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  1. Athaclena

    Wobbegong Gets Real

    Take your vacation. Make it a several long weekends if taking one or two weeks at once aren't your thing yet. You WILL be glad you did! Americans don't take ENOUGH vacation. YOU NEED IT. And seriously, GO SEE THE COUNTRY - or you're already over there - go to Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. SEE ALL THE THINGS! And take pictures and post them so I can pretend I was there with you
  2. Athaclena

    Athaclena continues to make small changes

    I have had since the start of this challenge *drumroll* 5 french fries! And they were sweet potato fries! I have eaten at LEAST one serving of veggies per day - a couple of those definitely large enough to count as 2 or 3. I've even had a couple of days where I had veggies at 2 meals (not counting my vegan morning shake LOL). I have MADE veggie side dishes AND a couple of salads - and EATEN THEM (with leftovers). Today was a looooong one - so I'm ordering pizza. Mine is veggie only. Thin crust. Calorie count is < 300 calories for each 1/4 of the pizza so as long as I don't eat the whole dang thing - I should be good LOL. I've been doing my morning shakes (just realized I forgot my probiotics this morning - I'll fix that right after this post) and my probiotics and haven't need a "supplemental" dose of something for my tummy this week. So just to keep that rolling!!!
  3. Athaclena

    Wobbegong Gets Real

    Following. I SOOO want to visit Japan! Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  4. Athaclena

    Athaclena continues to make small changes

    I explicitly made a veggie as a side with dinner tonight. I need to do this more than twice a year LOL. I also didn't eat a HUGE serving of the main dish (my quick version of Butter Chicken)! Went to IKEA yesterday (Mom had an "order" from my brother to pick something up that was out of stock in Charlotte where he designed his closets, couldn't be ordered as it is being discontinued and was available at the Atlanta one). So got in a good amount of walking, picked up some things I wanted\needed (and replacing some stuff in my house that REALLY should have been tossed quite a while ago) and managed to get out of there for <$150 - which I think is a record LOL.
  5. Hi! I'm Athaclena. If you're new\haven't read any of my threads, you can find out more about me and my crazy consultant\travel life from other threads linked below. I've been in almost every challenge for ALMOST 2 years now making small changes. I'm continuing down the "small change" path. Because as long as I keep the focus small, I can manage it with my insane work\travel schedule. Last challenge I focused on 1 thing - and I think it helped. This challenge I'm going to focus on *4* things, but 2 of them are things I was doing well on and was letting slip, so I really count it as more 3 things. 1) Don't touch french fries. They're really bad for you! 2) EAT A VEGGIE! At least one serving per day. Make a salad, something, ANYTHING. Stop living on Protein, Carbs and Fat! 3) Take your probiotic, your gut will thank you 4) Drink your breakfast - protein shake that is - and although the one I use is vegan and loaded with vitamins I'm not going to count it as a veggie LOL. I'm actually home this week an next (counting my vacation at DragonCon which is just 30 miles away) that's 4 non-travel weeks IN A ROW! Then I head to Colorado and heaven only knows where after that. Work hasn't slowed down or anything, I'm still in all day conference calls, I'm just not flying to any meetings for a couple of weeks....