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  1. Athaclena

    Athaclena takes 2019 one week at a time.....

    I'm on the road again this coming week, so it's a similar challenge as last week. 1) Get some dang sleep - this will be more difficult this week as I'll be out with co-workers every night that I don't generally get to see in person - I'll just have to cut out by 10pm and DO IT.2) NO MORE than one serving of fries and\or deep dish pizza (I'll be in Chicago - trust me - this will be a challenge LOL)3) EAT VEGGIES (you know - like a veggie pizza LOL)4) Don't skimp on water consumption 5) STAY WARM - because it's going to be extremely cold. Not as cold (that the gods, the old AND the new) as the last January Team meeting in Chicago where it got to -30F - but it's still going to be a LOT colder than I'm used to......
  2. Athaclena

    Athaclena takes 2019 one week at a time.....

    1) SLEPT - thank you jet lag.... I think LOL 2) Only 1 serving of fries consumed 3) Ate lots of veggies! Like salads as an entree TWICE. 4) Stayed hydrated - even with some generous caffeine consumption to stay awake - again - thanks jet lag LOL. So I'll call that a WIN for this week! Now to rock the weekend and do that again next week! Where I'll add "keep warm" to the mix because it's going to be REALLY COLD in Chicago!
  3. Since this is a new year and we're likely to have some new folks - I'll do a bit of an intro (but there's a much LARGER one linked in my sig below). I am a Services Consultant - well, that's not my "title" any more - I'm a "Solution Architect". Basically, I work for a small-ish (<1500 people) software company that makes software that medium - large companies use (small for us is anything < 20,000 employees, but we also install\sell to some of the world's largest companies). I design the implementations of our software along with all of the integrations (and there are many). I'm the "go to" person when things go wrong or there is anything complicated\custom. So what this means is, my job can be stressful and there is travel (hopefully not AS MUCH this year). All in all - it makes routines darn near impossible because things CAN (and do) change at the drop of a hat. I'm also looking to MOVE - one of the great things about my job is that it doesn't matter WHERE I live as long as I have decent internet and access to an airport. The real estate market is still HOT in Atlanta and I need to sell our house before the market re-adjusts. My PERSONAL goal is by end of Q1 2019. So - on to my new challenge year! So - in light of my ever changing schedule - doing things in 4 week blocks isn't going to work for me. So -Yep - weekly challenges. I'm home this week and next - then on the road the next 3 weeks (2 weeks in a row for work - followed by a week in TN looking at apartments\storage units in prep for our move). I'm keeping it my challenges VERY simple with small changes since that actually worked last year. So as I'm HOME this week: 1) BY 10:30P every night - get my butt in the kitchen and do the dishes. I want to wake up to a clean kitchen (and CLEAN French Press for coffee) in the morning. 2) Once that's done - GO TO BED. I can read a bit if I'm not tired, but I need to be IN BED 3) I'm working on getting up earlier - even when I'm home (I've been taking WAAAAY too much advantage of no early morning meetings and being home and sleeping in) - so this week, the alarm is set for 7:45a. Even if I don't get up, that's when the alarm is GOING OFF!!! Next week I'm bumping it earlier to 7:15a..... Along with a that clean kitchen\go to bed being earlier..... 4) Every day - MINIMUM 15 min to prep for move - Box it up to keep, box it up to give it away, throw it away. Looking forward to 2019 being better than 2018 (fingers crossed).