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  1. The only reason Thog didn't eat chickpeas was because they hadn't discovered how to make hummus yet.
  2. Yes you started the fire. It has not been burning since the world's been turning. Today is a good day. It's our 3rd Anniversary! Unfortunately, Little Bit had a rough night last night and was up a lot. Sra. Tanque took first shift, and couldn't get her down, so I tagged in. I had a migraine starting and was irrationally angry that the baby was having a hard time going down. I eventually let her cry in her crib for a bit while I came into our bedroom to take something for the Migraine (It worked) and to calm down. I eventually got her down, but it was tough. She woke up again but it was Sra. Tanque's turn and I didn't have to get tagged in that time. We slept in later than we intended. We got breakfast tacos after dropping off Little Bit with her Grandparents, then went to Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (there were multiple "We Forgot something" returns to home). The ranch was a lot of fun, many herbivorous animals in very open habitats designed for people to drive through, which makes social distancing easy. Normally they can be fed from cars, but the Ranch is taking careful precautions so they didn't allow that, and frankly I didn't feel like we missed out. We had Lunch and ate inside a restaurant for the first time since The Uncertainty hit in March. We were grumpy before tacos and after lunch due to sleep deprivation, but enjoyed everything in between. We still managed to be patient with each other, and I was far more grumpy in the afternoon, but we did not argue. I tried to nap, and dozed a bit, which helped. We were planning to pick up the baby ourselves, but asked Sra. Tanque's parents to bring her back and they graciously did. we had leftovers for dinner. Sra. Tanque's small group starts tonight, in fact she is on the zoom call for it while I type this up. We agreed to that knowing today was our anniversary, cause she needs that group like I need mine. I put the baby down myself, which is rare because Sra. Tanque usually nurses her right before she goes down. I didn't have any trouble, however. I let her play in her room till she looked sleepy, then did her bedtime routine with a bottle instead of more natural means of feeding her and she went down pretty quick, which is not surprising considering she didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. I had fun putting her down, so I'm glad I tried to nap earlier. No workout due to sleep deprivation and it being a family holiday. I don't know if I've mentioned it here yet, so forgive me if I'm repeating, but since I started taking the pre-diabetes warning I have cut out sugar in my nutrition and have lost 10 pounds.
  3. Also here in the sleep deprivation support team.
  4. Your smile looks even bigger and happier here than normal.
  5. It is great, and I had been needing this for some time. Borked is a fun word to described body parts that have been...well...borked. I am in good spirits, apparently an appropriate amount of Vit D and relatively correct blood pressure make a difference. This is what I wanted all along from the Bayformers and never got. Apparently the way to get a good Michael Bay film is NOT TO LET MICHAEL BAY BE INVOLVED. Today is a good day. We stayed at home. I called the Chiropractor's office and they are closed at least another week. They said it was due to Covid, and I don't blame them. That particular office serves a lot of elderly clients. Lunch was leftovers. I took this picture: I mentioned in the past we got some bicycles from my FIL, who had bought them on an online auction and never used them. They are in good shape, apart from no air in the tubes. I aired up the back tire no problem, but didn't get enough in the front tire because I don't have the right adapter for my pump. I found this out while riding it. It wasn't flat, but a little squishy. I hadn't ridden any bike in 16-18 years, and this one is a bit complicated, but I think once I get the tire situation sorted, get it adjusted for me at a bike shop, and get some road time in, I'll feel better. I didn't get very far (it was half a mile round trip if I'm being generous) before becoming uncomfortable with how it was handling, due to me not being used to it and the squishy tire. It's a dang fast bike, I don't know how fast I was going but when I tried to stop it felt very fast. I know just pedaling as far as I did I got my heart racing very hard. That was my workout for the day of course. I do however want to get the bike tuned in and start getting used to it. Dinner was bacon cheeseburgers I made on the grill. I made a side salad to go with it. It was amazing to eat, even if it doesn't take much description to write about.
  6. That's cute. Current conditions at San Antonio, San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) Lat: 29.53°NLon: 98.46°WElev: 807ft. Mostly Cloudy 96°F 36°C Humidity 43% Wind Speed SE 12 G 16 mph Barometer 29.89 in (1009.9 mb) Dewpoint 70°F (21°C) Visibility 10.00 mi Heat Index 103°F (39°C) Last update 7 Jul 3:51 pm CDT
  7. FWIW I didn't need indoctrination to get this way, it was part of my factory settings.
  8. Well done on the studying. I'm proud of you too.
  9. I was gonna go find a Nero Fiddle gif to be meta but they were all political and...sigh...
  10. Sra. Tanque gave birth naturally. I was right in the bed with her at the birth center (our Midwives were awesome, but the particular doula we had wasn't, so I got to do more). I was right there when the baby arrived. It was magical. I wept manly tears of wholesome masculinity. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it. Freshly born babies smell AMAZING.