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  1. Stribs Calls on the Fellowship

    I call it institutional co-dependency. I dealt with the same thing when I was in Child Protective Services here in Texas, and it has permeated our educational system as well.
  2. Consistency is more Important than Theme: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    Glad to be of service. No lie, my first thought was "Why are you going to help Stribs with her laundry?"
  3. Sam Ashen Back to Swole Season

    Friends don't let friends run in lifting shoes.
  4. elizevdmerwe - Accountability while taking a bit of a break

    Expect your mom not to handle you MIL's visit well. That will mean there is another grandmother around and she will likely feel threatened. This likely goes back to her disorder. If she's in a good mood, she's all the way in a good mood. It doesn't occur to her that anyone else feels any differently than she does, so she doesn't realize you might not appreciate her affections.
  5. Miaulin Does it Anyway

    Awesome drawing. This is me all the time. You really can do it, even when you don't feel like it.
  6. iatetheyeti: not going down

    Yeti, you are awesome beyond your ability to comprehend. You do more with your struggles than many do with virtually no struggles at all. You look despair in the face, say, "Not Today," and refuse to give up. I want to tell you that every day you don't quit is a victory. Every day you overcome despair and accomplish something is a triumph. I am so honored to know you.
  7. Rhovaniel of the Dúnedain

    You got this Rho!
  8. Flea Prepares

    Screw it. Evictions based on defaulted mortgages take years. By the time he gets to that place you will have moved out. Let him face the consequences of his actions for once.
  9. Cheetah does all the cardio

    A bunch of wankers, that's who.
  10. Deffy # 35 - Triple Threat

    If I'm being generous to TH it looks like a skeleton doing rock hands (maybe, but only because the suggestion was already made and I like TH despite never having met him so I want to have his back) But I'm going to go with everyone else and say wolverine because the only skeletal part of Skeletor is his face.
  11. Consistency is more Important than Theme: Tanktimus' Next Challenge

    Before I was born my parents lived in Muskogee for three years while dad worked on the coal powerplant there. It was the three worst winters on record. To this day they still shudder at the thought of snow. No, no, it's far more complicated than that. It's walking with weight in a backpack. Today is a good day. Got the Laundry done, did Deadlift, OHP, and Lat Pulldowns, went to a meeting for work and made dinner. Dinner was roasted butternut squash (peel and chop, put on a greased baking pan with salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil and white wine vinegar) with ground beef. It was fancier than that though, the ground beef was cooked with a chopped onion, salt, pepper, avocado oil, red wine vinegar and Italian seasoning. Then I added the sauce. What was in the sauce, you ask? A drained jar of roasted red pepper, 1/4 c almonds, 2tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp red wine vinegar, and smoked paprika all blended in a magic bullet. I added some more salt and pepper and paprika with cumin for taste and served. It was awesome.
  12. Kamar-Taj Gonna Ranger: The Doctor Strange Themed Mini Challenge

    What fire?
  13. Flea Prepares

    Double post so second place can get a chance to remove a post as well.
  14. Flea Prepares

    @Sylvaa, @Wobbegong, just click in the box at the upper right hand corner of the double post and click on the trash can icon that shows up at the bottom of the screen. If only the extra post is selected only that one will be deleted. I was going to do it myself but I saw you both wonder about it. I'll double post as well so that whoever doesn't get to delete Flea's double post will get to delete mine.
  15. Ye Himalayan Ranger Guilde Hall: General Chatter

    contact@nerdfitness.com is how to get their attention these days.