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  1. I'm a bit late on the up date, I know..... And I have a long list of excuses! HAhahahaha Week 1 12th - 18th June (7 days) Workouts 10/35 Eating 2/14 Walking 0/6 Piano 3/7 TOTAL 15/62 24% I had a holiday off work so I thought Week 1 was going to be absolutely PERFECT. How terribly wrong I was. It's amazing how life can turn out so incredibly different to what we expect. Firstly, I became very sick with a bad cold. Coughing, sneezing, snotting, fevers. I spent an entire day in bed doing absolutely nothing. The next day my friend and I drove to a close-by mountain to go hiking. But it was raining and I knew the track would be dangerous for her as she hasn't hiked much at all. So we turned around and drove home (I was secretly glad not to be hiking in the freezing wet while I was still so sick). As soon as I started to feel a bit better, I booked in to see a horse to buy because I never have time to do so when I'm working. Viewing the horse took all day - a long drive, a lot of standing around in the cold weather, more driving. I really liked the horse so I went back the next day to do it all again. The last day of the week was spent preparing my property for said horse - this included putting up a fence in the pouring rain and freezing cold wind! Anyway, even though it was a bad week for the nerd fitness challenge, it was a pretty good week for me. I am so happy to have a horse in my backyard FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. It has always been a major life goal for me and I can't believe it has finally happened I've already been for a couple of rides and I LOVE IT. Week 2 has kind of been all over the place. I had a very busy day on Monday with work (many emergencies, much stress, no sleep, very tired). But today I had a perfect day. I met every goal AND I sat on my horse for a while.
  2. Week 0 5th – 11th June (7 days) Workouts 20/35 four workouts in total, not a bad effort I've been tweaking my shoulder routine and managed to have NO PAIN after my last shoulder day, so that's awesome. Eating 2/14 oh dear Walking 4/6 managed to get one of my friends to walk in the dark with me. yay! Piano 0/7 hmmmmm TOTAL 26/62 42% Week Zero. Stupid week zero. I thought I was doing much better than this, but obviously I was wrong. EXCUSES - a few really busy days at work - a few late night call ins - a few social situations I felt I had to eat food I didn’t want to, to be nice - why do I feel this pressure? I want to be the person that just doesn't eat junk, so no one bothers to offer - I started watching Orange is the New Black and it has basically destroyed my will to do anything else. ANYWAY, I’m off work for a week now, so hopefully Week 1 goes well.
  3. I find the gif URL and then insert other media > insert image from URL Welcome to Nerd Fitness
  4. You'll get the hang of it. How long have you been doing the Beginners Bodyweight Circuit for? And how are you going so far?
  5. Treadmill desks are the best idea EVER. I wish I had one and I think everyone should have one. Sitting kills!
  6. What work do you do that requires you to be on call?? If you don't mind me asking.
  7. Why thank you And thanks for the tips. I'm on a three day split - upper body, lower body, and core. Each split only takes fifteen to twenty minutes. So the daily load isn't too big at all. To build momentum (and to build the habit of training daily) I'm only doing one set for the first four week challenge. This reduces the daily training time to ten to fifteen minutes! Sounds too easy....
  8. 4 Week Challenge 12th June – 7th July (26 days) 1. A girl will not eat junk food (x/52) I have my nutrition and calories sorted....except for one weakness. Junk food. I find anything high in sugar irresistible. Don't get me wrong, I don't buy junk food - it's offered freely at my workplace. Cake, biscuits, chocolate. Ah! My counter attack: I will take plenty of healthy snacks (fresh, raw vegetables or paleo trail mix) in to work with me. I will place them in plain site on my desk. TWO points for each day without junk food. 2. A girl will train every morning (or day) (x/130) I find training after a long, stressful day at work very difficult. I also hate getting up early on freezing cold mornings. But I won't get a beach body by never training! My counter attack: I will wake up ten minutes earlier and turn on the heater and warm up the room. I will set two alarms in case I fall asleep during those ten minutes. I am also on call every second night - late night call-ins at work make getting up early to train VERY difficult. My counter attack: Hmmm…. not sure if this one can be easily solved. I’m not quite ready to quit my job just yet. FIVE points for each training session. 3. A girl will walk three times a week (x/24) My recent transition to full-time work has ruined my good walking habits. I used to walk 5+ days a week. At the moment, I'm walking maybe once every two weeks. This makes me sad. When I get home from work, it is already very dark outside. My counter attack: Maybe I should learn to walk in the dark? If not, I will go to the gym to use the treadmill/stair master. Hikes every second weekend, when I'm not on call. TWO points for each walk. 4. A girl will practice piano daily (x/26) I just bought a new piano, so this shouldn't be difficult. ONE point for each practice session. A girl might be overwhelmed by so much! But even if I only reach 60-75% of my total score, I will be doing much better than before. TOTAL SCORE (x/232) I have a real time battle-log on twitter @emsnoms - refer here for details of my diet, weigh-ins, training, and progress photos.
  9. I know the "being on call" issues all too well. It can seriously limit your activity options! Keep fighting the good fight LOVE the horse model painting! I was sure that horse was going to be chestnut. Beautiful.
  10. The adipose fight is the constant fight.
  11. Very nice goals You can dooo eeeeeeet! I think I would find the sugar cut the hardest thing to achieve (my weakness is binge sugar loading). One trick I've found works well for me, when I'm having a hardcore, I might go insane without it, sugar craving, I drink a massive glass of water (or even two). I'm not sure if it helps because it physically fills up my stomach, or if the increase in blood volume has some form of physiological effect (like diluting insulin concentration?). I don't know. But it really works for me! Goodluck!
  12. guest4732982


    Lukup! I really like your goals. So simple and straight forward! What kind of exercise will you be doing? Goodluck! I'll be watching out for you.
  13. Hello! Lovely to hear there are other nerdfighters here Welcome!
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