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  1. Last night - leveraging my new found "make all the meatballs power" - I made meatballs from ground bison. Smoky Bison Balls (hubby found the name I picked amusing LOL) 1 lb Ground Bison (could use any ground meat - but we LOVE ground bison) 1/4 c. Bread Crumbs - I used Panko 1/4 tsp Onion Powder 1/4 tsp Garlic Powder 1/3 tsp Kosher salt Freshly Ground Pepper 1 tsp Smoked Paprika 1 egg Preheat oven to 425. Mix it all together and form into 8 meatballs. Place on baking sheet (line with aluminum foil for easy cleanup) and cook about 25 min (internal temp 160). Invest in an instant thermometer (I'll link the one I use below). I was recovering from a migraine - so this was served with a side of Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese. Don't judge LOL. This is my instant read thermometer and I LOVE it!
  2. Herbes de Provence Chicken with brown sugar-glazed carrots and pecans Hit it out of the park. Even hubby ate everything (with some careful plating of his and adding a baked potato). Definitely a lot of steps - but WORTH IT! My plate: Hubby's Plate (fewer carrots, no chives\pecans on the carrots, carefully avoided giving him any shallots in the sauce and added a baked sweet potato with butter, honey & cinnamon). I've also noticed I'm keeping the kitchen clean. Something I've outright struggled with my entire frickin' life (and I'm staring at 50, so not like awww.... you'll get a hang of that by the time you're 30)..... Also VITALLY important in this tiny as heck apartment kitchen! So just need to decide what I'm making for dinner tomorrow. Friday (weather permitting) is Food Truck Friday at my apartment complex - and Saturday we're celebrating hubby's birthday with his special request - comparing deep dish pizzas order from Giordano's and Lou Malnatti's in Chicago. We're having a SMALL get together with our circle. Now if I can just drag my butt out of bed and WALK!!!!!
  3. An observation from this experiment with Home Chef. I never really made meatballs before. I've made some amazing meatloaves - but never made meatballs. This is a TRAGIC error on my part apparently. The meatballs I've made the last couple of weeks have really been dead simple and easy. I'm still in shock over last night meatballs which were turkey, sour cream, garlic salt, chef crackers and pepper. They were better than they had any right to be. And a 2 ingredient sauce leveled it up. And crumbled blue cheese just knocked it out of the frickin' park. Also - essentially sheet pan cooking (I'm collecting these little reusable pans - believe me) makes it even easier. I totally see us eating a lot of meatballs\mini meatloaves in the future. I'm saving these recipes! Hubby wants to do more keto - and I can 100% swap out the breading in these suckers with quinoa (which is what I do in MY meatloaf LOL). Also - more sheetpan cooking means I just roast my veggies while it's all cooking. So easy - I'm kicking myself. OK - our last house oven cooking in the summer was a no go - but the apartment stays cooler. And so will our house we build. But having dinner come together with little fuss from inexpensive ingredients.... let's just say I just got a lot of fill in ideas. I was THINKING about upping my meals per week to 4 - but I think 3 is a solid "experiment" and I'm keeping recipes to make on my own for "fill in" days....
  4. Tonight I made: Steak House Meatballs with Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms I also added a side of leftover rice pilaf to bulk it up a TAD. And it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I will 100% be making these turkey meatballs again. And I will source onion jam and make this sauce - I could have eaten it with a spoon - and I HATE Hellmans mayo. Put onion jam in it though..... It'll be even better with my Dukes. And adding a sprinkling of blue cheese?
  5. I second and third all of this. Being the child (or close family member) of an alcoholic is not easy. I cut the toxic family members out of my life. I realize that's not for everyone - but I can say once I did - I was happier in general. That may not be right for you - but realize it is an option - or to even take a break. I left home at 16 and really never looked back. I keep in touch with literally 2 people (my mother and her best friend) - and go home Thanksgiving ONLY to limit my contact with everyone else. Every time I go home - I'm reminded of why I left (sadly) - and get very angry whenever I'm dragged back into the family BS. So {{{hugs}}} for dealing with everything and getting in touch with YOU.
