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  1. Screeeeee. I wrote the dates down wrong for the next (current) challenge. Brain damage can prove very inconvenient at times... Ha. Am gonna go join it (late)
  2. Oh, it did -- completely -- but temporarily. I have to walk w/ a cane for now -- but thankfully there's tons of fitness things to be done, w/o having to walk quickly (and w/o any particular need to remember what the current year is). I'm working now on conjuring up goals for the next challenge which will hopefully accelerate recovery.
  3. This October will be 2 years since I blew my brains out in public -- not on purpose, now. I was on my way to work, on a Monday morning, when with no warning -- an aneurysm ruptured. Luckily for me, I work at a major medical center, and was already on campus when the thing burst. Since a nearby nurse acted quickly to get me into the ER, 2 blocks away -- I’m in an exclusive group -- only 1% of us, survive. I’ve made a near-miraculous recovery in that I’ve been able to return to work, in the same job. One of my recurring issues is a short-term memory loss. So, it has taken me this long to finally remember ... I used to be part of an exciting rebellion. And I will be again -- intending to join up, in the next exciting challenge!
  4. The fox went out feeling mousy and meek; she prayed that her old bones wouldn’t creak; for she had 15 miles to walk in a week, and she would rather sit down-o. Down-o, down-o!! She had 90 miles to walk in 6 weeks..... and she would rather sit down-o. Overall Challenge Grade = C+. But what cares I for grades? I walked 66 miles in 6 weeks that I most certainly would not have walked without this challenge. Review: Reason to be here: I must get physically stronger to benefit my Mom with her illness (and myself, whether or not I also become ill). 2 successful Level-Ups: Stretching and push-ups. These 2 things have become routine. 1 major benefit: Completely unexpectedly, I cured my own long-standing shoulder pain through stretching . 1 interesting development: Also unexpectedly, my husband volunteered, last night, to stop dragging crapfood into the house !!!!--I guess it’s OK that he waited til the end of the 6th week. 1 minor satisfaction: Devised a flowchart for papers as they move through the house. Attributes Earned: Level 3 Attributes were: STR+4 / DEX+5 / STA+3 / CON+2 / WIS+7 / CHA+2 Attributes Earned in this Challenge: STR+2 / DEX+2 / STA+1.75 / CON+2.25 / WIS+3 / CHA+3 Level 4 Attributes (rounding since I dislike fractions) will be: STR +6 / DEX +7 / STA +5 / CON +4 / WIS +10 / CHA +5 Attribute Math: Pushups=Grade B =75%. So attributes earned are STR+1.5 , STA+0.75 , and CON+0.75 (out of possible assigned attributes of STR+2, STA+1, CON+1). Miles=Grade C=50%. STR+0.5, STA+1, and CON+0.5 (out of possible STR+1, STA+2, CON+1). Stretch=Grade A=100%. So full attributes points were earned: DEX+2, CON+1, WIS+1, CHA+1. Filing=Grade A=100%. WIS+1, CHA+1. Yoga Book mini-challenge=completed. WIS+1. Pretty Pony mini-challenge=completed. CHA+1.
  5. Grades for Week 6 (Sept 2-8): Goal 1: Shaky Push-Ups: Grade = A. A few minutes of shaking & sweating, buys you an entire day of righteousness ! Goal 2: Make Tracks (15 mi/wk): Grade = D (6/15 miles). Will recycle this goal (from the trash can where I kicked it, every time the job got pushy). Goal 3: Take frequent stretch breaks: Grade = A. It feels good when I do it (and bad when I don’t). Life Quest: Papers - 2 hrs/week (avg): A. Squeezed in 6 hours this week. “As God is my witness -- I’ll never be [backlogged] again!†Diet/Fitness Side Quest: Conspiracy Theory: Grade = F. I do not give up. I will succeed in defaulting to “I don’t eat that†even under stress/duress. Final Grade Averages: Pushups = B (CACCAA. 2+4+2+2+4+4= 18 / 6 = 3.0). Miles = C (CADBAD. 2+4+1+3+4+1= 15 / 6 = 2.5). Stretch = A (AAAAAA. 4+4+4+4+4+4= 24 / 6 = 4.0). Filing = A (total 12 hrs filing, pass/fail). Eating = D (AFBBFF. 4+0+3+3+0+0 = 10/6=1.67). I think that's an overall Challenge Grade of C+ but I think I still did more than I would have done before!
