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  1. I'm actually getting to bed earlier (sometimes even by 11p) and getting up a bit earlier - before my alarm goes off. This is something I've been working on for the past YEAR. I think it's the light at the end of the tunnel of finally buying our dream home (ok, almost dream home - but as close as we're gonna get in our price range) relieving some of my stress I just need to keep that up after the move and start to focus on the rest of my health related things, but I'm waiting until that stress is over with first....
  2. For your father.... Motion Sensing LED Bulbs. Great for closets & basements. Found in about 5 seconds..... https://www.amazon.com/Aukora-100-Watt-Equivalent-Activated-Security/dp/B07DXMF23S Most 5K's have a walk section as well. Nothing states you have to RUN it. In fact - a lot of 10k's have a 5k walk associated with it
  3. You can also use the recipe to make muffins instead - or freeze half of the bread. Or so I hear. It rarely lasts long - and that's with 2 of us LOL. We seriously love banana bread
  4. Quick update - seller doesn't want to move up the closing so finalizing the time on 1/31. Once fully closed I'll schedule moving over utilities on 2/14. Will work this week on finalizing what day the movers will be here. I'm leaning toward Wed or Thur that week in case we want to do anything at the house before that move. I'll probably go ahead and start packing thinks like books and such, then leave out a few things the weekend before and get everything packed final (just leave some clothes and kitchen stuff) for the day before. Moving the kitties is a concern. I don't want to move them at night like last time. Let them have a day to explore when we're awake and not completely exhausted like last time..... Maybe I should re-think how I'm doing my vacation .... GAH. Good problems to have, but still problems
  5. It really, truly is ok to just put out fires as they pop up. Sometimes - that is all you can do. Keep putting out fires as they pop up and also, sometimes, let that other fire burn a minute to put out the more important fire. Yay for happy little colorful fridges! Take EVERY win and ray of sunshine. {{HUGS}}
  6. I wish they'd come down. The #'s still work - but man that extra $$ would be nice as it'd be going directly to an important piece of farm equipment. In fact, I'm researching right now to see what we have to do to qualify as an "Agriculture" business to get a few tax breaks. It actually looks as easy as register your business, register it as ag, and pay $15 for county business license. There are other programs we won't qualify for because we aren't going to be a factory farm - but the tax breaks (like buying farm equipment and not paying sales\use tax as well as qualifying for an entire different set of financing choices) totally make it worth the hassle. All we'd need to stay "qualified" is sell our extra eggs\produce at an occasional farmer's market - which I can't wait to do! I'm not sure if making $$ off of streaming our farm to Twitch\Streaming services (don't laugh, it's a thing and we are totally jumping on that bandwagon LOL) qualifies - but it might. I can just see the confusion in rural TN about that LOL. We need to come up with a cool business\farm name though I also can't wait to have all of our woodworking stuff actually setup in a permanent space. Hello hitting up yard sales and upcycling! From a $$ per hour scenario, it's not a lot of $$ but if you enjoy the work, you're making $$ doing something you love. Not something I can swap to full time, but making $$ from a hobby is a good thing Also, the first piece of farm equipment we'll be getting can do everything from grading to site clearing, so hubby will be pimping that service out. He enjoys doing that and it'll help pay for it - so that's ALSO a good thing Anywho - plans upon plans upon plans that we can finally actually DO. I'm still waiting on the other shoe to drop though...... so keep sending good vibes!
  7. It's more than 3 ingredients, but I have an AMAZING banana bread recipe if you want it I literally overbuy bananas just so I can make this bread......
  8. Just sent a text to my realtor that we'll move forward. So - barring them backing out at this point, we'll be in the new place by the end of next month. Cue new worries LOL.
  9. House update - they won't address a single thing on the list or reduce price of house. Hubby and I got a big decision to make today about whether or not to move forward. We likely will (house did appraise for a nice chunk above the price we all settled on). Since everything is in place, we could even close earlier if they agree - so that's something else we may look at doing. Maybe close a week earlier and give them another week to move out (yes, they pay us "rent" for that period). If they get out earlier, that gives us another week to move from the apartment - like a week hubby can go up and get internet and stuff setup and we can move a few things we don't trust the movers to do - then I can pack over a few days and schedule the movers on like Tuesday and have almost 2 solid weeks to unpack and enjoy the quiet. Yeah, probably still going to buy the house......
  10. I had Brussels Sprouts with dinner. All the veggies today baby! Still nothing from the current Home Owner about our ask. Appraisal came in and it's more than price we settled on so we're good on the loan. So just this last hurdle. It's SO CLOSE!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA the tension is killing me!
  11. Even if anxiety crept in while it's simmering to come together - YAY!!!! Also of note - no one makes even cuts except chefs and Martha Stewart. NO ONE. And absolutely even sizes really only makes a different for things that cook extremely fast. Anything that you simmer for 45 min only needs to be roughly the same size. Do take your time not to cut yourself though - and WOO on mise on place! My apartment kitchen is so tiny I constantly have to shift stuff around because I only have one spot to chop in. And, we won't discuss the # of burns I have for stupid things (like forgetting that dutch oven came out of the oven so you can't just grab the top with your bare hand).....
  12. I ate a salad. Still waiting on a response from the sellers. The suspense\stress of that is killing me. Had a migraine all day yesterday (in spite of meds) and I totally need a nap, but have too much work stuff to do today. At least we have Monday off - so that is ALSO cause for celebration - so bonus gif LOL.
  13. I, absolutely, have I'll eat - but I don't care what it is days. Which gets hubby in a tiff MOSTLY because he wants me to decide - and I just..... don't care. So I just start throwing out choices and go "pick one" - then he says "whatever you want". And it can go downhill from there on occasion TBH - or he picks something and I make it for him then eat something else. Yes, we've been married over 20 years and we still do this ..... if we're both hangry and don't care is when things get snippy - but we also get over it. Try not to stress too much about grabbing a bottle and not refilling or walking, but not driving to do so. You've been in a CONSTANT state of exhaustion and the effects of the booster just pushed you over the edge. You ran out of spoons (or as I like to say - I just have no f*'s to give). Keep doing what you're doing and hang in there!
  14. Oooo.... self care is GOOD! Normalize those things, you TOTALLY deserve it!
  15. Got the Termite Inspection late last night - No active termite infestation in the house so no remediation required WOO HOO! So, just negotiating the items we want addressed - so we'll see how THIS goes. I'm pretty sure they're going to say they aren't fixing anything - and if that's the case they better offer to take X amount off the purchase price - all told it might get us back down to our "max" amount we'd had in mind...... and drop our initial outlay and payment (assuming the appraisal comes back where we need it to be). SO CLOSE! I'm switching to chamomile tea this afternoon though - the anxiety of all of this is killing me
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