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  1. Wow, we really are very much alike. I'm so glad you decided to join the challenge this time around. I'm very much an all or nothing person too, to the point I think I actually have OCPD. I consider myself a recovering perfectionist and I've been trying really hard not to freak out every time a monkey wrench gets thrown into my routine. We both have a very long hard road ahead of us but now we're walking it together! I've considered asking someone to be my lifeline when I start to have a crisis too, to help talk some sense back into me when I falter but at work is my worst time so I would have to keep it to texting as I am able. Either way I got your back.
  2. I grew up on He-Man too! Watched it every Saturday morning along with She-Ra and Thunder Cats. Your thread is really great I'll definitely have to take some video of myself working on hapkido during the challenge. Everyone here has such great goals I am really looking forward to taking this 6 week journey with you all. You really did an awesome job on that bench. I can't even do 1 full chin up yet. Looks like I need to add some stats and a grade scale to my goals besides my starting pics and measurements. Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. Love the title, and the music is indeed epic! I am always saying my worst enemy is myself and I know sometimes I am way too hard on myself but it's just the plain truth. I am pumped and inspired by your goals and wish you the best of luck with them.
  4. Wow, I actually inspired somebody! If you want a buddy for this challenge I'd be glad to join up with you and we can help push each other to do our best. I plan on going all-in and definitely will be grateful for your support either way. I'm so excited like I have finally lit a fire inside myself and it's growing bigger the more I interact with everyone here. Let's do this!
  5. I'll take your advice and drop the WTH ratio for now since it does seem more like a side effect for the rest I'll be doing. I rarely if at all miss classes, I'm there more than most of our black belts but because of their work schedules they rotate in and out a lot. We have classes every Tues and Thurs from Sept through June so our semester ends soon but over the summer they hold occasional weekend classes that I always attend, work permitting. I am also hoping to be able to attend a summer camping weekend for some outdoor training. Again, if work permits. Right now, daily my routine is 5 minutes breathing meditation, hapkido warm up for mobility, 100 kick workout (10 each of front, side, roundhouse and inside/outside circle kicks done quickly as possible) with a morning walk or light run to the 7-11 for a newspaper (about 3km round trip) with Burpee Ladders (with extra pushups added in) on Sunday as my HIIT, Monday and Saturday is active rest days so I go cycling or walk as much as possible, Tuesday and Thursdays I have Hapkido and Wednesdays and Fridays I started doing Steve's Basic Training from the Nerd Fitness Guides. I'll revise my goal to making sure to keep up this routine and track it throughout the challenge especially since I'll be going on vacation in the beginning of July so I'll have to keep it up. When my classes stop I plan to use those days to do 400 kick workouts and a full set of techniques with some break falls in my backyard and maybe do some flys into the water at the beach. As for snacking, I am drinking at least 3 full 750ml bottles of water a day currently and a few cups of plain tea (mostly herbal but some green, white, and black teas) and 1 caffeinated coffee per day with sometimes a few cups of decaf. I think getting in the habit of brushing after every meal will help a lot and tracking my eating will keep me accountable but I hope to be able to not need the tracking on My Fitness Pal forever because it does become tedious and time consuming and I know I'll eventually give up if I try to keep it up. I am just using it to train myself on portioning my food and see what is reasonable in a day.
  6. Congrats on your black belt! That's a really big accomplishment and I hope to earn mine by the time I'm 40 but since I'm 37 now that will be cutting it close. Our school is very traditional, we mainly focus on kicks and techniques with some throwing and flys. Most of our ki work is breathing exercises during warm up and strong use of ki-yies when we kick. My ki-yie is loud but poorly timed on release one of my fellow students has noticed. I'm trying to work on feeling the energy release when I kick or strike. Thanks for the encouragement, I rarely miss a class even if I'm not up to going and I've felt like wanting to quit a few times but I refuse to give in. I'm really dedicating myself with this challenge.
  7. Love it! I'm quite the introvert myself and I find your post very inspiring. I've been struggling a lot career-wise myself and eating "against the grain" for several months now and it does get easier. I've never been one to conform to the social norms though. I liked your last image the best, it's something I need remind myself constantly. My friends are all like "omg all she ever talks about is food and cooking". I know what my next challenge should be, but for now I'm going to focus on getting this first one under my hopefully soon-to-be-blue belt.
  8. Any suggestions? Like I said, I'm not sure what is reasonable for WtH ratio but any reduction would make me happy. As for the first goal it's hard because it's something I have to feel inside myself. Increasing the speed of my techniques is pretty straight forward. I just need to do them at double my normal speed. The snacking one is pretty simple because I just need to eat my 3 main meals a day and brush my teeth right after, avoiding eating anything in between but allowing one planned snack when I have a really intense class or workout and feel it's needed. I will be tracking my meals on My Fitness Pal so anyone can friend me there and see what I'm eating to help give me pointers and criticism as needed.
  9. My fellow Canadian! I'm in Northern Alberta. Hopefully this challenge will prove to be enough of a distraction to keep me on track. It will definitely help to have others around to keep me accountable.
