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  1. I did the hike! I am about 20 lbs overweight (if I am generous to myself, haha) and don't have the best knees, and have definitely twisted both my ankles often. I was able to do the hike! It was hard but awesome. Tips: 1) Spend a few days in Cusco to get used to the altitude. Honestly, walking was difficult the first day - constantly out of breath. They recommend at least 2 days. I acclimatized for 3 days before getting on the trail. 2) When on the hike, don't try to keep up with the group if you are getting out of breath. You will only slow down more in the long
  2. Hey! I haven't hiked the Inca Trail yet, but I plan to do so at the end of June. We opted into the 5 day trail instead of the 4 just because we had the time. I don't have any real life experience, but have been reading up about it on a few sites. From what I gather, just keep hiking! More rocky/uneven, the better. And the trail has lots of steps, so anything more stair like. I am nervous because I live in a very flat part of the arctic. There are a few mountains near by that I have been snowshoeing, but they won't be accessible anymore once the snow melts..which is in
  3. Thanks! I'll check out your site. I don't really want to make exercises harder for no real reason. Just thought the bands might help!
  4. I am not entirely sure. I assumed (based on no fact, really), that they would add efficiency to my workouts. Maybe I could do something better with a resistance band than without? Essentially - I would like to workout as efficiently as possible for the purpose of weight loss.
  5. Hey there! So I live in a remote fly in community, above the Arctic Circle...and there is no gym that I can go to, nor am I about to ship any weights up. So...I have my body, and I have resistance bands. I was wondering if one is better than the other? My purpose is to lose weight, so I get that I need to build muscle and eat at a deficit. I started doing the Beginner Body Weight Workout, and I would say that I am ready for something a step up. I increased the amount of squats I did, as well as the length of the plank. My push ups are still the saddest thing. Do you guys have a sugg
  6. I think the last time I posted on this thread, I was up in Whitehorse, Yukon. Awesome place! Definitely worth the visit. Now, I am even more North. Living and teaching in Old Crow, Yukon. A fly-in community above the arctic circle. I'll eventually make my way down south again. Originally from Winnipeg!
  7. That's awesome! I enjoyed reading the story too.
  8. I'm not in Juneau, but I had to comment! Juneau is an awesome place! I moved to Whitehorse, Yukon last year, and took a trip down to Juneau. Fell in love with the place. And also fell in love with the Raspberry Wheat Ale at the Brewery. Good luck finding a buddy, though!
  9. So, I am pretty sure that I will be hurting after this hike regardless of training. But a girl can try! I just found out that in two weeks, I will be hiking up Sheep Mountain in Kluane National Park, which is in Yukon, Canada. It is a group hike with some students, so I am hoping that means more rest stops! Who knows though. Some details: http://www.yukonhiking.ca/sheep_mountain.html Basically, a 10 km hike with 1,163 m (3816 ft) elevation gain. Steep uphill the entire way. I am not in shape for this, but I am going to do the best that I can. I have been focusing on weight training re
  10. Thanks! I'll see how it feels next week. I can even feel the pain when I walk fast. :s
  11. I'm dealing with similar pain right now. It's been there for a couple weeks now. I thought it would eventually heal on it's own. I've been doing above mentioned suggestions, and I understand it will take a while it heals. To squat or not to squat? That's my question now. Do you guys recommend I take a break from squatting? Any feedback would be appreciated!
  12. Good luck! I finally made it to 60 lbs, or so I thought! I discovered I was doing push presses instead of OHP, and am starting from 45 lbs with proper form (hopefully).
  13. So, I'm nearing 30 and my metabolism is worse than ever. And it wasn't great to begin with! I know building muscle is key to better metabolism. And I'm on that! I've been doing SL 5x5 for a little over a month now and enjoying it. I'm eating at a deficit most days, and the scale is showing slow but steady progress. I'm OK with that for now. I'm wondering if there are other things I could do that are proven to boost/better my metabolism. Is boosting my metabolism even a real thing, or is it a fitness industry thing I've heard so many times that I think it's real? There are so many articles on i
  14. You guys could be right. But I'm not entirely sure how I would go about strengthening my arch. I've been to a few physiotherapists and it's never come up. I'm barefoot around the house and wear flats for everyday life. I don't wear heels. Just based on my personal experience, insoles have allowed me to do things I couldn't before. I've experimented with and without. I hike often, and whenever I hike without insoles, my knee hurts. But I'm fine with. I understand it could be a temporary relief from the issue, rather than an actual fix.
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