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  1. Ugh. Its been a rough weekend. I called in sick monday just because the thought of going back to work in this capitalist hellscape made me sick. As far as my goals, I didnt track anything, and it was too smoky out to go outside, and I couldnt work up the motivation to go to the gym either. I did ok on what I ate, and did some physical stuff around the house like hanging two new rabbit cages (manhandling them into place on my cramped back porch was definately a workout) did some chores too, but I was pretty absorbed into the audiobook series ive been listening to, so I did a lot of sitting on the couch listening to it. Back at it today I guess.
  2. Forgot to update yesterday. I forgot to take my meds so I was kind of out of it. Still went to the gym and mostly stuck to my calories. I did eat a donut at work which probably put me about 150 over, but ill take it. I need to find ways to make food later in the week easier. By wednesday ive about given up on cooking much. And by friday im wanting takeout. This morning i got some more chicken breasts marinating to grill tonight and I roasted some potatoes too, probably toss some broccoli in the air fryer with a little sprinkle of parmesean and call it dinner. Thats a lot better than i do most weeks. And a pic of my dumpster goblin, Odin just because. He is my reason for living, honestly. I love this dog more than words.
  3. Another day in the books. I did my morning walk, quiche for breakfast, made a salad for lunch, chicken tacos for dinner. I think the metformin is helping, as I am not having that overwhelming urge to eat something sweet after dinner and I'm just not as hungry overall. It seems perfectly reasonable to stick to 2000ish calories a day. I have been trying to only weigh myself once a month, usually on the first, but I forgot and ended up doing it yesterday. Down about 2.5lbs.
  4. I do eat other proteins, i swear! Lol. I just got a bunch of chicken breasts on sale so i am working through them. Thanks for the encouragement!
  5. Day 3. Went to gym, did a full body workout on the weight machines. Had quiche for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and a salad with chicken for dinner with some iced tea (sweetened with half monkfruit sweetener half sugar). Also had a protein shake while i made dinner because i was starving. Did pretty well i think!
  6. Day 2. Got up and went for a 25 minute walk, had my quiche for breakfast, leftover burger and sweet potato fries for lunch, and chicken and pasta salad for lunch (its actually mostly veggies!) Even had enough calories for an ice cream bar for dessert.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/reel/1024214142326550?mibextid=9drbnH Woke up to that this morning. If the link doesnt work, the transcript is as follows (from Maverick Willett aka Emotional Support Viking) "New levels in life require new levels of integrity. A big part of attracting higher caliber people is embodying high caliber integrity. Making my word to others be my bond was the beginning of modeling integrity. Making my word to myself be my bond is the perpetual ticket. Its easier to keep our words to others than it is to ourselves. If you tell someone you're gonna do something, you imagine the steaks are high because doing that thing affects how that person percieves you. But if we say to ourselves "I'm going to walk 5000 steps today" and we dont..."eh, who cares. Nobody else knew I told myself that." Thats the error. Your word to yourself is MORE important than your word to others because its the definition of integrity. Your mind and heart are always behind closed doors. Everything else is essentially for show." So, I guess the theme to this challenge will be keeping promises to myself. I will update as the day unfolds. So my weekend got derailed a bit. Saturday morning I had to process a litter of rabbits (I raise them for meat for me and my dogs) and doing so is a pretty good workout so I counted it. My triceps are sore as proof. But it took a lot longer than anticipated so I wasnt able to do my grocery shopping. I always grocery shop at 8am because the stores are less busy and its not as hot. I have sensory overwhelm issues, so busy stores and being very hot are not my friends. Anyway, that meant I didnt go on my hike this morning because i was shopping. I also got clarification from my nutritionist/lifestyle coach that i dont have to weight lift AND walk. She is just looking for 30min of exercise a day. So I will adjust my goals. As for food, I was not off to a good start. Yesterday was kind of a hard day so we ended up getting pizza and today for breakfast and lunch i just had leftover pizza. However, I didnt overeat it. I actually logged it in mfp and the ammount i ate fit within my calorie goal, so I'll take it. For dinner I made burgers (97% lean ground beef, 5oz. Patty) on lettuce wraps with a mix of bacon, grilled onions and jalapenos and some ketchup. Made some sweet potato fries to go with it. I also made a quiche with spinach, shallots, bacon, and oyster mushrooms to have as my breakfasts for the week. Hope the rest of the week goes a bit better.
  8. Yeah, i am definately an abstainer, and i need to know exactly how much I can eat because otherwise I will not know when to stop. Thats how i got here in the first place, thinking I could moderate myself.
  9. Hello all my fellow nerds. I was diagnosed ADHD at 37 years old about a year ago. It explains so much. I am looking for hacks. Ways to keep myself accountable as i try to lose weight for the umpteenth time. Ways to keep myself on track with both my fitness goals and nutrition goals when I have an all-or-nothing mindset and an inability to form habbits. I need a routine and triggers in place to make me stick to that routine. Thanks for any input or insight!
  10. Thank you. I think eliminating refined sugar is definately in the cards. My poor nutritionist doesnt seem to realize that moderation doesnt really work for me. I cant just eat a little or something. I have ADHD and that comes with an all-or-nothing mindset on more than just food. I think they are going for "sustainable" and nothing is really sustainable for me because my brain does not form habbits. I need accountability and routine instead.
  11. Ideally i would, but this challenge is coinciding with a medically supervised weight loss program ive joined through my work and these are basically the goals i have set with my nutritionist. She is not a calorie counter person and wants me to just fill up on veggies, but i already eat quite a bit of veg, and still end up way too high on calories, so I figure i need to drop the sugar and fat as well.
  12. Goals 1. Go to the gym 3 times per week for weight training. The biggest obstacle here is fitting it into my schedule. One day on the weekend is easy, but weekdays are much harder. Im thinking tuesday and thursday mornings before work might be the way to go. I prefer going in the mornings because its less busy. 2. Walk for 20-30 minutes on non-gym days except Sunday when I go for a hike. 3. Be more mindful of how i eat. This is a combo one. I need to eat more protein and veg, less sugar and fat, and less overall calories. This is hard because I have ADHD and my impulsivity drives me to food. I crave sugar like cocaine and i eat when i am bored. Im going to try and just stop having things in the house that i cant control myself with.
  13. I got a gym membership at planet fitness. I have wanted to do free weights for a while, and i am looking for guidance on what to do. Form, which weights to do how, basically everything. I did a couple months of crossfit years ago, but dont remember much. Right now i am doing the weight machines and rowing for cardio with a couple friends after work a couple days a week, but i want to try going early in the morning and do free weights also. I basically am looking for something like "you take this piece of equipment and do this motion with it" kind of thing. Thanks for any input!
  14. Vian

