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  1. Sorry I haven't been updating but I am still fighting strong. I finally made a big leap in admitting I need help and today I am meeting with my therapist for the first time because last time I chickened out. I am still looking for a way out of the food service, I haven't had much success and it's been pretty hard on me. I'm still tracking my meals, training and getting out there as much as I can. I started journaling in a notebook to help deal with the pressures of my job and I finally know that what I really want to do is more physical work. I'm currently hoping to get a shipper/receiver job in the parts department at the local Ford dealer. If not I may have to bide my time until some of the new stores open here or something else opens up that's full time and pays enough to meet my financial goals. I've also gone back to using my elliptical when I can't get out. The first half of my workout feels like torture but after that I feel good and want to keep on going. I think it's helping clear my head too as loath as I am to admit it. Anyways this fight is going to be a long one and I'm not losing much weight yet but I feel I am making progress and it's a matter of time. I may have set my goal for my anniversary a little too high but I will keep going until I reach it and get those Fitbits when I do. I'll check in from time to time but not spending much time at my pc these days. Good luck to all of you in your challenges, you continue to inspire me and once I have things more in order I'll be back for another go.
  2. I know you guys are just waiting for me to chime in with something. I debated it for a bit, but then I happened to make a really yummy lunch today and thought I'd share. Curried Shrimp with Celery Root and Broccolini 1TBSP coconut oil 1 small shallot, chopped 1 small (about fist-sized) celery root, peeled and diced 1 small handful of broccolini 1 TBSP of curry powder (or more if you like it strong like me) 1 TBSP No-salt seasoning 1 TBSP coconut aminos 1 portion frozen cooked shrimp optional: 2 TBSP shredded unsweetened coconut In a cast-iron skillet or wok, heat coconut oil on medium. Toss in shallot and cook for about a minute until softened. Add the celery root and no-salt seasoning and stir. Cover with lid and cook until root browns and softens (very similar to potatoes). One the root looks kind of like hash browns, toss in your broccolini and shrimp. Add the coconut aminos and curry powder (and coconut if using), give it a stir and cover again for about 6-7 minutes. Once the shrimp is thawed and broccolini is steamed, dish it up and enjoy! Btw, Cheechoe how did the venison chili come out? Yesterday I had some beef short ribs thawed that I was supposed to cook all day in the crock and I forgot to put them in early so I ended up rubbing them with 5-spice and tossing them in the crock on high with a little coconut aminos and coconut oil. They cooked for 3 1/2 hours and came out pretty good. I was glad they were still tender enough to slide the bones right out.
  3. Today feels like another success. My body is ripped up pretty good from hapkido last night. We did a LOT of throwing and flying. Our main instructor has stepped things up this year, he's pushing us a lot harder like he used to and I am responding to it well. I really missed the killer workouts and am happy to see them back. It's getting pretty cold here, this morning when I got up it was -3C. I got out quite a bit but did more walking than running and even visited Olive for a bit to check in on her. She was happy to see me. My big struggle today is appetite. I've got terrible munchies and can't seem to get rid of them. I keep drinking water and a few times reached for the coffee and ended up making tea instead. I've fought off the temptation to get some ice cream a few times today. Twice I ended up having fruit instead just to fill my craving. I had chia pudding for breakfast and I think that may be where I went wrong. I also ate with my husband so it was fairly early. Tonight I have to work at a dinner, in the dish room thankfully and I hope I can keep avoiding the temptations. In fact, I plan on having my own dinner quite early then testing how long I can fast tomorrow. I'm shooting for 16 to 18 hours with a HIIT session before my first meal. I'm thinking 3 rounds of 10 crossover push-ups, 10 burpees with knee tucks and 10 pike push-ups to build more shoulder strength for handstands. Warm-up will be a jog to get the paper and back in the cold. Today was enough rest, I need to get in there and keep fighting strong. Maybe before work tonight I'll get in a mini workout as my headache allows. I have been wanting one of those cute little studs on the side of my nose. I have a long way to go to earn the tattoo I want though. I'm getting a hapkido one when I get my black belt. I may have stalled for now but it WILL happen. Yep, I got my work cut out for me. I'm using the Seinfeld method to help me here some, especially with diet. Today I said no grain, no dairy time to start some chains!
