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  1. Athaclena

    Athaclena Moves in 2018 - redux

    Project is still on fire. HOW on fire depends on the day.... 2nd interview went well. I'm pretty much waiting on an offer . They're busy too and the HR contact hasn't heard from the Director - but the Director literally told me on the phone that I was exactly the type of candidate he was looking for so - so I'm pretty sure there will be an offer. Whether or not we can land on a compensation package that gets me over there is the story. I've had ANOTHER dumpster fire dropped in my lap - but it's a different type of fire that's more "needs more interaction with a resource with real developer experience" than "everything is on fire because we've f'd everything up" fire - and THAT is the kind of fire I can put out quickly and have a happy client I've been working so much, not much packing progress is being made - BUT - I did completely clean up 3/4 of my desk so there's progress and I now have a really nice workspace. I think that's helping a bit with the dumpster project because I'm not wallowing in a terrible project and surrounded by junk that needs to be gone through. I'm gonna try to KEEP it clean and continue to make progress. There has been some drowning my stress in fries and food I should limit - largely because I've been too busy to cook so we've been defaulting to takeout, delivery and going out. I am not eating burgers & fries as much as I would have in the past - so there's SOME progress What I need to do is learn how to drown my stress in a good salad LOL.
  2. Athaclena

    Athaclena Moves in 2018 - redux

    Hi! I'm Athaclena. If you're new\haven't read any of my threads, you can find out more about me and my crazy consultant\travel life from other threads linked below. I've been in almost every challenge for ALMOST 2 years now making small changes. Hubby and I have realized it's not worth trying to do ANYTHING to our current house to sell, we just need to pack up and get out. So the great purge & pack has begun and my goals are more related to THAT than diet. 1) Take your probiotic, you'll thank yourself later 2) Keep an eye on the diet. Keep up with skipping the fries, eating veggies and the morning shakes. 3) If you're home, pick a spot and clear it. Throw it away, pack it for the move, drop it in the giveaway box. It all needs to GO - or be ready to go. I'm not sure if we can pull off a move by the end of the year, but I'm certainly going to try!!!