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  1. Big demo DONE. Lots of kudos all around and I am literal TOAST. Definitely an early night tonight. This will likely turn into a giant Proof of Concept project - but could also turn into a really big sale which is good for the bottom line (like literally since I'm in Sales now).....
  2. Liability may state otherwise..... good grief! Also - made it through the first half of the day. That's the demo done. This afternoon is walking them through security requirements plus (time permitting) a round table of "stump the consultant" LOL.
  3. Rain + Camping SUCKS! It's a bit better in a Roof Top tent - but I've dealt with waking up to a deluge in a tent - which is why in our "advanced" years we both decided sleeping on the ground was not for us LOL. Still - setting up a roof top tent in the rain isn't fun - but at least it's dry inside!
  4. Worked until 9:45p with Account Manager to finalize what we're doing this morning on the demo - all while having a headache that just wouldn't quit in spite of taking 2 Aleve in the AM. Took 2 more (yeah, yeah, still less than the prescription dose and better - slightly - than overdosing on Excedrin) after the meeting. Fed the cats and crashed - completely forgetting to run the dishwasher - GAH. So I had to wash my coffee stuff this morning - but I was up by 7:30 so I wasn't in a total rush - which is good because GUESS WHO WOKE UP WITH A HEADACHE. So - 2 more Aleve this morning with my protei
  5. Clean kitchen went I went to bed at 10:30. Slept for crap. Up by 7:30a with the beginnings of a migraine. Walked to the mailbox in 99.99% humidity. About to take some meds for the noggin. I have a shizzle ton of stuff to prep for tomorrow's big demo. And it's supposed to be bad storms today. Rosie the Wonder Robot is doing the vacuuming. Yay. Ugh...... Murphy can take a long walk off a short pier. But I made my big goals for today. Just need to string a few days together. OH and hubby's 2nd Moderna shot is today - so 2 weeks and we are FREE. Yeah, I realize the protocol
  6. Honey, I swing all the ways LOL. I'm not gonna change my post to "bye" week LOL.
  7. I'm kind of in a valley at the literal bottom of a mountain. I'm pretty sure a bailing bucket won't help LOL. We're actually PRETTY high up from the base of the valley, so I'm not actually worried about it - but we're also keeping that in mind while looking for property. I'm pretty familiar with the FEMA flood maps for our area at the moment. We're above the 1000 year flood map - of course I've been through a 1000 year "flood" event a few years ago in Atlanta - and that was no fun. We were fine, but some of our neighbors had damage and flooded basements.
  8. I don't really take a "bi" week and just go right into the next challenge (I might disappear for a while - that's different - *ahem*). Any who - Saturday night I had insomnia and didn't get to sleep until some time after 2a. I had set my "weekend" alarm for 10:30 so I don't just sleep until noon and forced myself to get up. It's a good thing.... Last night I crashed a little after 9p. So as I was going to bed, I went ahead and bumped my alarm up to 7a - and actually GOT UP. I was able to take a quick walk to the mailbox between rain showers. It's supposed to pretty much rain \ storm
  9. OK - last challenge was pretty successful - but I still have more to target and get a handle on. So this challenge is about maintaining those things I did well last challenge and not "slip" there - and take on the next 2 things that I really feel are still holding me back from getting to a healthier me. MAINTAIN 1) Keep eating veggies - I'll focus on more food goals next challenge but for now - make sure I'm eating veggies every day 2) Keep the dang house clean - Rosie the Wonder Robot is helping me with the vacuuming. But keep up with the nightly clean kitchen before bed
  10. Final round-up.... Day after Moderna shot #2 - achy as heck, general tiredness and it felt like someone had punch me in the arm. Took 2 Aleve and some Formula 303 (miracle for me Valerian supplement) which helped. 1 more Aleve + supplement before bed and I feel human (or at least my normal level of general IDGAF and background aches\pains) - so huzzah LOL. While I didn't peg EVERYTHING on my list this challenge - I feel like I'm making some progress. I know what I'm going to target next challenge so I feel like that's a good thing as well. See you guys next challenge!
  11. Been a while since I posted. Oops Pretty much same shizzle different day. BUT - so glad I haven't "slid back" on the things I've accomplished -Eating Home Cooked meals most nights WITH veggies, making sure the kitchen is clean before bed, actually unloading the dishwasher in the morning while making coffee, keeping Rosie the Wonder Vacuum in working order and running. If I could simply get to bed and walk - it'd be AWESOME. That will likely be the focus of my next challenge. OH - tomorrow is Moderna shot #2 - I'll report in with how that goes.....
  12. I'm pretty sure at times that my cats WAIT for a clean carpet or bed to barf on. It's their superpower....... *hugs*
  13. Still struggling getting to bed by 11 and asleep at a reasonable hour - and getting in walks. BUT staying on top of eating my veggies and keeping the house\kitchen clean IN SPITE of doing even more cooking than normal. We have a guest this week who is helping out hubby with doing a detail clean of the new warehouse\office space (like scrubbing almost 3000 sq ft of concrete with a floor scrubber\polisher) to get the ground in dirt up. The extra has been to make desserts - I've made a cobbler and flan so far and will probably ALSO make brownies tonight. Tomorrow, we're ordering in LOL.
