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  1. Chipotle is great! I had it a while back when on a trip. Too bad my town doesn't have one, it's very taco bell, McDonald's, fifteen Mexican and ten pizza places centric. I never thought about clearing off my own shelf tbh! I actually have a shelf I HAVE been meaning to clear out. That's a really good idea! Unfortunately the refrigerator space is incredibly lacking.... There's a small town we live by that's only four miles away that I work in, (Computers ugh) that's getting a new grocery store (the first) in November and I'm very excited! It coincides greatly since I usually walk to work (g
  2. Thanks for the advice! I bought the Merrells and have walked with them a bit, taking it slow, and my feet actually don't hurt as much as I'd thought. They feel great and I can really tell the difference between them and my old shoes. The toe spacing is really brilliant! Now it's just time to find a sabertooth tiger....
  3. I have a sabertooth sized problem sitting between me and paleo living, my family lives for bread and fast food. LIVES FOR IT. Whenever any meal comes around its either mcjuniorkingbellwithafrosty or anything healthy drowned in oil with bread on top. They are really not into paleo. Now, I love my family the way they are and respect their choices, so I won't force paleo on them, and I'm preparing to move out summer so then I could buy my own groceries. (we live in a cramped house without much room for anything in the first place) but I would really like to live healthy ASAP. Can anyone suggest
  4. How hard is the transition from normal to minimal shoes? I read on Mark's Daily Apple somewhere that it could take an entire year before you can get to sprinting, is that true? I do know to take it slowly at first and to build up my muscles. Also how good are they for parkour? I'm fairly new and I wouldn't have to relearn technique so it wouldn't be as hard I hope? Also I have tried on Merrells run bare access 2 and they seem really good and have good reviews so how would they be? http://www.merrell.com/US/en-US/Mobile/Product.mvc.aspx/30584M/73610?galleryKey=0 Thanks for any help, Jacob
  5. Hi! I doubt any of you remember me, but I had introduced myself and attempted (read: failed) to keep myself posting on here. But! My memory has gone through a bit of sophistication (a lot) so I hope I'll be here to stay. If you happened to have read my first post, you'll know that I has previously lost 60 lbs. (thanks to the Rebellion for inspiration) and was trying to get into rock climbing. Update to that bit: I failed at the rock climbing... It had to do with an issue with my hands I have (advice would be loved!). I don't know why but when I touch ANYTHING Rough or any type of textured obje
  6. Hullo Mr. Edd, Actually fall break started today so I'm packing up and setting off to the state park tomorrow! :-) As for the weight, mostly beginner body weight training (Thank You Steve!) and cutting down on food/eating better. 30 pounds down, 20 to go! Cheers, Jacob
  7. Hullo, Sorry 'bout that, busy week at the college. Nice to meet you Hiraedd (Hira?) (Mr. Edd?)! I suppose I prefer Jacob. My goal for now is to get climbing in general, mostly like outdoor or mountain climbing. Thinking about heading to a nearby state park to do some climbing and canoeing/kayaking for fall break. Going to test my strength! Lost around 30 pounds so far, so can't wait to test myself! Cheers, Jacob
  8. JacobH9


    Hullo, Great ideas! Thanks! Stir fry sounds great (and easy) and I'm a particular fan of chicken :-) Funny thing, the day after I posted this, NF got a guest post about College Eating! They read my mind!!! Cheers, Jacob
  9. JacobH9


    Hullo, Heres my question: I know what the Paleo Diet is all about and have "looked up" several recipes and such for Paleo, but I haven't quite found anything quick to make, easy to take to work, and most importantly... Cheap! I have alot of work to do each day, and as a college student, don't really have the money for anything "fancy". Now, I can cook well, so that's not a problem. So any tips or recipes for a beginner Paleoer (is that a word?)? Cheers, Jacob
  10. Hello, been stalking the community for a few weeks (months), and decided to join up! So hi, my name is Jacob, great to be here! If you want to know my ultimate plan for the next few months is to get fit enough to do rock climbing, so here's to hoping the community will help me get there! Cheers, JacobH9
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