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  1. Hi Valette! Welcome! New things are always good! I look forward to seeing your progress!
  2. Hi!! Welcome back!! I was active around the same time you were... then lost my ways and now I am back... Congrats on your baby!
  3. Hi there! I am sure you'll find lots of encouragement here! I just got back on the wagon myself and am excited about all this! Welcome in!
  4. I can totally relate to you!!! This is probably my 5th or 6th time as well! You can totally do it!!!
  5. Hi Spectra! I am sure you'll nail this! this is an amazing community!! Welcome aboard!
  6. Hey! I know what it feels like to start dieting and exercising and not follow through... I do that a lot too! This is a great community and it really helps you stay on track. I was gone for 5 years and now I am back to restart my journey! We can do it!!! Hope you get better and out of the hospital soon!
  7. OMG!!! That's awesome!! How are you doing? I noticed some things have changed... I am still going through threads to get familiarized with things once again. I'll use this week to think of my goals for the challenge... should not be hard since this come back of mine has been in the works for a while... and also get used to this forum again. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for remembering me!
  8. Oh wow!! 100lbs!! That's awesome Buddah! Congratulations! I am still working my way through threads... I'll see if I can find your log. I look forward to following your journey!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm Shoobie. I used to be very active here about 5 years ago. Life was good then!! I was achieving all of my goals, lost 25Kg, was exercising, all of the good stuff. Unfortunately, I fell off the bandwagon. Fast forward 5 years or so, here I am. I want to jump back on the bandwagon. During this time I've been away, I have battled severe depression, I have gained the 25 Kg and more back, going to the gym sends me into panic mode to the point of crying (still) and my blood work shows everything is out of whack. I have been paying for a gym member
  10. mmmm didnt go to the gym... My day started going to the hospital to pick up my uncle.... took me forever to get out of there... then i had to go sign some papers where i used to work.... so i stopped at mc donalds and ate a combo... so yeah... Breakfast: - 2 toasts with blackcurrant jam - coffee Lunch: - a mc donalds combo Dinner: - Bacon alfredo pasta - cashew juice uneventful day really... just feeling really tired since 7 pm more or less...
  11. mmmm okay so... Didnt want to go to the gym today but i did go... did only the circuit tho... no body combat or anything of the kind. Breakfast: - 2 eggs - cheese - 2 toasts Lunch - chicken and beef with onions - rice with corn and raisins and a bit of cheese afternoon snack - 2 squares of chocolate Dinner - a home made cheeseburger i got hungry after dinner and ate a bit of the rice with corn and raisins there you have it!! done!!!
  12. wooohooo!!! Mario!!!! LOve it!!!! You are doing great!!! *goes update hers stuff*
  13. Okay okay!!! well here we go... today: Breakfast - 2 small toasts with blacurrant jam - coffee Lunch and Dinner - chicken and beef with onions - rice with corn and raisins and a bit of cheese Afternoon snack - 4 little squares of chocolate Yesterday: Breakfast - 2 toast with butter and honey - coffee Lunch - grilled chicken breast - french fries Afternoon snack - canned peach - 4 little squares of chocolate Dinner - beef - baked potatos Yeah dont remember Monday.... bleh I remember i worked out like crazy on monday and yesterday i could hardly move.... i worked out
  14. You are doing great!!! The first time i joined NF i was overwhelmed and amazed!!! It was the best thing that happened to me tho... reason why i am back!! Welcome in and let's do this!!!!
  15. It's looking good!!! Today is the 5h tho!!! Come on... get back on the wagon with me exy!!!
  16. Thank you!!! Starting over is harder than starting for the first time... You can only start from where you are at tho... so let's do it
  17. OK... so i need to write about yesterday -and- the day before... BAD SHOOBIE! Yesterday Breakfast - 2 small toasts with blackcurrant jam - coffee Morning snack - a few chocolate chip cookies Lunch - A home made cheeseburger (yeah i know!! Dont look at me that way) Dinner - some white cheese with oregano After Dinner snack - popcorn The day before yesterday Breakfast - Forgot to have breakfast Morning snack - a piece of bread and butter - orange juice Lunch (OMG -- had lunch at my moms!!! was delicious!!!) - pork sirloin in bbq sauce - rice with carrots - lettuce - tomato
  18. *grins* You can too! Breakfast - 2 toasts - melted white cheese - coffee Lunch - a fist sized portion of pasta - sausage sauce - potato sticks Dinner - BLT Gym - nope... but i had to clean and wash the whole kitchen due to a leak in the ceiling that became a waterfall
  19. GOT ANY GRAPES? Keep up.. one change at a time and you will go farrrrrr!!!!! Try to eat lunch tomorrow ^.^
  20. I think what I will do here is just log my meals... and gym... yeah... sounds alright Breakfast - a french bread - white cheese - turkey ham -cashew juice Lunch - roasted broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, potato and garlic with a bit of oregano, salt, black pepper and olive oil Afternoon snack - carrot chips Afternoon snack II - strawberries Dinner - Home made burger - lettuce - tomato - cheese Gym - check
  21. Hi everyone! Feels like it was ages ago when i last wrote a post here....it's probably been 2 years... maybe more... I have a perfect excuse tho!! In these last years i fell off the wagon, life became busy (excuses excuses) and i never got back on track. After putting on all of the weight i had lost before, i have decided it is time to jump back on the wagon and start over.... I have a few goals... they have nothing to do with weight or calorie counting... i simply want to lead a healthier life and all of that comes as a consequence of that... I have metabolic syndrome and PCOS and i
  22. Wooohooooo!!! One more brazilian!!!!!!
  23. Mmmmm... Sure... let's see.... You get 15 points to start with.... They make up who you are... so Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Constitution and Wisdom.... Spread 15 points among those attributes... thats step one.... Step 2: get another 15 points and distribute them through your goals... so let's see.... i'd go for constitution, stamina here I'd go for wisdom, stamina and strength stamina and constitution... wisdom... yeah... So these are just ideas really you can distribute the points as you like and to any attribute you like too... Just be careful coz for each go
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