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  1. Shello's Back to Basics Food and Fitness Challenge

    I saw that asterisk and went looking for a euphemism. Also following.
  2. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    I'm not saying it's a goal, and I'm not saying it isn't. I'm just saying I'm on the L&D floor everyday I'm at work... I've wanted to do that more than once in my life.
  3. Moros Recovers from the Tiki Death Flu of 2018

    Could the Six Million Dollar Man bullseye womp-rats with a T-16 back home?
  4. Xena is a hot mess!

  5. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    If I'm not mistaken it's the same model he worked with when he served in the Austrian Army. He was..not a model soldier by his own admission. It's pretty much my standard routine. The summer won't start for her till week 3. I think that red headed kid is genuinely interested in the ferret.
  6. Hammi fights back

    Following along. Welcome back!
  7. Ye Olde Range Guilde Halle: General Chatter

    Unfortunately it's probably not. Brewer's Pride usually indicates it was a limited run.
  8. [Sylvaa] Judgement

    Here to be second to Sloth once again.
  9. Shello Gets Back to Life; Back to Reality

    I remember after my divorce I told mutual friends it was fine to invite both of us to a party. After the first party we both attended I told those same friends I was wrong and realized it then. The ex didn't try to cross any boundaries, it was simply after a couple months apart being in the same place made me realize I didn't want to be in the same place with her anymore.
  10. Xena is a hot mess!

    Following along again.
  11. [Sloth] Total Control Racing!

    Asking the important questions.
  12. » shaar commands the grancypher (or just lets rackam do it idek)

    *sits here idly wondering if mod powers can be abused to give myself the first post* Following innocently with no thought of abusing my powers over here thankyouverymuchnothingtoseemovealonggoawaynophotosplease.
  13. Ye Workeshoppe Ranger Guild Hall: General Chatter

    New Challenge Boards are up!
  14. This is Who I Am: Tanktimus Does Not Quit

    It really does. New challenge boards are up!
  15. Brogo Brings Home the Bacon

    Followholder. Gonna watch you succeed.