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  1. Aaand.... since I had a migraine - we had decided to return the truck Monday AM - friend calls up in a panic Sunday night that his HD crashed and he can't retrieve stuff he's working on for a project (work - he owns his own company). So since my migraine was mostly gone (although I was literally ABOUT to turn in at 10pm) - struck out at 10:30 PM to go get the truck from our office, drop it off at Truck Rental, hubby dropped me off and he headed to Athens, GA (3.5 - 4 hour drive). So I got to bed about midnight - but of course then I was WIDE AWAKE. Insomnia ensues. Just.... ugh.... Hubby made it ok at least. Since there's been a RASH of thefts of Enterprise Trucks - they don't have a drop box so we could ONLY drop off the truck - so I had to go take them the keys (and I had a nice meeting break to do that). While I woke up with a headache, it abated quickly so I could execute that. So much fun driving the 21' long, 8' 3" wide dually. NOT. At least traffic isn't NEARLY what it is in Atlanta so I didn't have trouble navigating the couple of small streets needed to get to\from the Truck Rental place..... Anyhoo.... Late to bed, late to get up but I cleaned out the fridge (which was sorely needed) - so HUZZAH! Going to spend this afternoon looking at some financing stuff to see if I can take advantage of some re-org of our CC debt. So lots of FINE PRINT to read. Mainly to make sure they're actual FEE Simple so no pre-payment penalties so if I pay twice the minimum payment it's not just "prepaying" the finance charges - although at 3.5% do I REALLY care? Anyway - off to math....
  2. Friday ended well. Friend drove up from Atlanta and stayed the night - because Saturday we (and a couple of other friends) moved the contents of the last storage unit to the Warehouse\Office. Woke up with a migraine. Managed to get some food so I could take meds. Called the storage place to close out that account (HUZZAH). It's raining\storming - which kind of explains the migraine. So I'm taking it easy today and hope I have enough energy a bit later to go get groceries. I may have a break in my meeting scheduled to pull of a grocery excursion tomorrow if it comes down to it though.... I just feel like BLARGH this morning (well, afternoon now)....
  3. Walking definitely fell by the way side last challenge. Some successes, some fails. So I'm going to continue to work there. Also the sleep thing.... yeah.... not so much LOL. I'm teaching a class on the West Coast for this week (Week 0) so that won't be a goal for the first week. But as usual, I'm going to review week by week and update as needed. So.... this week the plan is: 1) Get to bed BEFORE midnight (back to 11p once I'm finished with the W. Coast client) 2) Get UP by 9am, get coffee\protein shake made and (weather permitting) (back to 8am once finished with W. Coast Client) 3) Try to walk at least a bit each day 4) MEAL PLAN - create one - stick to it. This helps keep calories\food choices IN LINE and reduces cost (made for this week - all purchases made - just need to stick with the plan) 5) Do a bit of house cleaning EVERY DAY. 15 - 30 min. The apartment is in good shape - just need to stay on top of it before I look around and it looks like crap. To assist with this, I'll dig out my Flylady stuff. Babysteps and doing a little bit every day is how I roll so it works for me LOL.