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  1. wtf? They put ethoxyquin in it? That is a dangerous preservative/pesticide (yes, it's used as a pesticide!). It's used in pet foods and has been known to cause all kinds of problems in rodents and birds and dogs, including birth defects, still births, and shortened lifespan. (I searched high and low for a bird food for my cockatiel that didn't contain it, and made a home-made blend of cerials and nuts for my pet rats to avoid it). I thought it was illegal to use in human foods. Not to mention corn startch, corn flour, partially hydrogenated soybean oil (double whammy there, yucky vegetable oil AND it's partially hydrogenated, plus "natural flavor" which is code for MSG.


    No thank you!


    Not trying to be mean, if you are ok eating those things, then I'm glad you found an easy way to make something you enjoy eating, but its definately not for the paleo/primal people.

  2. My workout today was cleaning out the pond. Trust me, it was definitely a work out.


    breakfast was the usual, lunch was leftover hash, and for dinner I had a grilled burger with delicious guac on top with a side of roasted baby carrots (real baby carrots, not the ones that are just grown-up carrots shaved down) and sauteed zucchini and summer squash.

  3. More fat and veggies! Less fruit and trail mix! Like HalflingOfficeDrone said, get a good healthy portion of protein, fill in the rest of your plate with veggies, and then fill in the rest of your calorie needs with fat from things like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado (and avocado oil), and ghee. 


    I highly recomend It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. It explains all the hows and whys of paleo. Very good book!

  4. I went paleo at the beginning of the year for 2 months until I got sick and then went back to school. I kept trying to go back to paleo, but I was eating way too much sugar and my friend kept convincing me to have mexican food >.<


    I know it is carb flu, but I am trying to get my body to adjust to a lower carb diet, so I will just tough it out.

  5. No, still having headaches, but I'm really becoming convinced that it is eye-strain related from staring at the computer too much, possibly exacerbated by being hungry at times. I tried eating some sweet potato with breakfast (and had more with lunch) and I had the motivation to clean my whole kitchen (still working on it, it was seriously a mess, but almost done.)

  6. Click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe forum where I posted the recipe :)


    I try not to snack. I drink water and see if I'm really hungry. If it's just very mild hunger, I ignore it, especially if it's almost meal time anyway. I do think I need to eat more at lunch though.


    I haven't really started on my other goals yet :( I've been feeling so low energy from the shift in diet that I just haven't been motivated to work out or clean. I think i will definately work on the kitchen this morning though.

  7. So far today I still have that low grade headache and general malaise, though it's very mild. Getting lots of cravings between meals and I think I'm hungry, or might actually be hungry, but at least it's not that "OMG I'M HUNGRY NAO!!!" like when I get a blood sugar crash. It's a gradual climbing hunger.


    Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in ghee with sauteed shiitake mushrooms, bell pepper, scallion and wilted spinach, topped with mashed avocado and two more eggs fried over medium. Also had a rather tart, out-of-season peach.


    Lunch: More of the soup from yesterday


    Dinner: Pan-seared chicken breast with sweet potato pancakes (shredded sweet potato and onions mixed with egg, pan-fried) and some roasted asparagus with lemon. Handful of bing cherries for "desert"

  8. DSCN2193_zpsc684c9ad.jpg




    1 lb. ground pork (preferably pastured)

    1 tbs. grated fresh ginger

    4 cloves grated garlic

    1/2 c. diced scallion, white and light green parts only

    1/4 c. coconut aminos

    1 tsp. sesame oil

    1 tsp. red boat fish sauce

    1/4 tsp. black pepper


    Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, then form into 1" meatballs and place on a cookie sheet lined with foil. Bake at 400 degrees for about 20-30 minutes until they turn golden brown.




    I just eyeballed enough beef bone broth for 1.5 servings, then added water to make it 3 servings, as bone broth is so concentrated. Then I added about 1/2 tsp. chinese 5 spice and a slice of fresh ginger and let it simmer for about an hour, then added salt to taste.




