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  1. You could do both? I decided to track in a regular composition notebook, then transfer everything to Fitocracy.
  2. Part of the problem is having to relearn what to eat. Breads and pastas are bad, gluten free replacements tend to be expensive and highly processed. Fiber, which everyone says is good, is not so good for me, so I have to watch what fruits and veggies I can and can't eat. I wish I could get in with a nutritionist but my insurance won't help with the cost.
  3. Will do. So are you suggesting I do a full body workout every other day, rather than breaking it up by body part?
  4. I'm not as strict about it as I should be, and I pay for it in pain. I've tried probiotics to help with gluten digestion, but they're minimally effective. I'm not a very effective cook. I guess it might just be a willpower issue? I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just in denial. I keep eating things with the mentality of "I'll be fine..." when in reality, I'm not.
  5. My doctor has recommended I go to a gluten free diet and low fiber to help control my IBS symptoms. I'm finding this to be VERY hard to maintain. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reasonably maintain this kind of lifestyle? I need all the help I can get!
  6. The reason I didn't have a problem working out 6 days was because, quite frankly, I'm bored. With school not in session my schedule is wide open. Any suggestions about what to do other than this would be appreciated. Yes I'd be trying to do them in progression, and no I don't have access to a bar, sadly. I wanted to purchase one, but my fiance recently lost his job so we just don't have the extra money. I'll take a look at the routines you've all suggested/posted today. Thanks so much!
  7. Hi all! I was using the gym at my College last semester, but now that i'm transferring to University in the fall, I don't have access to the on campus gym until classes start. I'm trying to come up with a bodyweight routine that I can stick to for the next two months, when I'll be able to use the gym again. I'd like to divide it up over six days - two upper body, two lower body, and two ab/core, with one day for rest. I've gone through a number of bodyweight routines/books/sites/etc. and found exercises that I could probably manage without killing myself: Upper body: Pushup, Tricep Dip
  8. Its been a while. I've moved, finished the semester with a 4.0gpa, and with no gym access, am left to contemplate a bodyweight workout that I can manage at home over the summer. Hopefully more to come.
  9. Coach was absent this week so we worked with a different trainer, an Australian woman who was super nice and very understanding. She decided to keep things clear of my back to do a tricep and shoulder day yesterday. Today I'm certainly sore! Walking (treadmill) 00:10:55 | 0.4 mi Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment 12.5 kg x 10 reps 17.5 kg x 10 reps (PR) 17.5 kg x 5 reps Tricep Dumbbell Kickback 10 lb x 10 reps 10 lb x 10 reps (PR) Dips - Triceps Version 3 reps 5 reps 5 reps (PR) Machine Shoulder (Military) Press 20 lb x 10 reps 20 lb x 10 reps (PR) 20 lb x 4 reps I only used the ma
  10. After a visit with my chiropractor on Monday, by Wednesday I'm barely able to take the stairs at school. Will be calling them when they open to see if I can get a referral to another doctor.
  11. Hi all! After messing up my early college years, and struggling through two years of Community College, at age 41 I've been accepted into the University of South Florida. I'm registered with the Anthropology department, which was my goal. I start this fall. I was terrified that my poor completion ratio from screwing up school 20 years ago was going to prevent me from getting in, but with good grades and excellent letters of recommendation, they accepted me! Yay!
  12. Changeup due to back injury. Still working with my chiropractor to bring some of the strength back into my leg. The last two days my foot has gone numb. Managed to get a little bit done in the gym today, and made it to level 10 on Fitocracy. Also, my weight is down to 169. It's the first time in six years I've been under 170! Walking (treadmill)00:06:11 | 0.3 miCrunch10 reps10 reps10 repsSuperman5 reps5 repsReverse Crunch10 reps10 reps10 reps (PR)Oblique Crunch5 reps5 reps5 repsShort Bridge5 repsFront Dumbbell Raise10 lb x 5 reps10 lb x 5 repsDumbbell Side Lateral Raise10 lb x 5 reps10
  13. Spoke to my doctor and chiropractor and it looks like I have a compressed disc in my lower back, causing pain and weakness in my right leg. Spoke to the Coach about it, and he offered me a few stretching and bodyweight exercises to do that might help. It's not much right now. I need to see how therapy at the chiropractor progresses before I take on more weight. Dead Bug30 reps (PR)Crunch10 reps (PR)Short Bridge10 reps10 reps (PR)Superman5 reps (PR)Quadruped Donkey Kick10 reps (PR)Reverse Crunch5 reps5 reps (PR)Oblique Crunch5 reps5 reps (PR)Walking (treadmill)00:10:48 | 0.5 mi
  14. Thanks for the reply. The chiropractor is doing the therapy for me (that's who my doctor sent me to), and I'm getting his input on everything I try.
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