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  1. Try taking collagen as a supplement. You can get it as a powder that you add to beverages, or as caps/tabs. It helps improve skin elasticity, as well as being good for joints, hair, and nails. Nourishing vitamins (A, D, and E mostly) taken internally and rubbed on externally can help too. Gelatin can also help. There are a number of skin-tightening lotions and creams that might help as well.

  2. This maybe isn't necessarily women's only (If a dude wants to belly dance, more power to him!) but I figure it's more likely that the ladies of NF would have info about this. I took belly dancing classes for a summer about 5 years ago. The person I was taking lessons from had a studio in her garage and is a professional belly dancer, etc. It was tons of fun and I really enjoyed it, but it was on the expensive side and she shut down for the winter to lessons, so life and finances got in the way and I stopped.


    I thought it was great exercise and tons of fun and I've been listening to Beats Antique recently and really want to try it again, but I think I'd rather just do it at home. Does anyone know if any youtube instructional videos, or DVD's I can buy that are good beginner bellydance classes?  I'm willing to invest some money into this, just not $50 a week. 



  3. I had a goal to lose 1.5lbs a week for this year. That's what I have to lose to reach my goal of losing 80lbs by the end of the year, so it's frustrating to stall. I knew it would happen, and I know there's a reasonable chance I won't meet my goal by the end of the year, and that's fine, so long as I'm making progress. 


    I started keto because it seemed like an easier way to lose weight without feeling deprived or hungry all the time. At this rate though, I feel like it doesn't matter what I eat so long as I count calories. I lost 40lbs on a low fat conventional "healthy" diet just by counting calories and exercising. I was hungry all the time, but it worked.


    I'm just not sure how much to eat anymore. I used MFP back when I lost 40lbs before and I know that I put in sedentary and did not eat back exercise calories. I DID exercise, like 20-30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week, but otherwise I was going to school at the time and I was sedentary the rest of the time. Now I have a lot more incidental movement with my job and yard work on the weekends, but I'm not really working out intentionally (though I plan to start doing that more soon). 


    I only eat about 80g protein because I'm not an athlete and excess protein is converted to carbs and can knock you out of ketosis. Women only really need 50-75g protein a day unless they are very active/building muscle. Even when I was paleo and set my macros to have like 145g protein, I never hit that goal and was usually closer to 100g. 



  4. Went back into MFP and re-calculated my BMR and found that I had set it to lightly active (standing all day) so I switched it to sedentary and it dropped my calories to 1580. But if my fitbit is to be believed, I'm burning between 2700 calories per day on weekends, and 3200 calories on weekdays... 1580 just seems really low... Should I keep it set to that, but eat more based on my fitbit's exercise adjustment? At 1850 calories between 2 meals, I'm not hungry. Like I get hungry before meals, but the meals are plenty satiating and plenty of food and keep me full 5-6 hours. I just don't want to kill my metabolism by starving myself.

  5. I started Keto on 1/8/18. At first it was great, I felt good, never got Keto flu, was losing weight pretty consistently. These last few weeks I feel like my weight loss has stalled and I'm tired all the time, can barely roll out of bed in time to get ready for work even when I go to bed early and set my alarm early with the intention of getting up to exercise. I have been trying to fill 2 new raised beds in my garden with dirt, and last year getting and unloading 2 or 3 loads in a single day wasn't a big deal. I'd be tired, but I could do it (I did do it last year). This year I got 1 load and was shoveling the dirt out into the bed and had to rest often, and by the time I was done with just 1 truckload I was just beat. I was sore for 3 days after as well. I ended up having to get 1 load of dirt each weekend (still have 1 more to get) because I was just too tired to do more. 


    I started Intermittent fasting about 2 weeks ago (16/8-skipping breakfast) but found that if I just drank water in the AM until noon, I was SUPER low energy, got really hungry/hangry and was just miserable. However, if I drank my coffee through the morning (I make a 24oz. iced cold brew with sugar free Toriani syrup and 2tbs. heavy whipping cream) I felt great and wasn't hungry and had no problem making it to noon. But the 100-ish calories from the cream would technically break fast.


    Here are my stats:

    Female, 32


    Starting weight: 260.6lbs

    Current weight: 234.6lbs

    Goal weight: 180lbs by the end of the year (will re-evaluate once I reach this, will probably want to lose more)

    Body Fat: 43%

    Calories: 1850

    Macros: 5% carbs (<25g net carbs) 20% protein, 75% fat

    Workouts: No intentional exercise (would like to change that - see the part about no energy tho) but I'm a pharmacy technician and spend 8 hours a day on my feet walking around the pharmacy pulling and putting away drugs. On weekends I do grocery shopping, housework, and work in the garden planting veggies, pulling weeds, and also currently building trellises and potato boxes.


