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  1. Well one more day and here I am! Still no gym but this time on doctors orders. The doctor doesn't want me lifting weights and overdoing stuff while he can't find out why I'm bleeding... So I am off the hook there... even tho I'd rather a million times be going to the gym at this point. Food wise I'm doing alright. I forgot to take pictures but been eating salads and vegetables accompanied by a protein of sorts... either chicken or beef... I still haven't started logging my food on my spreadsheet. I am recording my weight and measurements tho... so half a wi
  2. I like the way you think! Hope everything goes well with the surgery!!! Welcome in!
  3. Welcome in! I suck at cardio... it is a struggle for me... but there are many ppl around that do all sorts of things! Do you have a number of steps in mind?
  4. Yay for 10 pounds down already!!! This is awesome!!! This forum is amazing! Welcome in!
  5. Sure thing @Buddah1337 ! I'll be happy to help. I haven't really decided on my goals yet, but I do have a foggy idea of where I wanna go with it. I posted it in my daily battle log. We can definitely talk things out and help one another!
  6. Well, I had no internet all day yesterday and I hate typing on the phone... so... I turned to playing with clay to keep my mind busy. I'm still not happy with his face... Will have to do something about that. I went to the endocrinologist. He wants me to get some of the blood work redone coz he wants to be sure it isn't my high insulin levels that are making the TSH go up... if it isn't, hypothyroidism it is... let's hope not! He also prescribed this injection that should normalize my pancreas... It's sooooo freaking expensive tho! *sigh* He was quite pleas
  7. That's awesome! I'm so stressed out today that I must admit pizza or a huge cheeseburger is all my brain has been thinking about. I've resisted so far... I have some delicious homemade zucchini noodles with Bolognese sauce waiting for me for lunch... hopefully that will take my mind off these evil thoughts Sent from my SM-G610M using Tapatalk
  8. Weight is an unpredictable thing really. So many things can affect that measurement... water retention, hormones, you name it. There's also the fact that when you first start losing you lose faster and then it reaches a plateau... and it gets harder too see the progress on the scale.. specially if you are working out and gaining muscle weight. Have you consider adding body measurements to your data? They are usually a bit more reliable when analyzed with the weight pattern. I step on the scale everyday so my graph looks pretty and I can try to keep myself motivated (I understand a lot of pe
  9. Ugghhhhhhh! I hate when that happens! Amazing job resisting it tho! Sent from my SM-G610M using Tapatalk
  10. Right now I am dealing with a lot of hormone imbalance stuff. They were never completely right, my cycle was always random, and PMS has always been a nightmare. I get HUGE cramps the first 2 days of each period to the point of not being functional (and no, painkillers barely touch the pain). September last year I found out I have a myoma in and out of my uterus (it's growing inwards and outwards) so the first doctor put me on a 28 day, no break birth control pill to see if it would help control the tumor's growth (I want to try everything possible before a hysterectomy. I'm 36 and no kids). Pr
  11. Sounds like a great plan!! welcome in!!! Are you joining the next 4 week challenge?
  12. Oh!! Look! I ate a healthy dinner! Zucchini noodles (summer squash maybe? some things can definitely get lost in translation) and homemade bolognese sauce!
  13. I was being nosy and looking at your daily battle thingy... Maybe the snacks weren't too appealing today coz they were the same as yesterday's? I dunno if maybe more variety would help? I live alone and it is hard to buy a lot of variety coz it ends up going bad before I have the chance to eat it... Maybe you could pre-make smoothies? or freeze different fruits for that and make it fresh? I dunno just ideas off the top of my head... Good job on resisting temptation and staying on track tho!
  14. Looks like you're nailing it!!! Great job!
  15. OMG this is the most awesomesauce thing ever!!!! Fingers, eyes, legs, arms crossed here! It's gonna happen!!!
  16. Hi! I'm Shoobie. You can learn more about me over there at the rebel introductions! I know you are all dying to get to know me so I'll make it easy... Click here! I can't wait till the next challenge!!! I think I have all of my goals organized for that but some of the how to's are still foggy. We'll cross that bridge when we get to that, eh? Until the start of the next challenge is here for me to bask in its awesomeness, I have decided on some very simple things I wanna start doing in order to start getting used to a healthier lifestyle. Fill i
  17. Hi! Welcome in! I think you'll find people are super supportive here... and in all areas too! I am just back myself. Used to be a regular a few years ago and I must say, I've never met a better group of ppl to help keep things on check, no matter what your goals are. Sent from my SM-G610M using Tapatalk
  18. Yay!!!! Not only I don't mind... I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!
  19. This is awesome! I love data analysis, but I freak out about calorie count.... it just sends me into huge anxiety attack mode, so I try to stay away from it. Ive been thinking of ways I could log my food more precisely other than just what I ate without having to go into calorie count... I also have to do a better job at logging stuff... be more consistent and stuff. Maybe soon I'll have the guts to share my spreadsheet Keep up with the good work!!
  20. well, the 4 weeks challenge as far as I remember (back when I was here it was a 6-week challenge) it to set short-term goals, build new habits and then another 4 weeks challenge starts again right after and you can adjust your goals and keep at it. The way I see it, it is good to have an eye on what you want to accomplish, but getting there entails shorter achievable goals so that you aren't discouraged when it takes longer than you expected.. (if that makes any sense) Maybe you should give it a try! I'm working on what my goals will be for the next one... I think it starts mid mar
  21. Now that we are back we can nail all of our goals, right? This is gonna be awesome!!
  22. We can do it Buddah!!! Are you gonna do the next 4 weeks challenge?
  23. Oh, this mighty wagon I keep falling off of... I fell again... for a long time... but now I dusted off and am back playing the catch-up game. I started the new year with a goal of losing between 10 to 15 kilos in a year. That was before my blood work results came back and I realized things were more serious than I thought. That goal will have to be adjusted now. I thought on Jan 1st I could just go with the flow and fly by the seat of my pants. That's not the case anymore. I'm planning on joining the next 4 week challenge and go from there. My woot is the fa
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