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  1. Tonight will be the beginner body weight workout because I woke up late and forgot to bring my gym clothes with me. I'm deviating from my original plan, but at least it's something. I'll fix it later. My biggest problem has been that I can't get into a routine to save my life. Thanks Elder and Kim!!!!
  2. I think I can mark this week a complete failure since I have failed to do anything that involves working out besides walking back up the hill to my dorm instead of taking the bus. I could say, hey, that's something, but I know it's not. T_T RPaul, I'm going today to buy a calendar and a giant red sharpie. I've been stressing out with the end of the semester and I have a lot of emotional things going on in my head, most of them about boys I'm involved with. I think I should start taking my anti-depressants again because I'm losing my happy place. Tomorrow is a new day and I can star
  3. Woohoo! I have a hard time with push-ups so I'm going to try knee push-ups for now. Don't let the piggies down!!!
  4. Today on the working out front was successful. I did a half hour on the treadmill which consisted of the following: warm-up: 5 minutes amped walking (3.8-4.0) : 2 minutes sprinting (6.6-7.0): 1 minute alternate between walking and sprinting for 25 minutes Got nice and sweaty Food: Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 large hot chocolate Lunch/afternoon: I crammed a sandwich in my face afterwards because I had ignored lunch and was starving. Dinner: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich post-dinner: maybe an apple or banana? Beginner body-weight workout starts tomorrow morning!
  5. Day #2 may be called successful! I got to the gym today even though it was raining and I really didn't want to. Sandwiches abound, even though I was ill-prepared for the day's meals. If I was following some kind of eating regiment, I'd be -1 day. Other things are bringing down my mood including the weather (it's normal) and I can't wait to just get to bed tonight.
  6. I'm starting the new challenge as an assassin, it's my first challenge ever! Since I'm in the same boat as you concerning the giving of encouragement but failing to give any to myself, I'd love to give you a push every once in a while! Elder also! I also dislike running, mostly because of the monotony of long distance running. It forces me to be alone in my head...sometimes it's a scary place
  7. This has been great for me to watch to see how I should/shouldn't be doing things, and reading the comments before this has helped me pay attention to specific areas when I'm working on my own form. I'm always too shy to ask someone at the gym to check me out while I'm doing things >_> We'll see how it goes with this new knowledge!
  8. I don't really know if there is anyone out here besides me; the member map doesn't seem to think so. I'm here for another month and would really love a buddy for the remaining time!
  9. Starting today we'll see how frequently I will be able to update this. I'm hoping for daily input so that I will be able to remember everything that I put in and did to my body each day. I have no idea about the calories I am eating, especially since I am in college and mostly eat in the dining hall. Start!
  10. My goals about just moving everyday are similar to yours ^-^ Smiling is something that I already do everyday, but not usually for myself. It's more to make others feel happy. I want to join you in finding things I enjoy as opposed to just doing it for others
  11. The amount of oomph in this post is wonderful! Go for it!
  12. I love how your goals are all measured out and you actually have a grading system. I'll steal this method I think for my poster that will exist in my room someday soon. I'm tired of being tied down, and the only one keeping me there is myself.
  13. Arucinogen, it's great to meet you! I think I'm really going to need someone to chat it up with, and meeting new friends/learning how to use an online community is part of my "getting better at life" deal. Wooooo
  14. Hey everyone! I'm finally tired of being disgusted with myself and I'm I think this new challenge opened up just in time. Starting stats: height: 5'1' weight: 140lbs-ish no available stats for exercising because well...I can't keep a consistent schedule for anything! My goals, which took me days to figure out and decide on, are: 1: Cut out soda completely 2: No bread besides lunch sandwiches 3: Do the beginner body workout three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) mornings. 4: Decide on a TESL class to prepare myself to teach English in China in September. My problem has been that
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