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  1. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

    Sad but true. El Paso is closer to the Pacific Ocean than to Texarkana. Today is a good day. Did NF Yoga Fire B and Laundry. Lunch was roasted veggies (Chopped celery heart, 1 lb carrots chopped, one onion cut into wedges, 10 oz broccoli florets, seasoned with 2 tbsp coconut oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and parsley. Cooked for 30 min at 350 degrees). Once that came out of the oven I sprinkled some white wine vinegar on it. Over that I served chicken and bacon. I cut up four slices of bacon and pan fried them and set it aside. In the grease I cooked chicken thighs that had been cut up with cajun seasoning (salt and pepper included) and white wine vinegar. I added the bacon back in, then served that over the veggies.
  2. Sloth: The Man with the Hammer

    He has a challenge thread going.
  3. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

    I highly doubt it will snow again in this decade in South Texas.
  4. The Silver Archer: Banish the Shadow

    You're gonna get there Sky, you totally got this. Iron runs through your veins.
  5. JonFirestar Crosses the Forsaken Lands

    I've been there, and recently too. You are correct of course that it's not wise to give up.
  6. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

  7. DrFeelgood - Unplumping

    I work around a lot of cardiologists. Some are awesome. Some... do not deserve to be called awesome. I'm here for you as a buddy on the journey (and to be in close proximity in the event of butt grabbing, but mostly the emotional supportive stuff).
  8. Darkfoxx 42: Settling In - Desert Edition

    Not eating enough is probably a culprit in the malaise and not wanting to get off the couch. #nagginglikeagrandma
  9. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    That's not true. We simply recognize the greater truth, that everyone is already a Ranger, some are simply in denial.
  10. Jedi-Ranger Remembers her Training

    The Girls Sky and Elasti are correct. You are working to overcome a lifetime of negative messages about you and your body, that takes time. Be patient with yourself and remember, you are not responsible for your outcomes, but for the effort you put into your goals. In other words, if you keep working at it then you are doing all that can be done.
  11. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

    If you ever come to Texas, we will go shooting. I did not mean to imply you weren't a gun owner or were averse to holding one. I apologize for my wording. I meant that you holding an M-1 in my presence would be awesome (a big part of which would be coming from the fact it would mean I get to see you again)
  12. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    It's a crappy place to be, that's for sure. I hope you manage to get going. A variation of one o f the tricks I use would be to suggest to you that you get up to put on just one sock. One sock, that's all you have to do. See what happens.
  13. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

    Have to get to Antarctica to get any further. There were multiple people at my wedding who could have supplied an M-1.