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    Starpuck learns to Reckless Attack [Barbarian Mode]

    Puck, your skill is really good. We mostly get to see character portraits and anime style from your tablet, and they are good. Your inks are VERY GOOD. "Overgrown" especially tells me you have been selling yourself short on your ability to do backgrounds. Also, the woodgrain on the snowglobe really draws my eye. The cigarettes from ash are perfect. The crumpled one FEELS crumpled; I can visualize someone stubbing out that particular cigarette. The crosshatch shading under the ashtray looks professional. I also see the potential to get even better. Please keep inking. You good at arting.
  2. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    There is no way your quads are that small.
  3. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Harriet's Even Better Programme

    One of the very good things about most Native Spanish speakers in the Americas is that if someone even tries Spanish they take it as a compliment and are grateful someone tried to speak their language.
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    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    So I'm using my Admin/Mod powers to write up this post early in the event Baby Tank also comes early. We are in the window where if the baby comes it's safe to do natural childbirth at the birthing center. The due date is the 8th of September the last day of the previous challenge and the beginning of zero week. Incidentally, if zero week starts early it's because I put the new forums up the day before I normally do in case the baby comes on time. When the baby comes I'll be taking off five weeks from work, so I can probably still post and be on here once we get settled back at home. Goals: Cooking: Do it. Workouts: at least 10. Stuff to do while not at work: Finish the baby room (she will be sleeping in the pack and play in our room for a couple of months at first so we have time) Get an eye exam and new glasses [contacted Optometrist to request exam] Fix the passenger door on my truck [Currently seeking estimates] Get tires on Truck Rotated and balanced Get Firewood for "winter" (Help a buddy chop down a tree and cut up the wood which we will share) Finish Hanging Decorations Obtain and hang curtains for the house Organize Garage and Shed
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    The Doodlies are at it again!

  6. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Illumination: The Protector Rises

    Honestly, I don't think pushy-old-man-elder is a murderer candidate. I think he's pushy, and cares more about getting to hang out with you than he does about boundaries. The only quibble I would have is the refusal of a ride. Don't beat yourself up, you learned a lesson and you're safe.
  7. Tanktimus the Encourager

    ElizeElvinFoxRyder - Elize Rydes into Spring

    Your MIL is probably panicked about you leaving the country, and worried she'll never get to see you, Brandt, or the boys again. So she is trying to convince you to stay the only way she knows how. She probably knows Brandt would shut her down if she tried to manipulate him like that, so she is trying to convince you so you'll convince him. She's seeing the country's situation through the lenses of wanting you to stay. Her brain therefore won't let her be honest with herself about the situation. Otherwise she'd have to admit emigration is the right choice and now we are back to her "losing" you. The attempts to help are probably her trying to make herself invaluable to you so that she can make a case that you can't live in NZ without her. In other words, this is not about her assessment of how well you are cleaning or taking care of your family. This is about her desperately trying to keep her son and his family in the country with her. She's only focused on how the move would affect her, and not honestly looking at whether or not it is best for the boys (and you and Brandt). Also, there may be the idea that she can't emigrate as easily as you, and she doesn't want to be left behind. It's very possible some part of her does know just how bad the situation is, but she won't admit it to herself. Denial is a powerful force.
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    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Speaking of, my first thought was WHERE IS THE MASK!? Another great show. I like how you managed to let Etsuko lose but retain the title, and I was really hoping for Cornell to be dethroned.
  9. Tanktimus the Encourager

    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    That meatloaf is indeed a thing of beauty. This is the formula we use when Little Bit has exhausted milk but is still hungry:
  10. Tanktimus the Encourager

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    I think it was a one-off. We did not. I did, however, upon realizing she slept through the night, did make sure she was still alive. It would certainly narrow it down You can have all the points you want. Wait, what? It certainly does. Yesterday was good. To help out at work I agreed to go in on Thursday instead of yesterday (I normally work M, Tu, Fri, Sat) so I got to stay at home. It was nice. For dinner I cooked some shrimp on a sheet pan in the oven with green beans, lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, garlic, and salt. I put it on top of some instant rice, then topped it with Feta. We took it easy. It was nice only having to go back to work for one day before getting a break.
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    \m/ ~ Hazard Rocks the Rangers ~ \m/

    For the two of you to understand each other I present the jacket swimsuit spectrum. Georgia needs jackets about as much as Minnesota needs swimsuits, and Minnesota needs swimsuits about as much as Georgia needs jackets. Well done Hazzard on fixing your head.
  12. Tanktimus the Encourager

    ✦ Adamantium Legend ✦ ... not another cyborg story...

    I totally cast resurrection.
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    The Doodlies are at it again!

    It's a cousin to smutty.
  14. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Raptron Ramps Up

    Well done on the meet!
  15. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

    That lack of self awareness also means anything you try to tell them will have no more effect than waiting for them to work it out for themselves.
  16. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Darkfoxx 60: New Home, Who Dis?

    Now you have to pee on him to reestablish yourself in the pecking order.
  17. Tanktimus the Encourager

    I, Cog - Jarric Goes to the World Championships

    Well done on the races! Where in the USA are you going.
  18. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Another great show! Akumas return was a great twist.
  19. Tanktimus the Encourager

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    True. The baby is healthy! I think it's meatloaf but I don't get the reference. Yesterday was good. Went back to work which was fine. I came home and cooked. I made some rice, than baked broccoli florets and grape tomatoes at 425 for 15 minutes. Before putting them in I seasoned them with salt, pepper, sesame oil, and rice vinegar. I cooked chicken thighs in sesame oil with salt, pepper, and rice vinegar. I made a sauce with orange marmalade, soy sauce, minced garlic, fresh chopped mint, and olive oil. I started adding it to the chicken as it cooked. I eventually put most of it in and added some dissolved corn starch to thicken it. It all went together in a bowl. There were no leftovers. Also, Little Bit slept through the night! She ate almost without stopping in the evening, I guess she got enough to sleep through.
  20. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Mad Hatter retreats

    Can you PM me a link to the garbage bin you mentioned?
  21. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Miss Marissa doing fall things

    Man, I wish that were true for me. I have to wear slacks, a shirt and a tie for work.
  22. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    One that isn't religious at all is John Grey's What Your Mother Couldn't Tell You and Your Father Didn't Know. It's lengthy, but helpful. Another one is Love and Respect. This one is explicitly Christian, but I think it's accessible for people of all Faiths. They quote the Bible a lot, but aren't trying to convert anyone. The short version is Men typically give and crave respect, whereas Women typically give and crave love. As a disclaimer, this isn't about gender roles or "Who should be in charge" but rather helpful tips on how best to communicate; when men feel respected they feel more free to show love and when women feel loved they feel more free to show respect.
  23. Tanktimus the Encourager

    The Dadjoke Awakens: Tanktimus Becomes a Parent

    Thank you! She is suuuuuper cute. Sunday was a good day. I served at church, and made dinner. I roasted a pre-seasoned pork tenderloin, steamed some green beans, and made mashed sweet potatoes. I started with canned sweet potatoes so I only had to warm them up, then I drained them. After that I added milk, butter, honey, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. So today I'm back at work. Let's look at the list of things I wanted to do by now. Grade:
  24. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Jungle Queen in Training, Part 1: DJ Trippy T

  25. Tanktimus the Encourager

    Sylvaa is Succinct

    I hope things work out. Regarding you and your husband, I can offer some books that might help the two of you help yourselves. Please remind me of what, if any, religious leanings you have so I can recommend appropriately (if you are interested), since many of the resources I know are Christian based.