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  1. Athaclena

    Athaclena re-enters the fray.....

    *drum roll please* - HUGE (unnecessary) customization coded. Why this client went with something completely custom which means CRAZY updates potentially in the future and require them paying for us to do them - I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. But it's done and ready for testing. Being paranoid (since I had a panic inducing moment when I went back to it today because something I SWORE was working when I left off Saturday wasn't today) - there's a copy of the code on my VM instance, my laptop, shared folder in Teams and I emailed it to my coworker who's also on the project. I'm not re-doing that thing from scratch and NOT losing what I've done LOL. I'm also VERY close to being caught up - because I worked over the weekend. There was no way around it, several things HAD to be done today. Period. Also - I ate healthy meals over the weekend. Need to string a few more days like that together If only I could get my sleep back on track. I've not been sleeping well because my brain won't shut down. I'm just going to have to re-implement my Formula 303 (Valerian supplement) bed-time protocol until I'm back on track. I hate taking extra pills - but it's better than "real drugs" - and definitely better than not getting enough sleep.....
  2. Athaclena

    Athaclena re-enters the fray.....

    Much coding done today. Progress made. I enjoy coding but I have issues turning my brain off so I haven't been getting restful sleep. Tonight I will take an herbal supplement (mostly valerian) in hopes it will shut my brain down. Since I'm completely beat - that's likely to happen here SHORTLY and I'll crash with a good book and hope to start tomorrow refreshed. I will need to do some work this weekend - but I think it's a manageable amount rather than 2 full days. I think this will get me caught back up - for now. I totally bailed on eating good at an early dinner with hubby. I looked at the part of the menu I should have ordered from, just didn't do it. I need to make a commitment to do that EVERY time rather than "on occasion".
  3. Athaclena

    Athaclena re-enters the fray.....

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok. I feel a bit better. Insert <<work rant>> about having to do stupid things because client wants stupid things done and I don't have enough hours in the day to do ALL THE STUPID THINGS. Back to your regularly scheduled program......
  4. Athaclena

    Juice Bar

    I lived on Mellow Yellow, Jolt and Coke in HS\College - so I hear ya. The fact that yogurt is helping is a good indication that a good probiotic would help more. You may never be able to completely come off of Nexium if you've truly damaged your body's natural processes, but you may be able to reduce it - heck you MAY be able to come off of it. I've come off of several things a doc told me I'd have to take forever because I changed my diet\lifestyle and fixed the UNDERLYING CAUSE. Don't get me started on the "treat the symptom not fix the problem" thing going on in this country. There's no $$ in a cure... When I came off of the Prilosec (and the doc actually DID urge me to - one of the reasons I liked her - her reasoning, if I couldn't, they needed to do more invasive tests to see WHY) - I did it SLOWLY over a couple of months. Now that I'm off completely - I'm SO glad I did..... OY! If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't eat it either! I don't do almond milk alone, I use it in other things. I don't like the flavor of soy either - rice milk isn't bad IF you're looking to replace that "feel". I know a couple of people that don't like cheese\milk because of the "sour" odor for them. Like I said - I'd just do milk, but I'm saving about 100 calories a day by drinking Unsweetened Almond milk instead as the base for my protein shakes- which works for me. Your Mileage may vary
  5. Athaclena

    Juice Bar

    I take them in the morning. I prefer addressing the actual underlying issue - which is that my gut "flora" is toast - rather than suppressing nature which is what nexium does. I found that once I calmed my gut down with the prilosec to address the immediate issue of acid reflux (literally waking me up at night), I was able to address the underlying issue of my gut not working right by re-introducing what is SUPPOSED to be there. So I was able to come off of the prilosec completely and rarely need any other "help" in that area. I still can't tolerate spicy foods, but I don't mind taking an occasional Zantac for an immediate fix. I COULD eat more yogurt - it's just not convenient due to my travel schedule. If I wasn't traveling - I'd eat yogurt (I even used to make my own). The whole milk thing - I drink mainly almond milk (unsweetened) with my morning shake to cut some calories without sacrificing taste. Half and half goes in my coffee and I consume other dairy in moderation. Obviously, if you're lactose intolerant or cutting calories or vegan - avoid it. For some it does trigger other things - but even when I cut it out I don't notice a difference in histimines or whatever, so I don't go to the ends of the earth to avoid it..... I just hate being told "OMG you eat X - it's SOOO BAD FOR YOU" when the science behind the statement is iffy at best.....
  6. Athaclena

