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  1. Fun Fact, Possum Kingdom is a lake in North Central Texas and the lake referred to in the song, hence the title. Today is a much better day than yesterday. I must have got some good sleep, because I was in a good mood most of the day, despite the baby's fussiness. Did some mobility stretches for movement. I made potato, bacon and egg breakfast tacos for dinner.
  2. I hope this meh is of short duration.
  3. Especially when it's this noticeable. To me sleepy means I'm yawning and could fall sleep very quickly, even struggling to stay awake. Tired is a feeling of low energy, low motivation, but I'm fully awake and would take forever to fall asleep. They can overlap of course but are independent variables.
  4. Thanks friend. I know what you mean, and I appreciate it. Imagining it feels good. You are right of course. Some of it may have been fatigue. The baby slept till about 7:45 and so did we (minus Sra. Tanque having to get up in the middle of the night to feed her). That's like people without kids sleeping till noon. I feel well rested and emotionally better today.
  5. First world problems: The store was out of boneless skinless chicken thighs so the subbed in bone in skin on thighs.
  6. I'm like an inverse hipster. I often discover bands after they've broken up/retired/are still on tour with like one original member and are barely above a coverband. The only time I really got into music as it was coming out was in the 90s when I listened to grunge/alternative. I don't really see live music so I never hear any up and comers. I don't know that I know any bands no one has heard of. Seriously, I'm coming up blank here.
  7. Green Day (Their early stuff) was another favorite of mine. I wanted the Album Dookie, but that was in my mom's...less fun days. She got me Insomniac instead. It's been a long day. KBs like on Monday. Ordered groceries, gonna pick them up in a few minutes. Balanced my bank account. Takeout for lunch and dinner. I was frustrated and grumpy all day and I'm not sure why. Sra. Tanque has been understanding and supportive (and I suspect feels bad she can't help more) and I've talked about it as much as I understand what's going on. I haven't wanted to do anything, haven't had much energy, and have been low key angry most of the day.
  8. It really is. Often they are from recipes, I have a service that emails me recipes and a grocery list once a week. Most of what I cook is off of that, though there is often some improvisation from what's written.
  9. FWIW the ortho people are gonna love you. They deal with a lot of geriatric cases and people who generally don't work out, so getting to work with someone healthy who is likely to stick with rehab after the fact will be a treat for them.
  10. My supervisor went there when it was the Denver Bible Institute.
  11. I've done stuff in the oven too (I don't have a smoker). That rub sounds awesome! Small charcoal grills can be used for smoking:
  12. Nah, I've met you and launched you into a lake more than once. You would have shorted out in the water if you were a bot.
  13. It was really nice not having to cook. I'm sure they do frown on it. I used to work for the frowners in fact. It made me smile Before I knew how much I loved LZ Goo Goo Dolls were very important. I may very well post every song from A Boy Named Goo that has a video. Today is a good day. I did NF Yoga Mini Mobility sessions before work (Posture, squats, touch your toes, and wrists) and I worked up a very minor sweat and felt better afterward. Work was fine. I came home and cooked. I cooked some chopped chicken thighs in olive oil for a bit, then slowly throughout the process of cooking added a mixture I made that included: 2 more tbsp of olive oil, the zest of three limes, the juice of said three limes, salt, garlic powder and 2 tbsp maple syrup. The sauce reduced during cooking, and it came out tasting amazing. But Wait: There's More! For the side I cooked some frozen corn and frozen onion and bell peppers in oil. I drained the juice, then let the corn brown a little. Then I added a can of drained and rinsed black beans. When that was hot, I added a generous amount of smoked paprika, some lime juice, and some mayo. I stirred and served it, topping it with crumbled cotija cheese (it's from Mexico). That was also incredible. They were even better together. Little bit ate a lot of what we put on her tray, so it was a hit all around.
  14. I agree, data is data. You still have to interpret it though. Let go of the modernist myth of objectivity and admit to yourself the best you can do is mitigate your bias.
  15. Karl Popper, a philosopher of science, was always quick to point out that even in the hard sciences, data has to be interpreted by humans. Scientists can argue about the interpretation of data in the exact same way biblical scholars can argue over minutia in the Bible.