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  1. Busy, busy. Doing a couple of loads of laundry (to make sure there's plenty of cleaning cloths and another load to get my hoodie smelling clean before I fly). Pretty much packed, just have to add a few things (new mascara, make sure I have toothpaste, etc. - outfits and shoes already packed so it's just a few things). I did have to go with a larger bag so it has my winter coat and non-battery things from my backpack to lighten it. All I should need to do in the AM is throw my tablet and work phone in there and go. Rosie has made her rounds, I just need to run through with a swiffer for cat hair she missed and scrub a few spots (the joys of pet ownership - especially cats) and grab a shower. Our friend from TX has officially put his house on the market and he has packed virtually everything he owns on his trailer and should be here about 6p. In a few weeks he (and possibly hubby) will go back for his other car and a few items he couldn't quite cram onto the trailer. Mom is next. WHEE!!!!!!! I'm not going to really worry about the challenge this coming week. Just try to be mindful of what I'm eating. It's possible I may not post until I'm back - so don't worry if that happens
  2. You know if you look at that loooong list and instead focused on 2 things that are the root of that - it's what I had to do and you know I'll 1000% support that. It's the ONLY way it made a difference for me because it just overwhelmed me and was too much. The 5 main things and 2 minor things or health vs life, or *shudder* the giant spreadsheet grid, etc. I think it was too much like how Performance Goals/reviews are done (which I HAAAAATE). I can juggle IT/work projects like there's no tomorrow - but add in that little life thing I want to fix? Don't necessarily let go of the task list, just consider ranking them and focus on the top 2 and if you get to more - BONUS! If having more than 2 or 3 causes you to drop everything - then just keep it small..... {{hugs}}
  3. I'm still here. Slipping a bit on my goals because I'm frickin' busy and tired. Lots of stuff at my day job. Struggling with the client to work out fair price for our work for side gig and I'm just exhausted. I think the side gig negotiations are done - not gonna make as much $$ as we should and conversations need to be had around my not caring what industry is being served (they have the $$ - TRUST ME) and they don't think they should pay our rate because why pay people a fair wage they can get in the industry? This is why your events are CRAP - you're not hiring people that ACTUALLY know WTF they're doing which is why the are OK with 1/2 the pay..... And truly, we're not charging what it would be if you called up "Tech Temps R Us" and asked for a Sr. Network Engineer - that would be twice what we charge. So - I've been getting my steps in but have been lax about tracking food. I HAVE been mindful of my food, just not tracking it - being mindful was the point but I know I'll stop if I let it slide completely. I won't be able to track next week (and I will be getting in my steps) because I'll be in Chicago and will have almost no control over the available food choices. Work has been good about making sure a variety is available - including lots of veggie options because we have a fair # of vegetarians on staff nowadays. I've been letting house cleaning stuff kinda go. It's not like a complete disaster in the house but I definitely need to scrub the bathrooms, vacuum\mop, and get back to keeping up with the kitchen (which HAS been a bit of a disaster the last 2 weeks). That's going to be my focus tomorrow. At LEAST run Rosie, follow behind with a swiffer dry and clean the toilets. I'll get packed today (and maybe address the toilets so it's one less thing for tomorrow) so I don't have to worry about it since there's nothing I need to keep "out" (since I have duplicates of what I travel with - easier not to forget to pack something I need in the AM - which was VERY important when I traveled full time).
  4. Busy, busy weekend (and "holiday"). Made my step goals Didn't track all of my food, will get back to that tomorrow While today was a work holiday for my "day" job, putting together this quote and scope of work for this 6 month gig was no joke. But it's together and professional and of course 3.5 seconds later (ok, an exaggeration) and "that's more than I expected." Dude - enterprise network gear to support 9 elite eSport Teams for 24 weeks + remote support + 9 (NINE!) tournaments with an engineer on site making sure everything goes smoothly. Our only other competition would quote 4 - 5x higher than we just did. Feel free to check with them. There's some wiggle room - but we're really not being greedy. We're trying to run a dang business. But go ahead and buy consumer gear and do it yourself if you want......
  5. My mind immediately went here..... and of course you can't empty that box.....
  6. I hate doctors that don't listen and REALLY hate doctor's that think losing weight is merely a "will" exercise when there is a splooging FUCK TON of data to refute that. Also - I recommend every time you see a doctor, print out your step logs pre and post so they can see you're not simply sitting on your ass. It's also partly why I've started a food diary and shoring up my diet so when I finally sit with a doctor I will show them I'm not sitting on my ass and eating fast food every day.