    2 large carrots

    2 large handfuls of sugar snap peas

    1 handful of pea shoots

    scallion greens, sliced at an angle


    The carrots, I first peeled then cut off the tip. Holding the fat end, I ran the veg peeler down one side of the carrot, pushing down as hard as I could, over and over to make thin, long slices. When I got about half way through, I flipped it over and did the same on the other side. You end up with some waste, but I just tossed it into the pot of bone broth I had simmering on the stove.


    The sugar snap peas, I cut the stems off, then sliced very thinly lengthwise. Just cut the pea shoots into 1" pieces to make them easier to eat.


    To serve:


    Place the meatballs and raw veggies into a large bowl and pour boiling broth over top. Let the veggies wilt and cook slightly in the hot broth. I found a splash of red boat fish sauce and a little extra coconut aminos in the broth really rounded out the flavor.



  9. Feeling even better today! I slept too much lastnight, so i was a little slow getting going this morning.


    Yesterday I ate:


    Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with shitake mushrooms, green onions, bell pepper, topped with 2 whole fried eggs with runny yolkes. A handfull of blueberries.


    Lunch: Leftover chicken salad. Had some celery sticks with almond butter and a few golden raisins as a snack...I think I need to eat more at each meal.


    Dinner: cabbage "Spaghetti" and meat sauce (basically browned ground beef, thinly sliced onions and cabbage wilted down into some store bought tomato sauce, I made sure it didn't have any added sugar or yucky stuff in it!) with a piece of watermellon for desert.

  10. I would say It Starts With Food would work for both of those. I just read it the other day and it's a fantastic book. It starts out talking about WHY the foods we think are healthy actually make us fat, WHY we can't stop eating them, WHY we get cravings and end up with unhealthy psychological relationships with food. Then it goes into the sciency stuff on why and how certain foods are not contributing  positively to our health, and then why and how other foods do, then it details the Whole30 and gives their meal plans and recipes. 

  11. Oh man, yesterday was miserable. The caffeine withdraws almost did me in! I know coffee is technically allowed on whole30, but I can't drink mine without heavy cream in it - coconut milk just doesn't do it for me. I went and laid down at 6pm because my head hurt so bad and I fell asleep until 9, got up and shut off all the lights and went back to bed until 11, then woke up again because the headache was just too awful, so I got some ibuprofen and sat up in bed until it kicked in, then went back to sleep again. This morning I feel ok, a bit groggy and heavy feeling, but my head is still intact.


    Today I'm heading to the farmer's market to stock up on veggies for the week!

  12. Alright, first day of whole30. I took all my measurements, weighed myself, and took some before pictures which I won't post until I have after pictures. I won't even look at them myself. No weighing or measuring for the next 30 days! Woot!


    Starting weight: 216lbs.

    Neck: 14.5"

    Bust: 43.5"

    Natural waist: 35"

    Low waist (even with navel): 42"

    Hips: 45"

    L Thigh: 26"

    R Thigh: 26"

    L Calf: 15 5/8"

    R Calf: 15 3/4"

    L Bicept: 12 3/8"

    R Bicept: 12 3/8"


    I also did as much of the beginner bodyweight circuit as I could...which was one time through...then I collapsed on the floor...


    Breakfast: 4 eggs and swiss chard and onions fried in beef tallow


    Lunch: salad with chicken, olives, and cucumber with a home-made balsamic vinaigrette


    Dinner: Chicken salad with chicken, apples, celery, walnuts, and golden raisins dressed in home-made mayo.

  13. I want to do a whole30, but so many of my go-to snacks are full of dairy and/or sugar (lara bars, cheese, yogurt) and I also eat fruit, which is allowed on whole30, but I don't want to pig out on it as I am trying to lose weight and it is high in sugar.


    So what are you go-to whole30 snacks?

  14. Starting this late, but I don't want to wait for the next challenge to get started.


    I was doing really well for a long time. I lost 50 pounds, but I still have another 30-40 to go to reach my goal weight. I've been busy with school, I got really sick a few times, but now I'm better, and finished with school, so it's time to get my ass in gear and get these last pounds off while I look for a job this summer. 


