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  1. Good to know! I didn't change my routine but the comment about it being too bench press heavy did make me a bit concerned. ^.^ That's exactly my plan: Doing the "big three" lifts first and trying to slowly up the weight on them - for the moment I am planning to follow the SL principle and up the weight very slowly, and the rest of the exercises are kind of supplementing it into a full-body routine. Today I did Front squats before bench press, that was okay, but DL definitely needs to go first (I tried doing them after lunges and OHP: big mistake). I've modified it a bit, namely doing KB OHP instead of BB - because I can't do 20 kg OHP on a barbell right now and am thinking about doing jack knives instead of turkish get ups because they just take forever.
  2. Hey, funny that you write right now - I just started with the programm 2 weeks ago! (Didn't have access to a gym before). So I don't have any long-term results. I am having fun with the routine, I feel like it really unites the best parts from 5X5 and a good whole-body routine. It is pretty tough (at least for now), I deifnitely need 1-2 restdays in between and until now I always have gotten a serious DOMS from it. The critic I've gotten from some other places that it is bench-press heavy, but then I've read that as a woman you tend to recover more quickly... I'll see how it goes.
  3. Hey! So I tried my best at doing my personal lifting routine using Girls gone Strong/Nia Shanks/ NF blogs/Anatomy etc. My background: Started barbell training 2 years ago. Did an olympic weightlifting course, did 5x5 for three months, did Crossfit for about half a year, did NF Academy workouts (level 4 because I still can't do pushups), and inbetween plenty of bodyweight training (esp HIIT like Freeletics). Am 25, BW about 60 kg, 159 cm tall, Body fat still pretty high, around 29%. Goals are (sorted by priorities): Get strong, lose fat, gain muscle. Eventually I hope to focus more on powerlifting, but i feel like I have a long way to go and would like to get more of whole-body workout for now to smooth out some weaknesses (and save up some money for personal coaching, realistically in 6-12 months). Squat 1 rpm about 48 kg, Deadlift 1 rpm about 63 kg, Bench press (haven't done in a long while) was about 28-30 kg. Still can't do a regular pushup or a pullup. So the programm I have in mind is: A: Barbell back squat KB swing Pushup OHP (Bar) Assisted Pullup Plank B: Barbell Front squat Hip Thrust Barbell Bench press OHP (Dumbbells) Assisted chinups Turkish getups (Never tried them before, but am fascinated to try) C: Barbell lunges Deadlifts Benchpress with DB Wall (Box) Pushups Cable Pull-Downs Hanging Leg raise. I was thinking about 5-8 reps for 3 sets, anything with a Barbell 5 reps, Dumbbelss/BW 8 reps? So what do you think?
  4. That's great distance! I'll have to see with doing it next year, because I will probably remain pretty far away from any race locations.
  5. Hallo aus Niedersachsen! Bin relativ selten in den Hauptforen (v.a in der Academy), aber es freut mich jetzt hier ein Deutschland-Thread zu finden!
  6. Whoa thank you, I will go with just that! For now the tempo of 6min/km is tough for me. For sprints of 100-150m I can have a pace of 4-5min/km, for anything longer it is around 9min/km. But I will see how it develops. How long should my long runs go? For 20 weeks after starting with 4K, and going 1K up every two weeks I would reach 14K, is that ok? or should/could it be more? If i reach 20K i could train for a HM ^.^ But it is not my goal right now, so I don't know if that makes much sense? We sometimes do running at Crossfit, is it okay to count it for the weekly workout? It is usually pretty short, but often with weights/ pretty fast?
  7. I took part the last two years (reached 11 and 8 km), but this year I moved rather far away from the event in Germany and also booked a spa weekend so I didn't take part in the selfie run How did it go for you?
