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  1. What a derogatory term for a reproductive organ.
  2. Are we some sort of learning hipster? "I only like artisinal hand crafted learning out of books printed on papyrus or vellum."
  3. Hard to find Candy. When we bought ourselves stocking stuffers last year we went to World Market and I got a Christmas Pudding and some German Licorice (I'm weird, I like black licorice).
  4. People who have been through a lot sometimes develop empathy and compassion for others who go through a lot. Now that your recovery has begun you have some energy to look around and see them, and some wisdom to share from what you've learned along the way.
  5. Excuse me, but this: Sounds like some pretty big learning to me.
  6. True story: The first time I saw this GIF I actually thought it was Spezzy. (This was before we had met in person and her avatar pic was the only one I'd ever seen).
  7. To be fair, that's very profound. Success is the accumulation of the consequences of good choices over time.
  8. You live in a house full of crap no one will miss. I'm just saying, grab some of that, go where no one will notice you and break stuff.
  9. I was being diplomatic by calling it American Thanksgiving, but since you opened the door:
  10. If I may suggest, hand-write your rant on real paper then go burn that.
  11. May I suggest the idea of prehab? It's the idea that you do certain exercises to prevent, rather than treat injury. If I may recommend a google search: Prehab for Runners.
  12. We have a book in Spanish that is the same theme, though it's a roundworld original. She's still at the phase where we have to read to her from books with cardboard pages or she'll tear them up. When she gets old enough for soft pages I need to start reading to her from The World of Poo.