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  1. It's odd that Advil would cause swelling. It's an anti-inflammatory designed to prevent swelling along with giving pain relief.
  2. Put "Making a list" on the list, then check it off. You've now completed something on the list. Seriously though, I've been there, It sucketh.
  3. Also, I forgot to brag about it on the post with the image, but please take note of my phone charge level.
  4. I refuse to slap you. I'll instead offer understanding and acceptance and gently recommend you eat.
  5. Today is a day. It's actually not that bad, but as I indicated, Little bit got us up around 4:30 this morning. We ended up all taking 2 hour naps at Little Bit's nap time. That helped. I made bacon, eggs, onion, and potatoes in my cast iron skillet for lunch. I seasoned it with garlic powder, smoked paprika, and white wine vinegar. It was good. We are in the process of ordering dinner.
  6. I think all the time I spend on your thread is affecting my Facebook ads...
  7. Thursday night and Friday night Little Bit was up in the night. We are a little tired. I did the 30 second bare minimum stretches (forward fold and squat) on Friday, so I have at least done something for 5 days this week. It remains to be seen if I will do any fitness stuff today, other than a nap. We got door dash for dinner last night.
  8. I get a stipend for looking after the forums. I have never seen Steve in person without a shirt, nor have I ever touched his nipples. You will be disappointed to note nipples are never even mentioned in my employment contract, nor can any hint of them be inferred therefrom.
  9. Hey fellow paladin, you know I'm in for a light themed challenge.
  10. Stubbs is Texas BBQ sauce. He was from Lubbock if I'm not mistaken. A box? I suppose that is OK. Maybe I. The future archeological surveys will use the cords in a cord drawer/box to date their finds. Today is a good day, despite the disappointment of dinner. I did a round of the NF KB workout before work. This is the first time I have done fitness stuff on a Thursday in recent memory. It's also the first week with four fitness activity days in the same length of time. I can't emphasize enough, especially not to myself, how big a win this is.
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