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  1. Hey! I am big too! My hips don't lie and my belly lies even less.... I struggle every time i go there with warm ups and stretching and the kicks due to my size... I may be wrong but as long as you are mindful of what you are ding and respect your body's limits you should be ok.
  2. OMG guys! I have some amazing news! I managed to get through warm up today without slowing down or weezing! I cant even put into words how amazing that feels! SO HAPPY!!! By the end of training i did get a huge cramp on my thigh tho... but it didn't overshadow my happiness!! My master (sorry if i use terms wrong... I'm translating them from portuguese as I go) stretched my legs and gave me a massage.... and told me to ice it as I got home... so here i am... happy as can be... ice on my thigh and writing to you all! I could not have made a better decision on what to do to help me achieve my goa
  3. Ok.. I really am enjoying this! It's hard... oh so hard! Today was harder than Monday for sure... I am sore all over and some... I have sore muscles in places I didn't know existed! I spent all day yesterday walking like a duck... and I am sure tomorrow will be just as bad if not worse.... But man!!!! I leave that place refreshed! I dont even see time go by!! Obviously my form sucks and my kicks are mostly still very weird... they get a bit better with every try but it will take time.... I am proud of myself that i am trying and enjoying it... and that i didnt fall on my face on th
  4. OMG! It was awesome! I went there with the intention to watch it... ended up going in and busting my a$$! It was so much fun!!! My muscles are all sore already but I enrolled in the class. I am officially a martial arts student!! Yay!!
  5. Hey Teirin! Thank you! Let's see how today goes! I'm excited! Sent from my SM-J810M using Tapatalk
  6. Omg!!! it all went to hell... I was diagnosed with endometriosis and myomas (benign tumors) all over my uterus and couldn't exercise due to being in pain 24/7!!! I went through surgery and now am pain free and "uterusless"! I was given the green light to start exercising again about a month ago (I had surgery in Jan -- left me with a hip to hip c-section scar and a flabby belly -- I think the myomas stretched my belly too much and it hasn't returned to normal yet) I have not tried Keto... To be honest I am scared of it... scared of what the effects of it on my liver would be... I haven't reall
  7. Hi! I am a monk wannabe... I have no training whatsoever in MA. I did capoeira as a teenager for about 6 months and that was it. I am however leaning towards starting Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido classes! I go there tomorrow to try it out! I wrote a long thread asking for advice before seeing this intro thread... so I apologize. Here it is if anyone is interested! Cheers!
  8. Hi guys! I'm Shoobie, nice to meet you all! Let me give you a brief summary of where I am at in life before I get to the good stuff. I've been in and out of this forum many times... First time around I lost 50Lbs, leveled up in amazing ways (managed to get out of depression and my self confidence sky-rocketed). But like most things in my life, after making some awesome progress, I fall off the bandwagon. I am a 38 yo woman, 95kg (209Lbs), I gained all of the 50 Lbs back, but thankfully did not become depressed again. That part of my life is still amazing. I am a senior
  9. Answers are always a good thing... I'd rather know what I am dealing with than be in the dark. I get super anxious when I don't have answers... and then when i do get answers it takes some time to adjust. Other than a sharp pain around the uterus area here and there that lasts 3 seconds, I am in no pain. I did spend most of last week with my sciatic nerve giving me grief but went for an acupuncture session on Thursday and that made it better. Have another session this Thursday... if not for my back, to try and balance all systems in my body.
  10. I am back!! My friend is home and is doing good. Thank you @Chant! OK, so health wise... we found out what's up and I must say that the first couple of days I was quite down trying to process it all. In short, I have endometriosis on the tendons that hold my uterus and those somehow are glued to places they should not be glued to -- making the surgery to remove the uterus quite a complicated one --, adenomyosis and 3 myomas. Hormones seem to be normal, but we are doing a hormonal treatment to try to control it all. Surgery will be the last option. It is what it is. At least n
  11. OMG! Haven't been here in forever! I swear I did not bail out on the challenge... life just got super crazy! My best friend had some heart problems and she was in the hospital for 5 days... I found out whats up with my uterus and started treatment and my internet company decided I didn't need internet and my phone data wasn't enough to keep up.... sooooooooooo.... Just letting you know I am still around, breathing and on the wagon. I have to go have lunch with family coz it is good Friday and all, But I'll catch up with this thread and all others over the weekend
  12. Welcome in, @TrekDad! What are your goals? losing/gaining? changing habits? Let us know so we can cheer you on!!!
  13. Welcome in Laura! I have a friend that has MS and she managed to get a bit better and control it with strength training. not sure if there was anything else that she did along side that... but hey!! Welcome in! People here are pretty cool, super supportive and all! What sort of strength training are you doing?
  14. Hi! welcome in! I would suggest browsing the forums for threads of people that are trying to do the same as you and go from there. I -think- this would be a nice place to start: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/forum/406-fitness-specialities/ Welcome to the rebellion!
  15. Hey @ScarletG !!! Welcome to the rebellion! People here are amazing!! They truly help you realize you can accomplish anything! Welcome aboard!
  16. Hey! Sounds like a nice challenge! How are the first few days going?
  17. Welllllllllllllll... the day started great!!! First time in 2 years that the scale marked less than 90 Kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know there's a 2kg cushion there for water weight and whatnot... but I am happy regardless! On my spreadsheet, there's a calculation for trend weight (I swear, my friend who came up with this spreadsheet is a genius) and that is still above 90Kg... but I am celebrating regardless! I've been debating sharing the link to my spreadsheet... but I dunno... what do you guys think? Kinda feel naked when I do yanno?
  18. there are many definitions and ways of being fun
  19. Hahahhahaha! That's hilarious. I just took a screenshot on my phone... mind you... it's almost 2 am... Sent from my SM-G610M using Tapatalk
  20. It's been so hot here that I kinda want some snow... Wishful thinking tho... never snows in Brazil... Our winter is between 65 - 80F. Real feel today was about 120F Anyways... *following*
  21. I hear you! I can't wait for winter to be here... Brazilian winter is perfect... 65 - 80F days... Just amazing! Summer here is just.... not okay... not okay at all!
  22. You are doing great, hun! Proud of you! This body awareness you have developed sounds like a nice thing to "have". I'll get there some day!!
  23. For some reason I really like Mrs. Sloth.... She seems fun! Not ending the day with a huge headache is awesome... and so is not having a heart attack! I'm happy for you! Hopefully the meds will help with the brain seeming broken
  24. I dunno. There's probably a nice historical fact that defined what we eat and the main meal and all of that. Last time I was here, I dunno what I was able to do that I kinda freed myself from all that... I was seeing food as nutrients and I wasn't following the Brazilian way of things (here lunch is the main meal -- and there's always rice and beans) I ate what I felt like and not necessarily a whole meal... I tried to keep it healthy and fresh, but that was about it -- Like instead of eating rice, beans, veggies and some sort of meat, I'd eat just the meat... or just the veggies.... depending
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