    I seem to be at my lowest weight for the week on sundays, occasionally I drop a little more on mondays (yes I know it's not good to weigh daily, but I just look at it as data) and then I jump back up 2-3lbs during the week, then drop part of it on saturday and the rest on sunday plus some more. It's been like that almost since I started. These past few weeks I just seem to be gaining and losing the same 2-3lbs and not dropping any lower.


    I have a fitbit that tells me I burn about 3000 calories on weekdays because I have a job where I am on my feet and walking around all day, and if that's the case maybe I'm not eating enough during the week? The fitbit is linked to MFP, my preferred calorie tracking app and it tries to add calories to my daily total to account for exercise, but I never eat more because of exercise. The last time I lost a significant amount of weight I learned that I couldn't eat back calories that I exercised because it would stall me, but with keto it may be different?


    So I guess my questions are:


    How do I break through this plateau?

    Why am I so tired all the time on keto?

    Do I need to try carb cycling or add a re-feed day?

    If I add carb cycling or a re-feed day, what would my calories and macros look like?


    Thanks for reading my super long post and for any suggestions you smart people might have!

  6. Because I believe humans have evolved/were designed to be omnivores, and because even ethically speaking, there are alternatives. I buy a half a cow every year from a local farmer who raises 100% grass fed and finished cows on beautiful pasture where they can be happy, healthy cows. Wild-caught fish, pastured chickens and pigs, wild game, etc. There are alternatives. I don't believe it's ethically wrong to kill and consume an animal. I think it's ethically wrong to abuse them by depriving them of sunlight, space to move, and the ability to perform natural behaviors and social interaction due to overcrowding and stress, and also feeding them an unnatural diet.

  7. Late to the challenge, but I'm basically just carrying over my last challenge again, since basically all of my goals are longer-term ones.


    Quest 1: Lose 6lbs a month for 2018.

    • I've already lost 18.8lbs in the 1 week whole30 and 6 weeks keto, so I'm ahead of the game. 6lbs a month would equal over 80lbs by the end of the year, and it's less than 1.5lbs a week - totally doable.
    • Keep sticking to keto, tracking my macros and calories in MFP
    • Add in some bodyweight workouts inside while the weather is garbage (squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, pushups on the kitchen counter because I'm weak and can't do real pushups)


    Quest 2: Keep the house clean

    • I want to be one of those people who cleans as they go, who doesn't just dump things on whatever horizontal surface is closest at the moment and actually puts stuff where it goes. 
    • Going to wash dishes nightly after dinner
    • Each weekend I will pick a different part of the house to focus on and get completely clean and organized, then I will endeavor to keep it that way.


    Quest 3: Get out of debt

    • This one got a big boost during the last challenge when I did a balance transfer from a high interest credit card to my credit union credit card with 0%apr for 18 months. 
    • I just have to make my monthly payment on time.
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  8. 9 minutes ago, Elastigirl said:

    Congrats on the weight loss. I had muscle cramps when I was low carb, and even a bit after. One thing that Kelly Starrett suggested which helped was to put a pinch of salt in my water, or add electrolyte. I've also heard low-carb people suggest chicken broth, because it is salty. I also drink coconut water, but I'm not sure if that is too many carbs for you


    edit to add.: I love your signature quote!


    Electrolytes and salt are more for the Keto flu, which i haven't had. I also salt my food generously, lol. For muscle cramps, magnesium and potassium are more effective, and like I said, I've been prone to them my whole life, so no big deal. A few years ago I went through a bout with a chicken pox-like virus and had to take a round of prednisone, and after that I was having lots of anxiety and heart palpitations. I started taking magnesium and that helped some, but when I added potassium the palpitations went away. I just need to up my dose a little.


    Coconut water is definitely too high in carbs, but I do love it.


    I love that quote too. I originally found it in a book we read for a women's bible study group I was in, but I can't remember the name of it. I've held onto it ever since.

  9. Sorry, I've been terrible at updating this! Work has been super busy!


    I'm doing great though. I've lost almost 14 pounds since 12/31 and no sign of keto flu or anything like that. Occasional muscle cramps, but I've been prone to those my whole life and have been supplementing mag and potassium for years, so I just take a little extra when I start getting muscle cramps.