  8. Hm, I guess I could squeeze in two short (30 min) runs after Crossfit/Poledance/rest days (even if I usually have 12h shifts on my "rest" days). I usually can do a long run on Saturday or Sunday. I don't have a clear goal, I would like to get back into a habit of running regularly without injuring myself, but also be as fast as possible...Finishing the distance is not really a problem, but I don't really have a clear idea of a realistic time goal. Under 60 min would be awesome, but I am far away from that. I did do a pretty relaxed 4,7 km run with medium tempo of 9:20/km yesterday. And 15K untrained means really almost no running (a couple of times per month, nothing more than a 5K) :D, but a lot of weightlifting and calisthenics, some biking/swimming (and finally finding out that I've got asthma... being able to breath really helps while running, who could've imagined...). What I would do now is to stretch out my long run on the weekend from 5K to 11-12K in 8-10 weeks, and then add in some speedwork to it, even if I have no idea how exactly and when and what, just try and see how does it work out with fitting in two short runs in the middle of the week and maybe start practicing tempo runs or some speed work during them, but I am usually pretty exhausted after crossfit/work/poledance and biking, so I don't know if that will ever workout. Since I have never actually built any training plans, I would be thankful for any help I can get
  9. Hey all! It's been forever since I've been in this forum - but I really want to start running again, and signed up for a 10K run in September - and now all I need to do is train. I am a fairly active person: I do pole dancing 1x week, Crossfit 2x week, and mostly use my bike to get around (min. 8K per day) and manage to fit in a yoga session every now and then. I ran a half-marathon a couple of years ago and a 15K untrained last year. I've always been very slowrunner (HM time: 3:15, 15K: 2 h) and haven't been running at all in the last year. So now: I can only go for a run once a week. All training plans I've seen on the internet are at least for 3x week, which is unrealistic for me right now, I don't want to give up any other activities. . Any tips for a training plan with realistic progression and speed work? Thanks ahead
  10. Somehow I am going through a period of being incredibly tired the entire time. First I blamed early start of classes, but now I am also going early to bed and still can't get up. No idea what is going on. But I did yoga on Monday and archery on Tuesday...the barbell class was cancelled. I have a run on Sunday, so I am sort of trying to taper down with my workouts.
  11. It really made me happy. Anyway, the summary of the first two weeks: Goal 1: Complete! I registered, paid and went to each of the classes. Goal 2: Monday: Yoga Tuesday: Bodyweight training Thursday: Ballet Friday: Running 4 miles Saturday: Yoga Sunday: Cycling 9000 m in ca 60 minutes (it was sooo windy...I think I moved like a snail and couldn't breath) Monday: Yoga Tuesday: Archery and Barbell class Wednesday: Yoga Thursday: Ballet Friday: Running 7.5 miles Sunday: Hiking 7 miles on hills. Bam, 12 points. Really happy with the consistency here. Goal 3: Hm, I don't do psychically as well with such restrictive goals... I think for my next challenge I will try more positive/ pro active goals. A goal of NOT doing something is much more difficult than actually doing something. Goal completed: Wednesday, Tuesday, Sunday, Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday (counting backward, don't be confused). 7 points.
  12. Soooo...*drumroll* *squeeeeeeee* First, I went to archery class and I really loved it. The first time we had almost only theory. We are a small group of 8 people, so we had a introduction, and then we learned what a recurved bow is, what parts it has, then we spent a while trying to assembly it and finding all the protection stuff and safety so we only got to shoot three arrows at the end but it is really exciting and well taught. Mental note to self: Do not wear yoga pants to archery - because we have to hang the quiver over the pants, and well...my yoga pants don't hold it under it all that well ^^ I almost lost them a couple of times. And then and then and then and then...I went to the barbell class and it was so awesome and I loved it so so so much! There were lots of women (40%?), most of them petite, but returners, so they rocked everything. The coach is great and it is a great atmosphere. We practised with plastic sticks and then with the bar (there was also the 7 kg bar, which I used) for squats, presses, deadlifts and clean-and-jerks. For deadlifts I also could put 5 kg on the bar, so I did them with 12 kg. And I found it so awesome, I had so much fun and am still ( as you may have noticed) slightly hyper. Totally going back!
  13. There is a flaxseed muesli, which you can make with coconut milk. (Flaxmeal, shredded coconut, cinnamon, grounded nuts --> coconut or almond milk --> microwave). Or a a flaxseed microwaveable bread Or a smoothie: coconut/almond milk, spinach, frozen berries. Or you can try an avocado. Just an avocado with some lemon juice and salt/pepper. You can bake it for 5 minutes to get something warm. (You can also put an egg on top of it, but you don#t have to ^^) Hope it helps
  14. My archery classes start on Tuesday...together with the barbell class. I have 2 hours of time inbetween, which is a bit uncomfortable but oh well. Yesterday I went running, 4 miles in 1 hour. But I don't know why, but my intestines decided to rebel, so that one hour is with 3 longer bathroom breaks. -.- No idea why. Nutritionwise i wasn't perfect, but I didn't eat anything that bad. :/ So probably just runner's diarrhea. Yay. I am still totally in the groove from the ballet class ^^
  15. Yay I went to ballet today. Finally. I love it. Had...a small cookie, so another 0.5 points for today nutrition. 1 point for yesterday.. there was free red bull and I didn't drink it...no cookies, no anything.
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