  6. Last night I had the Prosciutto Caprese Penne. Easy, tasty but not my favorite. It really didn't have enough protein. I might make this myself - but I don't feel it was worth the $$ paid so I'm not likely to order it again.... Gave me ideas for something I'd make - and I DID get dinner so not a total loss LOL. Hubby had burritos from some leftover chicken. Tonight I'm making the meatballs
  7. This week's Home Chef box is on the way and scheduled to be delivered today. This week's menu: Herbes de Provence Chicken with brown sugar-glazed carrots and pecans Prosciutto Caprese Penne with Grape Tomatoes and Parmesan Steak House Meatballs with Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms Since hubby wasn't a fan of the green beans last time - I'll just do meatballs on the stove and roast the mushrooms\beans in the oven. I may also do a completely different sauce for his meatballs. I may also just do his own meatballs for him from the ground bison I bought LOL.
  8. Tonight I made the Bone-In Chicken with Mushroom Stroganoff Sauce and roasted fingerling potatoes It was a bit involved and I'll ONLY do this again if hubby will be out or I'm ordering something in for him so I can be a tad less worried about cross contamination (due to his mushroom allergy). But it was DIVINE!
  9. Ended up having a a couple of friends over (they also social distance - we do this occasionally in a SMALL circle) - and was able to whip out the ground beef for burgers (with a choice of 3 cheeses, fresh sliced beefsteak tomato) and a quick side of rice pilaf (one of the guests can't have gluten or dairy) and have a nice, sit down dinner. I'm so far quite happy with the quality of the meat. So far I've had pork chops, steak, ground turkey and ground beef. Tonight I'll have the ultra fancy Truffled Bone-In Chicken with Mushroom Stroganoff Sauce and roasted fingerling potatoes and I have some chicken thighs ready with taco seasoning to slow roast to make hubby chicken tacos. He's allergic to mushrooms so I'll be sure to keep EVERYTHING separate. I promise to post pictures!
  10. Hi - Athaclena here. Been around for ... um.... a while LOL. Trying to make little improvements to my life and my health. Some progress - some slides. I mostly use NF to blog where I am in my journey to a better me - according to me! Late last year, we had a windfall of cash and took the opportunity to have that cushion to execute a move from Atlanta to Chattanooga. We finally picked move dates in January - early\mid-March which of course coincided with the beginning of the COVID shut-downs and work had me flying around just prior - so we only got PARTIALLY moved out of our Atlanta house - but went ahead and made the move to an Apartment in Chattanooga (we had already applied and signed the lease a couple of weeks prior). Timing.....UGH. Now that we're fully settled into the Apartment, the next few weeks hubby and I are focusing on getting the rest of the Atlanta House packed up. So that is likely to take up at least part of our weekends - and some of our evenings (as we're going through the warehouse to go through some older boxes from his parents that we hadn't gone through). Luckily - I'm still employed - but it's all stressful (suprise!). We were ordering food too much - and of course the tax bill hit for our windfall. UGH. So now I'm stressed about making sure we're not spending a ton of $$ on ordering food in. So - I was at a friends house this weekend helping her with something and she made dinner from a Home Chef kit.The ingredients were fresh and it was DARN GOOD. So - she gave me a $30 off my first order coupon and I'm going to give it a whirl. Hubby won't eat pretty much any of the recipes - but if I give him a protein and a sweet potato - he'll be happy. So I figure I can make sure we're eating the same "proteins" so I can cook them all at once (even if they're seasoned differently) and his "won't touch a veggie" side - while I get a much better variety of food. It will be SLIGHTLY more expensive than just doing it myself - but the time savings on the shopping I think will be worth it - and I don't have to "come up" with a menu every week. I figure it'll cut my shopping time in half - at a MINIMUM. And I'll eat some frickin' veggies. Full disclosure - I'm a damn good cook. Do I "need" a kit? No. But it is seriously difficult to accomodate my dietary wants\needs with hubby's INSANE pickiness - and I've gotten really bad about just defaulting to making something he'll eat that I shouldn't be eating - but not wanting to take time to do it AND it's incredibly a PITA to buy a good variety of food when I'm the only one eating it. Seriously - grocery stores are setup to feed families, not singles. I've tried and end up throwing TONS of food out.... But I digress.... So - this challenge I'll post up my reviews of the recipes and entire experience - including the costs. I'm starting with 3 weekly meals from them (minimum 2 servings - I'll either have leftovers for lunch or another meal during the week) - which may be all I do. First kit doesn't arrive until 8/3 though. I'm also going to try to get up and walk before work. Yeah, yeah.... I say that every challenge LOL. And - just keep plinking away at getting everything out of the Atlanta house and get it sold.