    Carb cycling?

    Thanks for the replies. I was feeling kind of down and hopeless when i ppsted, but now i am feeling better i will give more info: I am at about 280lbs, 5'9" tall, female, 36yo. I have a job that requires me to be on my feet all day and when i get home i just want to sit down. My diet is pretty high quality, the carbs in question are home-made spelt flour sourdough bread, organic basmati rice, gluten-free pasta (i have a reaction to wheat processed with glyphosphate as a harvest aid, easiest way to avoid is gluten free, but spelt is safe so i make spelt sourdough) and i eat high quality proteins: eggs, chicken, beef, turkey, greek yogurt, real cheese. I already did paleo, keto, AIP, calorie counting, etc. They work, but i just have a hard time sticking to them long term. I like ice cream and chocolate and potatoes and my sourdough bread too much. And i am often too busy or too tired to count calories religiously, not to mention being hungry a lot. Depression also makes me just not care anymore sometimes. I think i will start with walking the dogs in the morning and being more mindful of what i am eating. I will keep ya'll posted. Thanks for any additional advice!
  15. Vian

    Carb cycling?

    Its been a long time since ive posted, and i am at my heaviest weight yet. I was wondering about carb cycling, if anyone had any advice? Is it like every other day you eat carbs? Like even days are carb days and odd days are fat days? Or is it 3 days carbs, 4 days fat kinda thing? Im really struggling honestly with all of it. I am heavier than ever, but also have no desire to restrict what i eat. I want to eat potatoes and bread. So carb cycling seemed like a possible solution.
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