  4. It takes a lot of courage to do a challenge like this but it takes even more courage to know when to say "enough is enough". Trusting yourself is one of the hardest things to do, but it's also one of the smartest. You do what you need, get yourself back in balance and we'll be here waiting for you. I've cut back on posting my logs as much here this challenge because it was starting to overwhelm me. I'll likely take a break the next challenge myself to try and get more of my life together. Stuff takes time, and where motivation is good sometimes it becomes too much pressure. Be good to yourself and remember you have friends here.
  5. I'm back from the city and after having indulged in a few treats while there (I had some fries and chocolate) I'm ready to get back into the fight. But hold up, now there are some big stakes involved. I've been unhappy with my weight sitting in the 150's since July and I've been having a very difficult time motivating myself to do something about it beyond cleaning up my diet. That's stopping today. You see, I've been wanting a fitbit for a while now. While in the city, I tried one on and really thought about buying it to help me. My husband was fine with that, but I chose not to get it and came up with an even better idea. I have to EARN it. But I'm not trying to just earn one for myself, oh no it's bigger than that. I'm earning one for each of us (once I told him about it he was impressed and liked the idea.) So what's the deal? It's simple really. No set structure for food or workouts, just do anything possible to get back to the low 140 or under range on the scale by our upcoming anniversary on Nov. 20th. That gives me about 2 months to lose at least 10 pounds. If I can get below 140, there's a bonus too. I'm finally getting that piercing I've been wanting for a few months now. I'm pretty fired up to do this with the extra incentive, and last night when we did our weight session instead of running stairs we went out for a walk and I did wind sprints every block to the 7-11. My rest time was walking back to him and to the end of the block again until we crossed the street and I started again. Today I slept in and got well rested before having a later breakfast (it was very low carb too) and JOGGING to get the paper and back. I went downtown again later also jogging the way there (I had to carry stuff back) killed a sweet craving with a healthy alternative at the health food store and walked home. Then I did squats while folding laundry and biked to Wal-mart for a few more things I needed for the house. When I got home I helped mom clean the garage gutters and put the garden hoses away for fall before eating a filling salad for lunch. Did I mention, hapkido is tonight? I am so full of amazing energy today and I've got the momentum again to get shit done. I wanted to get to visit one of my new friends today, but I'll see my co-worker in class tonight and I have another load of laundry to go fold before getting in a little progress on my current crochet project, meeting up with the farmer for my eggs and making dinner. I'm back in it to win it! That sounds hilariously fun. I haven't gotten up there to try this yet but it's coming. I'm going to put all this energy to good use this time for sure, no slacking off now!
  6. Today wasn't as great an end to the week as I'd have liked. It was my higher carb allowance day and I stayed under my cap but I am noticing a trend here in protein being high. And yeah, I treated myself a bit but I felt very distressed today at work even though there wasn't that much a need for it. I was trying too hard again. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/Chrissa_Hunt No workout tonight, so only 2 strength sessions this week. I did however help mom with a little yard work, wash the car and get my gym pass for the base so I can start going. I didn't get to visit any of my new friends today but tomorrow we're hitting the road to Edmonton for his appointment and we're staying overnight, so no hapkido. I will likely hit the hotel gym for a workout though and I'm going to take my hapkido notes with me to remind me I need to bone up on my techniques again. I came to a realization too while I was out having my walk today. I'm focusing too much on my diet and not enough on my physical activity. The reason I was in better shape this time last year is: I did more. My job was more physically demanding, I biked to work daily, I biked on days off, I walked, ran and I exercised. I was watching what I eat but not so tightly and I was able to enjoy it more. I think while we're on the road I'll spend the time working out my new plan. Round 1 was a draw, I couldn't call it a win. I'll make my comeback in Round 2. I think part of phase 2 will involve a meal photo log instead of MFP. Having to snap pics of snacks will be a pain, the loser inside is lazy, it may put her off snacking a bit more. I'm also looking at the tennis ball on my desk, there's a nice wall at the park on top the hill near my house. I don't have a racquet but I got hands...
