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  1. I'm doing the same thing(-ish): ran the Color Run last year and haven't really run since. I'm doing it again on May 24th and hopefully I'll stick with it this time, but in the meantime I'll be doing C25K. I use the Active app, but there are a few good ones. On that same note, one of my friends is coercing me into the Warrior Dash this summer... lol! Not so much a 5K as an obstacle course, but man, if I don't start moving now I won't be in any shape to even try it come July.
  2. I love this idea, Eilyd. The C25K stuff is wearing on me and I think I need to change it up a bit! What I did was try to do too much. What I didn't do was enough. lol Really though, I DID start off well and I DID keep up with what I was trying to do, for the first... couple of weeks. I got all tangled up in Life and managed not to post here for a while, then avoided posting because I hadn't posted, and so on. This time around, I'm looking for simpler goals so that I can feel like I don't have to log every single thing I do - before, I was trying to keep track of like 80 different things (or at least 6), and this time I'm focusing specifically upon "get your ass up and do something". I think it'll help.
  3. ..well, she still is, kinda. Here's where things get confuzzling: how does one define "n00b" in terms of fitness acumen? If one understands the basic concepts of fitness and nutrition, is terrible at keeping logs of things fitness-y, wears appropriate fitness gearz when exercising, can define the difference between "strength training" and "endurance training", and is kinda sorta like in a way starting to feel better about oneself, is that a step above n00bness? I say... Yes. (Despite the terrible logging.) My challenge last time didn't end as hoped, partially because I realized I was trying to do too much. I got overwhelmed and reverted to making excuses, and then I got underwhelmed and starting ignoring my goals. However, I progressed somewhat on my running ability and did well with the packing/moving/finance goals I set for myself, so I'm proud of that. This challenge asked us to write down what we're fighting for and take a picture. I did. This might seem overly dramatic, but given recent events for me, it's appropriate. A friend who was in his 40s died suddenly of unknown causes--presumably heart failure--in his sleep just a week and a half ago. He was overweight, had bad cholesterol, smoked, drank, and ate like there was going to be a famine. I can't let myself get there. He was the sweetest and nicest person anyone had ever met, a pinnacle of the local music community, a local shop owner, and a local legend of sorts, and we were all shocked and hurt deeply by his passing. In less recent events, my grandmother passed on at a fairly young age of 78 just a few years back, and we were not at all shocked by that. Why? She was overweight, had poorly managed diabetes (Type 2), hadn't left her bed for years, and struggled to breathe. Her passing was almost a blessing. I got lucky in that the diabetes didn't hit me despite my family's predisposition towards it. My sister had gestational diabetes and I've got historically low blood sugar, but there's no Type 2 in our generation. The rest of my family (women especially) are prone to weight problems, and my dad's side is prone to heart issues, so I have even more to worry about. Now that I'm in my mid-30s I'm beginning to understand the need for me to take more serious preventative action, and so, I'm fighting for my life. My Main Quest To get out of the "overweight" zone and transition from a sedentary to more active lifestyle, one where it doesn't feel like a chore to get up and move, but something natural. My Smaller Quests Eliminate energy drinks. Period. -- +3 CON +1 WIS Pick up running again, either outdoor or in a gym, at least 3x/week for 45min/session. -- +3 STA Yoga 3x/week. I have the mat and videos. Just need the willpower. -- +3 STR +2 STAMy "Life" Side Quest I need to get in touch with a tax accountant to discuss my needs - since we bought a new house, are engaged, etc. and I have lots of other things like working from home which I don't know how to deduct, I'm finding myself sorely in need of someone who can help manage these things for the coming tax year. -- +3 WIS Wish me luck~!
