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  1. So glad things have gotten so much easier for you. That trip sounds lovely.
  2. Hi there. Long term forum usage can lead to feelings of monotony, it can be difficult to keep posting. I'm here no matter what.
  3. Whether for good or for ill, JobCorps will not last forever.
  4. Somehow I missed that you had posted a challenge. I'm here now. That setback sounds discouraging.
  5. None of the above is your fault. There is nothing you could do to change anything about her or her actions. You are NOT being a horrible person. You are doing your best in an impossible situation.
  6. The days crawl but the years fly. It's a lot to take in at once. I know. Today is a day. Little Bit's new cute thing is "Thank you Mommy." She just started saying it today (in correct context too). We praised her so much she just kept repeating it. I heard her saying it to herself after I out her down for a nap. Lunch was good. I cooked gnocchi in butter and set it in a bowl. I next cooked Italian sausage in the same skillet, adding grape tomatoes and olive oil partway through, along with salt, pepper and red wine vinegar. I added some garlic and Stirred
  7. If you can fix it so the other people in the house can't get to or communicate with you I'd still support it.
  8. I feel I should point out your wifi works inside blanket forts. You could engage here and hide in a blanket fort.
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