  7. Yay! i can finally update: Yesterday wasn't too bad but I could do better. It started with a paper walk in the cold (2C) with a full moon overhead and a little over an hour later I got home to a beautiful sunrise. Right in my eyes. I got out again later in the afternoon and saw an elderly neighbor struggling with her trash, so I stopped and helped her and we had a nice conversation. Josie used to come in the store I worked at all the time before it closed and she remembered me. She gave me her phone number and asked me to call her next time I was going for a leisurely walk downtown so she could accompany me and we could shop and go for coffee. Next time I have a free day I think I'll do just that and treat her to lunch or something. On the eating front, I found myself pretty hungry in the afternoon. I stayed within my limits again and I realize the cravings and low energy I've been having is a part of the adaptation period but I'm pretty skeptical at how sustainable a keto diet is for me at this juncture. To be honest, I don't like the amount of dairy I'm eating to meet fat/protein needs while keeping carbs low, I miss having more of my veggies too. I will tough it out till the end of the week but I can see some modifications may be in order. The oddest thing though is I don't miss the fruit that much and though I've been a little heavy on the coffee drinking lately (mostly decaf) it seems to have lost it's appeal to me if nothing is in it. Tea isn't doing it for me lately either. I am thinking next week I may avoid caffeine again except for the matcha content in my greens powder. I think I can get by on water and the occasional unsweetened almond milk for at least a week. Maybe a little herbal tea like peppermint since that seems to be ok still. Even though I felt low on energy again we completed the dumbbell routine, but I didn't have my usual steam and we skipped the finisher. The fitness class the night before left my husband sore in a few spaces and I felt a bit of stiffness in my back. I made sure we got a good stretch for our cooldown to help and I see an epsom salt bath in my near future. Today: Back to work after having nearly a week off and even though I wrote myself a note to read before work giving me hell for today I still disappointed myself a little. It was mostly the cheese/dairy that seems to be my problem again, though I was also into some of the meat. I love my protein a little too much I think. On the upside, I found out that I can take a copy of my contract for the base and get a free gym pass to use! My co-worker that has been coming to hapkido works out there often with the weights so I can see some after work excursions in my future. I'll stop and get that pass tomorrow, the paper I need is already in my bag. Tonight is a rest day for sure and after dinner i plan on having that bath. I want to be well rested for my early day tomorrow so I can finish the week stronger. Maybe I'll go visit Olive tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Glad you found some inspiration here, I like to check in every once in a while myself to see how others are doing and it usually helps motivate me as well. I may not comment much because my cell phone won't let me post for some reason but I should be getting a new one in the near future. Keep up the awesomeness. You got it!
  9. Today was a pretty good day. I met this really nice older lady named Olive who used to be a cook of all things and we had quite a bit in common. We chatted for over an hour and I really enjoyed visiting her and will definitely be going back to see her again. It felt really good to see how delighted she was to spend time with me and her smile was worth every minute of it. This morning I didn't get out for a walk and didn't stretch like I wanted to but I was just cold and tired and needed to relax. I realized something already too, the loser inside me has been sneaky the last few days and let me forget the part about eating a later breakfast because I've been on days off and eating with my husband. I wasn't going to let that change my meal times and I did. I was pretty hungry when I got up though. Today I had my macronutrients in check and calories right on target. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/Chrissa_Hunt The workout we went to tonight was with a Beachbody coach who had us doing Les Mills Combat. I was actually disappointed in it after they said it had all sorts of mixed martial arts. Mixed with rhythm and dance, I really had to fight my muscle memory through the routine and it felt very unnatural. I'm just too set in my ways from hapkido training and I would have rathered that strength session tonight. I'm doing one tomorrow night for sure because my poor arms didn't get much burn at all and as much as it got my heart rate up I didn't get as much of a sweat as I'd have liked. I hate when a workout feels like I haven't accomplished anything. I need to shake off the negativity I'm feeling about it tonight. I'll just leave it at: It's NOT for me. Not much else to report tonight, I am disappointed I didn't get out and walk much today and I'm going to have to get a bit tougher on that woman in the mirror tomorrow. I didn't put enough umph into our little dialogue this morning and she wasn't fired up enough.
