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  1. Deadpool. Because...Deadpool. If not Deadpool, I would call Cat Woman. Limited scruples, top of her game, totally badass, and always improving and learning from her mistakes. And maybe Robin - an acrobat who works hard, and at the end of the day, is just a normal guy who trained hard to kick ass.
  2. Hey, congrats Wolverine. Fellow assassins, I found this today. Behind a spoiler thing as NSFW due to naughty words. Thought you guys might dig it. Anyone else got some assassin posters kinckin' around.
  3. I'm just catching up on everything. Nuala, you are insane and I love the hell out of you.
  4. Blergh. So, I am still forgetting to do push ups. Been completely solid on the planking each night, it's like I just don't have any memory of life until 10:30 in the morning. The new things challenge isn't happening this week - a lot of unexpected bills came up and it means I have about $10 to feed myself until my next pay. Rock climbing kind of took a back seat. Same things, different day. I have nothing interesting to report.
  5. Whoa, leveling up your goals. Badass! I am digging your goals - they're solid and spread out over your life. That's pretty awesome. I may have to join you on the "cookies are not breakfast," and nice work on the job.
  6. OKAY. SO. I was all ready to skip capoeira, and be in a bad mood, and hate everything blah blah blah. General fourth week angst. Went and spoke to my housemates. Turns out the gym they go to has memberships for $30 a fortnight. One of the things I have really missed since I moved out is weights. Really heavy weights. I have a set of dumb bells at home, but it's hard for me to find the motivation to use them regularly. I am pretty poor, but I think I can find the money for this. Holy cow I am excited to be able to do weights again. GOAL PROGRESS: Icelandic: Missed last week, as I fo
  7. I have never heard of tough mudder before, and daaaaaaaaaaaang I am impressed. You are doing awesome. Keep up the good work!
  8. Progress at the end of week 3: 10 push ups every morning, and planking for at least 45 seconds every night: I may have made a loophole for this one - with my back giving me grief I don't want to risk aggravating it too much. I've been doing wall push ups, and that...argh, what's that thing...where you stand but you really concentrate on your ab muscle, the one that is like a band...ah, whtever itis, I am doing that and it is going well. At least one session of capoeira or parkour every week. Done! And paid for the next four classes in advance. Try something new every week. Bombed o
  9. Sounds like you are doing pretty solid! I'm a fan of the NF last minute motivation as well. Don't suppose you watch Ninja Warrior? I always default to that if I feel like becoming apart of the floor.
  10. That happens sometimes. Your weight fluctuates based on so many things, try not to let it get you down. Focus on how TOTALLY AWESOME you are doing at running! Running is really brutal, and you are kicking arse at all of your other goals. I am having a mini cheering squad here for you.
  11. Absolutely love in in character accent. And nice work on the soft drink - that beast is a difficult one. Why was coconut oil creepy? I haven't used it myself.
  12. Okay, so, progress near the end of week 2: Push ups and planking have been on hold the past two days, as I have been having some trouble with my lower back. I have had issues with the muscles there since I was a teenager (A girl slammed me into a wooden floor during judo. One of my better injuries), so I'm cautious. I'm going to try and stretch it more, and then pick up on the planking this evening. Already been to capoeira this week! I really needed it - last week was a bad one for me. I felt like a failure in a few respects, and kind of trapped. Capoeira relaxed me completely, I had grea
  13. Ha ha ha, I knew exactly who this was going to be. Ah, ass-puns. You continued to be badass and wonderful. You've inspired me. I'm off to try and do handstand push ups.
  14. YES! I was worried I had missed this but I haven't. I'm heading out soon. Awesome!
  15. Whoops. Ah well. I am on the computer more now. I am really terrible at checking things. So, last challenge was bad for me. I am going to put it out of my head. Going 100% paleo was bad, and while I got better at incorporating running and weights into every day life, I still missed a lot. I dominated at sleeping though. Man, am I good at sleeping. Anyway! We learned some things, moving on. CHALLENGES: 10 push ups every morning, and planking for at least 45 seconds every night. So, I've actually been doing this since the week before new years, and it's going pretty well. The push up
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