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  1. You're not the only one who tripped up on black Friday, I did so myself, the trick is not to let go of the rest of the challenge.
  2. Many of us American nerds didn't get much accomplished last week either because of the holiday, you're in good company and have a way better reason than most of us.
  3. Welcome aboard, its nice to have a diversity of experiences on the boards, it leads to multiple viewpoints.
  4. Weight can be decieving, especially as you build muscle. Because muscle is more dense than fat building it can result in weight gain even if fat is lost. Eat what you need, work out, and let the scale take care of itself. Measurements are a better way to track fitness success than the scale. Good luck. And a suggested point distribution for the goals, Goal 1 STR+3 if fully attained, Goal 2 +4 STa if fully attained, Goal 3 +4Con if fully attianed, Goal 4 +3Wis if you get it.
  5. Those are good goals. How do you plan on getting there? Welcome to the rebellion.
  6. I echo Hiraedd, when I get headache nausea I'm down for the count, way to muscle through!
  7. Good job, finish Strong and get a running jump into next year.
  8. That's great on the pushups. Get back into the groove for the pullups and you'll end up fine.
  9. As for books to read, you should try some Tolkein.
  10. Good job on the DL's. I've had to abandon a couple of research topics myself in my time, better to figure it out two weeks out than the day before.
  11. To echo Hiraedd, the why of getting healthy is as important as the what (Goals). Then the how can follow.
  12. Welcome wise sage to the campfire that is NF! We're glad to welcome all rebels, and honored you chose us.
  13. I wouldn't worry about the future just yet, make the beginners workout your own, then move on. Some people try to do too much too fast and burn out. Slow and steady wins the race. Welcome aboard!
  14. If we were experts this would be Jockfitness.com. Welcome to the rebellion.
  15. Starting small is an important part of fitness, it's better to take baby steps at first, the key is consistency, not so much where we start.
  16. Welcome, you seem to have the answer to life, the universe, and everything, it sounds like you're figuring out the questions as well. This a great place to be when getting healthier.
  17. Welcome to the rebellion. Congrats on climbing out of the bottle and away from the fast food window. We are here to help, don't hesitate to ask.
  18. I eat my boredom as well. Keeping healthy food in the house is a good first step, as well as starting to work out. Try tracking your calories. There are a lot of good programs for that out there.
  19. Welcome back, we are a supportive group and will be glad to help!
  20. Okay, so Thanksgiving could have been better. I did my strength routine on Wednesday, that went well. I even ran Thanksgiving morning, so that was good too, stretched both times. I kept my shoes organized as well. Thanksgiving day I ate what I wanted and my weight went up from 278 to 282, but I planned for that, so that wasn't too bad. What is not so good is I didn't work out on Friday, I did manange to drop back down to 281.4 for Saturday and Sunday, but this morning I'm back up to 282 cause I totally pigged out on Sunday. I did enter all my calories from the long weekend (Even thanksgiving day) so that's a goal accomplished. Now I'm going to get back on top of things and shake off this weekend. Planning on eating lean and mostly low carb for most of the week and getting all my workouts in. Goal Update Shoes 14/14 Stretch 8/9 Calorie Tracking 14/14 Running, still increasing, pretty sure I'll get to 80% of two miles being run.
  21. Woot to you on first pull up, I'm a long way from there, now its time to do two!
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