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  1. The continuing adventures of Athaclena!

    Day one of the challenge in the bag LOL! 1) Nutrition - Staying on plan - probiotic, shake and low carb. 2) Set myself up for success - It was Sunday - so I slept in - BUT I crashed early enough to get a full 8 hours in last night - HUZZAH. 3) Exercise - Took it easy - it's going to be a GNARLY week!. 4) Sleep - Caught up this weekend, will do my best to stay on track with my insane travel schedule this week..... 5) Check - can't peruse many threads, but I can update MY progress
  2. Rebel Mini: The Fall Fair

    Cool! I'll add my steps from yesterday. Reflection - I'll have plenty of time in the air for that LOL. Pushups - um, I'll try to get some in (I think I can still do a modified push-up - guess we'll find out). And, uh, while walking in the woods - I've got a cross, some garlic, holy water and some nice, wooden stakes. And am back in by sundown. Totally.....
  3. The continuing adventures of Athaclena!

    Thanks for the support - don't be surprised if I rarely check in for the next 2 weeks. My travel is thus: Monday afternoon\evening - heading to Chicago Tuesday & Wednesday - Learn new things (internal technical training on new to me product) Wednesday afternoon\evening - Chicago -> Minneapolis -> Kansas City (no direct flights w\o changing airlines which was $$$) Thursday - All Day Client Meeting Friday - All Day Client Meeting then head home - land just before 10pm Weekend - wash clothes, repack and try to recover The NEXT week..... Monday Afternoon\evening - heading to Kansas City Tuesday & Wed AM - Client Meetings Wed Afternoon - Fly to Los Angeles Thursday & Fri AM - Client Meetings Friday afternoon - Fly back east and land just before midnight But on the bright side, I should get my 3 days of walking in And I'm not traveling the next week (I don't care how much work begs).....
  4. The continuing adventures of Athaclena!

    Other than airport walking - haven't gotten my third one in yet this week. I've been sleeping like crap - again. *sigh* It looks like my travel schedule got a bit more hectic - while I get a whole week at home (because that week that "freed" up I'm going to tell work to SHOVE IT if they ask me to travel) - the next two weeks are going to be brutal. But then again - I'll get 3 days of airport walking in both weeks LOL. New schedule: Next week fly out Monday afternoon, 2 days of training (me learning, not leading) in Chicago, fly out Wed to KC, healthcheck client 1 on Thursday, healthcheck client 2 on Friday and fly home Friday night - assuming there is a flight - there better be a flight - this one is tentative, but apparently they need to do a healthcheck on site Thursday and since the healthcheck I was going to be REMOTE for on Friday is ALSO in KC - I may as well stay. If the last flight is at 5:17 (which I think it is) - client will have to deal with me only being there until 3pm though. I'm NOT staying until Saturday.... The following week, fly to KC Monday after noon, 1.5 day site visit, fly to LAX Wed, 1.5 day site visit, fly home Fri (walk in the house about midnight). This means I'm NOT flying to LAX the following week, but I'll have documentation galore to do so work can deal. Now, what this DOES mean is that I'll have a week home to recoup, then a relatively "leisurely" training trip (me leading training, not partaking) to NYC. Maybe I'll be ok with the drive home for Christmas.....
  5. Flea Prepares

    This is what IMMEDIATELY came to mind for me too LOL!
  6. Juice Bar (Guild Chat)

    1) I'm Athaclena. Been around these boards on a regular basis since January. I travel - a lot - so I don't always post or keep up with posts as much as I'd LIKE, but I'm trying to stay engaged when I can 2) I love the people and support and sometimes I can help someone too! 3) Probably cooking. Even though I travel a LOT, I still cook. I've started posting recipes recently so if you need ideas for your proteins (recently went very low\no carb) - head over. I'll be adding to it over time.... 4) A few years ago hubby and I went on a cruise to Alaska. We saw humpbacks and a pod of orcas! (this gif isn't from our trip - but totally could have been)
  7. Flea Prepares

    Don't freak out until you talk to your GI - it may be something simple (and 90%+ of the time, it is). Take your probiotic. Culturelle may not have enough or the right type. I take this one: It has 10 strains of "good" bacteria, not 1 or 2 (like the ones you find at most grocery stores). It can take a few weeks to really notice a difference. Now I notice if I haven't taken it in a few days. And it's Vegan . I don't know how I end up with all of these vegan items - I am totally an omnivore and eat plenty of animal protein LOL.
  8. Flea Prepares

    {hugs} late to the party, BUT.... GI can be anything from stress to specific foods to bad gut bacteria. Probiotics are your friend. Wait for a REAL GI diagnosis. Crying? Hormones can be a big culprit. Add in the rest of what's going on and I'm with Tank, I'm surprised it's not more often! Hang in there!
  9. The continuing adventures of Athaclena!

