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  1. SheriffWolfpool

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    (They look like pizza wheels ^^ so it made me think of you ) (And this gif...because, well, it's pretty friggin incredible!) Wolf
  2. SheriffWolfpool

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    That sounds mega intense!! Hopefully all goes well in y'alls favor and you're able to be pulled to a full retreat. This wizard you're battling sounds like a badass (in a not so badass way). Sorry to hear about your stomach woes I hear you both on "wanting more junk food when stomach is upset". How freakin weird is that?? Sounds like the enemy is trying to make your Zero Week a successful fail, but, I know you won't let him win. You're Muthatruckin Starpuck, master of awesomeness and courageous under fire!! Wolf Wolf
  3. SheriffWolfpool

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    LOL! Yes of course, that's a fantastic quality as well. I guess you could say John Wick's BIGGEST motivating factor is LOVE. And, as a husband and father, I can say that's my biggest motivation as well Good to see you, CQ! Wolf
  4. SheriffWolfpool

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    It was pretty good. I could of waited till it came out on Amazon prime/DVD to watch it. The movie was slow in parts and cool when the kid, Brandon, flexed his Superman like powers. Next Thursday is gonna be awesome cuz I'm going to see Godzilla: King of Monsters in IMAX! The early reviews rave about how awesome it is! I think my favorite movie I've seen this year is John Wick 3. Now, I'm being a little biased because I'm obsessed with the franchise, but I loved it. Being that writing a book is still one of my goals in life, John Wick has inspired me to write a LitRPG style story. It'll be about an immersive VR game called "The Company" where players take control of their own assassin/hitman called a "shroud". The story follows a newcomer to the game and how he quickly rises up in the ranks of the 1 billion player base to become one of the most deadly shrouds to ever exist, and how the creators of the game don't like this fact, so they put a bounty on his head. As of now, I've been working on different skills I would like to add in the game, like reload speed and CQB (close quarter battle) level 1-10. Along the way, the main character will make friends and enemies alike, but how long will those friends remain friends when a massive amount of in-game currency is stacked against his death? I'm still working on the details of the story before I begin writing and without putting too much pressure on myself, I know I can incorporate my story into my challenges and have PvP battles with those willing to jump in on the fun . More on this to come. Happy Friday everyone! I have a 4-day weekend coming up and I'm definitely ready for the days off. What are y'alls plans for the weekend? Tonight is gonna be chill. Tomorrow is semi-chill. My brother is supposed to be hosting the first men's bible study tomorrow morning, so, I need to double check with him to make sure that's still happening. Tomorrow night, we're going over my buddy, Adam's house, to hang with him and his family. He's the young adult pastor at Heather's old church and a really close friend. Adam was there when Violet passed and there when shit hit the fan with my affair as a supportive friend giving quality, Godly advice. I'm really excited to spend some time with him and his fam. Sunday will be chill-we'll go to church that morning, probably the 9am service, and then relax the rest of the day. Monday, my friend Josh and his family are coming down from the Waco area to hang with us and see Trixie. They've visited while she was in the hospital but haven't seen her since she's been home. I met Josh when I was following Anthem really closely and helping run the "Your Anthem" discord and we became best of friends rather quickly . It's gonna be a fun weekend!! Woot Woot! Wolf
  5. SheriffWolfpool

    [Charlie Quinn] CrossFit II: Return of the Wanker

    FIRST!!! *Edit* I just had to post that so I didn't get sniped on the first post lol. 1. Get to the end of this damn challenge! I have had a hell of a time doing this myself. My consistency on the boards has been shite at best, but, we all know life can be fickle, so, no ones gonna judge you for it. We're glad you're here! And I'm excited to hear about more Crossfit! Wolf
  6. SheriffWolfpool

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    Those pics are amazing. Jon! HAHAHA! And they were 100% in the spirit of @Mr_Willes . I'm proud of you all!! This was a great way to start my Friday morning. I hope the panic attacks subside, my friend. Take your time with the challenge and run this thing at your own pace Wolf
  7. SheriffWolfpool

