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  1. I got the shoes last week and they are kick ass! Not only do they look super badass but they are comfy too 😊 I’ve been terrible at updating my challenge the last couple weeks but I’ve been keeping up with things as best as I can. Week 4 total points: 50 pts Week 5 total points: 50 pts They weren’t terrible weeks by any means. I didn’t complete all my workouts, I had some sweets here and there. I did some push-ups, I walked a little (but not a lot). I realized that my goals were great striving points and I feel like I have been challenged this partic
  2. Thanks, Red-Brother! And yes, you will get to see some "Wolf Modeling" pics lol. The shirt fits wonderfully! 'Preciate that, my friend! Last week wasn't all that great but I'm doing good this week! Hi Fearless! Sorry...I took a week off cuz things were a little busier last week than I had anticipated. But, I'm good to go now, and slowly getting back on track **WEEK 3 CATCH UP/UPDATE** “A fool pulls the leaves. A brute chops the trunk. A sage digs the roots.” - Golden Son Weigh In's: 04/08: 190.7
  3. Those two meals just happened to not have carbs but I am eating them lol. Maybe I just need to add more? I try to have a healthy dose of rice and sweet potatoes every day but you’re right. More carbs! I’ll let Heather know you sent her some prayers I just got an email that the shirt is back in stock so I just ordered it! I went with this one: Wolf
  4. Week 3, Day 2 and 3 Weight: 190.1 (Tuesday) 187.7 (Wednesday) I got in my workout yesterday morning and attempted to do 100 push-ups throughout the day but only managed 40 due to time constraints. I also stretched. Same ole same ole. Nothing else to really report lol. I played some Outriders while the Wolf Pack was gone yesterday and had fun doing that. Despite the connectivity issues with multiplayer, I'm really enjoying the game! Heather had a cist removed from her face yesterday, something she's had since I've known her. She's always wanted it gone and finally got i
  5. Week 3, Day 1 Weight: 190.6 Not much to report - things are all systems go. Got my workout in this morning with a solid stretch routine afterwards: I still need to go on a walk this afternoon, though. The weather is beautiful and I definitely want to take advantage! One of my sons turned 8 years old today! He's getting so big! He's our kid who get excited about non-kid things. Like for Christmas, he asked for a stability ball, lol. We got him a nice (new) pillow with a Minecraft cover to match his Minecraft blanket I also got him donuts thi
  6. Week 2 Update “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven.” - Iron Gold Week 2 was destroyed with a smile in my soul and teeth bared like a savage wolf! Here's how I scored: Prometheus KB program- Audentes Fortuna Juvat - Fortune Favors the Bold. Follow the 4x a week program = 10 points per week. (10 pts extra for every 100 push-ups I do) All 4 workouts were completed. I also got in 200 extra push-ups to net an extra 20 points! I set out to do more in week 2 and I don't think I disappointed TOTAL P
  7. OF COURSE we always make extras lol LOL, no it was wrapped in a tortilla, I just put it in ANOTHER tortilla Wolf
  8. We take cash at Costco so I forget it's a thing at other places lol. Oh well, my kids survived. I just know next time to stuff some water bottles in my cargo pockets or just bring the card with me. The cheaper option is cargo pockets though lol. Thank you, Fearless!! Week 1, Day 6 & 7 “The Reaper has come. And he’s brought hell with him.” - Morning Star Weight: 191.4 lbs (Saturday) 192 lbs (today) I actual didn't dedicate the time for a walk yesterday.....BUTT...I did manage 5064 steps working a
  9. Hey, that's perfectly fair . No rush, I'm always here when ya need me. Bro...this week is going GREAT! I already have 20 extra points sitting in the wings right now...NOT including smashing all my other goals. This Expedition doesn't stand a chance. Chronosuit is lookin' shiny and fitting like a silk hammock, shotgun is pumped and loaded for blasting, and Venator's Knife is sharp and ready for slingin'. Week 2, Day 5 “A man thinks he can fly, but he is afraid to jump. A poor friend pushes him from behind.” He looks up at
  10. Oh wow! That’s legit! I love it! Going back to my love for LARP, I’ve always wanted this suit below: I discovered this like 10 years ago and still to this day want it in my closet lol! So, so, soooooooo sick! I’m gonna check out that YT vid here in a bit. I need a good kick in the ass and nobody does it better than David Goggins lol. Also, side note for when you were on your Sekiro kick. They call him “Wolf” in the game! I have it for the PlayStation and need to play it. My obsession with katana’s never dies and I need that in my life lol.
  11. Maybe we should start an accountability group to help?? Nicotine is such a deadly thing to deal with and the addictive nature it onsets on people who smoke. If you’re wanting to quit, I’ll do whatever I can to motivate you and to help you do so . Team work makes the dream work! Wolf
  12. “mmmm tastes like childhood” made me LOL 😂. You’re a funny gal So, to Tank’s point, that might help if I actually had nails to peel something citrus. I have straight nubs! On the other hand, I’m not sure that would work because the bitter apple spray didn’t work for me either. I find when I wear rubber gloves at Costco that I don’t bite my nails for obvious reasons, but even when I’m on break and I don’t have the gloves on I don’t bite them. Rubber isn’t really on my list of “this taste good” flavors so maybe that’s the secret for me? Week 2, Day 4 Weight: 191
  13. For sure!! I’ve been biting my nails for as long as I remember and a lot of the time it’s done without even realizing what I’m doing... which makes it tough to “nail” down the how/why of it. I’ve even tried putting on that gross, bitter stuff to prevent nail biting but it never lasts. Gonna need to figure that out!! Food Log Post: it’s a breakfast scramble from one of the instantloss books: 6 eggs, one sweet potato peeled and shredded with bacon and cheese and then I added a whole avocado. I ate the whole thing!! Good stuff! And now that I’m back on track with food
  14. Most definitely, my friend! It’s always stressful and exciting to move, much less something you bought yourself, but it’s gonna be a good challenge for you nonetheless Keep kicking ass, sir! Wolf
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