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  1. I guess it is time to start recording my stuff publicly... at least the exercise part. My main goal right now is to form a habit. They say it takes 3 weeks for you to create a new habit, so for the next 3 weeks, i'll do my set of exercises everyday, if not i'll have to play and listen to 5 ABBA songs, and that is... torture!! (I am sorry ABBA fans) I have just started exercising after years and years of doing nothing other than working and sitting on the computer. Therefore i am starting small... A little something everyday is better than nothing at all right? Baby steps towards the right dir
  2. It always helps to have someone prodding and poking you when laziness prevails. Support does wonders when it comes to motivation...doesn't really matter if it is virtual or real/Life support, i must say!!! <<pokes a bit>> Time to get started!!!
  3. Heya!! It all seems like a great plan! I particularly like the small goals part! It makes it easier to work with. Keep the bigger goal in your head, but take steps towards that bigger goal everyday. It does work and as smaller goals are easier and faster to accomplish, the frustration levels are rarely high! Way to go!!
  4. I am very eclectic when it comes to music. But some bands i do enjoy listening to while doing my exercises are: Shinedown, Skillet, SIXX AM, Drowning Pool, Halestorm, Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, System of a Down and so on...
  5. That's awesome!!!! Congratulations, Grubby!!!
  6. I can understand that giving you confidence in other areas as well. It's you taking control over your life and when you conquer that, it changes you. I am gonna try the yelling at me... i respond well under pressure! why not put the pressure myself? As a matter of fact, i just finished breakfast... (GO DO YOUR %$%#ING EXERCISES SHOOBIE!!!) Thank you for the warm welcome and for the advice!
  7. Thank you Corey! Counting calories is more or less what I am doing, but instead I count exchanges (which are related to calories count as well). Makes my life a bit easier i must say. As for exercising, i am still trying to find out what i like. You are probably right when it comes to it being another chore (it is what it feel like and the fact that all i can do is grumble to myself the 5 min prior to exercise time, probably means something) Thank you for the tips and the warm welcome!
  8. I've started the hackers diet... it is a set of exercises that you do at home and you go at your own pace. I quite like it.
  9. I've started taking baby steps towards a better life last march. Reason why I started it was basically the doctor telling me that the chances of me getting a heart attack before the age of 35 were higher than 60%. Given I am 31... I chose to not take the chance! I've made some progress. Lost 19 kg so far... so I must be doing something right... I started with a high protein diet and decreased the amount of junk food/candies and alike that I'd eat. First step was to record everything I ate onto a spreadsheet. In the beginning it was damn hard and the only thing that made me follow through with
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