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  1. I don't know how Rhovaniel would figure this out on her own, but if she had never been to the town the Empire would have shown up on it's own sooner or later, and she would not have been there to teach them they can stand up for themselves.
  2. I'm taking a break this time around, but there's no way I'm not following the guilde halle thread. Also welcome Br0din! A round on me before I go!
  3. Is that your first A? This is awesome, it's cool to see a straight up wrestling match as a counterpoint to all the intrigue going on, the variety makes both more entertaining.
  4. FWIW, I needed it.
  5. That's pretty much what I've done all year long.
  6. That is a shitty place to be. I don't claim to know how you feel, and I can tell you when I was in a somewhat similar situation I didn't like it. You are doing what you can about your physical situation, how about some workouts for your mind? Your body is a part of you, but it's not you. In the same way your leg is a part of your body but it is not your body. There is more to you than your physical appearance. Having said that, you can still take pride in your appearance while you work on shrinking your waistline. You can make sure you are well groomed, your clothes are clean and neat and that you put effort into looking your best. You don't even have to like the way you look, consider it practice for when you are at a healthy weight. I also recommend finding a counselor to talk to about body issues. If you still had them when you lost the weight the first time you'll have them when you lose it again. You might as well get started on it now so that you can really enjoy yourself when you get to a healthy weight.
  7. There is no way you'd be allowed to leave the Ranger Corps.
  8. Glad to hear you're doing well, it sounds like you did some of those self care things all the cool kids are looking into these days. The trick to running down hill is don't hit the brakes, lean forward and let yourself go fast.
  9. Your new goal is to kick ass at the OCRWC!
  10. Mi Vieja would be "my old lady," not something I intend on calling her That it does. Me too.
  11. The options are Sra. Tanke, or mi esposa.
  12. More almost here now than it was when you posted! 13 days to the wedding and today is a good day. Got my bathroom set up in the new place, got all my kitchen stuff to the new place, the movers come Wednesday to get the rest of my stuff to the new place. We'll move mi prometida's stuff the week after. The new place is awesome, lots of space, lots of storage, a double vanity in the master bath with plenty of room for both of us, and it's dark at night and bright in the daytime.
  13. As Autobots come through their portal, the last comes diving through, instead of walking like the others. Flames follow him, and the portal winks shut. "I thought the portal wouldn't fall unless we were defeated," one of GrillGuard's lieutenants said confusedly. "It shouldn't, this isn't about the battles here I suspect." "No, it's not sir, the last recruit through the portal said. Cybertron has fallen, the Allspark is lost, and Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots are gone." GrillGuard contemplated this, his face getting more and more grim, if such a thing were possible for someone with a metal face. "Then we have nothing to lose." Turning to his officers he gave orders that all forces should be amassed against the portal in the center of the field. "I'll meet you there soon," he told them. Driving off to confer with his allies, he brought them up to date. "We have no home to go to, but the rest of you do. If any of my troops survive this they will be yours to command. It has been an honor fighting alongside such brave and honorable warriors. I wish we had the chance to get to know one another better, for I feel with the chance to enjoy peace together we may have become great friends." Standing in front of the combined forces of the Autobots, GrillGuard began his speech. "Autobots, our world has fallen and we have no home to go to. We have a choice, to spend our days slowly decaying, never having the chance to grow again, thinking of things that might have been, or to serve a higher purpose. Optimus often said that 'Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.' Before us stands a tower that would threaten that freedom. Our world may be lost, but we have the chance to give ourselves so that no others must face that fate. "I ask you to stand with me, stand against tyranny. We have nothing to lose, no need for defense, no call to worry about the future. We have the opportunity to focus solely on the present. We all have brutal urges we have controlled and repressed because we are Autobots, and we choose not to be savages. I call on you today to draw on that primal force in yourself. Unlease the savage. For today we storm the tower with no thought of survival, focusing only on destruction. We give ourselves so that others might live. Reach down deep and throw everything you have at the enemy, leave nothing behind for there is nothing to return to. "We are death, we are destruction, we are the judgement against evil. We do not fear, WE FIGHT! TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!" And without waiting even to see the reaction on the faces of his troops, he jumped, turning in the air, transforming and hit the ground at full speed, throwing dirt and gravel in the air behind him as he charged, alone. But he wasn't alone for long... I'm out after this week, the move and the wedding are obviously precluding participation in the remaining weeks. It has been a blast.
  14. I'll speak to the powers that be, I think I can promise you have permission to speak about it openly.