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  1. I seriously doubt that is enforceable as it is probably highly illegal. If she does leave all he can do is hire a lawyer to sue her for $7000 she doesn't have.
  2. Take care of yourself, I'm sorry about the bad news. I'm glad you referred yourself for therapy again, and I hope things get better fast.
  3. FWIW I would add a caveat that when the time to pack begins you can make packing the primary goal and working out a bonus goal.
  4. Pertinent to all the tea talk is the fact that I am trying my first cup of Jasmine Green tea while writing this update. It was the last box I opened of what I bought, and by far the most pleasant surprise. I like green tea, and am now realizing I've never had Jasmine. I get why Uncle Iroh was so passionate. The smell is like a pleasant flower filled lawn on a comfortable day, and the taste really comes through and accentuates the green tea flavor. This makes me excited to try some high end Jasmine Green. Today is a good day. I did one round of the NF KB workout. I didn't have fuel
  5. Honestly, leaving is going to be better for your mental health than staying long enough to use the insurance. There are other jobs.
  6. You must be exhausted after 10 pages. Today is a good day. I did some stretching, then got groceries. It was fun going to the store in person again. I made lunch, which was pork potroast with apples, onion, and gold potates in the crockpot. It was ok. I did some cleaning in the kitchen as well, then ran out of gas. I didn't want to push as I still had to come in to work. I finally had some of the Earl Grey I got the other day. It was underwhelming, and didn't have enough Bergamot for me. I had some of the Cranberry Blood orange here at work and that was very good.
  7. That's scary about the social security number. If you want, you can put a freeze on your credit by creating an account on the three credit reporting agencies (Free) and putting a freeze on your credit. You just have to remember to unfreeze them when you have anything to do with creating new accounts that require a credit check, the refreezing them after.
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