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  1. Hey rangers! I've been trucking along pretty well. I've been hitting all of my goals. One hitch--I had McDonald's with a friend last night. Not a huge deal I suppose, since I have been really consistent other than that, but nonetheless, it sucks. I felt so sick after eating it...blarg. Anyway, I'm back to it and am looking forward to more progress! Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. You're goals are awesome! I'm interested in finding out more about #1, but they all look good! Good luck! :]
  3. Thanks kevralyn and Oklibrarian! I'm super excited about the challenge and opportunity to improve myself. I'm excited to hear that you're on track for a PHD, librarian. That's awesome! And about the song: You're welcome!! (but I'm sorry...haha)
  4. Hey there! I really like your goals. I really like your #3. It always comes down to the day to day, but you can do it! It sounds like you are already quite accomplished.
  5. Well, that sure changes things! haha Are you sure you are in the right profession? The Warriors might like you.
  6. Good luck with the challenge and congrats on losing 20lbs! Keep at your strength training. I like your life goal! I look forward to seeing your progress.
  7. Hey there! Its good to see you want to get back to it. Just be careful with running yourself short by weight training 5 days a week! If you want to weight train everyday, perhaps you could do circuits, cross-training or body-weight exercises in lower intensity. Good luck with all of your goals! Everyone is here to help!
  8. I like your goals. You can manage them and they are important! Just make sure that you have your gym times written down and are solid so they don't slip! Good luck!
  9. Good luck on your exam here too! Grrrrr, the maths!
  10. I definately agree! Right now, I'm on break from university and am just working, so my workouts are a bit different. I'm doing them at weird times after work. Meh. However, I do have set times everyday for when I get back to school and can use the gym. I definately appreciate the advice though.
  11. Poor cats...jk! haha Those are some respectable goals, for sure. Good luck!
  12. Nice choices! So what are the two next books your are planning on? I think that's a pretty good level up your life goal! Have fun!
  13. Jedi is totally right! That's what I had to do. The only difference for me was that I kept a little pocket book rather than a calendar at home.
  14. I like your goals. Getting through PT can be hard, but keeping it consistant is the key. You can do it! The only thing that I would suggest is maybe incorporate walking into your running goal. I don't know how much you walk or run, but doing a little something everyday is usually the way to go. Also, what are the riding lessons you are talking about? I'm just curious. haha
  15. Lefty, I'm glad to hear that! I have done my best to become a Reanaissance Man as it were. Although I'm incorporating more fitness into my life, I won't let my studies slip!
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