  4. Tell me about it!! Don't get me wrong; the place I'm moving to is SUPER CUTE. And a great "first house," and who knows how long we'll be there. (I put "first house" in quotes since this isn't actually the first house I've lived in with someone - it's just the first I've had my name on.) Aaaanywho, I sadly report a very failed weekend in terms of running... however, I happily report a VERY productive weekend in terms of packing, lifting, and moving items, as well as cleaning, settling accounts, and making headway on the relocation! woooo! I can honestly say I think I did more strength training in those two days than I imagined I could. Also, this morning was god-awful in terms of mugginess and stickyblahness, so I failed to run today as well. Blah. That said, my shorts and sneakers are ready for me to finish work today and get out there this evening. For anyone following who's doing yoga: I'd love to get your input on routines, as the last couple of times I've done mine I've ended up nearly falling asleep. I don't know if it's that I'm expending my energy too fast in the beginning or whether I'm just in a meditative-enough state to drift off. If anyone's interested, I'm doing YogaZone beginner stuff. Danke!
  5. A big thank-you to fearlesscreek and Phoenix Burning for the assists... I've actually figured out how to jog/run "correctly" (or at least, I'm getting there, but I know what I was doing wrong)! I'm aiming to land on the ball of my foot instead of heel, which feels very odd but I know feels *better* as well, and I'm pacing my breath much better. I'm also playing with my schedule to see what works best for me (early morning or evening). I very much appreciate the help!!
  6. Thank you Scoutbuddies and non-Scoutbuddies! Yes, moving into a house is a big thing, since this is the first house I'll be helping to finance... I actually lived in a house with my ex for several years, but it was in his name alone. My fiancé and I have been in a 2-bedroom apartment (which is actually IN a house) for almost 2 years, and decided it was time to get something more permanent where we were building equity. Believe me when I say this is simultaneously a smart idea and a stupid one, since I'm so much more the type who likes to get up and go places and flitter around with my shiny shiny wings rather than settling down. However, I also love having a place to call "mine", which a house will certainly be. The house itself was a bit of a compromise: I was aiming for a '30s style Victorian or colonial with all the architectural detailing, he wanted something less than 50 years old; I was hoping for something closer to city living where he's a suburbanite by design; however, I wanted enough of a yard to have a garden, which is hard to come by in the city... so we ended up buying a 48-year-old house in a close suburb (~15 minutes' drive to fun things) with a yard and a nice big kitchen and great office space - I work from home, so this was necessary. I didn't get my architecture, but I got a deck and a finished basement and attached garage. Hey, that works, right? I also know what it's like to live in a bustling city (which mine is not, but I've spent summers in London and NYC), and while I personally love the commotion I also did miss the ME space. I think I really do need my own TARDIS; this would solve all my problems at once. lol anyway, *shakes fist at jackhammers* construction is all done. fearlesscreek, I am totally in agreement with you about exercising in the evening, but my schedule and my fiancé's schedule almost makes that impossible! It's morning and/or midafternoon for me (and I've NEVER been a morning person). Today: - lunchtime yoga! I got my flexy pants on and I'm rollin' out the mat. - afternoon ... something. - packing more boxes, more boxes, more boxes... - dinner date with my brother! (my brother is awesomely awesome.) I shall strive to eat well and only have one beer. Go forth and conquer, mes amis.
  7. I'm horrible about sugar in that I really don't feel like I ever need it, but then eat a cookie and want more. The sugar article is dead-on. I *do* feel that I need caffeine at least once a day, which usually ends up being twice, and normally ends up being WITH sugar - so that's what I'm working hardest on eliminating (energy drinks or sugar in my coffee). I don't really want to give up honey in my herbal tea, though. As for the comment you made about my music earlier: I'm not really working on anything right now, but I ALWAYS have music in my head! lol. Here's something I recently wrote in another forum about meditation/centering while having music in my head: Long story short, if you use or hear music in your head, just let it be - and always try to select something that's more calming!
