That was awesome. You are a gifted writer. It's also a great bonus to finally hear your voice.
  10. This has nothing to do with anyone spending money. It's scope is limited to the forums. And we never said it was new, just a surprise.
  11. I think you and @Heidi could benefit from following one another's challenge threads. She has done a lot of work with simply being with her feelings and the universe in general, and the two of you could learn from and help each other a lot in my opinion.
  12. Found you. Fellow Hufflepuff here!