    I am loving keto so far. I don't feel deprived at all and all my coworkers are doing a "biggest loser" challenge and basically starving themselves and hungry and miserable, and I'm over here eating fathead pizza and salads with real full-fat dressing and cheese and coffee with heavy cream in it. They all can't believe I'm losing weight eating the way I am!


    Have not been working out as I wanted to though, but I'm not that mad about it. I don't mind if I wait on that until the weather warms up.


    As for my financial goal, that just got a whole lot easier! I randomly opened a piece of mail from my credit union that had been lying on my coffee table for like 2 weeks instead of just throwing it away (didn't look like a statement or anything important) and turns out it was a balance transfer offer. It contained these special checks that I can fill out to transfer the balance of a high interest credit card over to my CU credit card with 0% APR for 18 months and only a 3% transfer fee. SO I'm totally taking advantage of that! It will make it much easier to pay down that credit card when half of every payment isn't eaten up by interest charges!

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  10. Cold is mostly done. Still coughing a little, but feel back to myself. I started Keto on monday, so today was day 5. So far it is easier and harder than I thought. Getting macros just right is a bit hard. I find myself inputting my food into MFP the day before to get my macros right, then eating what I planned out. It's easier in that I haven't had any cravings and I'm only hungry right before my next meal. I also haven't had many negative effects - a little irritable today, but that could entierly be because something at work frayed my last nerve. No temptation to cheat, no keto flu (yet). I have been getting some muscle cramps, but some extra magnesium and potassium should fix that.

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  11. Thanks...I'm still battling an epic cold right now, so haven't really gotten started. I stuck to my Whole30 until thursday and then got Pho (sugar in the broth and rice noodles) and enjoyed every bite because there's nothing better than Pho when you're sick. Not really going to worry too much about diet and exercise until I'm well again... *sigh*

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  12. It's been a long time since I joined a challenge. I'm sick, so not feeling too creative and clever right now, but I'd still like to join. I actually started on 12/31


    Quest: Lose 80lbs (by the end of the year)

    • Started 12/31 on The Whole30 and transitioning to Ketogenic diet on 1/6 while still following Whole30 rules as well
    • Do Bodyweight workouts 3x per week and Turbofire cardio workouts 3x per week (saturdays off). This one might have to wait until next week - I am very sick right now.

    Quest: Keep the house clean!

    • Do dishes daily

    Quest: Pay down CC debt

    • Focusing on one CC with the highest balance and interest rate first. Pay $100 extra per month.
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  13. It could well be, for small-sized people.  Keto does tend to reduce the hunger hormones and help you eat less, however in my experience the number of calories does not correlate with weight loss (or health) when ketogenic.  I have been on LCHF then keto for 2.5 years, going from 270 to 180 lbs and reversing my T2 diabetes, and when I log food, I get anything between 1100 and 2700 Kcal per day.  I am also 5'9" (and a half, actually).  I also do IF, so that is why the calories are so irregular.  But that's the whole point with keto, your energy comes out of your body fat (once your insulin is lowered it allows the fat to be mobilised).  Ultimately, I wouldn't worry too much about calories (as long as on average you aren't massively over- or under-eating).
    What is your goal, though?  Weight loss or health improvements, or both?  Do you exercise and how?  (FWIW, I just walked for the first year)
    Finally, I don't have that book, but I've seen her website and the recipes look yummy!
    My goal is weight loss. Ive got my main health issues under control right now, but my weight is not. She says to make sure to eat less than 30g carbs and less than 50-75g protein and dont worry about the fat as much (basically eat fat until you arent hungry after that) because so long as carbs and protein are at or under those numbers you will be in ketosis. If your calories are at a deficit, thats good because then your body will use stored bodyfat for energy.

    I think at first i will shoot more for 1800-ish calories, which i think is more reasonable for someone my size and if i get to a point where i just cant eat that much anymore, i wont worry about it.

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  14. I've been on this quest for 5 years and had some success, and a lot of failure. I lost 60 pounds...and then gained almost all of it back due to a stressful job and a wacky schedule that changed all the time so I couldn't eat at the times that were healthiest for my body. 


    Now I have a job that gives me a regular, normal schedule; my psoriasis is in remission and I've reintroduced all the foods besides soy and gluten without flair-ups. After a lot of trial and error, I know that being on the low-ish end of the carbohydrate spectrum leaves me feeling better and losing weight more easily, so I've decided to take it even further and try whole30-keto at the beginning of the year. I'm going to start a regular whole30 on December 30th and still eat natural fruit and veggie carbs like root veggies for the first week. It will still be a good step down in carbs from what i've been eating recently (rice, gluten-free breads, sweets, etc.) then after that first week I will transition into full Keto-whole30.