    Back in the airport this morning heading home. Week zero is going well. I was completely on my food plan yesterday AND the meeting went very well. I don't know if my boss fails to mention we'll have senior VPs in attendance because he forgets or thinks I'll be nervous. But it doesn't bother me Just curious. I think me mentioning I was looking at other positions in the company a few weeks ago has spurred some thinking of another level in our group. There's another tier in other regions so there's precedence. It just means I have to learn more product lines and all of the integrations. Which is why my training next week was approved. Now I just need to look at the other product training and get cracking!!! Yesterday being on plan for a travel day gives me hope. I even got all of my steps in! I'm on track for steps today since the drop off area for hotel vans is apparently as far as possible from my gate. I even crashed early (something about only getting a few hours of fitful sleeping the night before). So I'm on track for all of my goals. I just need to string together more days
  10. Rebel Mini: The Fall Fair

    I'm in! Remember, travel in groups and for goodness sake remember to look up and check for traps!!!!
  11. I'll start with my traditional "beginning of Challenge post". For more about me (for the curious) - check my signature for previous challenges where I'll have a bio (beyond that I'm a traveling consultant - emphasis on travel LOL). I also love to cook and have started a Recipe thread (I'll throw that into my sig as well). I've decided to stick with the Rebels for at least on more challenge - but I'm starting to see lasting changes. My last FEW challenges have been quite successful. I've got a handle on my eating (and continuing to tweak) and I'm starting along the path of a workout routine - still struggling here, but making a start! SO - this challenge I'm going to keep on keeping on - but focusing on getting on the workout bandwagon. Starting with walking. I've been working on getting in at least 3 days of walking per week although I'm not remotely getting to my ultimate goal of 10k on those days - so I'm going to back my "goal" down to average 5k per day over the week with a goal of 3 "walking" days where I need to far exceed that to meet that goal. Any other Fitbit users want to track and keep me honest - my public URL is - feel free to friend me! So - onto the list: 1) Nutrition - keep up with Probiotic and Breakfast shakes 5+ days per week. Continue cutting carbs for most meals (one cheat day - and realize I need to stick as much as possible when traveling). 2) Set myself up for success - During the week - drag my a$$ out of bed by 7am (may have to get up a BIT earlier when on the road - but enough time to get in AT LEAST 30 minutes of walking in the AM) - this does mean taking "workout gear" with me when traveling - but that shouldn't be a problem. 3) Exercise - Walk. Just Walk. I want to do MORE, but I've got to get some weight off so I'm focusing on walking this challenge. Goal is 5k steps PER DAY average. 4) Sleep - Do my best to keep a sleep schedule\get enough sleep. Fell off a bit this challenge - need to get back on the wagon here.... 5) Check in here more. Even while traveling - I have the technology LOL. Check in on my thread at LEAST 3 times per week, keep up with the Juice Bar. If I have time, follow a few other threads to encourage others.
  12. [Low Carb] Athaclena's Recipes

    I've seen a few others do this - so I thought as I go on the Low Carb journey I'd post my recipes here so others can get ideas. I love to cook - and cook a LOT (in spite of a really heavy travel schedule). Some recipes will be super simple, some may be more involved. I know there are TONS of sites out there with recipes - what I'll do here is post recipes that I've tested and found tasty. I'll link and attribute where I got a recipe (or if I was inspired). I'll also post recipes if it's a drastic change to an inspiration OR it's one of my own creations. First up, Creamy Chicken Surprise! This is a recipe I recall growing up - well a variation on it. It is SUPER SUPER easy - anyone can do it! If I recall, this recipe actually came from my sister in law's family.. Creamy Chicken Surprise Ingredients: Chicken pieces - Could be breasts, whole cut up, chicken thighs, chicken legs. The last time I did this I used a bag of flash frozen breasts. Cheese - The original recipe called for sliced swiss, but I had a bag of shredded mozzarella lying around - so I used that - can skip or use veggie cheese if you're skipping dairy 1 can Cream of X soup - I used cream of chicken as hubby is allergic to mushrooms - but you could use cream of broccoli, mushroom, etc. Need to skip the dairy? Use a can of coconut cream and skip the milk below. - also if you do a HUGE batch you may need to double this 1/2 can of milk - I used unsweetened, unflavored almond milk - whatever you have on hand ** note, original recipe called for an envelope of Lipton Onion soup - but I don't keep that on hand - and I like to limit processed food anyway - so I used the following 1 tsp Garlic Powder - or mince a couple of cloves of garlic 1 tsp Onion Powder - or chop up an onion IF you didn't use canned cream soup or a soup envelope, you may need to add a tsp of salt. If you used the canned or added an envelope of soup you do not need to add any salt - there's plenty in the soup(s) already. Optional - any other herb you like with chicken - some oregano, tarragon, etc. Method: Dump the chicken in a single layer in a pan. Top with a layer of cheese. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl (if using fresh onions\garlic, add them on the chicken and under the cheese) and pour over the chicken. Cover tightly with foil and pop in a 350 oven for 60 minutes. It is nearly impossible to overcook and when I use the flash frozen I want to make sure it's all cooked through. You can also do this in a slow cooker - 3 hours on high or 6 on low. Variations: You can TOTALLY add some veggies to this - just pop them on the chicken under the cheese (broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, etc). The cheese and soup makes a MOST excellent sauce. I spooned everything over riced cauliflower and it was DE-LISH! Of you're not low-carbing, growing up we always had this with rice or mashed potatoes. I did NOT take a picture before we dug in - but the next time I do this I totally will and update this post\thread.