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    Woot woot! 05/22: LEG day 5 min foam rolling/leg swing/ dynamic warm-up with bw squats and lunges/jump rope 8x box jumps at 36in 2x5 goblet squat 35# x10 44# X8 53# x6 70# x5 70# x5 2x 30 seconds leg press 190# x16 210# x17 1x8 one leg press each side w/ 100# 2x5 bench pistol squats (each leg) 2x8 BB lunges -rest pause- BB lunges TF w/ 35# BB 8/24 8/10 10x light good mornings w/ 12# 5 min stationary bike (high resistance)- 2 x 2 min intervals (w/ 30 sec rest in between rounds) 1x5 Jefferson curl w/ 5# KB Stretch/cooldown/foam roll for 10 min By the time I was done with the stationary bike, I was SWEATING up a storm! It was a fun workout, though. I went up in weight for all the exercises and feeling good about it . Today's a rest day (and I'm glad for it). Gonna take it easy when I get home and do some more stretching/yoga while I have the time. Later tonight, I'm going with my buddy Chad to go see Brightburn, the superhero horror film from the creative mind of James Gunn. It looks super interesting! Wolf
  8. SheriffWolfpool

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    Ohhhhh, looking back at your first post, I guess I missed it. It doesn't look like the pics came through Judo can definitely be hard on the body, and I've thought about that too. They do offer a 7 day free trial that I want to utilize and we'll see how much I like it after spending a week getting tossed around lol. BJJ may be more my style since there's less impact, so, we shall see. I'm all for experimenting Wolf
  9. SheriffWolfpool

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    LOL. Ohhhhhh, Tank. You're dad jokes were always stellar when you weren't a dad. The world better look out! You're about to go ham! HAHA! I actually tend to hold Trixie more with my left anyways, so it all works out. The gym was fun, thanks Sal! 05/21 PULL Day: 5 min foam rolling/dynamic warm-up + jump rope 2x4 trap bar deadlifts 1x12 empty bar (45#) 1x8 65# 1x6 85# 2x4 105# 1x lap on monkey bars/TRX station 2x: pull-ups x3-5 > inverted row on TRX TF 5/7 3/6 1x chin-ups x3-4 -rest pause- TF chin-ups 4/2 Deadhang TF 34 seconds 2x8 curls w/ 35# > 2x8 cross body hammer curls w/ 15# DB's Cable curls drop set: 10x > 10x > 10x 55/45/25 20x light t-bar rows 70# > 10x face pulls w/ rope #25 Stretch/cooldown/foam rolling *Every week I plan on increasing weight on the deadlifts. It's always been a weak area for me, and I think it's mainly form related. But, the trap bar is a nice way of doing deadlifts, so, I'll stick with that. Today's leg day. That should be fun lol. So far the evening workouts are going well. I'm still not convinced I want to stick with them because I end up eating a lot later than I want to eat. I'll stick to it the next few weeks and then reassess my situation for whatever works best for myself and the Wolfpack. Heather made keto bbq chicken pizza last night and it was DELISH! I brought a whole pizza with me today and plan on scarfing it ALL down . Not ironically, I've been famished since lifting more the last 2 weeks, lol. Something I'm looking at doing is Judo. There's a gym near me that offers relatively cheap classes and I want to see how much they would charge for 1 class a week, something like Saturday afternoons. On their website they say it's $100 a month for a membership that gets you unlimited training, which they offer classes 5-6 days a week. It's really an awesome deal, but I wouldn't have the time (or energy) to attend Judo + my workouts right now. More on this later Wolf
  10. SheriffWolfpool

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    While I don't like waking up early, I've always found when I do manage to get up and get to the gym that I'm more refreshed as the day goes on. It's the "perfect" way to start your day That being said, I'm experimenting with evening workouts and so far, I'm enjoying those too. I just have to be more purposeful with eating and the timing of it all. FOLLOWING! Wolf
  11. SheriffWolfpool

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    Hey brother! While injuries can lead to setbacks, they don't define us, unless we let them. Hell, I injured my shoulder at the beginning of 2016 and still haven't "recovered" from it. 98% is mentally recovering and thinking I'm some kind of handicap/gimp, but that is far from the truth. Just take your time healing and recovering and we'll all be here to support you along the way. Love ya dude! Wolf
  12. SheriffWolfpool

    WhiteGhost Gets Serious 2: The Seriousening

    Great challenge brother! The Sirius Black one cracked me up! Following! Wolf
  13. SheriffWolfpool

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Following along Wolf
  14. SheriffWolfpool

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    The Return of the Returnsies! Following! Wolf
  15. SheriffWolfpool

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    Following along, brother Wolf