    Juice Bar

    If yogurt is really distasteful - you can totally get probiotics in pill form. I LOVE yogurt - but I don't eat it often because while I love it, I'm picky about brand and can't always get what I like. SO I take probiotics. I've actually switched a bit recently and use this one:;psc=1 It's currently out of stock at Amazon - so I'm keeping an eye on it. I have it on Autoship and so far they've managed to get it to me every month, but I'll source it somewhere else if I need to. I really like it because it is shelf stable and doesn't have to be refrigerated after opening. Which is good because I have to take it with me when I travel. And while I don't CHECK it, I want it to still be viable for several days without refrigeration. And yes, using probiotics has made a HUGE difference in all of my tummy issues! While I still need an occasional Zantac - I haven't had to resort to Prilosec in months (there was a point I was using it - under doctor's orders - for 6 months straight). In addition to probiotics, I've virtually cut OUT Splenda. I keep Stevia in the Raw with me and use it almost exclusively. These 2 things have made ALL the difference. Now I pretty much just need Zantac when I eat something spicy\acidic. I can live with that!
  7. Athaclena

    Athaclena re-enters the fray.....

    It's kind of funny throwing all of this stuff out. We're kind of packrats - but his father was really, really close to being an all out hoarder. In their house, things look cluttered - but there was "the room" where you had a path around the outside. His parents were in a TERRIBLE accident. We cleaned out and re-did that room and threw out an entire dumpster of crap (and we're not talking a small one - it was HUGE). We're talking receipts from taking things to the dump 20 years prior (WHO KEEPS THAT?!). I was determined at that point I was downsizing because I did not want ANYONE to go through that stuff for me in my golden years. Fast forward to this weekend (about 15 years later) - and I know that what we chunked out of that unit was things that just weren't in that room (heaven knows WHERE it was in that house). We're talking unopened crap from Publisher's clearing house (ornaments and such - his mother thought if she BOUGHT that stuff, they'd win the sweepstakes), stuff from jobs they hadn't held in 30 years, etc. Needless to say the more of THEIR stuff we throw out\give away, the more stuff I let go of from OUR stuff. Because it really just bogs you down. Hubby still has packrat tendencies, but I'm working on him - HARD - and throwing out a lot of stuff behind his back (nothing sentamental - but do we REALLY NEED 5 huge CD Binders that are still new and in plastic?). But we have to go through it ALL because we've also found things like - the family coin collection that's been in the family for 3 generations (we've been through about 1/2 of it - no "golden tickets" found - it's not worthless - just nothing surprisingly rare LOL), very important papers that have been mysteriously missing for 40 years (exposing family secrets), etc. So looking in a box and going, that's all just crap, just won't fly *sigh*. At least my crap is a BIT more organized LOL.
  8. Athaclena

    Athaclena re-enters the fray.....

    Hey - I'm back! Been around for OVER a year now trying to improve me. Mostly failing on the physical part, but hey, I'm still trying! My goals this challenge are simple: Try to eat right, move and keep my head above water. Background: I'm an IT Consultant and I travel. A lot. I also want to get the heck out of Atlanta. Which means getting property ready to sell so we can do so - and organizing\unloading all of our stuff, and our inlaw's stuff (which is dredging up lots of personal stuff that has to be dealt with ON TOP of everything). I'll check in when I can. I will likely vent. About work, vaguely about personal stuff (and there's some doozy's going on) and life in general. I really needed the last break and just don't want it to turn into dropping of the face of the earth......