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  1. Athaclena

    Athaclena - the adventure continues.....

    Dinner was a salad with a protein - no added carbs. WHAT?! Now to do that more often I've been doing good staying on top of fewer carbs, keeping the kitchen clean and have eaten some veggies. Now to keep it up (and get the taxes done LOL).
  2. Athaclena

    Athaclena - the adventure continues.....

    This week (posting a bit late - it was an exhausting work week last week and really not better this week): Reducing simple carbs: Replace with whole grains and eat fewer carbs in general - meals are more lean protein with a smaller portion of complex carbs. More Veggies: Not so good at the beginning of the week, but will add more veggies in the rest of this week and try to be more conscious of that next week Clean kitchen every night: SO nice having clean kitchen and not having to wash out my french press in the morning I'll likely roll the same goals into next week to firm that in my mind since I'm home and eating AT HOME more (We've been eating out\ordering in WAY too much) before I turn back into a road warrior. That's it for the moment. Back to it!
  3. About me: I'm an IT Consultant. I travel. I'm "high enough" up in my org that I kick off projects and hand them off and keep a BIT of oversight and fix things that go wrong - which means I am all over the place (literally). So routines? Not really happening. Sometimes I'm home for a couple of weeks in a row, sometimes I'm on the road 10 out of 12 weeks...... So I keep my challenges fluid and make improvements\tweaks where I can. I'm not focusing on losing weight - I'm focusing on getting my life in order and eating better. Hubby and I are working to get our house in Atlanta sorted and SOLD to make a move to Chattanooga where we plan to buy property and build - basically since we don't have kids - we decided to not wait to "retire" to - you know - move to where we want to retire LOL. So my overall plan for this challenge period is to 1) get the taxes done and 2) get the house in a state where I'm ready for investors to make an offer on the home. For #2 - I have reasons why I'm not looking to put the house on the market. The market is HOT - and rentals are crazy to come by in Chattanooga at the moment - so when I get a contract, I WANT a cash buyer that I know will CLOSE so I can make the move w\o putting a lot of $$ on the line for said move only to have them back out and start over. My house needs work - and a flipper has a good shot at paying what I'm willing to let it go for, fix it and make $$. I'm in an area of town where they are building like crazy, the schools are excellent and the ONLY way to get into them is to live here - and my house will be an absolute BARGAIN compared to the McMansions being built. The rest of this week I will be playing "catch up" with work so my goal is pretty much - no eating french fries ..... but I'll post more specific challenges each week depending on what's going on\what I need to focus on.....