  10. Today was a tough day motivation-wise. It's getting colder here and part of it may be my body adapting to the low carbs but I had a hard time making myself move. I did manage some stretching this morning after my daily pep talk (which is more like trash talking myself in the mirror) and I got out for a short rather brisk walk today after scheduling an appointment tomorrow morning for my visit to the senior home. Eating went ok today, though I found breakfast didn't really satisfy me much so halfway through the morning I was nibbling on some cheese and roast beef. I hit the cap for carbs today without going over and my protein was a little higher than target but it makes up for the last two days when it was below. I caught myself thinking that I should get some more fat into me because my calories seemed low but then I realized that I don't have to worry about a target for that one because it's where I can be flexible. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/Chrissa_Hunt I have a feeling I need to be letting myself rest a bit more until I adjust but I didn't want to miss hapkido tonight. I won't be there Monday because I'll be staying overnight in the city for my husband's doctor appointment. Tomorrow he was invited to a free workout session by some co-workers and asked me if I wanted to come. I am going for sure to show support. We still have two strength sessions to go this week as well and I may have to sacrifice one if my body needs the rest. I won't let that loser inside me wimp out though, so I'll go on how it feels even if it means doing it alone earlier in the day. I already feel like she was making me fight a lot harder today and I had a little more coffee than I'd like but it's all good. I'm still putting her in her place and will continue to do so tomorrow. One last note on the friend project: My co-worker showed up for another class and also showed interest in tomorrow night's workout. We exchanged cell numbers and I may have to lend her a white belt. I think this is a great start.
  11. So today was a little tougher, last night's hapkido class really put me through the ringer and I hurt everywhere. That was a good fight. This morning I told that lazy woman that tries to bring me down not to get cocky just because of a successful first day. The fights only get harder from here on it and I'm going to whip her ass into shape. I got in a short yoga routine before breakfast and it really made me feel every muscle that took the pounding. There's nothing quite so satisfying than barely being able to move after destroying yourself. Eating went very well today, I felt some hunger but squashed any sweet cravings I had and sucked it up. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/Chrissa_Hunt Macronutrient ratios were more on target and I got out for a paper walk this morning but spent most the day recovering for tomorrow's class. I was tired earlier than usual but still pushed through our dumbbell division session. Skipped the finisher but I know for sure that I was done. I also looked into those volunteering opportunities that were available and decided that tomorrow I may go check out one to be a companion at the old folks home. I'd get to go for walks and play cards and stuff with some of the seniors and perhaps make some new friends. I always got along well with the elderly, they always have so much to teach us and they have the best stories to tell! Going to go wind down now and get ready for bed. I think it may involve some Rub A535 tonight. I want to be fresh again to come out fighting again tomorrow. "People do it everyday, they talk to themselves, they see themselves as they'd like to be, they don't have the courage you have, to just run with it."-Tyler Durden
  12. I may have to peek in on the druids sometime. Looks like you're off to a great start, way to come back strong.
  13. Not sure either, but I made sure to hold my core and glutes tight the whole time like I've been shown. I've done the feet both ways and it doesn't seem to make that much difference to me.
  14. Class went awesome and one of the ladies I work with showed up to check it out. She's a gym regular who does a lot of weight training so I think there may be some good friend potential there. We also had a former student of my instructor's father return to training tonight and he's the same level as me! I got to work with him a bit helping him get back up to speed and he taught me a lot. Working together, we may get to grade together if all goes well. Here's how I did on the eating front today: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/diary/Chrissa_Hunt Surprisingly, I ate a lot less than I usually do and I wasn't really hungry. I felt awesome all day. Can't wait for our strength session tomorrow. Going to relax and climb into bed shortly. I want to be well-rested when I get up and give this bitch hell again tomorrow. Livin the dream!
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