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  1. Glad you liked it
  2. I just feed my dog Kirkland kibble, but it's good quality. Not grain free, but definitely corn free. There is brown rice in it, but the first 2 ingredients are chicken and chicken meal, with all the necessary probiotics, veggies, and even some herbs and things for vitamins. I used to feed him a brand called "Chicken Soup For the Dog Lover's Soul" which was a very good food, but the price skyrocketed so I switched to Kirkland, which is very comparable. He also gets scraps of meat and trimmed fat, but I don't give him bones because he swallows them whole o.O
  3. I always measure at my belly button, then also at my natural waist (the naturally narrowest part of my torso) which is about 3" higher than my belly button. There is a HUGE difference between the two. A good 5-6 inches, because I tend to carry my weight lower on my belly. I use a tape measurer that came with the bathroom scale I bought that is like this one http://www.amazon.com/AccuFitness-MT05-MyoTape-Body-Measure/dp/B000G7YW7Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1362841795&sr=8-1&keywords=body+measuring+tape and it works really well.
  4. I don't think I've seen the guild crests. Is there somewhere I could look at them?
  5. I was thinking the other day that it would be super awesome to have guild shirts with perhaps a logo and a phrase or something that describes the guild. Like for warriors maybe "I lift ALL the heavy things!" I haven't thought of ones for the rest yet though.
  6. So, I just made this for lunch, and it's SUUUUPER simple, but SOOOO tasty. I thawed out a tilapia loin and seasoned it with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I was thinking that some cajun blackening spice would be perfect to use instead though. I put some butter in a pan and let it get all melty and hot (med-high temp), then put the fish in and get it browned on both sides. Then I squeezed half a lemon over it and let the lemon juice get caramelized on the outside of the fish, flipping the fish once more until it actually starts to turn black. If it needs to cook more (like mine did) I throw a lid on it and turn the temp way down. Otherwise it's ready to eat. It would work for just about any white fish, and was seriously some of the best fish I've ever tasted. I served it with some sauteed french green beans with the same seasoning on them, and a baked sweet potato.
  7. Vian

    Vian's Reinvention

    I missed out on crossfit on monday. I didn't get moving early enough and by the time I would have gotten there, I would have been late. But I did make it on wednesday. I am soooo...sore.... I also had some avocado chocolate pudding lastnight sweetned with dates and some agave nectar, which isn't technically allowed in my challenge, but I really wanted something chocolatey and avocados are really good for me!
  8. I lost 40 pounds last year counting calories and doing some cardio. At the beginning of the year I started eating paleo (like KingZora, I jumped in head first and refuse to break it) and stopped counting calories. I would track a day here and there just to get a feel for what I was eating. Before paleo, I was eating a standard healthy diet, about 1650-1700 calories a day, and working out for 30 minutes in the morning. I lost a pound or two a week. When I went paleo, at first I was working out the same, but found I was eating 1500 calories just naturally. I was only hungry enough to eat 1500 calories a day. I plateaued and didn't lose any weight for 3 weeks. Around that time, I started Cross Fit, and simultaneously upped my calories to 2200-2400, and lost 3-4 pounds in as many days. My point is, when you go to "just eating when hungry" be careful not to drop too low, or you will plateau. Without the insulin spikes that come from eating grain and sugar, your body has a lot less blood sugar fluctuation, which is a great health benefit, but also suppresses hunger.
  9. Interesting. I have had patches on the tops of my feet since last winter that wont heal. I've thought they were psoriasis, but they could be eczema. I googled some pictures and there are some that look similar. They are itchy only sometimes, and are mostly very dry, flakey skin. Hmm...I might have to give up dairy and see if it helps.
  10. If you just started paleo, those 3 extra pounds could have just been the water weight that most people seem to lose when they go paleo. Grains and carbs make you retain water, so when you stop eating them, first you lose some water weight. I lost 6 pounds, I've heard of other people losing up to 15 pounds the first week. Do what Catspaw said.
  11. the 250-300 calories burned was the workout I was doing before crossfit, which was 30 minutes of Turbofire. But I get what you're saying, and thanks for the info. I will try to eat more, especially on crossfit days. I'm going to start doing crossfit in the morning, so it should be easier to eat more as working out earlier leaves me the whole day to be hungry and eat afterwards. The first 2 weeks I was doing it, I went to the beginner class at 7:30pm, so I'd eaten normally all day, then go to crossfit and work until I want to collapse, then force myself to eat some protein, then go to bed. Sometimes the following day I'd be really hungry, but not as much as I would probably be doing my workout in the morning. I hope that all makes sense, lol.
  12. But I'm still doing crossfit and no longer losing. Maybe I just need to give it more time. Perhaps my metabolism has changed and I'll plateau for 3 weeks, then drop 4-6 pounds on the fourth, lol.
  13. I'm female, 5'9", and currently about 217 pounds. Last year I lost about 40 pounds eating a healthy standard diet, calorie counting, and doing moderate exercise (mostly cardio). I would still like to lose a lot more fat and build muscle and get leaner. On Jan 9th I went primal and immediately lost 6 pounds of water weight in the first week, then I plateaued for about 2-3 weeks. In 2012 when I lost 40 pounds, I did it by counting calories. I was eating about 1700 calories a day, which gave me a 500 calorie deficit. When I went primal, I was eating about 1500-1600 calories just because I wasn't really hungry. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. After the 2-3 week plateau, I worked out the math and realized I was coming very close to 1200 calories after factoring in an additional 250-300 deficit from exercise. So I started eating more, up to 2200-2400 calories, and was suddenly hungry much more frequently, and lost like 4 pounds in a few days at the same time I started doing crossfit. After that, I kind of lost track and went back to pretty much eating when I was hungry, which is back at about 1600-1700, and am back in a plateau. I'm going to try once again eating more and see if I lose weight again. Is there any scientific basis for eating more to lose weight, especially on a paleo/primal diet?
  14. Vian

    Egg monster?

