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  1. I ran out of cigarettes again and I hate everything. My arms hurt, I'm out of plates because I haven't done the dishes. I believe that I'm a troll and a bad person because I got angry at the online bullies.
  2. I know, haven't been checking in, I don't feel good. Other than breaking the tooth that I didn't expect to go next, I binged the game I bought the PS4 to play. I'll try to binge it again this week.
  3. I am a 3rd generation hoarder. Also when I was growing up, we weren't actually poor, but we didn't have much budget for luxuries. Sentimental cookbooks are also all we really need. I go online when I actually want a specific recipe. Flipping through the physical ones have value, but not enough. I should really build a custom binder of the winners.
  4. Which there's at least one she wants back, but the rest are probably fair game even if they were from her house.
  5. Gobnait

    RedPandaOne reporting for duty

    I hope the weight gain is somehow your body going "retain water!" for some odd reason. Good on you for checking in. Might I introduce you to the concept of an apple fizz? Does fruit juice and carbonated water count as a soda?
  6. Rode to the store because I was out of rum, bought a small box of fried junk from the hot-bar, could have gone to Burger King. I tried to attach my cooler to the rack, but I think I need to buy a basket or something I can drill through. It rained on my way back. And I got frustrated because I was on the sidewalk and racing to the next crosswalk before it turned, had to stop because a right-on-red truck didn't see me or something, I got tangled in my bike because I slipped while braking, and the car behind the truck honked at me because I didn't go when the crosswalk had probably turned at that point. Then I had to stand at the crosswalk while my seat was getting soaked because the cycle across that road is the stupidest nonsense that I ever have to deal with. And it stopped raining as soon as I got out of my wet clothes. Breakfast was the leftover stir-fry. Dinner was fried garbage. I also bought salmon trimmings. Basically they're the non-pretty bits of smoked salmon, and a bit expensive but a container usually has less than $2 worth in it and it's enough for a bagel. Got the floor swept, cycled the dishwasher, need to zero the kitchen. There are still piles of books on the floor.
  7. I didn't feel well yesterday. I opened a set of Lego that was sitting around for several years and built that. City is fun, but I think I prefer Classic and Creative. There are still books everywhere, and I'm still not sure what to do with the cookbooks. I think I'll try to box them up because I don't use cookbooks. I ate pea soup from the freezer and then made a package of convenience stir-fry from the freezer. I think I'll give up on not having convenience food because I do not like to cook just for myself and get too hungry.
  8. I am very depressed, and possibly have PTSD. Between autism and getting mixed up with two different sets of bullies, I'm a mess socially. I spend all day on Reddit and since the shitposts get the most points, that's probably even more degradation of my social skills. I still haven't gotten the new home put together despite living here for 18 months. I still have problems with hoarding and not being able to get things done. Even when I get the dishwasher cycled, there isn't room to do much else. I get overwhelmed because the space is smaller even though I got rid of a lot. I hit morbidly obese at one point, my feet are messed up so it's hard to walk more than a mile or spend much time standing. I also have trouble leaving the house because of mental problems. I'm not even sure what I can do to get my life back on track. I tried getting professional help, but it's hard when the therapists don't take the problem seriously.