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  1. I don't know what happened there. I was going to say something about a hard boiled egg in the absence of cake, but couldn't remember if that was part of the demands they made or not. I had to stop and get offline, and must have hit post when trying to delete the quote. Now as I have time to look it up the demands made on the 25th of may were: Justice! Freedom! Reasonably Priced Love! And a Hard-Boiled Egg!"
  2. Today is a good day. Got a good KB workout in, it felt good afterward. No cooking today.
  3. Some things are worth paying for. If I could afford to retrofit my home for gas I'd do it yesterday.
  4. Good to know my mistake was at least intuitive. In my defense, there is a tag which states "Don't come here hungry." Your oven is much smarter than mine. Today is a good day. Woke up with the beginnings of a migraine, so no fitnessing in the morning before work. Fortunately, zolmitripan and Naproxen sodium beat it into submission before work really got going. I did get extra steps at work intentionally to kinda make up for missing a fitness session. Dinner was disappointing. I made this recipe, but it really should have been baked rather than made in the crockpot. It did not look like the picture, but was kind of sad. It tasted ok but not good. I will be deleting it from my bookmarked sites.
  5. I thought that was the goal, so that you could dip the meat in the butter after cutting off a piece. I knew the moisture wasn't going to sink back into the meat, I just had it in my head evaporation would happen faster because the relative humidity would be lower due to the air currents. After seeing your response and watching myself type what I did just now, I see the error.
  6. Good to know if I ever get a full sized convection oven It really is. I have room in my heart for all potato related awesomeness. This is the way. I love butter on a good steak too.
  7. Sometimes the good is simply a friend validating your emotions. It's normal to feel the way you feel in the midst of your not-normal circumstances. Your brain is braining the way it's supposed to and your feels are feeling the way they are supposed to, it's just not fun to feel what you feel. Let the light in me shine on you for a while.
  8. I just googled them, I think it was 375-400 degress for tenish minutes. I believe you, of course, about preventing dryness, but when I was looking stuff up I saw cautions about the convection ovens causing dryness due to the air circulating the humidity away. Butter is it's own reason. Why did children of the fifties do this to children of the 70s and 80s? It was WRONG. Today is a good day. I did some stretches that felt very good, took it easy, and got groceries. Dinner was amazing. If you recall, I recently found some frozen chicken nuggets that are the holy grail of frozen chicken nuggets when prepared in the air fryer. HEB also makes frozen chicken filets the same way. I made the chicken filets in the air fryer, and put them on a baking sheet in a 200 degree oven to stay warm. I next made chicken nuggets in two batches, keeping them warm the same way. I also made some curly fries in the air fryer. During that process I put cheddar on the filets. I also buttered some hamburger buns and toasted them on a flat pan. I put the filets on the bun with lettuce, tomato, and pickles, with nuggets and curly fries on the side. Oh. My. That. Was. So. Good. There was mochi for dessert. Mochi is an excellent way to deliver ice cream to a two-year-old.
  9. It most certainly is a huge thing. You are being given an extra job without any support or extra pay, you are getting responsibility without authority, you are being shut out of meetings, AND you get gut punched with sexism on top of everything else. It damn well is A Big Thing. The monthly issue may intensify feelings, but it doesn't generate them. Your feelings are valid any day of the month.
  10. It also does great with frozen veggies. See below Today is a good day. I did a KB workout, despite feeling sluggish. It gave me endorphins, and I had some very slight muscle fatigue, but the blahs went away. I watched some Queer Eye in Japan (there is a German version on Netflix that has a German Fab 5, I do recommend it). I did a deep clean of part of the main bathroom (the toilet itself, both the bowl and the surface, the whole floor, and some surfaces in the toilet area). I then got tired cause I put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning, as it had been longer than I cared to admit. It does look amazing though. Dinner was very good. I made rice. I also tossed some frozen stir-fry veggies with a bit of sesame oil and a bit of coconut-aminos Teriyaki sauce, then cooked them in the air fryer. They came out amazing. I cooked some chopped chicken thighs, diced red onion, ginger paste, garlic powder, and pineapple tidbits in the same coconut-aminos Teriyaki sauce. I served the rice, then put the veggies on one side and the chicken on the other (for show, we mixed it all together in the bowls once we started eating).
  11. I have pictures of Sir Humphrey telling Jim Hacker he's forming a committee, with all due diligence, to do a feasibility study, with due reverence for procedure, of forming, as it were, a task group to, without putting to fine a point on it, study why, what with one thing and another, it takes so long to get new hires, that is to say persons soon to be employed, onboarded.
  12. Canned ham is not ok in this house. My dad grew up asking-the-neighbors-for-groceries poor. To this day the only things he won't eat are bologna and potted meat, which is a cousin to canned ham. The air fryer is special because it's a convection oven, which is different from a regular oven (just to make things confusing, regular ovens are often called conventional ovens because isn't it fun to make the two words sound similar?). And in looking up info to answer you accurately, there are apparently subtle differences between an air fryer and a convection oven as well, though I wonder if some of the differences are merely semantic. Also, forgive me if I'm telling you anything you already know. Air Fryer vs. Convection oven Convection oven vs. Conventional oven
  13. You're not flaking. You're thinking about your options and being realistic about the perils of a long commute when working nights. Considering other options is always ok. It's not wrong to consider other possibilities, nor is it a lack of consistency to continually assess whether your current conditions work for you or not. I suspect the same trauma that made you feel you have to walk on eggshells also made you feel like any deviation from expectations, or even considering something different, is a problem.
  14. A great platform for such a hangout is the NF Forums discord. Just click the link up in the gray bar.
  15. Forgive me for seeming tautological, but the thing you need to work toward is realizing you don't have to have a thing to work toward. Allowing yourself to be tired instead of trying to do things is the first step. Doing things doesn't help you feel better, it just numbs the parts that feel bad.
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