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  1. It really does good to let it go. Just doing the clothes and the books was a freeing process. One would have hoped that would have been the case for us, but we hired movers and have always had plenty of storage so... Our box was labeled "Papers to sort." Today is a good day. I'm working this evening, and normally have Wednesdays off, so I've been a bit thrown off. We got groceries in the morning, and I did cook. I at least did some OHP reps on my meal break at the gym here. That's for sure better than noting. Lunch was pork chops with roasted butternut squash and shaved brussels sprouts. The sprouts had onion and bacon in them.
  2. Give him an invoice for helping him in the amount of $63.51.
  3. That drink rig between the seats make it look like one integrated unit, all connected together. Really well done.
  4. Remember that depression completely obliterates our ability to measure ourselves properly. You are doing way better than you think you are. I'd suggest you can also play better than you think you can as well.
  5. The problem is not putting things through the shredder. It's taking out the stuff that needs to be shredded from stuff that doesn't. As much stuff as we have, we really have to separate it because it would really make a difference on price. Like Elastigirl said, I think if we do it the hard way it will help us not get back into this situation. Some of the stuff we are going through is older than our relationship. I think of it as sausage and peppers too, but I REALLY hate watered down pasta sauce.
  6. Welcome to the rebellion! Steve wrote a really good blog post about motivation. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/motivation-youre-doing-it-wrong/
  7. The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not touched by the frost.
  8. Butternut squash is the perfect addition to roasted parsnips and sweet potatoes. My mom asks for it at every holiday gathering. I add some olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and thyme before roasting.
  9. Covid did supercharge your depression. It stinks and it's not fair. I'm sorry. As for your students, I'll tell you what I tell new nurses after theyose their first patient. It's not your job to save their life, it's your job to give good medical care. Or to quote captain Picard, It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness, that is life.
  10. Even Vulcan Toddlers are illogical. They are indeed. I can never get sausage and peppers to come out right in the crock pot. It always waters down the pasta sauce. Today is a good day. Did the leg part of the KB workout. Got a haircut, then we did the paper step of the Kon Mari method. I should say started it, cause it's gonna take a while. We have a lot to shred, and to save the shredder we have to open a lot of envelopes so we only shred stuff with our info on it. It's slow going. We actually got rain for the first time in a long time, that was good. Dinner was pizza (I was tired).
  11. Barbecue Texas History Breakfast Tacos Theology (multiple topics) Bible (multiple topics) Light Saber Combat forms Star Trek (warp engines, Federation History, the Starships Enterprise)
  12. I'll just point out the anxiety depression episode happened the day after meeting with HR about going back to work. I don't say that to mean you shouldn't go back, just to normalize a perfectly understandable reaction to the circumstances.
  13. We are all hoping for less spin more ground movement.
  14. I know it's not my place to speak for Deffy, but I will hazard a guess she probably won't mind curry talk in her thread.
  15. The filter is awesome, but I got distracted by the shelving.
  16. The like is for the neighbor, the grandfather merits an angry react for his attitude.
  17. Toddler's are not logical. Today is a good day. My breathing was somewhat better, and about the time the front (a pretty weak one) came through it got more better. I did manage to do the arm part of the KB workout, and make lunch. Little Bit got a LOT of attention and ate really well throughout the morning, which meant when we put her down for a nap she actually slept, and was still asleep when I left for work. I hope that means she's less tantrum-prone tonight when Sra. Tanque has her all to herself. Lunch was incredible. I cooked some sausage I had cut from links into circles, setting them aside when they were browned. Into the skillet (which still had what cooked off of the sausage) I put a sliced onion, and a red, yellow, and green bell pepper. I also added salt, pepper, Italian Seasoning, and red wine vinegar. When it was almost done I added some garlic to cook. When that was done I added some pasta sauce and tri-color penne pasta I had cooked. I stirred, then added some grated Parmesan and melted it into the mixture. When I served it I topped it with more of the same parmesan. It was a triumph.
  18. You were wise to un-internet and stop peopling when you needed to.
  19. Sometimes I watch Jacque Pepin cooking shows just to hear his voice. Thanks. I will keep everyone updated on the trials of potty training. I like that. The first one who baby sits when he gets back to the barracks will be telling a story and say something like, "and the voice calming trick totally works on a tantrumming toddler." Today is a good day. I had to work during church time again, but it is what it is. The weather is supposed to change tomorrow, (From what we consider hot to what people North of Virginia consider hot) and bring some rain with it, and my asthma is bothering me today, as it sometimes will before a weather change (it will either be in the lungs or the sinuses). I'm short of breath some today. Dinner was good. I made some chicken thighs (chopped) with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian Seasoning, and balsamic glaze. With it I made a Caprese mix, with five chopped roma tomatoes, two packages of mozarella pearls, chopped fresh basil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. We also had a salad mix. It was very good. We did have a meltdown between dinner and bedtime, but that is simply due to a lack of nap.
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