  14. COVID can present as intestinal issues - but usually progresses as well. I had some pretty serious "sour stomach" issues that we found no real cause for. I'm pretty sure it could all fall under "stress". The ONLY thing that actually helped when it got constant was omeprazole (Prilosec). The OTC dosage (20 mg) was enough. It took a day (sometimes 2) to make a difference. I'd take until my tummy was fine - then another 2 or 3 days - then back off to every other day, then stop if no more symptoms. I rarely went through a 14-day pack. There WAS a time I was on it every day for a few months, b
  15. Third! All in favor? "AYE" Opposed? *crickets* Motion carries! All the hugs!
  16. Busy, busy weekend. We've landed the new space for Hubby's company (my side gig) - so that means a TON of work to get it prepped and get stuff moved. But it's going to open up a LOT of things hubby can do to actually make $$. One friend has already committed to monthly $$ for access to our resources and a bit of space (which we'll have a metric ton of). We can also do MORE to the space because it's actually commercial space and managed as such. So I've got paint chips and ideas for the office space, hubby is ordering lights for the warehouse space and we'll be building more space for a server
  17. You definitely don't need the BILLS - but I'd keep test results\diagnosis ESPECIALLY if it's something that may be used to rule in\out something later. You could ALSO simply summarize in a doc so it's on a few pages with dates\diagnosis for anything that's not "normal". This is one of those times a centralized healthcare system would be GREAT - because having stuff in a centralized system REALLY helps. While I wasn't always happy with my in-laws HMO - every doctor had all of their records on their tablet EVERY visit. It becomes very vital as you get older and start to forget things.....
  18. Unless mail is from a charitable organization that I've actually previously researched and know it's something I want to contribute to (there are a couple of missions that do great work feeding the hungry), that shit goes directly in the trash. If they have enough $$ to send that shit out blindly, they obviously don't me sending them any. That's how I see it TBH. I don't open it, it goes right into the round file (trash). HUZZAH for taking care of some cleaning\organizing!
  19. Found a good primer..... looks like NEC (National Electric Code) is constantly updating where ARC fault needs to go and will eventually be pretty much everywhere to protect from frayed wiring inside the wall AND in plugs.... https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/gfci-vs-afci-whats-the-difference/ What has me a bit perplexed is if your GFCI or circuit is tripping often - there's probably an issue with the wiring in the wall (or, you know, careless people with water - which sounds like a real possibility in your household). Since we're planning to build - although not residential code
  20. I've actually gotten a short walk the last few days. A BIT more than just walking to the mailbox. Still having trouble getting to bed by 11 - but making it by 11:30 - so it's progress even if it's not 100% what I planned for. Still running Rosie & keeping the kitchen clean AND eating my veggies - so keeping my sight on the target. Also, printed out the letter and mailing today to the owners of the property we'd like to get our hands on. Of COURSE hubby sends me a link to the PERFECT house (although on only 5 acres) in the area we're looking LOL. I've always wanted a log cabin - he wan
  21. Um - no - you don't need to replace the breaker every time it trips. That said - kitchen\bath have an Arc Fault circuit which CAN "fuse off" if there's a short- more commonly caused due to it getting wet. So if it gets a bad short and it gets that hot, it cuts the power to the outlet. With other outlets, overloading or getting them wet and causing a short CAN fuse them on - but it's more rare. But that's how fires happen. Some houses nowadays are starting to use the Arc Fault circuits everywhere rather than JUST kitchen\bath as a safety measure. At a few bucks more per breaker - it's cheap in
  22. Dad was not an adventurous eater - so Mom ALSO didn't make much variety growing up. She also had 0 idea how to cook when she got married (and of course, it being the late 60's took up the traditional roll). After their divorce and a few decades - Mom's a decent cook NOW. Look at your recipes and see what can be cooked in pans in the oven. Seriously. I've learned a lot about sheet pan cooking during the pandemic. Chop it up, toss with seasoning (many times just salt & pepper) and a bit of olive oil and throw it in the oven. I bought a set of 8" square stainless steel pans to make small
  23. To be clear - I bought - and read - a LOT of eBooks. I've been an avid reader since early childhood (it all started with The Black Stallion)....... The book I gave myself is Wild Sign - the latest in the Alpha and Omega series by Patricia Briggs. I ordered it through The Signed Page website. https://signedpage.com/product/wild-sign-by-patricia-briggs/ It was personalized to me and Patty even added a howling wolf There are still a few left, but you can no longer get one personalized.... I bought 2 books at DragonCon a few years ago to be signed by authors that were in At
  24. Ahhhh Mondays are made for Murphy's Law...... Hang in there!
  25. Weekend roundup..... I may or may not have mentioned - I turned 49 yesterday. Rather than plan something big - had a quiet day at home. I DID go to the Post Office to pickup 2 birthday presents I ordered for myself. The first - a signed\personalized book (recently released so I could order it from the store the author uses to arrange such things for fans). I stopped buying "dead tree" books 8 years ago since I didn't want to add extra weight to my luggage for traveling and I knew we were planning a big move so I need to CULL books, not add. So this was only the 3rd ACTUAL book I've bought
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