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  1. The gods of gains are fickle beasts. Tested both today. Got the heaviest I have since April, so that's good. Time to work toward my next meet in October. Snatch: 70, 75x, 75x Clean and jerk: 95, 100, 105x Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My training cycle was terrible this last round with sickness and a nagging injury. I literally started squatting again three weeks ago after a month off completely and another month and a half of workouts with no squats. That being said, I've felt better this week. And my gym decided to test maxes this Saturday. And it's Singlet Saturday. So I guess I'm in. Not expecting spectacular, but it'll be nice to get heavy.
  3. I'm flattered, Mr. RaideR. However, the last few months have been...rebuilding for me. I've had sickness and injury to overcome. Hopefully, things will get better soon, since I just caught bronchitis. /ugh
  4. Suuure. Take advantage of my sickness to beat me. 2018 will come sooner than you think! I'll get you next time, Endor Ranger!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Well, I came down with the plague this week, so I can't do the last workout in time for it to count. I can barely stand for more than a few minutes, so a workout like this is certainly out of the question. Oh well. Health is more important than the Open. I'll come back next year, hopefully healthy for the entire 5 weeks. Good job everyone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The deadlifts were about 3-4 minutes. I did sets of 5 with 5-8 seconds rest between. Wall balls were sets of 8ish. Just didn't have my usual strength on the row. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Way to go Endor!!! I got 40 cal on the row, which handily beat my score from last year. Woot woot!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I was most of the way through the row last year, if I remember right. My goal is to get to the HSPU this year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I'm excited for the repeat! Looking forward to trying to beat my score from last year. I really enjoy my box's Friday Night Lights setup. They run heats all afternoon from about 3 to 9 pm with big crowds watching and cheering the entire time. They also bring in a DJ and have party lighting going on the entire time. It's a trip working out there.
  10. Dude. You have no idea how much your post means to me. I seriously had to take a moment after reading it, because it sounds so much like me. I’ve spent years chasing my rabbits, trying to catch them. I’ve managed to beat them on a few workouts that favored me, but as I got better, so did they. It’s pushed me to find precision (which I still don’t have), find strength, and find speed that I didn’t know I had just to keep up. I never thought that I could be that person for someone else. So, thank you, sincerely, for saying this. It means so much, especially with how beaten down I’ve been feel during the Open this year. Well, c’mon and I’ll lead you on a merry chase.
  11. Also, I'm really entertained how everyone thinks that I'm a badass. I'm flattered, but I don't know if I can live up to the expectations. Meh. Less worry. More badassery.
  12. I kept it RX, but I haven't done many pull ups over the last few months, and it really showed. It feels like that's what killed me in 17.3. The 95 lb snatches were pretty easy, even if I missed a few due to depth (stupid stiff hips). But, as the pull-ups went on, I wasn't able to keep them controlled and started swinging wildly. I need to work on that, since it cut my sets down to 3-4 reps. I was able to get a few reps into the 135 lb snatches, but not much beyond that. Just completely ran out of time. Still had fun though.
  13. HA! Haha! Hahaha! You funny guy. Yeah, I've been doing okay, considering I'm coming back from sickness. I barely got to the MUs in 17.2 with 30 seconds left. I didn't hit either of the two attempts I was able to get on it. I would have liked to get more time to rest, but lunges hate me. Oh well. I'm hoping for something heavy, something oly for 17.3.
  14. Coming off a week of being sick, so next to no food, I got most of the way through the 4th round RX. Figure that's pretty good and I'll make up the difference in the coming weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'm in! I had a meet back on the 28th, which should still be good. Male 103 kg Snatch: 80, 85, 89(PR) Clean and Jerk: 110, 115x, 116x Total: 199 kg Here's a link to the meet info: https://webpoint.usaweightlifting.org/wp15/Events2/ViewEvt.wp?EventID=59167&isPopup=true&Tab=Results Edit: Probably would help to point out that my name is Dan Carmody and I lifted in the 105 class. Hehe....
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