    The Plan


    Diet - Paleo

              I'd like to do a whole30 and get off dairy and sugar, my two nemesis. I actually tolerate dairy pretty well, but I'd like to see if I could feel even better being off it.


    Stamina - 2

    Constitution - 2

    Wisdom - 1


    Workout - Beginner Bodyweight, DDR, Turbofire

              I can't afford Crossfit right now (totally rejoining as soon as I get a job though), but I don't need a gym to get fit, right? Right! At least 6 days a week, I will rotate one of the above for at least 30 minutes each morning.


    Strength - 3

    Dexterity - 2


    Life - Job search, cleaning appartment, finishing remodel

             I have to find a job this summer, so I will submit at least 3, but up to as many as I can find, job applications each week.

             I'm also really sick of my appartment being a mess because I haven't had time to clean it due to school and clinicals. So I will spend one day each week tackling a different area of the house to get it cleaned up.

             Lastly, I have a few unfinished remodeling projects around here. I need to caulk some tile around the kitchen sink and replace the faucet, put up some molding in the bathroom and caulk some areas, repair a hole in one wall in the living room and sand down a few spots, then repaint the whole thing. Once the place is clean, I will tackle these projects.


    Stamina - 2

    Wisdom - 2

    Charisma - 1


  15. This is a recipe I made tonight. It's modified from a recipe here: http://www.theravenouscouple.com/2009/05/bun-thit-nuong-vietnamese-grilled-pork-with-vermicelli.html



    • Grill basket
    • Outdoor grill (this can technically be made under a broiler, but it's just sooooo much better over a super hot grill.




    • 1.5 lbs. boneless pork "ribs". These are actually shoulder meat that is cut into something that looks like a steak...sort of. It was really cheap ($1.99 a pound) and turned out really good. Chicken or other cuts of pork would also work well.
    • 2-3 stalks lemongrass
    • 2 tbs. honey
    • 2 tbs. red boat fish sauce
    • 1 tsp. cracked black pepper
    • 2-3 cloves garlic
    • 1 shallot or the white and light green parts of 4-5 scallions
    • 1 tbs. molasses
    • 1 tbs. coconut aminos
    • 1 tbs. lime juice

    Freeze the pork for 4-5 hours until it is partially frozen, but not an ice cube. Use a sharp knife to cut it into thin (about 1/4") thick strips against the grain. Cut the lemongrass stalks into 2" lengths and whack with the back of a knife to bruise it. Dice the garlic and shallot or scallions. Mix everything for the marinade in a zipper bag and add the pork. Mix it around to coat all the pork and place in a bowl in the fridge for a few hours, up to overnight.



    • Your choice of finely chopped or shredded lettuce (iceberg and romaine are good choices)
    • Shredded carrot
    • Julienned cucumber
    • mung bean sprouts
    • Diced scallion tops
    • Thai basil (optional)
    • Cilantro (optional)
    • mint (optional)
    • toasted sesame seeds

    Nuoc Mam Cham (dressing)

    • 1/2 c. water
    • 2 tbs. honey
    • 1/2 - 1 red chile of your choice - finely chopped (get the tiny hot ones if you like spicy, get the larger fresno chiles if you want things milder)
    • 1-3 cloves garlic - grated
    • 2 tbs. red boat fish sauce
    • 1-2 tbs. lime juice (add slowly and taste as you go)


    Pre-heat your grill to really hot (or light the charcoal and let it get going for a while). In the mean time, chop your veggies and herbs and mix the dressing ingredients together in a bowl. Arrange the pork in the grill basket in an even layer. It's ok for the strips to be folder or wrinkled, or even laying ontop of each other, just make sure the layer is even. Place on the grill and leave until the edges of the pork are getting blackened, then flip and do the same on the other side. 


    To serve: Arrange the veggies in a large bowl with lettuce in one half of the bowl, then the bean sprouts in one quarter, and the cucumber in the remaining quarter (then I sprinkle the carrots and herbs ontop of everything) Top the salad with the hot pork and sprinkle with green scallion tops and toasted sesame seeds if desired. Place the dressing in a small bowl on the side. 


