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  1. Shoobie's baby steps to greatness

    Hahahhahaha! That's hilarious. I just took a screenshot on my phone... mind you... it's almost 2 am... Sent from my SM-G610M using Tapatalk
  2. Zeroh Searches for Spring

    It's been so hot here that I kinda want some snow... Wishful thinking tho... never snows in Brazil... Our winter is between 65 - 80F. Real feel today was about 120F Anyways... *following*
  3. Shoobie's baby steps to greatness

    I hear you! I can't wait for winter to be here... Brazilian winter is perfect... 65 - 80F days... Just amazing! Summer here is just.... not okay... not okay at all!
  4. No Frills: The Tanktimus Spring Challenge

    You are doing great, hun! Proud of you! This body awareness you have developed sounds like a nice thing to "have". I'll get there some day!!
  5. [Sloth] The Time of the Hammer is Upon Us.

    For some reason I really like Mrs. Sloth.... She seems fun! Not ending the day with a huge headache is awesome... and so is not having a heart attack! I'm happy for you! Hopefully the meds will help with the brain seeming broken
  6. Bean Sidhe Vs Chaos - Looking for the Center

    Hope the younglin gets better soon!!!
  7. Butternut breaks out of the frost

    I dunno. There's probably a nice historical fact that defined what we eat and the main meal and all of that. Last time I was here, I dunno what I was able to do that I kinda freed myself from all that... I was seeing food as nutrients and I wasn't following the Brazilian way of things (here lunch is the main meal -- and there's always rice and beans) I ate what I felt like and not necessarily a whole meal... I tried to keep it healthy and fresh, but that was about it -- Like instead of eating rice, beans, veggies and some sort of meat, I'd eat just the meat... or just the veggies.... depending on what I felt like eating. I wanna get back into that mindset. Being sugar free can make you feel tired for the first few days, but after a while, your body will adjust. You are doing great!!!! *hugs*
  8. Butternuttttttttttttttttttt!!!!! We can do it!!! My first week wasn't the best... but birthday! I think that is as good excuse as any! I'm using that... That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I am ready for week 2 tho!!! Wooohooo!!!
  9. Shoobie's baby steps to greatness

    Thank you!!! I'm feeling well. Since I stopped bleeding, the pain has gone away... however, I am feeling tired and sleepy all the time. I might be the heat... Even tho today marks the start of Fall, We are still having Summer temps. We had a real feel of about 120 today. I managed to go to the gym today and did some stationary bike time (40 min). Yay me! I realized I haven't been telling you about my reading goal! I'm about halfway through the handmaid's tale... In the last couple of days, I've been Netflix binging tho... For some reason, I've been watching documentaries on Great Britain... o.O Go figure! I'm still not happy with my diet, but I finally managed to go to the store and got me some goods today... I'm working on it! So Since today marks a week since I started this... I'll give you a week's worth paste of the spreadsheet... Here are my made-up grades for the challenge: Goal #1 - eat healthy - 6/10 Goal #2 - Drink water - 7/10 Goal #3 - Complete spreadsheet - 10/10 Goal #4 - Read - 8/10 I'm having a hard time picking what to eat... At least I am not ordering out, which is a HUGE start... But I can certainly do better. I need to plan my meals and all that better... The main problem I am facing is staying in the kitchen and cooking is unbearable with the heat. I cooked the cheese and turkey roll-ups today -- I could swear I sweated half my body weight doing so. On the other hand, it makes it really easy drinking water!
  10. Juice Bar

    Hai there!! Nice to meet you!! *waves*
  11. Butternut breaks out of the frost

    OMG! I so need to copy you on the clean counter for the next challenge... It's a nightmare!!! Seriously!!! So ashamed of it! LOL Letting go is never easy. Breathe... count to 10 (or 100)... Repeat after me: It is what it is.... and if all that fails...
  12. [Sloth] The Time of the Hammer is Upon Us.

    Same here!
  13. Juice Bar

  14. Shoobie's baby steps to greatness

    Hello!!!! I'm gonna be quick tonight coz I need to go to bed! Today was alright. I'm gonna give me an 8 out of 10. The store wasn't open so I'll buy the healthy stuff tomorrow... you know all the green stuff
  15. Juice Bar

    <3 Go Pack Go <3