  7. It rained - I had a headache so I didn't walk and didn't get in all of my steps. I'll not be increasing my goal this coming week I need to lock this down. Tracked my food - stayed under 1500 calories I need to meal plan better for those days I end up having to work late with the side gig. I can probably solve that with some crock pot meals I can throw together at lunch and just add rice and a salad to. I typically know by "lunch time" if that's gonna happen - and frankly some crock pot meals would mean less "work" for me so I should workshop some recipes that stay in my food goals and hubby will still eat....
  8. Work was busy and didn't get in a walk. Tracked my food. Had frozen pizza for dinner because side gig was also busy after my work day. I'm tired. So uh.... looks like side gig has picked up a 6 month project sponsored by a household name that actually pays well. You haven't heard of the company this is done through (kinda by design) but this may be the break we've been looking for. If we're allowed to drop that logo as a client and get a good quote we may be set. Apparently their internal team is tired of dealing with the gamer teams which is why they're outsourcing in the first place. But huzzah for us! That's about all I can say due to the NDA but this is the game changing thing we've been looking for!
  9. Got in a walk - but didn't hit my step count. Life is meaningless because it's not fair that if I take a day off of doing 18 loads of laundry I'm not criss crossing the house and getting my steps in Food tracked - dang I love my easy chicken & pasta but I need to eat just one serving of said chicken and pasta. Good to know the actual calorie count I guess *sigh*
  10. Just shy of 3500 steps, didn't manage a "walk" Tracked my food - except for dinner because I didn't feel like cooking and when to a Chinese Buffet. I limited anything fried and focused on proteins not drowned in a sweet sauce and ate some veggies One bin of clothes\curtains washed, folded and put away. Started on the next bin which includes some older work clothes (which probably don't fit, but I'll test and determine if I'm keeping them) and some of the winter weather stuff I've been keeping an eye out for since I need more "long johns" for my Chicago trip later this month.
  11. Hit my step count - it's now raised to 3500 - want to hit that 5 days this week and get in more actual "walks" rather than just walking back & forth in the house Logged food - it seems I likely average 1500 - 1600 calories per day. Ironic the food pyramid suggests 2000 but this amount is too much for my 5'0 (edited from 5'1 - I WISH) frame and activity level. I need to put as much of the "muscle" back as I can. *sigh* I have no desire to try to "keep" to 1200 calories a day for the rest of my life. Just ARGH! Mom eats like a dang bird (she's on ozempic which basically flips the switch in her brain to tell her she's always full) - oh she's lost about 30 pounds but good grief... I'm also back to working through bins from the move - namely going through the bins of clothes. I did a TON of laundry this weekend - which included a bin of t-shirts that have been folded and put away. The rest of that bin is curtains (about 3 loads of wash) that I'm trying to work through today before I crack open the next bin.
  12. Hit my step goal - that's 4 out of 7 days. I'm going to up it to 3500 and also try to get in a short walk every day it's not complete crap outside Still logging my food - hit 1500 calories yesterday. Going to keep on keeping on there. I'm going to keep going another week or so and then review and see if there's a good way to reduce the calories and cut 100 per day on average My back is slowly recovering. It's still stiff, but I can tell it's releasing a bit and I'm regaining a bit of my range of motion. Talked to Mom for about an hour yesterday. Her funds have cleared and she's set things up in a way it's accessible in an emergency, but making enough $$ that other than the X amount she's set up to supplement Social Security for the first 5 years, she shouldn't have to touch her principal. And it's enough to pay me a reasonable rent/pay the loan for the apartment we plan to build for her (or if she chooses, to buy a small house nearby instead) and still have more per month to spend than she does NOW - only her expenses will go down because she'll be living with me and her "rent" pay for all the stuff she can barely afford. All she had before was SS which was <$1k\month - that had to pay her medical, medication, utilities, food, gas, insurance, etc. Once she's here I'm putting her on my car insurance, moving her phone to my plan, etc. With her and our friend from Texas here paying rent - I may hire someone to scrub the floors\bathrooms once a month so all I have to do is touchups - gods that would be a LUXURY!
  13. You know what that means? It's very easy to color your hair ANY COLOR YOU WANT! I have a friend that was pretty much fully gray by the time she was 35 (maybe even earlier) and she can pull off awesome colors - whether you're looking for something "natural" or cobalt blue..... I get asked how I get my hair so red all the time - it's because I'm naturally blonde so you don't have to bleach it to get it bright red rather than only being able to achieve a deep auburn.
