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  1. breaking down. lost a good job . it was the firstime in mine and my girls life we were able to move forward. and it is gone like that. it has just broke me. idk if i will beable to pay my bills or anything. i had alreagy cut every corner down that i can. i only have a phone still for job searching. but basically. idk anything any more. sorry to vent but just rock bottom
  2. i have managed to make herbal tea blends that work but in morning i always feel like im running behind so i forget to make them
  3. what finally helped me kick the cravings was the Whole 30 diet. it is strict but it works
  4. Me and my girlfriend are both working to lose 20% body mass in 3 months . and her sister is trying to lose 10%. we are going back to paleo (should have never stoped) and inculding workouts both cardio and lifting. i know it is a big goal but both of us are obese ans . she has lost 100lb and i have lost 50 lbs just eating right but we stopped do to alot of excuses. i know we may not make that goal but i have to have something that isnt easily attainable or i will hit it and be content. it would put me at 190 and her at 200.
  5. i have had problems with anxiety and i know friends who have had problems too. i m not one who likes medicine but i take prozac to help with other stu ff. i havent like the anxiety meds. they do dont sit well with me. i have found food is medicine in the past few years and i have made some teas that will help me and my friend with with both every day anxiety and the strong attacks. one friend annleese now is finaly able to sleep because she can actually calm down at night with the every day tea. if you want i cant can tell you the belends and send you some if you want to try it out befor going
  6. This past 2 weeks life has been just smacking me around. Cars are breaking, i currently have temporary custody of my pregnant 16 year old sister while the fbi finish there investigation, totally screwed up finances , manage upset a lot of people and just feels like life wants to kick me repeatedly. When every thing goes down what keeps you moving forward?
  7. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/gallery/album/451-the-beginning/
  8. For the first time in my life i can do them. even in the military i couldnt. plus my smaller belt i had bought a few months ago is too small . Also i no longer have to use my inhailer all the time
  9. I will take any tips for productivity .. Im about as unproductive you can get and still be alive. i basically have ADD on life and never get anything done .
  10. Mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPyBCDeFCck
  11. Right now I dont have money to go to classes. But I want to start to learn as much as I can before training. I am interested in many types and I want to learnas much about them as I can.
  12. Im one of thos people who never get full. Any ideas on filling stuff I have alot of peloe information im kinda looking what worked for ppl here
  13. In my house we have pretty much found that we cant eat corn , wheat or dairy. I know i can go peleo and it is my plan. But what ideas do you have ? basically any one who has dealt with this
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