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  1. That what I figured. I go to Golds and most everyone is plugged into their headphones (me included) and just seem to want to get their stuff done and go. I have met a few folks who are more social and we chat it up. Which is nice,. Helps me to wake up faster since I lift at 5am
  2. Monday morning update... ugh I'm tired today. Stayed up watching the Olympic trials last night. So far workout is going well as I write this. Hit 125# squats this morning and they get really solid as I got closer to the end of my sets. Bench is a tad wonky. Something in my left wrist felt a little pinched. Moving my thumb dead under the bar instead of around it like normal seemed to help. We took the dogs in a short walk last night. It's been bloody hot here even in the evenings recently. Even the pups don't want to be out for too long. Ba
  3. Friday morning at the gym, Woo! Not gonna lie I am super tired this morning. Started my SL sets out of order because both the squat rack and the cage were occupied (the rack for someone doing squats, and the cage by someone doing barbell shrugs) So I did my Triple 7 curls until the cage opened up. Failed both sets at 80# Squats went well, OHP too. Ive had a tight muscle in my neck since the weekend and OHP was tougher cause of a slight loss of flexibility and the tension in that muscle. Ended up putting my wrist wraps in after 3 working sets too.
  4. What games have you thrown in? I am a Florida thrower, getting ready to head up to Grandfather Mountain for the first time.

    1. KiltedCowboy


      I throw mainly with the SHAG group.  I did Clover, SC Green Hill, VA and Scotland County NC sat year.  This year I have only done Tartan Day South.  I'll be at a green Hill and Clover too

    2. Cast Iron Ken

      Cast Iron Ken

      I did Charleston last year and failed to make the cut. I will be back there this year and will be at Grandfather Mountain in a couple of weeks.

  5. Double update! So in addition to the update above,. Here's where I stand midweek of week 2. Im keeping up with my lifting. Took last Friday off because of a throwing clinic. That clinic was a blast! I learned so much and with some instantly noticeable results too. As for snacking in doing pretty well. Back to a couple handfuls of peanuts a day at work. Walking the dog is meh,. We are playing a bit but life is just busy right now at the evening. Devotions are keeping up,. Had a good faith chat with my best friend yesterday over lunch t
  6. Mid week update time! (Posted late cause I couldn't find the thread) 1: Lift using the Stronglifts app 2 or 3 days a week. This is a 2 day lifting week since I slept so horribly Sunday night, I decided to skip the gym and sleep in Minday morning. Also on Saturday I'm going to a training clinic for throwing. One of the pros, Wes Kiser is going to be coaching in addition to some other rising stars here in the Carolinas. I'm pretty excited! Today's screenshot will be below, I'm writing this between sets 2: Cut back on my snacking at work and drinking l
  7. So technically the challenge doesn't start until tomorrow but I had an awesome lifting session yesterday morning. Was fairly empty at the gym so I could move easily from one thing to another. It was definitely one of those workouts that leaves you standing a little taller and starting Friday off right
  8. Thanks for the input @Gainsdalf the Whey. My fear isn't really that I will stay on the novice program too long, but rather make the jump too early. As I keep doing SL though I am settling into the routine. Trying to figure out other exercises I can add into my lifting days for some variety as well so it's all a learning process to me.
  9. With the heavy athletics you compete in everything. I like it because it forces you to learn a lot (and in the fly too with changing weather) and helps you become a more rounded strength athlete.
  10. Ok so it has been quite a long time since I did abchallenge,. But I figure giving it another try can't hurt. At the end of August, I will be competing in the Highland games at Green Hill (Roanoke, VA). I did surprisingly well at my first comp this year, setting 4 PRs after not training or really lifting at art this pat winter. Now that I am back in the gym I am hoping I can do even better! (Edit) Here are the basics for my goals 1: Lift using the Stronglifts app 2 or 3 days a week. (On 2 day weeks I'll take the spinning class at the gym)
  11. So I am getting back into the gym. I also decided to give the Stronglifts 5x5 app a try and I like it so far. (Although I really need to bump my weights up for a couple things since I'm flying through reps. I didn't know my maxes and so I just went with the base numbers it told me) I dont see see myself continuing SL for a long time though. I workout 3 days a week. Monday and Friday are lifting days and Wednesday I do a spin class for some cardio as well as speed in my legs. As I progress through the app I keep getting the same two workouts. So I started looking for a
  12. I'll admit I skimmed through the other replies but I wanted to throw my two cents in. i agree with everyone else that motivation is an internal thing. You can create motivation with triggers though. Ears ago I wanted to be a mounted police officer. So I found a great photo of some mounted officers in full battle rattle and hung it in my house where I would see it every day. On days that were tough for me to find the motivation to hit the gym I could look at that photo. It reminded me of my end goal and out the door I would go. Maybe you can find a similar visual trigger,. Be
  13. Do you have access to a gym? You may consider going somewhere that is a basic gym to build up some base strength so you can use the implements you have. You our might also look at paying for one or two sessions with a personal trainer to help you get an idea of workouts that work for you if designing your own isn't going well. As for workouts, I have found several on YouTube that helped me know the past. While I have never looked for ones that incorporate KB and club work I am sure they are out there
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