    I have a cookbook that is basically a paleo/whole30 keto thing. The author mentions the whole30 and paleo in the book, and all the recipes are keto, paleo, and dairy-free. She recommends starting off dairy free for the first 30 days to let your gut heal, then if you tolerate dairy you can add back full-fat dairy sources like grass-fed butter, ghee, heavy cream, etc. So that's what I'm going to do. Light exercise during the first 2-3 weeks while I get adjusted (probably just enough bodyweight workouts so that when I start working out for real I'm not one big ball of delayed-onset muscle soreness for 3 days afterwards)


    My job pays well enough that I might even be able to afford a gym membership, though I'll need to do more research before I commit to that. 


    Right now I am gathering recipes and getting together a rough meal plan. The Keto book has a meal plan, but I don't love ALL the recipes in the book and the author also only gives 2 meals per day in the meal plan because she is a big proponent of intermittent fasting, but I'm not sure how I would be able to fit that into my schedule quite yet, and the idea of skipping a meal where I'm at right now is pretty daunting. Maybe once I've got the swing of keto and I'm not hungry ever, I'll be able to work in intermittent fasting as well, but one step at a time.

  15. Im thinking of giving keto a try after the new year. I bought a cook book that had recipes that i liked regardless of being keto or not, but its called the 30 day ketogenic cleanse by maria emmerich. In the beginning of the book where she is talking about the principles of keto, she says that 1100-1300 calories are enough for most of her clients. I understand that you tend to be less hungry on a keto diet, but that seems really low. I am 5'9" tall and currently about 250lbs. and 1800 calories is a deficit for me.


    Is it normal to go that low on calories on keto for weight loss?


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  16. I'm doing a whole30 right now, and when I am on the whole30 my carb intake is usually between 75 and 100 grams of carbs per day (not counting while doing the program, but I used to count, so I know how many carbs and calories are in the foods I typically eat) so low-ish carbs, but not low enough to be keto. I've never gone low enough to actually hit ketosis. I saw a paleo keto cookbook at costco today and the recipes looked really good, so it got me thinking about trying keto, but I've heard that especially for women it can be really hard on the adrenals and cause an adrenal crash and thyroid problems. Would having a carb refeed day prevent this issue? How do you do carb refeeds? Typically on keto you would keep carbs below like 20-30g and eat plenty of fat and protein. On a refeed day, do you go low fat and high carbs without going over your calorie limit? I have about 70lbs to lose, so I'm trying to lose weight, not build muscle perse (though getting stronger is definitely on my list). Any good resources on how to safely do keto as a woman without risking adrenal fatigue and thyroid crashes?

  17. I am posting on behalf of my best friend. He is about 150lbs. overweight with high blood pressure and his cholesterol is out of whack too. He is a single guy who is very busy and often forgets to eat until he's so hungry then he eats WAY too much, so he needs easy food on hand and available so he doesn't go too long without eating.


    I'm looking for low carb, super easy recipes. Things like crock pot meals, casseroles, one-pot meals that are like throw everything together and apply heat. He does not have any dietary restrictions, but is wanting to stay pretty low carb. I am going to try and convert him to full paleo eventually, but right now I think it's too much for him to think about, so it doesn't have to be paleo. 


    He loves ethnic foods, especially mexican (he's from texas), but also indian and asian foods, curries, etc. Spicy and flavorful is excellent. 


    So, requirements:


    • low carb
    • low sodium
    • super easy
    • one-pot

    Thanks in advance!

  18. I got an interview! Phone interview on thursday, and face-to-face on tuesday. Hopefully I get the job! I also went running 3 times this week, but only did my bodyweight workout once :( I stuck pretty close to calories too, maybe a little over a couple days.

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  19. I ended up forgetting to workout on monday. I woke up too late, so it was too hot to do it in the morning, then by evening I had gotten sucked into a game and when I realized it was cool enough, it was also dark. 


    Tuesday I got up early and went for a run (week 5), and also stuck to my calories pretty close at 1711 calories for the day


    This morning I got up, went for a run, but I did week 2 of the app instead of week 5, then came home and did my bodyweight workout, then went for a short walk with my roommate who wants to lose weight too, but who is VERY out of shape, so we're starting slow.