  14. Fell JUST short of my step goal yesterday *sigh* Still logging food and it's reasonably w\in 1500 calories. Today I'm doing a ton of laundry....
  15. I really can't add much to that. An older dev moving to Java and not understanding a String is a special array and not a simple variable (so you can't compare with an "=" operator) sure - but not understanding what the different Math variable types are - maybe dev isn't for you. And yes, that is an oddly specific example from me {{HUGS}} Hang in there!
  16. Also - if you're interested in what bed we settled on - it's behind spoiler guards. No affiliate links - just where we did our research and what we settled on - and I LOVE this bed!
  17. Apparently was a sloth yesterday - didn't hit my step count Food logged, just over 1500 calories Going to try to maybe actually get a walk in. I think I'm just still tired from wrestling with the bed (was that only 2 days ago?). I feel like my back is "unkinking" so to speak. It actually cracked yesterday for the first time in weeks if not months and my shoulder is definitely feeling better. I need to also start incorporating some stretches into my morning routine (and maybe adding focusing on my sleep\wake cycle.... again). So I may add a bit to my challenge for next week.
  18. Well gee, I was having trouble going back to threads from previous challenge and just now stumbled across this. I was going to tell to specifically ask about yeast infections. Mom suffered from a re-occuring rash on her arms for literal decades. They "diagnosed" her with everything from sun poisoning to lupus (they even did skin biopsies) and prescribed a TON of creams (mostly cortisone/steroid) which never did anything. One day she's going to an NP about a (I kid you not) MRSA infection for a check up when she happened to have a flare up on her arms - and the NP asked how long she'd had that skin yeast infection. She was given the CORRECT medication for her actual condition she had and hasn't had a flare up like that sense. Her MRSA infection was also taken care of. It's apparently quite common but it's like always the LAST thing they think of.....
  19. Step count achieved Food logged - went over 1500 calories - sometimes a girl just needs a damn hamburger Work is picking up in the new year. We're working on a new "biggest deal ever for the company". It's gonna be all hands on deck for that - but if we land it, that one deal will be 30% of last year's "new deal" revenue ..... there's that LOL. I'm also helping out services with a few things and still wading through cleaning up\out the RFP questions for my segment of our product set. Mind bogglingly BORING.....
  20. When I have this much to do - I make a list and give everything a "weight" of importance and start at the top and just chug through. Sometimes the "weight" is "who is screaming the loudest that I can't put off" and just keep going. Everything can not be "the most important" task to do "right now". Some will just have to wait. Do what you can - take deep breaths. You've got this!
  21. My back is hella stiff - but OMG was sleeping in that bed with the new pillows A-MAZ-ING! 0 shoulder pain. I basically made dinner (with some help from our house guest which is much appreciated because otherwise it totally would have been frozen pizza or takeout from Hardee's - I was BEAT), took a shower and crawled into bed to play with the adjustable functions and read a book. I felt "warm" - and I know I can't use the cooling feature of the Bed Jet for long without causing all of my muscles to basically seize up - but I can set it to cool a bit below body temp for just a few minutes to cool off and pass out. SO awesome. Yeah - wish I'd done it sooner.... I got my step count in (no surprise) and logged my food. Still under 1500 calories. Being mindful I'm not oversnacking (i.e. being mindful of the how much I eat for a snack and not eating WAY too much). Just need to keep that going!
  22. Adjustable bases assembled and paired with their remotes. Mattresses unboxed and unbagged (let set for over an hour while I ran to town to pick up my farm order + a couple of things at the grocery store). New sheets put on. Bed Jets assembled, configured, paired with their remotes and running a 1 hour "dry" cycle to air out the mattresses a bit more. I laid down for a few minutes once I got the second mattress unboxed and holy moly am I kicking myself for not doing this before (yeah, we couldn't afford it a year ago and I was scared with my budget until recently) - but I am really, really looking forward to sleeping on the new mattress. The ONE issue is I probably should have done the bases one "segment" shorter. Our oldest kitty may not be able to jump up on his own so we'll need another set of pet stairs or something. I definitely will not be sitting on the edge of the bed to put on socks\shoes - but I really couldn't do that before because the "edge" support was shot. So no real loss there. I've taken Aleve and 303 because my back is shot - I did it all by myself while hubby did stuff at the shop - but I was flat DETERMINED that I was not sleeping another night on the old mattress so I'm glad I pulled through and did it. OK - off to make dinner!
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