    This is probably my favorite salad and I'm so glad I found a decent recipe that I can make at home. I usually skip putting the dressing on the side and just dump it over the salad before devouring it.

  16. Serum (blood) cholesterol is released to patch lesions on the inside of artery walls caused by inflammation from insulin spikes and high blood sugar. That's what clogs your arteries, not eating eggs. I have heard that eating raw eggs is especially healthy, as cooking alters the proteins. Also, the egg yolk, if left unblended with the white and runny, has all the enzymes required to digest it (it is, after all, the sole food source for a growing chicken embryo, so it should be pretty well complete)

  17. Technically this could be paleo if you left out the cheese, but I feel like it's missing something without the cheese.



    1 lb. assorted chicken (breasts and thighs both work great)

    1 tbs. dijon mustard

    1 tbs. fresh rosemary, finely chopped (or your favorite herb)

    2 tbs. lemon juice

    2 cloves garlic, minced

    2 tbs. olive oil

    Salt to taste


    Butterfly the chicken breasts if using. Mix all the ingredients in a ziplock storage bag and set inside a bowl incase it leaks. Make sure the chicken is covered with the marinade. Put it in the fridge for 8-12 hours. I grilled mine over charcoal, but whatever cooking method you prefer for chicken would work: Pan fry, roast, indoor grill. Dice the cooked chicken into bite-sized pieces.



    1/3 c. lemon juice

    1/2 c. olive oil (I use light tasting because EVOO is too strong for me)

    2 cloves garlic

    1 tbs. dijon mustard

    1 tbs. anchovy paste

    1/4 c. parmesan cheese

    Pinch of salt and pepper


    Blend in blender until smooth and emulsified.


    Chop romaine lettuce and place in a large bowl. Drizzle with enough dressing to coat and toss until covered. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and set warm grilled chicken on top.

  18. My mom has been making carrot salad since I was a kid. Usually it's finely grated carrots with pina colada yogurt, coconut shreds, walnuts, and pineapple chunks. I decided to make a paleo version.


    2 lbs. finely shredded carrots (as fine as you can make them)

    1 large can crushed pineapple

    1 can full-fat coconut milk

    1 cup chopped walnuts

    3/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

    3/4 cup golden raisins

    1/2 can pineapple chunks


    I added the raisins because without the added sugar from the yogurt, I felt like it needed to be a bit sweeter, so the raisins add some little pops of sweetness. Just mix everything together and enjoy :)

  19. Since you said you love smoothies, I made an awesome one this morning that kept me full for several hours. I wasn't even really hungry by lunch time, but I ate anyway because I knew it would be a while before I'd have a chance to eat again. 


    I used various frozen fruit (mango, blueberries, and some canned peaches in juice) and anything would work, but what really made it delicious and filling was that I put a whole avocado in it. I couldn't taste the avocado, but it made it really creamy and I think was what made it filling, because whenever I've made smoothies in the past, they are not filling at all. I also put a couple tablespoons almond butter in it, which was also tasty.

  20. I've been making this for a couple years now. I love it. It is a great way to use up a rotisserie chicken or any leftover chicken meat. Turkey could also be used if you like turkey. Eat it on bread as a sandwich (not paleo, obviously) or in a lettuce leaf, or like I do and just eat it with a fork out of the bowl. This makes a huge amount, but can be adjusted up or down.


    1 whole batch paleo mayo (about a cup and a half)

    1/2 a rotisserie chicken (or about 1-1.5 pounds cooked chicken meat) shredded or diced up.

    4 celery stalks, diced

    3/4-1 cup chopped pecans or walnuts (I leave them raw, but you could certainly toast them first)

    2 small or 1 large apples - diced (these can be whatever kind you want, but should be something with a crisp texture and some sweetness. I use fuji or honeycrisp)

    1 cup golden raisins


    I sometimes add a bit of extra salt, a splash of lemon juice, and some black pepper. Just mix everything up in a bowl until it's all coated with the mayo. Some other ideas include diced avocado cubes, or mash the avocado and mix it with the mayo, grapes, dried apricots or other dried fruit instead of the raisins.

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