  20. Thanks guys. I'm actually not that depressed about being unemployed. I'm in a much better situation now than I was the last time I was unemployed, so it's not that bad. At least my car is paid off this time. And this time I actually have a degree and skills that are fairly in demand. 


    The 5k went well. On thursday I did more reps on my bodyweight workout and lo and behold, DOMS on friday, saturday, AND sunday. Friday I still ran the C25k app, and then saturday of course I did the color me rad 5k. I ran about 3/4 of it and finished in about 45-50 minutes, so I'm pretty happy with that. I totally failed on calories and watching what I ate, though. On Wednesday my mom was making snacks for a club meeting we go to (orchid society) and talked me into making some cookies that I could actually eat (I have a lot of food sensitivities) so I made them...and then ate far too many over the next few days. But, it's a new week, so I can start over on that goal.


    I did get 3 job applications put in last week, and I also got all my CE's to renew my certification and got that paid for. Hopefully they get it to me before it expires in a month and a half -_-





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  21. First day went pretty well. I went over on calories a bit (1800) but overall a good day. I went for my run in the morning. Week 4 day 1 of the C25k app. 


    This morning I went for a 20 minute walk, then came home and did my bodyweight workout. I have to start out slow (since I haven't done it in weeks) or the DOMS will be unbearable, so only 10 squats and lunges and 20 pushups and situps. I could totally do more, but from experience I know I wouldn't be able to walk tomorrow if I did. Thursday I will do more. 

  22. I need to get my ass in gear. I've come so far and I need to keep going. I'll be 30 in 4 months. I don't want to still be where I am now when I'm 30.


    I have a color run next weekend, which was one of my big "before I'm 30 goals". I've been doing the C25k app for the past 9 weeks, but I'm only on week 4 because I kept repeating weeks. I probably won't be able to run the whole thing (I'm actually sure of it) but I want to run every other kilometer, so run 1, walk 2, run 3, walk 4, run 5. But after the color run, I have the dirty dash in July, so I need to keep up with the app, plus do other workouts to build strength in my arms and upper body especially, but lower body too, so I can do the obstacles. I also want to start losing weight again, as I've been stuck for about 2 years after losing 55 pounds (I was up to having lost 68lbs, but I gained a little back) 


    Goal 1: Do the C25k app 3x a week (m, w, f) to get ready for the two 5k's I signed up for in the next month. Stretch afterwards. 

    • 1 point in dex and 2 points in stamina for 3 weeks, plus 1 point in dex if for 6 weeks


    Goal 2: On off days (t, th, sat) do bodyweight workouts: Kettlebell swings, pushups, squats, lunges, situps, rows. Stretch afterwards.

    • 2 points in strength for 3 weeks, plus 1 point in stamina for 6 weeks


    Goal 3: Be more consistent with counting calories and stick to 1700 or less calories per day. Also need to eat on a more consistent schedule, which will be breakfast at 8am after my workout, lunch between 12 and 1, and dinner between 6 and 7. No snacking if I can help it.

    • 1 point in Constitution and 2 points in Wisdom for 3 weeks, plus 1 point in Constitution for 6 weeks


    Life goal: I lost my job last week due to lack of work. I filed for unemployment, which should cover me for 6 months, but I desperately need to find a job ASAP. I had a lot of plans for the end of this year that require money, and what I get from unemployment won't cover it. I had a vacation to Seattle scheduled for the week of my 30th birthday, and I also put down $750 on half a grass fed cow, and I need to come up with the other $900 or so before November or I lose the deposit. So I will put in AT LEAST 3 job applications (required by unemployment) but as many as I can find each week, and work on updating my resume. I also need to get 6 more Continuing Education Credits to maintain my certification. That will happen before the end of this week.

    • 1 point in Charisma for 3 applications per week, 2 points for 5 applications per week, plus 1 point in Wisdom after 6 weeks for finishing my CE's and renewing my certification.
  23. I only wear makeup for special occasions. I started oil cleansing my face with avocado oil mixed 2:1 with castor oil. I put a little in my hands and rub it onto my dry face before I get in the shower, then I take a washcloth and get it wet with hot water and lay it over my face until it's cool, repeat once, then use the washcloth to rub the oil off. It leaves my skin really smooth, and makes it less oily than it used to be. My job is also behind the scenes away from customers, so I don't feel like I need to wear makeup most days.


    When I do wear makeup, I use Every Day Minerals. It's like Bare Minerals, but cheaper. The ingredients are just mica and mineral powders. I haven't worn mascara in a long time, but I'm planning to make my own with charcoal and various oils as I'm very sensitive to chemicals.

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