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  1. My husband makes all of the money, so I kinda need permission to spend the amount we're talking about. My current drug doc is completely anti-pot. I was in treatment for alcohol abuse, and they actually did more damage to me while discovering that yes I do have other things going on that they're not equipped to deal with. Most places are just for normal people with a bit of depression and anxiety. I'm either autistic or schizotypal or something else. I just had a panic attack from remembering, I can't explain what went on, but it was perfectly fine to put a normal person through that. Biggest problem is that I don't know how to disengage from the mask and there was too much reliance on social activity, so I was constantly under more stress than I was used to. Still upset, I don't want to be autistic anymore. I also need to be sober enough to blame the slurred speech on my drugs when hubby comes home.
  2. Or support, I don't know. I'm a bit at a loss. My current challenge thread.
  3. Well Thursday was mostly nursing a hangover. I colored, I watched a show on Netflix. I had an egg salad sandwich for breakfast and decided on stuffing for dinner. I didn't eat much stuffing. Oh, I had some roast chicken from last weekend left, so I finished that off. I should have put salt in my egg salad because I usually don't get enough, much less the amount I need for a hangover. The problem is that I'm angry at my husband for not only not helping with the mess, but not taking responsibility for the parts that are his part. He's willing to say he'll help in front of the counselor, but it's my problem when we get home. In other news, I'm not sure how I managed to lift that one end-table without hurting myself. It probably involved using my ponderous butt as a counter-balance, leaving my muscles to just keep the scaffolding in-line to provide leverage. I really wish that my husband would let me get a medical marijuana card. I need to get drunk less, really not at all, and pharmacy drugs aren't working for me, except for the one that makes me want just one cigarette a day, I like that one. Yes, I was probably too drunk that one day, but I managed to make progress.
  4. Last night, the middle of the dream was that I was invited to the most decadent relaxation spa possible.... experimental technology, but then it got weird. I did get several hours of really-good-quality sleep. I had a wicked propanlol hangover from yesterday, got drunk on rum today and got a lot of stuff done without eating. What do you call being non-functional but hey things done? I decided that all the retro-systems could go in the end-table because of how I decided to wire them. Finding the wires is sober-me problem, but it will work smoother than a normal person could come up with. Retro systems have wires and the oldest ones have long cables to the TV. Tuesday, I dug all boxes that could be possibly be not hubby's problem out of his closet.... I need to make room for his mattress again. I threw a bunch of things into my closet. I think I'm doing good when I recognize I'm messed-up.
  5. I'm still having wild dreams. I woke up at 2 because the sheriff came and told us the local tribe was coming to kill us. I might have tried to go back to sleep, but there's an event going in my phone game and I needed to tend to it. Then I had a dream where my headboard was a massive wall with pyroceram perched on ledges, and a few almost hit me when they fell on the bed and broke. Falling off the ladder didn't hurt, at least, but I can't remember what woke me up. Both dreams were in a house that was under major renovation, but there was also belongings everywhere. Husband wanted to relax yesterday, so I couldn't have him help me declutter. I found a stocking stuffer for youngest nephew when I was looking for a stamp kit, decided to buy myself a date stamper. Then I looked through the box of cross-stitch kits my aunt gave me. There was someone I met who used to do cross-stitch, but gave all hers away in a move, so I picked out a few to give her. I even found an embroidery hoop in another box. Thanks, it was Saturday for me, too. If my husband isn't willing to help me today, I'm not sure what I want to do. Right before I typed this, I figured that I should go somewhere, but I really don't have anyplace to go that isn't shopping. I don't need anything.
  6. I just read your first post, so this might have been said already. Losing weight isn't a SMART goal because while it's attainable, your body might not cooperate. It's better to make goals that you're in control of, which means rewarding yourself if you do the right things that should result in losing weight.
  7. What day is it, even? I've been having wild dreams lately, and I can't remember if things actually happened or were part of a dream because they were mundane tasks. This morning I had several false awakenings, and it was after a dream where I spent most of the time sliding around on my butt uncontrollably and people kept giving me weird looks for it. Last night, I made curry, that part I know is real. Today I'm making cream of broccoli soup, then roast chicken for dinner.
  8. Yesterday, I don't really think I did much, maybe cycled the dishwasher.
  9. I hope to add more goals later, but for now I just need to remember to check in every day and record my activities if I do something.
  10. Forgetting to check in, life is hard. My weighted blanket is 15 pounds. It feels light when I go to bed, but I keep kicking it off in the night and don't want it when I go semi-conscious for a few minutes. Today I went to the grocery store, put corned beef in the crock pot but will need the instant pot if I want carrots and potato to go with it. Had 2 hot dogs for breakfast. I also made deviled eggs and had two eggs worth. Yesterday I made beet soup and cooked sausages to go with it. I'm getting bored so much. Yesterday a crystal puzzle came in from China and I think I'm over ordering rejects because it needed some filing to go together.
  11. A lot more nothing. About the only thing I did was make coffee.
  12. Today I biked to an appointment, then had to bike back to the drug store because a prescription wasn't ready. Not much, but I did get winded.
  13. I have been forgetting to check in. I have been doing a whole bunch of nothing. Wednesday, I took garbage down. Thursday I rode my bike to the doctor's and had to walk it a couple of blocks because I couldn't get up the hill. Saturday, I went shopping. I bought two giant stuffed animals at the thrift store and a pair of antlers, so I had to carry them back to my car before going to the next store that was even further from the grocery store. I wore the antlers for the rest of my shopping trip. Then I bought a weighted blanket and the packaging ripped by the time I got back to my car. I bought $77 worth of groceries, including 2 turkey breasts because they were on sale.
  14. I might add more goals to this post as time goes on, but for now my goal is simply to write about my day a bit.
  15. I could've checked in on the weekend but didn't, can't remember what I did. Last week was internet available but I didn't have my computer.
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