    Does anyone have a really yummy egg monster recipe? I'm looking both for ingredients to put in it, but also things like cooking temp and time, a proper amount of salt/seasoning, things like that. I tried to make one yesterday and it did not turn out very well...I over cooked it, and didn't add enough salt.
  15. Vian

    Vian's Reinvention

    Got my 5+ hours of cleaning for the weekend done today! I think I did a total of 6 or 7 hours, actually. Got the living room picked up alot, and dishes washed. Still have some stuff to do on both rooms though. I did my push ups and plank this evening. Now that my Crossfit beginner class is finished, I'm going to start going in to work out in the morning before school and take a shower there. I made an egg monster to cut up and take with me for breakfast after workout. We'll see how things go with all that tomorrow
  16. Vian

    Vian's Reinvention

    No pushups this morning, but I did 20 wall pushups at crossfit tonight, along with a bunch of other stuff that left me wanting to die (crossfit is great for that, I'm discovering). Did not clean today, but I was pretty busy. I'll try to clean for at least 2.5 hours tomorrow night and another 2.5 hours sunday night though! I also did good for diet today. I'm finding it alot easier than I thought to resist soda, and unsweetened coffee with heavy cream is really growing on me.
  17. From the sun? Vitamin D3 is actually more like a hormone. Your body uses sunlight to convert cholesterol in your skin into Vit. D3, which is then absorbed. Just spend 15-30 minutes in the sun a day and you're good to go. If it's cloudy, or you don't want to do that, you can buy Vit. D3 suppliments in a gel capsule. The vit. D in milk is usually D2, and is not very bio-available. It's also artificially added to the milk. Most of the vitamins and minerals in low-fat milk are added to it artificially. If you live in a sunny area, just go out in the sun. If you live in a cold, dark, dreary area half the year (like I do) take a suppliment. You probably aren't getting enough vitamin D from milk anyway. I take 6000IU daily, but I've heard it can be good to take up to 15000-20000 a day.
  18. Vian

    Vian's Reinvention

    I was so busy yesterday, I couldn't update! I got tadpoles, and froggie eggs, so I was running around like a headless chicken. Yesterday I did well. I did my pushups and plank in the morning and went to crossfit in the evening. Mom wanted to make paleo waffles for dinner, but I had accidentally marked Spelt flour as almond flour because it was back when I was just getting into paleo and had forgotten what almond flour looks like. So they were spelt waffles. I did not eat any though as I don't actually like waffles that much (too sweet, not filling). I had basil and walnut pesto tilapia on a bed of cauliflower "rice" with sauteed zucchini. Today, I was too sore from tricept dips at crossfit lastnight to do pushups. I think I may have to re-evaluate that goal and make it 3-4x a week instead of every day, so I can skip days where crossfit leaves my shoulders feeling like they've been through a meat grinder. Diet was good also. Tomorrow is the first day of my weekend, so I get to put my fourth goal into practice and CLEAN!!!
  19. To me it's more about the psychological addiction. Whole9life explains it pretty well in their article Sex with your pants on
  20. Vian

    Vian's Reinvention

    2/26/13 I didn't do my pushups this morning because I did push ups at crossfit lastnight and all the muscles in my shoulders and arms were really sore. Diet was on track, except for one small bite of gellato this evening because I've never had it and I wanted to try it.
  21. Vian

    Vian's Reinvention

    2/25/13 Just got home from Crossfit. I signed up for a normal membership after the 2 week beginner class that I've been going to. I get a student discount, plus a 20% discount for my first month. I did good on diet today, I had my usual eggs scrambled with chopped bacon, bell pepper and green onions with wilted spinach for breakfast, leftovers consisting of The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat (ala Well Fed) with green beans and mashed sweet potato for lunch. Dinner was a "use up all the leftovers we still have from the weekend" meal, I threw some ground beef and shredded pork shoulder into a skillet with some salsa and threw it on top of some lettuce with avocado, sour cream, and feta cheese for a tasty taco salad. Snacked on pistachios and had a banana with almond butter after working out. I also resisted any sweetener in my coffee. I discovered I can tolerate coffee without it if I make it really weak and put heavy cream in it >.>
  22. Vian

    Vian's Reinvention

    Cleaned up and revised my goals a bit. I think this looks much better.
  23. I think the same is true of me...either an F-off force field, or I'm just not hot enough...I've only had a guy hit on me once and that was at the video store in highschool : / That's kind of depressing...
  24. I've used this for years and i love it. http://www.amazon.com/Deodorant-Spray-Lavender-White-Ounces/dp/B0028FNP5C/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1361775621&sr=8-5&keywords=crystal+essence+deodorant It is a natural mineral salt spray-on deoderant. I find that the scent is mild and doesn't last very long (I stop smelling it within an hour) but it does a fantastic job of keeping me from stinking >.> and it just sprays on from a liquid. I put it on after I dry off from the shower, let it dry for a minute and I'm good to go.
  25. Wow...I just scanned through the article, but seriously dude...There were a few legitimate points in there, but I just couldn't get past the rampant stereotyping and misogyny...
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