  6. @GoodDoug -- thanks for pointing that out (duh on me for focusing on the lower grades) and for the encouragement. Let me see, on the home stretch, what I can still pull out of my... hat.
  7. Making sure you kids caught Rebel Leader Steve's challenge in his blog http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/09/03/the-30-day-hard-hat-challenge/#more-19930 I WANT THAT HARD HAT
  8. Oh, I think I'm gonna make it. Completed Pinky Pie so only one pony loeft -- now it's time to be fast, or brave, or both.
  9. Does anybody know of any obscure pose where you stand with your back against the wall? This is a long shot, kind of off the wall (ha) but I've googled about it in vain so far. During warmup at very first yoga class I took 20+ years ago, the instructor had us stand against the wall and do movements which seemed simple, but I could feel the stretch. One movement (I doubt it's an entire asana but might be part of one?) was to press your body backwards into the wall -- like flatten the palm against the wall, then flatten your entire arm -- eliminating that natural hollow at the wrist.
  10. Grades for Week 5 (August 25-Sept 1) Goal 1: Shaky Push-Ups: Grade = A. 3/3 sessions. 25/60 shaky. Goal 2: Make Tracks (15 mi/wk): Grade = A. One upside to the 100-degree heat index: drove me indoors to get reacquainted with the neglected treadmill. Goal 3: Take frequent stretch breaks: Grade = A. Life Quest: Papers - 2 hrs/week: Incomplete -- uh-oh. Now I have to file for 6 hours in the home stretch but thankfully we're anticipating a quiet week at home. Diet/Fitness Side Quest: Conspiracy Theory: Grade = Z. I'm evidently in league with the devil. Someone send for the exorcist.
  11. I've been one poor correspondent, sorry for that. Feel like I'm hanging on by my fingernails this challenge... won't be bringing in all A's but I think I'll finish stronger, for having dared to set that goal this time. Grades for Week 4 (August 19-25) Goal 1: Shaky Push-Ups: Grade = C. 2/3 sessions. My alarm didn’t go off !! But did 52 total pushups last week, 44 of them shaky, so not 100% dismayed by the C. Goal 2: Make Tracks (15 mi/wk): Grade = B. (13 miles) No excuse. Just got lazy. Goal 3: Take frequent stretch breaks: Grade = A. I wouldn’t mind holding the sphinx/seal pose 10 minutes every night for the rest of my life. Stretching behind the wheel is proving a harder habit to form. Life Quest: Papers - 2 hrs/week: 0 hours this week but I allowed flexibility on this goal -- can make up the time. Diet/Fitness Side Quest: Conspiracy Theory: Grade = B. I gave in to apple pie, and I don’t even especially like apple pie. I think it was just that the endless parade of temptations finally wore me down at the end of the week. But the habit is still forming for the reflex response to become “I don’t eat that.†I probably turned down 50 chances to be bad, so I’m not 100% dismayed with the B.
  12. Great mini-challenge. So far every item completed is one from the procrastination checklist. Double-fun! I'm stuck on what to do to scare myself (for Rainbow Dash). I think it's supposed to be something I've wanted to do, but was scared to, instead of something I seek out specifically to scare myself?
  13. Who'd've dreamed that such cute little ponies would give me the push I needed to both force some fun inyo my life and get an un-fun to-do item behind me. !!!???
