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  1. Me and my girlfriend are both working to lose 20% body mass in 3 months . and her sister is trying to lose 10%. we are going back to paleo (should have never stoped) and inculding workouts both cardio and lifting. i know it is a big goal but both of us are obese ans . she has lost 100lb and i have lost 50 lbs just eating right but we stopped do to alot of excuses. i know we may not make that goal but i have to have something that isnt easily attainable or i will hit it and be content. it would put me at 190 and her at 200.
  2. Right now I dont have money to go to classes. But I want to start to learn as much as I can before training. I am interested in many types and I want to learnas much about them as I can.
  3. Im one of thos people who never get full. Any ideas on filling stuff I have alot of peloe information im kinda looking what worked for ppl here
  4. In my house we have pretty much found that we cant eat corn , wheat or dairy. I know i can go peleo and it is my plan. But what ideas do you have ? basically any one who has dealt with this
  5. well i am not getting any were on the challange but i have lost 21lbs and building muscle so i am not going to complain
  6. So far I am failing epicly. With the work I am now working more days on to seprate locations and different shifs.mymile is at 15min so a ways to go. Haven got any were on the rest
  7. This. Boy wants to thank every one I needed thisinfo
  8. In case if any one ever nneeds to talk text me 3198502380
  9. The schedule is nothing more than something to help me. It self was mainly meant to show myself what i could get done every day. i will only really fallow parts of it . I am one of those people who wastes time . so taking the time just to write that up was a step forword lol
  10. I had to steal this for my sig.
  11. Ok Here it goes Fitness 1. Do StrongLifts 5x5 religiously 3-Strength 2-Endurance 2. Squat My Weight 1rm (270) 3-Strength 3. Run a mile in under 10 min. 3-Dexterity 1-Endurance Life 1. Give more structure to my day,and be able to get More done . On non work days i will do: learn Spanish , work out , and maintain the house. On work days i will do : still work out and clean . the schedule is a guide line to help achieve but can be adjusted as needed 3-Wisdom extra info About 6 years ago i could run 1.5 miles in 10 min. i have alloud my self to resmble the pilsbery dough boy. that needs to
  12. I just find a stereo and put Sexy And I Know It" and start dancing they are to tramatized to say any thing else lol
  13. haz no money..... and i haven done well on the corner either
  14. PicklesEBF ,Starlight i believe. i live 4 hours south
  15. this is one that i would love to learn unfortunatly any big city is 4 hours away
  16. was trying to make a bread to apease children i was using almond and coconut flour
  17. has any one found corn starch free baking powder
  18. figure shipping wont be too bad you are in the midwest lol
  19. Ill update there was one in town that sounded decent i am talking to them now. im looking in to Hapkido
  20. One of the main problems in my town there are a couple of places to train but from what i can tell they seem to be low quality because every one who is serious about it starts training in other town to get what they say is real training. i dont know what it means but they left the distinct feeling that the ones in town are sub par. The money thing. it isnt a budget issue it is the lack of income i have yet to find a new job and the only income have is from my gi bill for going to school and i am taking care of my 2 children . i have to pay out of the rear to my ex for child support . plus i e
  21. im prolly part ranger part warrior... but ill try anything and learn anything... no one can take it away from you
  22. on the bread try the coconut flour makes bread alittle better
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