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  1. Hehe, and maybe just a tad bit of laziness about updating... just a tad. Updates: Pounds lost thus far: Six! Paleo percentage: I don't know. Sure isn't 60 yet though. Strength: Somewhat! T: First appointment tomorrow. Can't really do much about changing this as when I start depends on how this appointment goes.
  2. Hehe. You might regret that after the first challenge or two.
  3. !!!!! *bounce* Heheh, well, we'll find out, I guess.
  4. Wow. It's been awhile. And despite my huge breakdown a couple of months ago, I'm still alive. So a lot has changed for me. Like a lot. Dearest assassins... I have decided to make huge changes to my life beyond what I previously wanted to make. Since I was last around, I met and subsequently began to date this incredibly amazing lady who helped me fully come out of my shell. Who helped me realize that it's no longer possible to sit and hide the person I am supposed to be. Who finally brought me enough courage to make this level of commitment. Having said this, I have taken another huge step in my life and will be transitioning into a guy. So if you could all use male pronouns going forward. I don't currently have the time to whip up a full post on the matter. But I can provide you my four goals for these six weeks as they stand right now. - Lose 15 pounds - Be at 60 percent paleo by the end of the challenge - Be committed to my strength buiding plan; details to follow later - Get started on testosterone. First step in a new life that actually brings me hope for the future. So that's all! Just wanted to provide an update and let everybody know that I am in fact alive despite the way I left things.
  5. I don't have an update. I haven't done a damn thing. There's a lot of things going on that I can't control anymore, and they're things that are making life very difficult. I haven't been able to focus on anything. There's nothing that's going the way it needs to be. I can't fix it because they're things out of my control, and I can't feel any better if I can't fix it. I can't deal with this anymore.
  6. Life slightly starting to get a little bit more in order, though it's still nowhere near where I would like it to be. But I guess that's what we're all working to fix, isn't it. So an update: Weight loss is 80 percent there, no new progress anywhere else.
  7. While I wouldn't say things are disastrous, things have been very rough to say the least. At least this time, most of the problems are things I'm justified in being upset about but it's not something I'd post publicly outside of a PM or something. I'll be fine one way or another though. I don't really have much of a choice but to be. As for a challenge-related update: diet's fine; literally halfway through the lost weight goal; steadily having a single soda a day on average; never made good on my free gym pass but I'm pretty sure I still like it enough to just go for a membership soon; and only practiced my parking once but still have time to continue that.
  8. yeah yeah I'm alive okay things are rough
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