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  1. whatever works for you is the best route to take what works for some doesn't work for others. You're gonna nail this!
  2. Welcome to the rebellion! I totally understand you... it ain't easy... But we can do it!!! Are you joining in the 4 week challenge?
  3. Good luck! Building new habits is no easy feature (at least for me) But you can do it!!! Welcome to NF!
  4. Welcome in!!! I'm sure you'll find a lot of support here! Have you looked into the challenge starting March 19th? Maybe that is a good way to get started!
  5. That is not a bad idea! I usually freeze combination of fruits in ice trays (so they don't go bad -- can you tell I like variety?) right now I have pineapple + strawberry and orange + kiwi in the freezer... I usually just suck on them when it is too hot instead of buying a chocolate popsicle LOL It's kinda what @Butternut suggested... I usually need sugar in those situations... but I'll give it a try for sure! On a cuter note... My cat is trying to be helpful!
  6. Look forward to seeing you smash your goals!
  7. I'm here for the chaos! Seems you have a lot going on! Following along!
  8. Yayyyyyyyy!!! I am so glad you decided to join the challenge!!! Have you considered adding body measurements to your main goal? Going by only your weight can be deceiving since there can be a 4 lbs (i think that's 2 Kg, right?) difference from one day to the next due to water retention and other things. There's also the fact that you'll be working out, so gaining muscle weight is expected while losing fat... but the scale can deceive you with that and you think you ain't losing what you thought you were losing...and then you end up getting discouraged. Following your ro
  9. Can you do my laundry too? pretty please????? *LOL* Love your goals! Love that they are simple! Following for sure!
  10. Welcome to the adventurers!! Even if I ain't one... but you know... welcome anyways!! What are your goals for this 4-week challenge? I'm looking forward to accompanying your journey!
  11. Not weird at all!!! I buy books I'll never read coz I like their smell! Somehow in my twisted mind, I believe different genres of books have different smells. My favorite smell is Horror books... I don't read them! *LOL*
  12. This sounds like a great idea!!! My main issue so far (other than being a lazy-**s) is the fact that I live alone. Things go bad before I can get the chance of eating them. I've been doing some research regarding storage, things that can be frozen, all of that so I can try to overcome that. I'll the meal prep...Thanks for the tip!!!
  13. this method has worked for me 5 years ago before I fell off the wagon. To be able to look at what I have eaten and say: "wait, I ate carbs for lunch, maybe I should have greens for dinner" or "Yeah I'm really overdoing on bacon, maybe I should pick a leaner ptn". That sort of balance is what I want to have in my life again. I am hoping that getting in the habit of it I can actually change my eating habits for life. That's why I say I am not on a diet, my quest is simply to eat healthy. "Being on a diet" for me sounds like there's an end date... And long term I want to be able to indulge on a p
  14. Oh and congrats on the concerto!!! I bet it was the most amazing experience ever!!!
  15. This makes SO MUCH SENSE!!! Counting calories brings my anxiety to unbearable levels! I just can't do it! My goal for this challenge is logging my food, but simply the quality of the food I am eating... so I eat healthier regardless of calories and whatnot... Not sure if it is gonna work... hopefully it will. I look forward to seeing you achieve your goals!
  16. I am totally excited for this!!! I wanna see you nail all of your goals!
  17. I *love* your reward system!!!
  18. For this first challenge, I won't pick a specific guild. I am still unsure of what my goals are other than losing weight and eating healthier. Do I want to get stronger? YES! Do I want to improve my endurance? HECK YEAH! Do I want to conquer my mind and find balance within me? OMG, YES PLEASE! But baby steps, Shoobie... baby steps! With that being said, for now, I'm proudly a REBEL! Here are my goals: Goal #1 Eat healthy. I get lazy a lot. When I get lazy I don't want to cook, so I order out. When I order out, it's always pizza or a HUGE bu
  19. Hey @elleyrie !! Welcome to NF!! Those sound like nice goals!! I am also curious about the procrastination goal... How will you measure that? How much weight are you looking to lose in these 4 weeks (well, 5)? I look forward to seeing you smash all of your goals!
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