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  1. Managed to make dinner and bread last night AND clean the kitchen. Made it through work today (lots of challenges - sometimes being in technology blows when things just don't work), whipped up a Home Chef dinner AND cleaned the kitchen. Now to break away from "doom scrolling" social media and get some sleep....
  2. Time for an update (er, past time I see...) 1) I actually got out and walked 3 days this week. Not long ones, but I got out and WALKED. 2) Work has been going ok. This coming week is going to be a bear though - especially Monday ..... 3) Ordered in dinner Friday and Saturday. Better than 3 or 4 times during the week - so yay LOL. And I kept it on the lower end of the $$ spectrum.... 4) Spent Saturday at the office helping hubby with troubleshooting the NAS server (network attached storage for you non-IT folks). The nice thing about knowing about enterprise hardware is that
  3. Looks like I lost my discount. Upshot - $8/month. FFS the back and forth emails over $8 when I'm SAVING HUNDREDS per month over the old policy. If they'd just said - "you'll lose your 5% discount ($8/month) if you don't track that down" I'd have told them to just remove the discount. The STRESS over the equivalent of a salad at Zaxby's. Geesh. Also - I found the perfect 30 acre property, near where we want (further out) but on the mountain we want for the PRICE we want including a reasonable house on it - which makes it like SUPER affordable as the gateway to our dreams. No internet. GAH!
  4. Oh - and ramen is no longer 10/$1. It's 12/$2.50 ish. I picked up 2-12 packs. 1 pkg ramen + 2 eggs is a tasty, filling lunch without going WAY over on calories (considering I have a protein shake for breakfast) for < $1. I promise to start adding some cheap veggies to that - AND I'm keeping up with healthier dinners. I probably don't NEED to do that to make ends meet - but if it gives more wiggle room - hey - hopefully it's short term......
  5. Dragged my rear out of bed this morning for a short walk. Didn't feel as rejuvinating as the walks last week. I'm frustrated over back and forth emails with my new auto insurance as they asked for information I can no longer provide them since I cancelled my other policy. Trying to find out how much $$ per month it is to determine how much more time, thought, effort I actually need to put into this. While I can really use every extra $20/month - I'm beyond dealing with it at the moment. I need to focus on getting the house SOLD - then if I'm still peeved - I'll shop insurance again in 6 months
  6. Made it down to Atlanta today, packed stuff, fully loaded the Excursion and made it back to Chattanooga. A few boxes dropped off at the Office\Warehouse, the rest are at the apartment and are full of clothes to be washed and sorted into keep, store because some day I\hubby may get back into it\can't let it go, donate. I figured everything should be washed and sorted here and there's a pretty big need for clothes donations. All are in good condition and some are business clothes so would be good for someone needing something nice for interviews.... It's good to make more headway - just nee
  7. Quoting my own post here LOL. The prices are being driven up in southern Burbs (Atlanta, Florida, etc) and in some select "desirable" rural areas. A good friend, for instance, finally decided to go full remote (got permission just before COVID) and hasn't been able to get a Lakehouse in the 2 communities he's looking for - they're selling same day sight unseen. No joke. So the second half of my post relies on the little area where I want to move NOT becoming one of those areas all of a sudden. So time is of the essence. There are other "rural" more desirable areas that are in the "I'
  8. The ONE good thing I see coming out of COVID is the realization that 1) rural areas really DO need good internet and the infrastructure really needs to go in place - just like getting rural areas on the electric grid in the early\mid 20th century and 2) that some jobs can - and should - be remote. I was already 100% remote - but with a fair amount of travel. What I'm finding (and management and customers too) is that we can get everything done remote. I don't see - even post Pandemic - me traveling NEARLY as much as I was - and there are already quite a few more remote opportunities. The
  9. Actually got up early this morning in anticipation of a walk. And it's raining. Like ALL DAY raining. But I'm up AND alert (which is so rare to be like, notable). Heck - looks like it's supposed to be raining on\off through tomorrow. I tried at least - and that's a GOOD thing
  10. I actually got out and walked this morning. Not a really long one, and no hills, but I got out of the apartment for a bit and got some fresh air. It really makes a difference and I REALLY need to make dragging my butt out of bed a few minutes early and doing that a priority. In my mailbox I got a notification from my mortgage servicer that they'd paid 2 Insurance bills. THAT'S why I got one of those deposits from my insurance company. Interesting if they'd sent a bill since they told ME they wouldn't renew. So my Escrow just paid out *checks math* about 5X the normal insurance amou
  11. Also - in an effort to not stick my head in the sand as "shizzle" has occurred over the last few months which contributed to my - DIRE NEED of a break before I broke..... New HO insurance found. Old insurance wasn't going to renew as they'd figured out we'd moved out and no amount of "we're there once or twice a month" was going to stop the non-renewal. Insuring an empty structure costs about 3X as much as insurance that includes covering your stuff BTW. But I have now fully confirmed that the bill submitted to my mortgage company has been paid and updated in their system with the new ins
  12. I'm alive. I've been staying pretty much on top of keeping apartment clean, work, and cooking dinner MOST nights. I stayed up WAY too late last night reading. It appears that Kindle Reader stopped putting "time to end of book" - because if I'd truly realized I had another 4 hours to go - I'd have crashed at 10 rather than power through until 2am LOL. Gonna try to crash earlier tonight. Hubby and I are TENTATIVELY planning to head down to the house Friday night, spend Saturday packing\cleaning, load up the Excursion and drive back Saturday night\Sunday morning. I think that's going to be "
  13. Quick check in.... This week is a definite improvement over the week before vacation. Unfortunately I'm online tomorrow at 7am (and Thursday AND Friday) to teach a class. I have some setup to do tonight so I won't be in a rush tomorrow morning..... I'm still cooking dinner mostly at home and keeping an EAGLE eye on the budget. Gonna schedule the next "weekend" at the Atlanta house and focus on boxing up and cleaning - even if it's not moved out - if I can get the stuff upstairs boxed, out of the way and somewhat clean - I'll go ahead and throw it up FSBO and schedule an Open House an
  14. Unfortunately I wouldn't really do well on apples and balogna LOL.
  15. I'm grasping life by my fingernails at the moment. This is a placeholder and I'll update once I get a few moments of time - but my goals are likely to be little more than "make it to the end of the challenge alive, employed, not incarcerated, and not resorting to 10 for $1 ramen."
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