  10. Wail away, we are here because we need it!
  11. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Chrissa and I have been lurking around the blog and e-mail lists since discovering the rebellion last September. Up until now, I mainly read Steve's posts and take what I can from them occasionally tossing out a comment here and there. Nerd Fitness has inspired me a lot over the last several months and I'm finally ready to step it up and take my place among my fellow rebels. I've never been very good at joining in but I believe this is going to be the most important challenge for me because it will teach me how to be a better part of a community. You see, I need help. Serious help. I am very bad at asking for help and I try to take on more than one person can handle all by myself. In Case of Emergency-Break Glass! I am wearing a glass mask that looks like a woman who has her shit together, but behind that mask I have become a fragile little panic monkey obsessed with trying to do too much. My husband and family are very supportive and realize the past few months I've been going through a really rough time. I'll get into the details more in future profile posts, but for now I think starting this challenge is the most important step. Needless to say, they aren't completely on board with my primal lifestyle changes. I don't have many friends and none of them are on board either. That's why I am here. My Goals: Increase my attack speed and aggression enough to test for my blue belt. I have been a hapkido student for the past 5 years and I'm really struggling right now. My blue belt is a big one because it marks the halfway point towards my black belt. My instructor told me that my technique is great but lacking in effectiveness because it is slow and I am not using my "ki." I need to somehow ignite my fighting spirit and learn to attack with more intent. I now plan on doing this by practicing my techniques with my eyes closed (or blindfolded) and using my ki-yies when doing them and during my kick workouts and really trying to feel the energy release Grading Scale: A = Attain Blue belt. B+ = Be ready to test for belt. B = Enlist the help of a higher belt to improve my practice or be complimented on my progress. C = Try new ways of practicing at home until finding one that works. D = Practice as usual with just the awareness of what I am doing wrong. F = Fail to practice at all. DEX +1, WIS +1 Stop stress eating and snacking between meals. I often find myself reaching for whatever food is on hand when under a lot of stress, which lately has been too often. Working in the food service industry doesn't help because I'm around food all day. I try to keep it to mainly veggies with a little meat but depending on stress levels I have caved in to eating junk. I also eat when I get idle time at work instead of relaxing and finding some release. At my worst (which thankfully doesn't happen as often) I end up caving into eating sugar or something that has MSG in it and it sets me off on an all-night full-on junk binge that leaves me feeling like garbage and hating myself. There are points during those times that I literally cannot stop eating no matter how full I feel and it's even made me consider forcing myself to vomit. Fortunately, I haven't hit the point to acting on it but it's been close and I found missing the next morning's breakfast helps get me back on track. Normally, I avoid my trigger foods at all costs knowing what they do to me but sometimes I just break. I often find myself envious of my husband because he can avoid whole meals when he's not hungry. I want to be more like him in that and I think this will be my starting point. I need to fix my hunger signals so for the next 6 weeks I will try not to snack at all between meals unless I need to refuel after an intense workout. One thing I plan on doing to help this is brush after every meal to signal to myself that eating is done. I find it helps when I do remember to do this. I've also resolved to not multi-task while eating and take my time to chew because I find myself in a hurry to eat all too often. Grading Scale: A = Succeed with brushing after every meal and only eating a snack as refuel after tough workouts. B = 1 slip up per week allowance. C = 2 slip ups per week. D = 3 slip ups in any given week. F = 4 or more slip ups in any given week. See my food diary here. My Instagram Profile for travel food pics. STA +1, WIS +1 Reduce my waist-to-hip ratio. I'm not quite sure yet what amount of reduction would be reasonable in the allotted time but any reduction at all would be a step in the right direction. Over the last few years I went from being a fat girl to being "skinny fat" and I have been stuck at it for far too long. Despite the above stress eating, I manage to eat 80% or more paleo and my diet is pretty clean. I've recently cut down on nuts and almost eliminated dairy completely with the exception of ghee and the occasional cheese. This past week I got back to tracking my meals on My Fitness Pal and am working on getting my portions down to where they should be. I know we're not supposed to count calories, and I tweaked the settings to reflect a paleo approach to macronutrients and I find it's helping. I intend to stop counting once I have my portions under control. I believe the root of my problem is more the stress. I used to be a lot more fun and I feel like I've forgotten how to enjoy myself. I don't remember the last time I LOL'd. I don't really get out there and play. I act friendly and outgoing at work all the time serving customers but I am not social enough. If it weren't for my hapkido classes I'd have almost no social interaction outside my family and bumping into people I know in the streets. I need to find that fun girl I used to be.This goal is now revised to be tracking my daily routine ala Seinfeld's Don't Break the Chain and not allowing for more than one slip-up per week. Grading Scale: A = No more than 1 break in any given week. B = 1 break every week. C = 2 breaks in any given week. D = 3 breaks in any given week. F = 4 or more breaks in any given week. See my tracking sheet here. STR +1, DEX +1, WIS +1 In Conclusion I know these goals need refining and I will likely be revising them after hearing your suggestions. I'm sorry for being so long-winded but as I said, I'm drowning here and I need your help. I've taken the first step towards the shore and I'm hoping to reach this island and become one of it's many active and contributing inhabitants. Starting Stats: Weight: 143.5 lbs Neck: 13.5 inches Waist: 32.5 inches Hips: 38 inches I apologize for the crappy cell phone pics, but it's what I have to work with at the moment. I'm sucking it up here and know they aren't flattering pictures but that's the point. I'm going all in.
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