  14. Grades for Week 3 (August 12 - 18) Early grading since I’ll be on the run/under the gun, for the next several days (getting the youngest into college; taking care of my sick little out-of-state mother). Goal 1: Shaky Push-Ups: Grade = C. [ Arms are sore. If I manage a 3rd session this weekend, I’ll sail back in later and raise the grade ]. Edit: Grade stays a C. Is the 21st century too late to drag myself into the 20th century? I have just added an alarm on my phone about push-ups so no more "I forgot" excuses will be tolerated. Goal 2: Make Tracks (15 mi/wk): Grade = D. (7 miles) Implemented new parking spot, farther from the office to help get this done. MID-TERM EVALUATION: 15 miles is not proving too easy. YET. So sticking with the 15-mi-wk goal for the final 3 weeks. Goal 3: Take frequent stretch breaks: Grade = A++. Already had one 6-hour round-trip road trip this week, am about to do another (stretching all the way-ay-ay). Life Quest: Papers - 2 hrs/week: Grade = A. 0 hours this week but did 2 hours ahead last week. Diet/Fitness Side Quest: Conspiracy Theory: rev. Grade = B. [ If I succumb to desserts this weekend, I’ll creep back and lower the grade. ] Edit: Grade drops to B. This time, I was my own worst devil. }:->
  15. Grades for Week 2 (August 5 - 11) Goal 1: Shaky Push-Ups: Grade = A. Got it done when out of town by pushing-up while others slept. Goal 2: Make Tracks (15 mi/wk): Grade = A. Has not become easy yet, but I’m forming a new habit (walking to/from car). Goal 3: Take frequent stretch breaks: Grade = A+. Stretched on the road again. I hope at the end of this 6 weeks, stretching in the car is another new habit. Thanks to the mini-challenge / Druid's Book of Yoga Poses, for reminding me to mix up the stretch poses before I start to stagnate. Life Quest: Papers - 2 hrs/week: Grade = A+. I put in 4 hours last week, because there won't be time this week. Diet/Fitness Side Quest: Conspiracy Theory: Grade = F. I hate admitting this, after my brags about All A’s. I forgot to include an exception for my own birthday; then once I ate one piece of cake in the restaurant something came unhinged in my brain*. Mom’s b-day is this weekend; I fully intend to eat frozen mango while the others have home-made cupcakes. Have informed the family of this; can't wait to see who of the out-of-town folks act like angels (try to help me with my goal) vs. devils (try to undermine). *something like the AVE -- Abstinence Violation Effect. http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1868965,00.html (“Why Falling Off the Wagon Isn’t Fatalâ€) I surrendered to the AVE -- but not for more than 1 day. During that day, it was astonishing how Sugar moved right in to take control of the wheel -- . http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/06/17/everything-you-need-to-know-about-sugar/#more-18138 (Leader Steve’s blog “Why Sugar is Worse than Darth Vaderâ€) -- but I wrested the wheel away. All thanks to the Nerds of the Rebellion and the wish to not be a bad example !!
  16. I'm new to yoga, so they're all pretty basic. I'm not new to yoga, but mine are all still very basic.. the basics can still make me feel great afterwards (not always during I can hear my teacher now. "Now breath into those strong warrior legs as they hold you up, these look great!" And I can hear mine now, about Warrior 2: "Let your arms down slowly, and do not flop." Many basic moves are harder than they look.
  17. Going out of town again tomorrow but as soon as I'm back -- plan to be all over it. Always did like those ponies. Also -- terrific idea to lay them all out in the beginning.
  18. Great challenge as usual, Chanda. I'm considering doing this if only for comic relief.
  19. Grades for Week 1 (July 29 - August 4) Goal 1: Shaky Push-Ups Grade = C. I’m mortified. Push-ups never crossed my mind, one time, all weekend. I keep my set list on the night stand, but it’s time to reinstate the old trick of taping it to the alarm clock as a reminder. Tue = 2/12 shaky; Thur = 4/16. Goal 2: Make Tracks (15 mi/wk) Grade = C. I twisted my ankle (not even exercising at the time). This is starting to sound like “the dog ate my homework.†But I made it to 10 miles this week and that’s 10 more than I usually do. So woot. Goal 3: Take frequent stretch breaks Grade = A+. (The hours of stretching on Sunday, didn’t count, cuz the challenge didn’t start til Monday...) One mini-epiphany has led to another: If I stretch in the car on the commute to/from work, that’s at least 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. The challenge is ... remembering to do it. I’m putting a reminder note in the driver’s seat. Life Quest: Papers - 2 hrs/week Grade = A. Couldn’t forget this one, because of the stacks of paper sitting in plain sight. Diet/Fitness Side Quest: Conspiracy Theory Grade = A. 0 items eaten from these 3 categories: sugary baked goods; ice cream; and chips of any kind. Pleasantly surprised. I thought I’d rock the push-ups and suck at skipping dessert. (I did have a very small banana pudding while we were out. I managed to totally forget the challenge during that meal, so it’s pure luck that I picked pudding instead of cake or pie.) I've already fouled up my chance for all A's -- but I think I can still pull an overall A in the class.
  20. Good goals, and I especially appreciate the built-in flexibility. I have shot myself out of the sky more than once with the "all or nothing" madness.
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