  8. Well, I'd planned on going out this morning, but plans were sadly foiled by a water main bursting in the middle of the night all of 50 feet from our place. This prompted a construction crew with jackhammers and flashy lights to begin drilling at about 12:15am and not cease work until... 12 hours later. I was and am still exhausted from lack of sleep. That said, I have a lot of stuff to get through today, including a major network issue I have no clue how to fix (I'm not a network admin, just the closest thing my dearest aunt has to one, and I need to help her after I get off work). Feeling like I need some caffeine or a kick in the rear or a yank up out of this chair by my wings. zZzzZzz.
  9. WOW - this is all amazing advice! Thank you Phoenix!! I admit I had no idea what type of form I should be using, so the next time I'm out I'll be actually concentrating on both the midfoot/hips placement and on making sure I'm keeping in time with my music. I'll post again after I've gone through this. And yes, your plan is about dead on with mine (3 days/30 min/week 3). I got a nice offer for advice and accountability on my Scouts post, but I'd love to have someone keeping "in time" with me as well! Fantastic stuff.
  10. BAM! Got a Scout friend! fearlesscreek has offered to help keep me up on my running, and I him. Go us with our awesomeness. EDIT: I may actually have two Scoutfriends... how great is that? Phoenix Burning also posted back to my Rangers challenge with some awesome tips, which I plan to implement within the next 24 hours.
  11. That's great, fearless - I did my first 5K in May as well! Maybe you can get me learning German again, too... lol. It's been a while. I'd like to send you a friend request. I'm trying to run 3-4 times a week also and could use the encouragement. Danke!
  12. Note 1: mortgage companies can kiss my sparkly fairy tuckus. Note 2: I think we're finally ready to close. Note 3: my office looks WAY BIGGER after packing! And now on to today's... PROGRESS REPORT! Goal 1 (Run): I ran W2D2. Again. I got a better pace! Trying hard, very hard, to move along with it, but I'm also experiencing a bunch of *why am I up this early?*-ness. Alas. Goal 2 (Remember): Keeping up with the logging. Interestingly, even though I was a beta tester for the new MFP Android release, and it's now officially out, I haven't been using it. Found that I'm logging stuff more on SparkPeople throughout the day as I sit here working. I'm not sure why... maybe it's because I don't have a "community" on MFP any longer (I left, deleted account, came back and restarted) and I liked that aspect, but the reason I left in the first place was actually that I found that aspect distracting. I am a confused bunny. Goal 3 (Wibbly Wobbly): Taking today off from bodyweight, but I've been proud of what I'm doing. I don't know that I'll get the BF% down in 26 days, but at least it feels good. Goal 4 (Mad Woman): Part 1: last night I carried a TON of stuff around, and doing more today as we continue to pack boxes! Part 2: see introductory notes. I think we're finally finished with paperwork, so now I'm on to setting up the services we haven't yet sorted out. Also posted in Scouts looking for a buddy for this week's Mini-Challenge, so hopefully I get a taker to help with running!
  13. Excellent! Posted in Scouts for a running buddy... http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/31668-a-whovi-ranger-attempts-to-tiptoe-in-to-the-scouts-guild/
  14. SCOUTS! *well, that negated the purpose of the tiptoe, yeah?* *ahem* Helloooo and greetings from a flittery sparklicious time-traveling Ranger. I have crashed your awesome scouty party for a very particular reason: this week, our Rangers Mini-Challenge is to locate an out-of-Guild buddy! This buddy should be one who can help us to achieve a goal in our personal Challenge, and since my #1 this time around is completing C25K (or at least running it 3x/week minimum), I figure, who better to ask for help than someone who... you know... runs? That means YOU! Are you a beginner C25Ker or someone who's completed it and is doing it again? If not, are you someone who could encourage someone else to get through the program?Are a you a semi-new runner, or willing to help someone who is?Are you awesome? (Of course you are, you're here!)Are you willing to "buddy up" with a Ranger?If you answered "YES" to the majority of these questions, I'd love to hook up! Check my challenge (in the sig below). Give me a shout, post here, PM, or just wave your arms frantically while hopping up and down if within a 2-block radius. xox and Allons-y, my lovely scouty friends.
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